Mars Transit 2021 - Mars Transit 2021 Dates, Predictions & Remedies

Mars Transit 2021 Mars Transit 2021 offers Vedic Astrology based predictions for the natives of all twelve zodiac signs. Read the influence of 2021 Mars Transit on your life and know how this fiery planet transforms your life in the New Year 2021. Also, know Mars Transit 2021 dates.

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The fierce, hot-headed planet Mars is the God of War as per Roman folklore. This red planet enforces dynamism, passion, aggression, actions and at times destruction. Infuriated, assertive, fearless and masculine in nature induces its qualities in the natives. Well defined as the commander in chief of the Vedic astrology signifies intimacy, self-confidence, will power, persuasion of ambition and goals. Always up for the adventure Mars exalts in the disciplined and hardworking sign of Saturn, which is Capricorn.

The blazing energy of Mars is set aside and drowned in the water sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon, where it is in the debilitation. It owns the first sign of the zodiac and Kaal Purush horoscope, which is Aries. Also, it possesses the deep, secretive and intensive sign Scorpio. When placed well in a chart bestows native with youthful looks and well-defined bodies with strong-headed personalities. Its ill position makes native weaker in the constitution, fragile and lack of confidence or strength, however, they are too humble and namby-pamby.

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The indicator of siblings, especially brothers, military personnel, surgeons, engineers, blood and war, destruction, violence and property, is good when placed in the third, sixth or eleventh house in a natives chart. Making an aspect of fourth, seventh, eight makes a special Dosha known as the Kuja Dosha when associated with the marriage houses. Having an overview of the Mars transit 2021 dates of this powerful planet:

ARIES TAURUS 22 February Monday 5:02
TAURUS GEMINI 14 April Wednesday 1:16
GEMINI CANCER 2 June Wednesday 6:39
CANCER LEO 20 July Tuesday 17:31
LEO VIRGO 6 September Monday 3:21
VIRGO LIBRA 22 October Friday 1:13
LIBRA SCORPIO 5 December Sunday 5:01

Let us figure out the results of Mars transit on above zodiac signs

Mars Transit 2021: Aries

Mars in its own sign of bull is dignified and most impulsive. As per 2021 Mars Transit Predictions, you will be active and energetic during this transit period. High in temperament and up with killer instincts, you will believe in yourself and trust your gut feeling. You will like to explore new avenues in your professional life and will introduce new dynamic ideas and approaches for the completion of the work. You will also be good at getting the work done from your juniors and subordinates. This time will be a favourable one in terms of your career growth. The business owners will also witness leaps and bounds in their profession due to their entrepreneur skills and quick decision-making power.

You will be on the move to do the next task in your personal as well as professional life, which implies that you will be swift in doing anything and everything. You will be playful and enjoy sportsmanship, at times you may also live with your inner child by being unworldly. You will be crisp, straightforward and strong in your speech, this may also lead to hurting people around you. You are advised to keep your anger under control during this period as you may harm yourself by deteriorating your health or your dear ones with your rashness. This transit 2021 will bring favourable results for Cancer, Leo and Gemini natives.

Remedy: Donate red gram pulse in the temple on Tuesdays.

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Mars Transit 2021: Taurus

The planet of passion in the sign of beauty is a sturdy combination. You will be determined and strongly driven by a goal during this period. You will be grounded as furious mars will be in the earth sign during this time. You will have a strong urge towards materialistic things, which will motivate you to work harder in your endeavours and achieve your dreams. You will complete your task no matter how long it takes, thus you will be embedded with patience. Your stamina will be on the peak and nothing will put you down or tire you in person as well as professional life.

You will be attracted to the opposite sex and singles may have crushes and blushes during this time. Those who are in romantic relationships will be intense with their partner and would like to spend more time with them. You may go out for frequent dinner and short trips with your loved ones. The married natives will also share some romantic moments and will be impassioned for their spouse. This transit period will be good for lovers and romantic couples. You will also have cravings for spiced up and hot food during this period. This transit will bring favourable results for Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius native.

Remedy: Offer Besan laddoos to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays.

Mars Transit 2021: Gemini

The energetic Mars in the mutable sign of Mercury brings versatility and quick decision making. You will be a jack of all and master of none during this time as predicted by Mars Transit 2021 based on Vedic Astrology since you will keep yourself engrossed in multiple things but will find it difficult to complete most of the tasks. You will be good at judging things and drawing out conclusions from them, this will help you at the work front since you will be able to crack better deals. You will also be good at proving your point and convincing people of the same. Those who are into journalism, tv or media profession will have a favourable period.

You will be critical about your relationships during this period and too observant about the attitude of people around you. However, you are advised not to be too much into fault finding as it will spoil your personal connection and you may also feel insecure about your bonds. Those who are in love will have a smooth relationship with cosy talks and elaborate communications with your dear one. You may go out on short trips with friends and acquaintances. Overall, you will be overflowing with energy and will be impulsive most of the time. This 2021 transit will bring good results for Aries, Virgo and Capricorn natives.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.

Mars Transit 2021: Cancer

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon and Mars is a fierce planet, and both of these planetary bodies are friends with each other, which means that this position can be considered as giving mixed results for the natives since Mars is in debilitation in this sign. You will be humble and grounded, and have the strength to take up any challenge with the support of your dear ones. You will be ambitious as well as emotional and will try your best to achieve your goal.

Mars Transit 2021 as per Vedic Astrology reveals that due to the influence of both Moon and Mars, you will express your strength and energy emotionally. You can mould yourself according to any situation if it is in alignment with your ethics. When in a relationship, you will be very passionate about your love. In regards to family life, you will act as a protector. You will get annoyed, fight, and jump to help if you see some threat to your family. You will be considerate for everyone’s well-being. This transit will bring mixed results for all the zodiacs.

Remedy: Recite Bajrang Baan to get the favourable results of Mars.

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Mars Transit 2021: Leo

Both Mars and Sun, which is the lord of Leo are fierce planets, and both are friends with each other, which means that this planetary position is auspicious for the natives. You will get abilities of both Mars and Sun, which means you will be dominating and dynamic during this period. You will be very intelligent and you will know how to use your skills in the correct fashion. You will have a strong will and strength and zeal to achieve something in your life, and so, you will have a strong risk-taking ability as well.

You will behave like a born leader and you will do good in your career if you are in some authoritative position. You will love to travel to places which are close to nature. You will be very successful if your work is around this area. You will always be willing to learn new things, and you will be an art lover during this transit period. You may sometimes get over-proud of yourself which people can take in a negative fashion. You will have zero tolerance for humility and you can get frustrated and angry in such cases. It will be favourable for Gemini, Scorpio and Pisces.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman.

Mars Transit 2021: Virgo

When Mars is in Virgo, you will have the talent of multi-tasking as forecasted by 2021 Mars Transit, which means that you can perform several tasks parallelly. You can be nagging if someone annoys you during this period. This lack of tolerance can work negatively for you, so you will have to be careful in this regard. If you are successful in whatever work that you do, you will not get egoistic, and you will not leave your attribute of humbleness. You will get auspicious results if you adopt your passion or your hobby as your work, therefore this is a good time if you are planning to start something new based on your interest.

Professionally, you will do well if you are a doctor or working in the field of medicine. You will work as a perfectionist during this time and may get irked by people who take shortcuts. You will plan and strategize your tasks very well. In fact, you also like to keep your workplace tidy. You will be concerned about your health, for which you may adopt exercise in your daily lifestyle. You will be workaholic, but sometimes you may get nervous, and you may put so much of effort that you even forget yourself. This transit will bring good results for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius natives

Remedy: Grow a neem tree and nurture it.

Mars Transit 2021: Libra

The ruler of Libra is Venus, and the planet Mars and Venus are in a neutral relationship. This means that this position of planets can be considered neither favourable nor unfavourable for the natives. With Mars being a masculine planet and Venus being a feminine planet, you will have a very balanced mindset, you will be aggressive sometimes and at peace at some other time. This implies that you may have mood swings and contradictory mindset during this transit period.

You will impress people with your charm and generosity. You will be very compassionate and will believe in the act of giving, which is why you will involve yourself in various social activities. This will give you both peace and happiness. You will also like to get involved in religious and spiritual activities. You will be a spendthrift and you need to learn managing your finances. You tend to adjust according to the situations. You will prefer peace everywhere, which is why you will be good at stopping quarrels between people. You will have a very good convincing ability as well. You may become indecisive at times. This Mars transit in 2021 will be favourable for Leo, Taurus and Aquarius natives.

Remedy: Chant “Aum Kram Kreem Kroum Sah Bhaumaya Namah” 108 times in a day.

Mars Transit 2021: Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign of mysteries and depth. The fixed water sign holds the passion and stubbornness of Mars, since it is the eight sign of the zodiac ruled by the planet Mars. As per the Mars 2021 transit prediction you will have a charismatic personality during this time. You will get popularity amongst the people surrounding you, especially the opposite sex who will be completely drawn towards you. You will be up with the bubbles of desires and will take keen interest in what lies beneath. Your thoughts and knowledge about everything will intensify and you will keep losing yourself in the core of the things and situations. You may not be too comfortable at expressing everything, which will make you a bit secretive. However, you will be fervent and gushing with energy , thus the dynamism of hot headed Mars will explode within you.

You will be too judgmental and will not come down in making decisions easily , you may look upto other’s opinions , experience and weigh everything before coming to final conclusions. You will be protective for your dear ones and will also safeguard your own interests. You will be high in spirits mentally as well as physically and it will be difficult for anyone to beat you or challenge you. Those who are in romantic relationships, will be over possessive for their partners and will cross any length to keep them safe and within their reach. Your feelings and emotions will also be at its peak and you will be completely drowned in the ocean of love. The singles may feel jealous about the loving relationships of their friends and will be logging for a strong connection for themselves. This transit 2021 will bring favourable results for Taurus, Cancer and Leo natives.

Mars Transit 2021: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the fiery sign headed by the planet of wisdom Jupiter. Mars in this sign of enthusiasm and optimism is fierce, also it is inquisitive and curious. You will be full of dynamism and energy during this period. Adventure and entertainment will be your one set goal. You will be a wanderer and will be on toes to roam around the world. Travelling to new destinations and exploring things will keep you high in spirits. You will explore the horizons. As per Mars Transit 2021 predictions, ou will make new friends and will look forward to interacting with people from different cultures. You will go on adventurous trips with friends and acquaintances. You will be a bit hot-headed and aggressive. Your ferocious attitude may hurt your dear ones, this is something you should be cautious about.

You will be quick in making any decisions and will be confident about them. You will be dominant and will mark an impression in your group or society. Professionally you will have a command over your work and it will be challenging for your team to match up to your calibre. Your enemies will have a tough time as you will be overpowering them. In your relationship, you will keep big expectations from your partner, which might be difficult for them. Your sole motto will be to enjoy your life to the fullest and will ensure that people surrounding you follow the same. You will spread joy and happiness wherever you go. Your cheerful disposition will be like a stress buster to your dear ones and they will enjoy spending time with you. This transit will be favourable for Aries, Leo and Cancer natives.

Remedy: Donate 900 grams of Red lentils in Hanuman temple on Tuesdays.

Mars Transit 2021: Capricorn

Capricorn is the hardworking and disciplined sign of the Karmic planet Saturn. Mars in this earthy sign is in exaltation. The fire of Mars is managed and channelised in this sign. Mars Transit 2021 predictions reveal that you will be organised, grounded and humble, which will be appreciated by your dear ones. You will maintain your calm and will be good at hearing and understanding people. You will have strong willpower and will have a high determination to achieve your goals. You will be good at planning things and will make strategies to achieve your goals in your professional life. Your materialistic plane will be too strong and you will go to any extent to make your fortune and turn things in your favour.

You will be quite controlled and disciplined, you will not believe in taking commands from anyone. You may be a bit conservative and traditional in certain things, esp[eciallly in your personal life. This approach of yours may not be appreciated by your family and friends. You will be persistent in achieving things be it in your personal or professional life and will work hard towards it. As per 2021 Mars Transit predictions, you will believe in attaining perfection and therefore will be flawless in your working. In a relationship, you will be truly committed and loyal to your partner and expect the same from them. You will not be very emotional or affectionate, however, you will be good at responding to your dear ones’ needs and requirements. You will be attractive and widely talked about amongst people around you, especially the opposite sex. This transit will be favourable for Aries, Virgo and Scorpio natives.

Remedy: Keep a red handkerchief in your pocket every day.

Mars Transit 2021: Aquarius

Aquarius is the airy sign of Saturn. The dynamism of Mars will meet the creation and innovation of this visionary, intellectual sign. You will be bursting with confidence, passion and energy. You will be highly motivated and focused on your endeavours. Also, you will be quick in completing and delivering your tasks or reports. You will like to have an air of independence and will be proud of it. Mars Transit 2021 predicts that you will be progressive and believe in doing things out of the box. You may be rebellious if you are controlled or advised to follow a line of tradition. Just like the element air, you will trust in doing everything with the free-flowing energy.

You will be an extrovert and exchange your creative thoughts with people around you. You will be friendly and expansive in your energy, this will attract people’s attention and they will like to be around you. They will enjoy talking and discussing things with you. You will be active and clever at getting your things done or achieving what you desire for. You will follow your unique ideas and will do things with a new and different approach, truly out of the league. In relationships, you will value your partner and will believe in giving them space and freedom to achieve their goals. You will be very understanding and respect your dear one. This transit will be favourable for Libra, Taurus and Scorpio.

Remedy: Plant an Amla tree in your garden or at a temple and nurture it.

Mars Transit 2021: Pisces

Pisces is the water sign of duality and controversy. The passion and assertion of Mars in the ocean of emotions is a very different combination. You will have emotional pouts and may be suppressed with the feelings of guilt, resentment and anger at times. As per Mars Transit 2021 predictions, you will be gentle and supportive of your dear ones. You will follow some creative techniques for releasing stress and pressure. You will be up with different energies that are of heat and water, which will make you a bit confused and unidirectional. At times you will be high in temperament and most of the time you will try to maintain your calm. You will have an inclination towards art and music. Also, you will be good at writing or expressing yourself.

Your dynamism and energy will also be fluctuating. You will be fair and honest in your dealings and will truly follow the path of morality and impartiality. In a relationship, you will be extra sensitive and loving. You will make utmost efforts to please your partner and will be acting and protective towards them. You may make travel plans with your dear one to a romantic destination and please them with gifts or surprises. Your approach in love matters will be quite positive and overwhelming. You will be more involved and focused on your personal life than in your professional life. All your relations will be of vital importance to you, as suggested by Mars Transit 2021 predictions. This transit will be good for Sagittarius and Scorpios.

Remedy: Feed bananas to Monkeys.

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