Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 Dates & Timings

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 by AstroSage offers Shubh Muhurat for Karnavedha 2021 to perform the Karnaved Sanskar Ceremony or Ear Piercing Ceremony in the New Year 2021. Also, through this, you will also be given all information about its Date, Day, Nakshatra and Time. Considered to be one of the most important among all the sixteen rites of Hinduism, Karnavedha Sanskar ensures a happy and meaningful life of a child in the upcoming future. This article of ours gives you a complete list of all the auspicious Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 dates and Muhurta.

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021

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Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 Dates

Let us know the shubh muhurat for Karnavedha 2021 with dates, days and timings.

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for January

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
01 January, 2021 Friday From 8:40 Till 13:15
From 14:50 Till 19:00
06 January, 2021 Wednesday From 07:46 Till 10:03
From 11:30 Till 16:26
09 January, 2021 Saturday From 14:18 Till 18:29
10 January, 2021 Sunday From 08:05 Till 12:39
14 January, 2021 Thursday From 07:46 Till 09:31
From 10:59 Till 15:54
15 January, 2021 Friday From 07:46 Till 09:27
From 10:55 Till 15:50
20 January, 2021 Wednesday From 07:45 Till 12:00
21 January, 2021 Thursday From 09:04 Till 13:31
From 15:27 Till 17:41
25 January, 2021 Monday From 07:44 Till 08:48
From 10:15 Till 17:26
28 January, 2021 Thursday From 14:59 Till 19:34

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for February

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
03 February, 2021 Wednesday From 07:39 Till 08:13
From 09:40 Till 16:50
06 February, 2021 Saturday From 09:28 Till 10:53
From 12:28 Till 18:59
12 February, 2021 Friday From 07:37 Till 09:05
From 10:30 Till 16:15
17 February, 2021 Wednesday From 07:29 Till 11:45
From 13:41 Till 18:16
21 February, 2021 Sunday From 18:00 Till 20:17
22 February, 2021 Monday From 07:24 Till 08:25
From 09:50 Till 13:21
24 February, 2021 Wednesday From 07:39 Till 09:42
From 11:18 Till 17:48
25 February, 2021 Thursday From 07:21 Till 09:38
From 11:14 Till 15:24

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for March

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
01 March, 2021 Monday From 09:23 Till 12:53
From 15:08 Till 19:41
05 March, 2021 Friday From 10:42 Till 17:13
10 March, 2021 Wednesday From 07:22 Till 12:18
From 14:33 Till 19:10
11 March, 2021 Thursday From 07:19 Till 14:29
15 March, 2021 Monday From 07:03 Till 08:28
From 10:03 Till 16:33
29 March, 2021 Monday From 07:33 Till 11:03
From 13:18 Till 18:23

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for April

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
01 April, 2021 Thursday From 13:06 Till 15:27
From 17:44 Till 20:00
07 April, 2021 Wednesday From 06:57 Till 10:28
From 12:43 Till 19:37
12 April, 2021 Monday From 10:08 Till 17:01
17 April, 2021 Saturday From 06:25 Till 09:49
From 12:03 Till 18:57
19 April, 2021 Monday From 06:23 Till 11:55
From 14:16 Till 18:49
25 April, 2021 Sunday From 07:22 Till 09:17
From 11:32 Till 18:26
29 April, 2021 Thursday From 07:06 Till 13:36

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for May

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
03 May, 2021 Monday From 11:00 Till 17:54
08 May, 2021 Saturday From 15:18 Till 19:54
09 May, 2021 Sunday From 06:53 Till 12:57
From 15:14 Till 19:50
14 May, 2021 Friday From 06:14 Till 08:03
From 10:17 Till 17:11
15 May, 2021 Saturday From 06:03 Till 10:13
16 May, 2021 Sunday From 12:30 Till 19:23
17 May, 2021 Monday From 07:22 Till 12:26
From 14:43 Till 19:19
23 May, 2021 Sunday From 09:42 Till 16:36
24 May, 2021 Monday From 07:23 Till 09:38
26 May, 2021 Wednesday From 07:15 Till 11:50
From 14:08 Till 18:43
31 May, 2021 Monday From 09:10 Till 16:04

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for June

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
05 June, 2021 Saturday From 06:36 Till 11:11
From 13:28 Till 18:04
06 June, 2021 Sunday From 06:49 Till 13:24
From 15:41 Till 20:02
10 June, 2021 Thursday From 17:44 Till 20:03
11 June, 2021 Friday From 06:12 Till 08:27
From 10:47 Till 15:21
13 June, 2021 Sunday From 06:05 Till 08:19
From 10:40 Till 19:30
20 June, 2021 Sunday From 07:52 Till 17:05

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for July

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
02 July, 2021 Friday From 07:04 Till 09:25
From 11:42 Till 16:18
10 July, 2021 Saturday From 08:53 Till 15:46
11 July, 2021 Sunday From 06:29 Till 08:49
From 11:07 Till 18:01
16 July, 2021 Friday From 06:36 Till 13:03
From 15:23 Till 19:45
17 July, 2021 Saturday From 17:38 Till 19:42
24 July, 2021 Saturday From 14:51 Till 19:14
25 July, 2021 Sunday From 06:20 Till 12:28
From 14:48 Till 19:10
26 July, 2021 Monday From 07:50 Till 12:24
29 July, 2021 Thursday From 14:32 Till 16:50
31 July, 2021 Saturday From 07:31 Till 09:48
From 12:04 Till 18:47

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for August

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
04 August, 2021 Wednesday From 07:15 Till 11:49
From 14:08 Till 18:31
06 August, 2021 Friday From 07:07 Till 14:00
From 16:19 Till 18:23
12 August, 2021 Thursday From 17:59 Till 19:42
13 August, 2021 Friday From 06:40 Till 11:13
From 13:33 Till 19:38
22 August, 2021 Sunday From 06:43 Till 12:57
From 15:16 Till 19:02

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for September

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
01 September, 2021 Wednesday From 07:42 Till 12:18
02 September, 2021 Thursday From 16:37 Till 18:19
03 September, 2021 Friday From 07:34 Till 14:29
From 16:33 Till 18:15
04 September, 2021 Saturday From 07:30 Till 14:25
From 16:29 Till 18:11
09 September, 2021 Thursday From 07:11 Till 09:27
From 11:47 Till 17:52
12 September, 2021 Sunday From 11:35 Till 13:53
From 15:57 Till 19:07
13 September, 2021 Monday From 06:55 Till 09:11
17 September, 2021 Friday From 11:15 Till 17:20
18 September, 2021 Saturday From 07:24 Till 08:52
From 11:11 Till 18:44

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for October

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
06 October, 2021 Wednesday From 17:33 Till 18:58
07 October, 2021 Thursday From 09:57 Till 17:29
10 October, 2021 Sunday From 07:25 Till 12:03
From 14:07 Till 15:50
15 October, 2021 Friday From 09:25 Till 15:30
From 16:57 Till 18:22
20 October, 2021 Wednesday From 09:05 Till 11:24
From 13:28 Till 19:38
21 October, 2021 Thursday From 06:57 Till 13:24
From 15:06 Till 17:59
25 October, 2021 Monday From 08:46 Till 14:51
From 17:43 Till 19:18
27 October, 2021 Wednesday From 07:37 Till 08:38
From 10:57 Till 13:01
28 October, 2021 Thursday From 07:01 Till 10:53
From 12:57 Till 17:31
29 October, 2021 Friday From 07:02 Till 10:49

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for November

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
03 November, 2021 Wednesday From 08:10 Till 10:29
06 November, 2021 Saturday From 07:08 Till 10:17
From 12:21 Till 16:56
10 November, 2021 Wednesday From 16:40 Till 18:15
17 November, 2021 Wednesday From 07:16 Till 11:38
21 November, 2021 Sunday From 09:18 Till 13:05
From 14:32 Till 19:28
22 November, 2021 Monday From 09:14 Till 11:18
24 November, 2021 Wednesday From 09:06 Till 15:45
From 17:20 Till 19:16
25 November, 2021 Thursday From 07:23 Till 09:02
From 11:07 Till 15:41
From 17:16 Till 19:12

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 for December

Date Day Duration Of The Muhurat
01 December, 2021 Wednesday From 07:28 Till 13:53
From 15:18 Till 18:31
08 December, 2021 Wednesday From 07:33 Till 11:58
From 13:25 Till 18:21
09 December, 2021 Thursday From 07:33 Till 13:21
From 14:46 Till 18:17
13 December, 2021 Monday From 07:36 Till 07:52
From 09:56 Till 14:30
From 16:06 Till 20:16
19 December, 2021 Sunday From 07:40 Till 12:42
From 14:07 Till 17:38
27 December, 2021 Monday From 07:43 Till 10:43
From 12:10 Till 17:06
31 December, 2021 Friday From 08:45 Till 13:20
From 14:55 Till 18:29

Karnavedha Sanskar Muhurat 2021: Karnavedh Sanskar

The Karnavedha Sanskar Muhurat 2021 in Hinduism offers an auspicious time period to pierce the ears and perform the Karnavedh Sanskar. In this, the word "Karna Vedha" is made from a combination of two different words - Karna and Vedha. Where Karna means "ear" and “Vedha” means "piercing". Thus, the rite of Karnavedha Sanskar determines the process of ear piercing of a newborn infant or a native.

It is customary for every child born in a Hindu family to have their ear pierced within a set time. It is believed that by conducting this ritual, not only the regular routine of a child improves but helps in eliminating all kinds of negative energy. During this ritual, a hole is made in the lower part of the ear of the child sometime after its birth by an expert, after which the child is made to wear the earrings. It is considered very auspicious in Hinduism.

Although now during the modern times, this ceremony has undergone several changes. Natives now decide a time to perform this ritual in their own way at their own convenience. Whereas some parents do not take into account any Muhurta or Vidhi for carrying out the ritual of piercing their child's ear, some people do not even consider the right age to perform the Karnavedha Sanskar.

They should understand that this ritual should be performed within three to five years of the birth of the child. And if it is done in the right time and according to the entire ritual, it helps to build a better future for the children.

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Importance of Karnavedha Sanskar 2021

All the 16 sacraments in Hinduism hold high importance among its followers. Karnved Sanskar is one of them and is important in its own matters.

  • The ritual of the ear piercing ceremony during the Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 helps to improve the physical and mental health of the child.
  • Also, by going through the process of Ear Piercing Ceremony 2021, the child can be relieved from contracting disorders such as mental illness or deafness.
  • According to several religious beliefs, one gets deprived of performing many important rituals like Pitru Shradh in case you don’t conduct the Karnavedha 2021 Sanskar.
  • In Hindu scriptures, Karnavedha Sanskar is considered to be important, which must be performed at the right time as per Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 timings.
  • Karnavedha Sanskar is considered to be very effective in enhancing the beauty and skill of women and men.

Karnavedha 2021 Ceremony: When To Do?

According to Hinduism, it is necessary to take special care of some things while performing the ritual:

  1. Out of all the 16 Sanskars, Karnavedha Muhurat is the ninth sanskar which is performed only after performing the Namkaran Sanskar or Child Naming Ceremony, Annaprashan Sanskar and Mundan Sanskar rites.
  2. It is usually performed before the Vidyarambh Sanskar Ceremony, as it develops the child's ability to listen and learn. Due to this, the child does not face many difficulties in education.
  3. According to Dharma Sindhu, it is considered auspicious to perform the child's Karnavedha Ceremony during the Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 on the tenth, twelfth, sixteenth day after its birth or in the sixth, seventh, eighth, tenth, or twelfth month.
  4. Apart from this, if these Ear Piercing Ceremony rites are not performed at the above time, then the parents can perform it until the third or fifth year of the child's birth.
  5. Some families, according to their family traditions, perform the Karnaved ceremony in the odd years after the birth of the newborn child.
  6. At the same time, while performing the Karnavedha Sanskar in 2021 for girls during the odd years, the tradition of piercing her ears as well as her nose also holds high importance.

Calculating Shubh Muhurat For Karnavedha 2021 Correctly

According to Hinduism, it is very important to keep in mind the position of auspicious Lagna, Day, Date, Month, and Nakshatra in order to carry out the Karnavedha 2021 Ceremony of a child.

  1. According to Vedic scriptures, when Guru Jupiter is present in Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra, and Pisces Lagna, that time is considered to be the most suitable as well as auspicious muhurat for carrying out the Karnavedha Sanskar rites.
  2. Out of all the Hindu months, Kartik, Paush, Chaitra, and Phalgun are auspicious for the Karnavedha 2021 ceremony.
  3. Whereas, according to experts, it is considered inauspicious to perform the Karnavedh Sanskar during the Khar month (when the planet Sun is present in Sagittarius and Pisces), on Kshaya Tithi, during Devshayani to Dev Uthani Ekadashi, Janma Maas, and Bhadra.
  4. Among the Var or Days, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday seem auspicious for this ritual.
  5. On the other hand, if we talk about Nakshatras, Mrigashira, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha, Hasta, Ashwini, Pushya, Abhijit, Shravan, Dhanishtha, Punavasu Nakshatra, are considered auspicious for performing Karnavedha rites.
  6. It can be performed on any of the other dates except Chaturthi, Navami, Chaturdashi, and Amavasya.
  7. It should be noted that Karnaved Sanskar Ceremony must not be performed during the period of eclipse.

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Benefits of Karnved Muhurat 2021

  1. It is believed that with the Ear Piercing Ceremony in 2021, the hearing power of the infant increases, which further helps him to become intelligent and sharp in the future.
  2. According to experts, the child attains intellectual and physical benefits by performing the ritual. Also, by performing this rite before the Vidyarambh Sanskar 2021, you can ensure the intellectual power of the child.
  3. Ear piercing also adds to the physical beauty of a native. Therefore, from the mythological period to the modern era, wearing ornaments in the ears has become a major fashion.
  4. Many scientists claim that piercing the ears during the Ear Piercing Ceremony 2021 not only protects against diseases such as Hernia and Paralysis but also ensures the safety of the testicles.
  5. Wearing gold ornaments in the ears after performing the Karnved Sanskar in 2021 helps to cure the veins of the ears.
  6. From an astrological point of view as well, it is believed that whenever the rays of the Sun fall on the jewelry worn in the ears, the energy emanating from it adds to the intellect of the child.
  7. Also, the negative effects of Rahu-Ketu in the life of a child can be eliminated by performing the ceremony during the Ear Piercing Muhurat 2021.
  8. Science also considers it important for women to pierce their ears and wear gold hoops in them, as it is said to provide relief from diseases related to menstruation.
  9. Since the mythological era, people wear round-shaped nose pins, because doing so protects them from many diseases related to the nose.
  10. By piercing the nose, the child also gets instant relief from cold.

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Karnavedha Ceremony 2021 Rituals

  1. Before performing the Karnavedha Ceremony 2021 Rituals, invoke all the deities along with the Kul Devta or Ishta Devta, known as the presiding deity. Know your Ishta Devta by using the Ishta Devta Calculator.
  2. According to the procedure, it is mandatory for the child to face the direction of the Sun while getting his/her ears pierced. It is believed that it helps the child gain positive energy through the Sun.
  3. While piercing the ears, recite the useful Karnved Sanskar mantra in the child's ears.
  4. To get the best out of this ritual, the child should be wearing gold earrings for a few days immediately after piercing.
  5. After this, apply some Turmeric paste on the ear hole.
  6. In the end, offer Prasad to the Lord, after which it is distributed to all those who have attended the ceremony.

Karnavedha Sanskar Mantra To Chant

भद्रं कर्णेभिः क्षृणुयाम देवा भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राः।
स्थिरैरंगैस्तुष्टुवां सस्तनूभिर्व्यशेमहि देवहितं यदायुः।।

bhadraṃ karṇebhiḥ kṣṛṇuyāma devā bhadraṃ paśyemākṣabhiryajatrāḥ।
sthirairaṃgaistuṣṭuvāṃ sastanūbhirvyaśemahi devahitaṃ yadāyuḥ।।

Things To Keep In Mind During The Karnavedha Sanskar

While it is very easy to perform the Karnavedh Sanskar, but despite this, the guardian of the infant is also advised to take care of certain things while taking precautions.

  • First of all, make sure that the place where the Karnavedha Sanskar Ceremony is to be done is well cleaned. Add a few drops of Gangajal in the water while cleaning the premises to eradicate all kinds of negative forces.
  • The tool used for piercing the ear should be disinfected, so clean it thoroughly.
  • During the Ear Piercing Ceremony, use an antiseptic cream to protect the child from all types of infections.
  • The rituals for Karnavedh Ceremony is different for both the boy and the girl. This means that in case if its a boy, his right ear must be pierced first, and then the left ear. On the other mind, if it is a girl, it is auspicious to pierce her left ear first, and then the right ear.
  • Children should wear only nickel-free earrings. Hence, it is very auspicious to use gold hoop earrings. Also, look if the child is comfortable with the earrings.

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