Lal Kitab 2021 Horoscope

Lal Kitab 2021 Horoscope lal Kitab 2021 Horoscope by AstroSage offers Lal Kitab 2021 remedies and useful life predictions based on the principles of Lal Kitab. Each and every new year brings with itself new hopes, new resolutions, curiosities and questions, Everybody has some unfulfilled desires, some dreams that all of us want to achieve in the new year. The new year brings with it a new zeal, enthusiasm and many new transitions. That's why all of us have so many high expectations from the new year.

The year 2020 did not meet the expectations or it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a year that was below the par in terms of fulfillment of expectations. There would hardly be anyone in the entire world who would not have been affected by the Corona pandemic in some way or the other. In such a situation, people have pinned all their aspirations, expectations on the year 2021 with the hope that this year will turn their disappointments and sorrows into happiness, joy and fulfillment. Keeping your expectations in mind, AstroSage, like every other year has prepared a comprehensive and extensive set of Lal Kitab predictions 2021 as per each and every zodiac sign. This has been done according to rules and applications prescribed in the famous “Lal Kitab” of astrology.

Lal Kitab has always held a respectable and an important place in astrology. It is believed that the Lal Kitab is fully capable of giving complete and detailed information for each and every zodiac sign by accurately assessing the past, present and future events. In astrology, the remedies of Lal Kitab are also considered very powerful and effective. In this way (Lal Kitab Rashifal 2021) Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021, will help you to get every information that you need, be it your career, health, family, financial, and love life. Our Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021 has been prepared by an esteemed group of astrologers, who are experts in their fields of knowledge. From this horoscope, you can get the detailed results for 2021 according to your zodiac sign.

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So, without wasting any of your precious time further, here we are presenting you with the detailed set of predictions for the year 2021 prepared on the basis of Lal Kitab for each and every Zodiac sign.

These Predictions are based on Moon Signs. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


As per the Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021, this year is likely to bring significant achievements and accomplishments in the lives of the Aries natives. The onset of the year will be very auspicious for the natives born under the sign of the Ram, especially the first month of January will provide the right momentum and pace to your lives. Professionally, you will be able to achieve anything you set your eyes on during this particular phase. However, you need to be careful in terms of your health during the month of February. This month may also see some arguments, clashes happening within the family members, thus, disrupting the domestic environment, making it important for you to pay special attention to each and every issue of the family.

The month of April after this will be auspicious and provide you with great relief. Businessmen are likely to receive good gains and profits during this phase. The natives associated with fields related to sales, marketing will be at the receiving end of auspicious results during this month. However the students and the natives in the streams of Management may have to devise some new strategies in order to achieve success.

After this period, you need to be extra careful and give proper attention to your health and wellbeing, especially during the period between 2nd June and 20th July. Also, be careful who you are divulging your details with during this period as your enemies will be very proactive during this period and you may end up incurring losses. Mother’s fragile health during this phase may also cause unnecessary stress. Although, the period spanning between July and September will see an increase in your reputation and prestige. This phase will also bring financial improvement which will allow you to accumulate a substantial amount of money.

As per the Lal Kitab 2021 Predictions, the concluding months of the year i.e. November and December will see you fulfilling all your desires and luxuries. You are also likely to achieve financial prosperity leading to an increase in your rise and popularity in your social circle. Though, concern regarding health may rise especially after 05th of December 2021. So, you are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits in order to keep yourself hale and hearty. Altogether, it will be right to say that the year 2021 will be the year of big changes and transformation. But, you are required to remain aware and alert during this whole year, keeping your eyes wide open, if you want these changes to be positive and full of results for you.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Aries Natives

  • Avoid wearing dark colored clothes during this year.
  • Improve your relationships with your spouse and in laws. Try to spend quality time with them.
  • Wearing golden earrings or chains will bring auspicious results.
  • Keep a silver coin either in your pocket or in your purse.
  • Avoid taking any kind of favors or money from anybody, either without a charge or for free.


Initially, Lal Kitab 2021 predictions indicate that the first two weeks of January will bring great results for the Taurus natives. However, later on, you may face some challenges, especially between 12 January to 14 February. In this time frame, you will feel difficulty in completing every task, which will lead to an increase in your mental stress. Even for businessmen, the time may remain unfavorable. In such a situation, the most important advice for you would be to save as much money as possible during this phase. From the mid of February, luck will start to favor you which will lead to some positive developments for you. Undertaking long term journeys will also bring profits coupled with name and fame for you.

According to the Lal Kitab 2021 predictions, between 16 February and 17 April, your lord of the Moon sign, which is Mars will be transiting in a combust state. Due to which, you may encounter some health problems. In such a situation, taking extra care of your health is of prime importance. Otherwise, you may face negative consequences in terms of professional also. Things will significantly improve from the middle of April which will see you accomplish all of your pending tasks with ease. This time will also see you making efforts to fulfill all of your desires and wishes.

The period right after will be auspicious and full of happiness for the natives born under the sign of the Bull as per Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021. You are also likely to receive name,fame and reputation during this period. During this phase, you will be able to accomplish your tasks and endeavors while remaining aware of your responsibilities and duties. The month of May will be very special for you, as there is a very high possibility of you getting relief from some disease that has been bothering you for a long time.

Travels related to your profession and business are likely to provide fiscal and monetary benefits, which will bring financial prosperity in your life. Eligible natives are likely to come across many suitable marriage proposals during this time period. If you are single and ready to mingle, then there is a very high probability of you meeting someone special. However, from 30th October to 08th December, you are required to take extra care of your health as per 2021 Lal Kitab Horoscope. The last month of the year December, will be very fruitful, especially for undertaking long distance journeys, as you are likely to earn great revenues from these journeys.

After assessing all the culminations and calculations, we come to the conclusion that this year will be an above average year for you in terms of the results it will provide. However, to receive auspicious results you are required to have faith in your own potential, while taking extra care of your health.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Taurus Natives

  • Avoid tasting the food while preparing it. If possible, try and use Silver utensils.
  • Try and take a dip in the holy waters like ponds and rivers. Donate as per your devotion.
  • Avoid purchasing big machines or any big equipment during this year.
  • Help and take the blessings of the needy, handicapped and blind persons.
  • Avoid signing any document in a hurry or without properly reading it.

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As per predictions based on Lal Kitab Astrology 2021, Gemini natives are likely to witness some great transitions and changes during this year 2021. You will have to give extra attention and care to your health especially during the initial week of January. However, things are likely to get better after this initial week and will also see you actively participating in religious and spiritual activities with great fervor and enthusiasm. The atmosphere in the family will remain calm and serene. There is also a likelihood of some auspicious event happening in your household during the same time.

However, when it comes to financial life, this year can be a little challenging for you, as the expenses are likely to be on the higher side in comparison to your income. So, it will become really essential for you to take advice of your elders, mentors of your family before making any monetary decision.

If you are salaried or employed, the time period between 01st to 16th April 2021 is likely to be a tough time for you. So, keeping this in mind, you need to step up your efforts and put in more hard work than usual in order to achieve success. Still, you will not be able to satisfy your seniors or higher authorities which can cause stress, anxiety and loss of confidence.

However, in terms of finances for the Gemini natives as per Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021, the time span between 26th August to 22nd September 2021 will provide auspicious gains and profits. Especially those who are running their own business will get more opportunities to prosper in this period. Your family surroundings and environment will also remain full of bliss and happiness and you are also likely to get full support and affection from your family. This will give you confidence and self belief to conquer all your obstacles with ease.

But, the lord of your Moon sign Gemini will remain in a combust mode during the periods spanning between 26 September to 17th October and from 13th November to 21st December. So, these periods will be a little challenging and provide you with mixed results. So, the natives looking to make important decisions, especially regarding your profession or expansion of business, must do so after consulting elders at home. As this is not the right time to initiate new tasks or take unnecessary risks.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Gemini Natives

  • Do not use or buy any kind of leather products this year.
  • Serve the needy persons with water, cold drinks, milk especially during the summers.
  • Use decent language, remain aware and alert regarding your choice of words during this year. Also, refrain from telling any kind of lies to anybody.
  • Gifts to females of the family like sister, maternal or paternal aunts will provide you with auspicious results.
  • Wearing golden jewellery will provide you with great results rather than wearing imitation jewellery.


According to the Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021, this year will be a bit challenging in comparison to the previous year. As this year, the results will not be easy to come by as they were in the year 2021. But in spite of this, with the help of your foresight and vision you will be able to correctly assess and turn many uncomfortable situations in your favor.

Initially, at the starting point, the month of January will remain favorable for you. Businessmen are likely to get good success and prosperity during this period. Professionals are also likely to achieve increment and promotion at their workplace between the months of January and February.

After this period, the month of March will initiate some positive changes as predicted by Lal Kitab 2021 Horoscope. During this time, your financial planning is likely to be successful and because of that you are likely to accumulate a lot of money. This will enable you to invest in movable and immovable properties also, which are likely to provide you with great returns in the long run. However, during the months of June and July, you need to exercise caution and awareness, especially when it comes to health matters. Your immunity is likely to remain weak during this period, because of which you might remain susceptible to catch illnesses. Also, be careful while driving as accidents and injuries can be foreseen for many. Married natives might find this phase a bit problematic or full of ups and downs when it comes to their relationships.

After this, the time period between 10th September to October will open new avenues when it comes to finances and income. Your financial status and position will improve and you will be seen enjoying all the comforts and luxuries that life has to offer. However, you need to be careful of the words that you choose while you speak, otherwise, your image stands to get besmirched. Eligible natives are also likely to find suitable marriage proposals between the months of October and November. This will provide them with joy and happiness.

If you are planning to start or do anything auspicious, you are advised to complete it after October and before the start of the month of December. As the last three months will not be very good for you, especially when it comes to family life. This period might witness some fights or arguments happening on the domestic front. On the top of it, the health of your parents may remain a source of worry and concern for you. However, the last three weeks of December will provide some relief and will provide you with special rewards. Luck and fortune will be on your side, this will enable you to achieve great success at your workfront. This will also help you in stabilising and improving your financial position. You are also likely to get a permanent relief from any prolonged illness during this time period.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Cancer Natives

  • Offer your heartfelt respect to elders, mentors and teachers and take blessings from them, before starting any important task.
  • Mix some turmeric or saffron in milk and drink it daily before bedtime.
  • Apply sandalwood paste on your forehead or navel daily.
  • Donate almond or mustard oil in Shani temple on Saturdays.
  • Refrain from hurting any stray dog unnecessarily, instead feed them with whatever you have got. This will provide you with auspicious results.
  • Pay heed to expectations and demands of your life partner and give proper respect to them.


As per the Lal Kitab 2021 Yearly predictions, this year will be very good for Leo natives, especially in terms of their financial and monetary gains. However, you may face some health hazards, because of which some complications are likely to arise. Especially, from the middle of January to February, you will be required to give extra attention to your health, as there is a very high probability of you suffering from some big problem regarding your health. In spite of all this, you will be able to achieve success at your workplace by overcoming your enemies with your sheer will power and strength. Any pending legal cases in the court of law are likely to come in your favor at the beginning of the year.

Professionally, the months of February and March will provide great results according to Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021. Subsequent months of April and May are also likely to bestow great opportunities for the Leo professionals. Your efforts will get good support from your luck and fortune enabling you to accomplish each and every task that you undertake with proficiency and ease. Those of you thinking of shifting places are also likely to get favorable results. Any office transfers during this time is likely to provide great returns later on. The businessmen born under this fire sign are also likely to get opportunities to expand their business, which will further strengthen their financial position.

However, months of May and June may see you getting assigned new roles and responsibilities, because of which you may suffer from mental stress and fatigue. But, remember this hard work will lead to increments and promotions in the near future. Your seniors will be pleased with your efforts and will provide you with their ample support and cooperation.

During the middle of the year 2021, the months of July and August will see an increase in income as you are likely to get opportunities to earn from various sources during this time of the year. Leo students are also likely to achieve great academic results during this time period. Those of you willing to move abroad are likely to see their desires come true. The month of September will see you getting a permanent relief from persistent problems related to health and you will feel happy and fit from within. Suitable marriage proposals during this time for the eligible natives born under this royal sign are likely to make them elated and joyous.

Collectively, we can say that natives working under the technical and private sectors are likely to benefit more positive results this year. However, still you are advised to speed up your efforts and dedicate all your energies to accumulate finance and savings this whole year.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Leo Natives

  • Respect the elders at home and take their blessings.
  • Visit the nearby Temple and light a desi ghee diya/lamp in front of the deities daily.
  • Feed the Black dogs around you with milk on a daily basis.
  • Present your mother with some valuable gift from your earnings.
  • Apply a Saffron Tilak or Sandalwood paste on your forehead daily.


As per the Lal Kitab predictions 2021, the natives born under the sign of the maiden are likely to receive positive news throughout the year. Financial prospects are also looking very good during this year. Especially, during the initial days, you are likely to gain some new contacts which are going to provide you with greater benefits through the whole year. All the efforts and the hard work that you must have put in before will pay you with handsome rewards during this time. As a result of this, your economic condition will also improve leaps and bounds. However, professional natives may have to remain a little alert and aware of their surroundings and environment, as they are likely to face some unprecedented situations which may incline you towards change in job. But, you are advised to take this decision after seeing the ground reality of the situation.

Eligible natives born under the sign of the maiden are likely to get good proposals for their marriage during the time period between March and April. Married natives will also get to spend quality time with their life partner or spouse. You may both also plan to expand your family during this time span. The subsequent month of May will also be great for you where you will get full support from your luck and fortune, which will also see you accomplishing all your pending tasks and endeavors with ease. You are also likely to see an enhancement in your name, fame and income during this period. Finances are likely to get better during the end of the month of May. Your income is also likely to increase during this period which may also see an addition to your accumulated wealth. However, from the health point of view, you might have to face some problems and challenges.

As per the calculations based on the Lal Kitab Astrology 2021, the period between June and July will be special for the maiden natives, as they are likely to achieve tremendous success in their field of work during this time span. You are likely to get a long due promotion and increment, which will also result in bringing happiness in your home environment. You will also get to spend quality time with your family members and improve your relationships with them.

The committed couples willing to take their relationship to the next level are likely to get good opportunities to succeed during this time period. As there are very high chances that you will take your beloved to meet your parents in order to further your relationship. After this period, your Moon sign lord, Mercury will get combust during the last days of the year between 13th November and 21st December. You are likely to run into some health problems during this period. This time is also not conducive to start any new investment or initiate any new project for businessmen born under this sign. Otherwise, you are likely to incur huge amounts of losses in the process.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Virgo Natives

  • Place a gold coin in your temple.
  • Refrain from overtrusting anybody. Be careful before sharing your secrets with anybody.
  • Avoid making fun of the blind, handicapped or needy ones, rather help them with all your might and take blessings from them.
  • If possible, then take out some time out of your busy schedule to visit sacred rivers and take bath in it.
  • Avoid wearing blue coloured clothes.
  • Taking the blessings of eunuch will be very auspicious.

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As per the 2021 Lal Kitab Predictions, Libra natives will get good rewards for every inch of effort that they put in their work. This year will also give you the potential to manifest your desires. You may also get inclined to decorate or refurbish your home during this time period, There is also a strong likelihood of you acquiring or earning great profits from your ancestral property. You will have a good balance of emotions and wisdom, displaying which you will be able to get adequate support from others. This quality of yours may also help you earn great profits.

Initial month of the year will be great for the natives born under the sign of the scales, as you will be able to complete all your projects pending for a long time. During the subsequent months of February and March will provide you with many opportunities to travel, resulting in great profits and income. Siblings will fully support you and you may also get some monetary benefits from your parents.

However, during the period between March and April, you are advised to take care of your health. As during this period, you may be tempted into eating a lot of fried and spicy food which may give some problems related to the abdomen region. So, you are advised to improve and maintain your eating habits during this phase.

If you are married, then you might hear some good news from your children's side during the months between April and September as predicted by Lal Kitab 2021 Forecast. This will also bring happiness and joy into your household. This will also help improve your married life. You will also be seen inclined towards spiritual and religious activities, which you will do with great enthusiasm and energy. It may also lead to a positive surge in your name and fame. This phase is also likely to be brilliant for students to properly utilise and grow their knowledge and wisdom. You will also be seen speeding up your efforts and hardwork resulting in achieving astounding results in your examinations.

Lal Kitab predictions 2021 for Libra natives also indicate that your Moon sign lord, Venus will be positioned in its own sign from 06th September to 02nd October. As a result of which, you will see a rise in your confidence and enthusiasm. This period is very special for you because during this phase, you will be able to achieve great success in whatever task you undertake. Money will come towards you from different sources. The planetary configurations at the end of the year will also provide you with favorable results. Profession related travels will be there, which will bring improvement in all facets of your personality at all levels be it emotional, physical or mental. These travels will also provide positive impacts on your health.

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Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Libra Natives

  • If possible, try and avoid using mustard oil for your hair.
  • For getting auspicious results in your married life, try and press aniseeds in the mud.
  • Do not indulge in any arguments or fights as it may be harmful for your image.

  • Feed the poor and the needy
  • Use either Copper or Silver vessels for drinking water.
  • Light a diya daily either during the sunset or sunrise.
  • provide financial help to the poor and the needy persons as per your potential.


Scorpio natives are likely to achieve great benefits from travelling during this year, as per the predictions based on the Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021. Your inclination towards spiritual activities is likely to enhance which will see you keenly participating in religious and donation related activities. This will provide you growth, both spiritually and socially. The natives related to streams such as engineering, law, spirituality are likely to find favorable results during this year. If somebody from your household is planning to visit abroad in the near future, then they are likely to see their desires getting fulfilled during this time. Your household income is set to rise and you are also likely to host religious or auspicious events in your home.

The months of January and February are good for the students sitting in the competitive exams as they are likely to achieve great success as they will be able to speed up their efforts using this time appropriately. The months between March and April will give a new dimension to love and relationships. You are likely to enjoy great moments with your partner and can also make a plan to take them to their favorite destination. The wait is finally over for the single natives as they are likely to find their special someone during this period.

Lal Kitab predictions 2021 are indicating that Scorpio natives are likely to invest in real estate or some other movable or immovable assets during this time span. You are also likely to achieve great economic progress as this time period will help you to accomplish all the pending tasks with great ease and precision. July and September months will provide you with increment and promotion at your workplace. Your hardwork and efforts will be appreciated by the seniors and they will provide you with their full support and cooperation.

Scorpio professionals are likely to get assigned with new roles and responsibilities at their workplace which will lead to a steady rise in your income and expansion in your social circle. You will be full of charisma during this period enabling you to attract people towards you. This will help you to make contacts with new and important people which may provide you with benefits later on.

The natives who are eager to travel abroad may see the month of November providing them with some favorable news. During the month of December, your Moon sign lord will be positioned in its own sign leading to many health problems. So, you are advised to be alert regarding your health. However, this period may see you brimming with energy and enthusiasm which will see you completing all of your tasks on or before time.

Overall, Scorpio natives will find better results in this year 2021 as compared to the previous years as per Lal Kitab 2021 Predictions.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Scorpio Natives

  • Feed the needy and poor people with Rice and Milk.
  • Start taking responsibility for your own actions.
  • Wearing a Silver chain on your neck or Silver bracelet on your hand during this time as this will bring auspicious results.
  • Engage in fair dealing especially with your family, relatives and friends.
  • Take the blessings of your mother, motherly figures before leaving for any important task.
  • Feeding the monkeys with grams , jaggery on Tuesdays will bring auspicious results.


Lal Kitab Horoscope 2021 indicates the year 2021 will be of special events and will be an important year for the natives born under the sign of Archer. The initial months will be filled with monetary benefits and any investment made by you will provide you with substantial gains. You will also be seen inclined to save money during this period. Your voice will be full of authority and confidence that will make people believe and support you in all your endeavors. Your intelligence coupled with smartness will help you climb the ladders of success with ease in all aspects of your life.

The months between April till September 2021 will provide you with many travel opportunities. As a result of this, you will be seen travelling to different locations with your friends, family and close relatives. This will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated and your confidence will be sky high enabling you to fight your obstacles and challenges with great resilience and will power.

This year will see a surge in your energy from time to time which will make you more focused on your goals and you will set to accomplish them with dedication keeping aside all the personal problems that you face during this time period. Sagittarius business personnel will also be seen taking important decisions which will provide necessary impetus and direction to their career.

Planet associated with prosperity and wisdom Jupiter will bestow its blessings on you throughout the year, which will help to enhance your social status and reputation. Your father is also likely to prosper in their respective fields bringing in joy and happiness in your domestic environment. Planetary configurations and transits during this time will also help you to overcome your enemies with ease.

After this, the months between September and November will see you hosting religious or auspicious events at your home. This period will also witness the arrival of some important guests. You are also likely to enjoy your favorite delicacies and cuisines during this time period. However, you are advised to move over your personal problems and dedicate yourself fully at the workplace.

The concluding months of November and December will see you enjoying great time with your siblings as per 2021 Lal Kitab Astrology, which will help you to fully understand them and in turn get full support and cooperation from them. You will also get appreciation and recognition from your seniors and higher authorities. This will also lead to an increase in your income strengthening your financial position. This time frame will also bring about a lot of relief from mental stress and anxiety.

From the education point of view, students are required to put in all their efforts and hardwork to achieve academic success throughout this year. The students enrolled in courses related to streams such as law, political science, finance are likely to get great opportunities this year.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Sagittarius Natives

  • Keep a bowl full of grains and food for the birds on a daily basis.
  • Do not indulge in anything that is in violation of the law or against the government.
  • Do not overtrust people and keep distance from people who are sneaky and have a sweet tongue.
  • This year married natives are advised to avoid eating jaggery to get appropriate results in their relationships.
  • Wearing a gold ring in your right hand little finger will bring auspicious results.

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Capricorn natives will find this year interesting and full of changes in comparison to the previous years as per the Yearly Lal Kitab Predictions 2021. The natives born under the sea goat are likely to march towards success while setting your goals in life. You will be more inclined to carefully analysing each and every task before committing yourself fully towards it, thus enhancing your work capacity. This will lead to an increase in your mental faculty and knowledge. As a result, you will be able to move forward with great intelligence and cleverness in all aspects of your life be it professional or social.

Your hardwork will open up new avenues and opportunities for you this year. You are also likely to receive monetary and fiscal benefits at the start of the year. Luck will be on your side from 28th January to 21st February 2021. It will also have a positive impact on your financial status, especially businessmen are likely to get favorable opportunities to expand their business operations. As, you will be full of confidence and your self belief will be at an all time high which will impress and attract others and will result in you making new and influential contacts.

Lal Kitab yearly horoscope indicates that the months of March and April while enjoying all the luxuries and comforts you may also plan to travel to your favorite destinations. Especially, the period between 10th April till 04th May 2021 will see you purchasing a new vehicle bringing happiness in your home environment. The period after this till 29th May will be very good for love relationships as during this phase you will get to spend some quality time with your beloved, thus strengthening your relationships. Couples committed in relationships will be inclined to take the next step. If you are married, then you are likely to get happiness in the form of arrival of a new family member in your . household. It is also very likely that you will get a promotion at your workplace which will fill you with pride and joy.

After this, 2nd of June will bring many big transitions and changes for you, which can result in some mental stress and worries. Especially, in terms of financial prospects, this period can be a bit challenging. So, you are advised to keep a check on your expenses along with giving proper attention and care towards your health. As during this phase, due to financial constraints, you may find yourself burdened by debts. However, if you have applied for any kind of loan from a bank or any other financial institution, you are likely to get favorable news, you are likely to get favorable news during this time frame.

The natives who are in professions related to hospitality, fashion designing, acting etc. are likely to get favorable news this year. The months of October and November are going to be very special for you as you are likely to get beneficial news related to your profession. Promotions and increments can also be foreseen for many of the natives. December month will be full of romance and passion and is likely to bring refreshing energy in your relationships. This month will bring special moments in the lives of the lovers born under the sign of the sea goat. Capricorn registered students are also likely to get good opportunities to learn or read new and different subjects which will help further their academic progress.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Capricorn Natives

  • Pay your regards to every needy person or guest that comes to your home.
  • If and when possible, use less salt in your food.
  • Feed the ants by filling the Gola ( dry coconut used in festivals) with sweets and sugar and shelve it under the tree.
  • Wear an Iron bracelet or ring on your right hand.
  • Avoid wearing dark or black colored clothes.


As per the Lal Kitab 2021 Astrology, this year will be full of significant happenings and possibilities for the Aquarius natives. On the other hand, you may also face some obstacles and challenges along the way. This year will be very important for you in terms of health, as you may suffer some illnesses or diseases, which might have some impact on your professional and financial status and life. So, it is advised not to neglect even a minor ailment, consult your doctor on a regular basis or immediately when you feel uncomfortable, otherwise, you may have to be admitted to the hospital.

Then during the middle of the year, months spanning between April to September will witness a shift or change in circumstances, which will lead to strengthening of your financial condition and status. During this period, you will try to improve your wisdom and productivity while facing every challenge with your sheer willpower and strength. This phase will especially be good for the natives working in the fields of politics. Also, those of you working in law firms are also likely to achieve great results during this period.

Your domestic environment will be filled with happiness and there is also a high possibility of you welcoming a new member in your family. Keeping aside your personal problems, you will be willing to spend quality time with your family and may also plan an outing to your favorite destination with them. You may also take interest in redecorating your home and also adding a new pair of wheels to your fleet of vehicles.

If you have been planning to take some time off and travel during this year, then the months of April and May will be an appropriate time to undertake it. As during this time, the travel undertaken by you will not only help you to grow in confidence but will also provide you with monetary and fiscal benefits. Businessmen are suggested to use social media and other such forms of communication to expand their business. This will help you become self sufficient and self propelled enabling you to accomplish your tasks without being dependent on others for their completion.

The months between May to July will be very special for the students as planetary configurations during this time will enable them to understand the subject more easily which they were finding difficult to grasp earlier. This will lead to improved academic performance. Teachers and mentors will also provide them with adequate support and cooperation. The lovers will also find pace in their love life, they will also get to plan their future dreams together.

The months between September and October will see luck and fortune supporting you, which will lead to progress and growth for you. You will be able to accomplish each and every task you have planned with great ease. Especially, the month of November will be special for your professional growth. Camaraderie will also be visible in your domestic environment which will relieve you from mental stress.

The end of the year, especially, the month of December will be good for you financially. You will be seen undertaking lots of travel during this month, which will provide you with the right platform to expand your business. Unemployed natives looking for a job are likely to land a suitable job of their choice during this phase. Businessmen will also find suitable solutions to the problems that they have been facing for a long time. Your close relative or friend will come to your aid and will support you in resolving these problems.

Overall, on the whole, this year will be great for the Aquarius natives, we can say it will be much better in comparison to the previous years as per 2021 Lal Kitab Astrology. You will be seen earning benefits from new contacts and opportunities with ease enabling you to achieve good growth and progress.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Aquarius Natives

  • Use only Copper or Silver vessels for eating during this year to get beneficial results.
  • Refrain the usage of alcohol and meat.
  • Cleaning work for temples and other spiritual places will bring auspicious results.
  • Do not put trust blindly on anything or any person. Also, do not wear the rosary bead in your neck which you use to recite Mantras.


According to the Lal Kitab 2021 Yearly predictions, the upcoming year is likely to bring mixed results for the natives born under the sign of the Fish. The initial few months will be very special for you during which your financial position is likely to remain strong. This period will also enable you to earn from different sources and you will also be able to enjoy benefits from your new sources and contacts. Those of you looking to settle their debts or liabilities will be able to do it with ease.

The months between January and April will be very good for the lovers born under the sign of the fish. If you are loyal and love your partner to the fullest, then this period is suitable to take your relationship to the next level. If Married, then you are likely to receive favorable results from this phase. As you will gain benefits through your spouse and both of you may also plan to expand your family during this time period.

The time period between April and 6th September will be less favorable in terms of health as you moon sign lord Jupiter will be in a weak state during this time. So, you are advised to remain extra careful towards your health and pay proper attention to it. Otherwise, you may have to shelve out your hard earned money to get relief from some disease or ailment.

Also, during this phase, some of your old friends and foreign contacts will help you to get benefits and gains from the opportunities presented to you. Businessmen born under this water sign are likely to gain most from this period.

You will also be inclined towards spiritual activities and will be seen participating in religious events with great fervor and enthusiasm. You will also be seen spending lavishly on spiritual activities,leading to rise in your name and fame in society. This will also result in you meeting some influential people which will help build your confidence and make you feel energetic and enthusiastic towards life.

Then from 14th September till the end of November, you might face some problems related to your health. But, it will be the most favorable month for love relationships. Pisces lovers are also likely to take some important decisions during this phase which is likely to bring a positive turnaround in their lives. This will also help you get a permanent relief in terms of mental stress and worries bothering you for a long time. For students, this phase will not be less than a favorable opportunity for them to progress in their academics. So, they are advised to divert all their focus, dedication and energy towards their studies, so that they can utilise this period to its full potential.

The end of the year will again impact your health. However, you will be able to maintain a proper balance in your personal life. They will get full support and cooperation from your spouse or life partner, which is likely to bring satisfaction and happiness to you. You may have to undertake some travels during this period. But, you may have to remain proactive during this period, if you want to grab each and every opportunity presented in front of you. Those of you looking to travel abroad are likely to see their desires getting fulfilled during this year. Profits or gains from ancestral property can also be foreseen for many of the Fish natives.

Overall, according to Lal Kitab 2021 Horoscope, this year will bring better results for the Pisces natives. However, the natives need to remain careful of their enemies at every step. Keep yourself away from indulging in any kind of legal disputes during this year. Also, avoid doing anything that is in violation of the government or law as it will serve you better in terms of getting best results this year.

Lal Kitab Remedies 2021 For Pisces Natives

  • Throw the coin in the running water.
  • Help the needy and older people.
  • Help the poor and labor class people as per your potential
  • Feed the crows and dogs with biscuits and bread.
  • Refrain yourself from drinking alcohol.

We hope that the year 2021 is auspicious and prosperous for you. Happy New Year from AstroSage!

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