Mercury Transit 2021 - Mercury Transit 2021 Dates, Predictions & Remedies

Mercury Transit 2021 Mercury Transit 2021 as per Vedic Astrology sheds light on the impact of this planetary transit on the lives of all zodiac signs in the year 2021. Know Mercury Transit 2021 dates and find out what’s in store.

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The jovial Mercury is the prince of the celestial cabinet, also known as the messenger of Gods. This intellectual planet heads the communication, speech, articulation, disposition, education and humour. The witty Mercury gives an impressive and tender look when it influences the ascendant or second house of facial expressions. It brings out the hilarity when in conjunction with the planet of mind the Moon. Highly influential and flexible adapts the qualities of the planets it is associated with. It presides over the third house of self-efforts, siblings and sixth house of competition, diseases in the natural zodiac. It owns two signs of the zodiac, the flirtatious Gemini and critical Virgo.

Exalting the condemnatory and intellectual sign of Virgo and debilitating in the dual water sign of Jupiter that is Pisces. During its transit, Mercury infuses individuals with juvenile energy, eagerness, zeal, passion and enthusiasm which will give a kick start to all your ideas and interests. Since in the closest approximation with the Sun it takes approx 28 days to transit from one zodiac sign to another when in direct motion. Let's have a look on the Mercury transit 2021 dates and timings during this year.

From Sign To Sign Date Day Time
SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN 5 January Tuesday 3:42
CAPRICORN AQUARIUS 25 January Monday 16:19
AQUARIUS CAPRICORN 4 February Thursday 23:18
CAPRICORN AQUARIUS 11 March Thursday 12:25
AQUARIUS PISCES 1 April Thursday 0:33
PISCES ARIES 16 April Friday 20:49
ARIES TAURUS 1 May Saturday 5:32
TAURUS GEMINI 26 May Wednesday 7:50
GEMINI TAURUS 3 June Thursday 3:46
TAURUS GEMINI 7 July Wednesday 10:59
GEMINI CANCER 25 July Sunday 11:31
CANCER LEO 9 August Monday 1:23
LEO VIRGO 26 August Thursday 11:08
VIRGO LIBRA 22 September Wednesday 7:52
LIBRA VIRGO 2 October Saturday 3:23
VIRGO LIBRA 2 November Tuesday 9:43
LIBRA SCORPIO 21 November Sunday 4:37
SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS 10 December Friday 5:53
SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN 29 December Wednesday 11:15

Let us figure out the impact of 2021 Mercury transit on all twelve Zodiac signs.

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Mercury Transit 2021: Aries

This witty planet Mercury in the aggressive sign of Aries ruled by Mars, it embarks swiftness to the thoughts. As per Mercury Transit Prediction 2021, you will be quick and impulsive in making any decision, which at times may be rash as you will not take much time to think. You will be spontaneous in your actions and reactions, which will make you appear adventurous. You may also be impatient during this time and will always be in a hurry to complete your assigned tasks. You will be honest and straightforward in your speech, which may not be appreciated by a number of people around you.

However, you will be too carefree in your attitude that anyone’s approval or acceptance of you will not bother much. You will be blooming with new creative ideas and thoughts, which will be a boon if you are planning to start a new career. Since your fresh thinking will help you in exploring new ways of promotions and marketing strategies, which will bring success in the longer run. Those who are into Sales, Marketing or Advertising will have a favourable time, as your passion will help you in creating new diversions in your respective profile and you will be on toes proving your capabilities. It will be a favourable one for Aries, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius natives.

Remedy: Grow and nurture a Basil plant for witnessing auspicious results of this transit.

Mercury Transit 2021: Taurus

The messenger Mercury lands onto the earth sign of Taurus headed by Venus. You will be clear and sorted in your thoughts and ideas during this period as per 2021 Mercury Transit Predictions for 2021. Your approach will be practical and you will give a strong thought before concluding anything. You will be humble and grounded in your gestures, which will win the hearts of the people around you. Your sincere and hardworking viewpoint will bring success to you at your workplace, also diligent working will be appreciated by your seniors and the management. You will be completely driven by the empirical notion, which will allure the potent clients, thus giving you good business during this period, if you are an entrepreneur.

Your maturity and wholeheartedness will be treasured by your partner, thus, your bond will grow stronger during this period, if you are in a romantic relationship. The married natives will have a great understanding and focused relationship, where the two of you will take responsibilities of each other’s goals, ambitions and will try to achieve them together. Your taste buds will be too refined and you will crave to try new cuisines and a variety of foods. This quest may take you out frequently for dinners and dates, you will land up exploring new eating joints and restaurants. This transit will bring fruitful results for Aries, Taurus and Aquarius natives.

Remedy: Offer two besan ladoos to Lord Ganpati on Wednesdays.

Mercury Transit 2021: Gemini

Mercury in this air sign of Gemini is witty. As per the 2021 Transit Predictions, you will be inquisitive and curious during this period, you will like to learn more about the things moving around you will be on toes in gaining more knowledge on versatile subjects. You will be more like a wanderer who wishes to know anything and everything at the earliest, however, you will not be into the depth of the subjects. You will believe in quantity more than the quality during this period. Those who are into human resources and mass communication will excel in their profiles since you will be exploring loads of things which will assist you in your endeavours.

You will be good at socialising and will make new friends from different sectors or industries, in order to expand your knowledge professional. Those who are in love relationships will share a healthy bond and may go on short day trips with their dear ones. The married natives will also be good at cheering up their spouse and have some moments together during this time. You will be jovial at heart and will gain the attention of people around you with your mischievous talks and playful gestures.The transit is favourable for Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Remedy: Wear a good quality Emerald in the index finger to gain the maximum benefits of the said planet.

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Mercury Transit 2021: Cancer

Cancer is one of the most sensitive and emotional zodiac signs. When the planet of communications, i.e. Mercury enters into Cancer, you become furthermore emotional and express your feelings very easily. You will become closer to your family and friends in a more sympathetic way. At the same time, you will also expect others to be sympathetic towards you, however, others may have a hard time reading your mind as you might not talk at all. With your attitude of not talking, people may see it as you are hiding something, which people can perceive in a negative manner.

You can sometimes become defensive and take things personally, the same behaviour can be reflected in your work as well as predicted by Vedic Astrology based Mercury Transit 2021. You will be successful if you’re a speaker, writer, actor, artist or a journalist etc. where you have to express yourself. You will have a strong memory and you will remember even those small moments which happened a couple of months back. This can help you in a positive way or can impact you in a negative way. In a relationship, you will be very loyal to your partner. You may also have feelings of moving overseas. This transit will be good for Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra natives.

Remedy: Keep a green carnelian in the east direction of the room.

Mercury Transit 2021: Leo

Leo is the fire sign whose lord is the Sun and is friends with Mercury. When Mercury is present in the fire sign, you will have a commanding voice. You will have exceptional leadership skills and no one will be able to dominate you. You will be really ambitious with the goal of getting fame. Your personality will be authoritative with which you will impress others. You will be successful professionally if you are working as a manager, politician, a leader, or in an administrative position.

You will excel in public speaking as forecasted by Mercury Transit 2021 Predictions. You will love to share your ideas with the audience, and that too in a

dramatic way. With your way of telling those ideas, you will be able to convince people as well. However, with your attitude, some people can see you as an egoistic, unrealistic, and arrogant person, which is why, in the mission to gain fame, you should not be over-doing something which might turn out to be negative for you. You cannot take criticism easily and your pride can be easily hurt. You will become over-sensitive if you are not being praised for your efforts. The transit is favourable for Aries, Leo and Libra.

Remedy: Offer Durva to lord Ganesha

Mercury Transit 2021: Virgo

The ruler of the zodiac sign Virgo is Mercury itself. So Mercury present in Virgo is considered auspicious in Vedic astrology. In fact, it is the best place Mercury can be. You will be very intelligent and will have a rational mind. You will do all the business dealings with complete safety and it will be difficult for others to deceive you. You will have exceptional analytical skills and you will be able to solve the most challenging problems very easily.

You will like to sit in a company of like-minded intellectual people. You will be successful if you’re working in a similar job profile like accounts, scientist, or mathematics. With your mindset, education, and skills, you will be successful in accumulating wealth. You will be a perfectionist and have a great sense of attention to detail. You can criticize imperfections in your friends and social circle, because of which people may stop liking you sometimes. Even though you will be having a very practical approach towards life, at the same time your wit and sense of humour will add to your personality. This transit will bring mixed results for all the zodiac signs.

Remedy: Recite Vishnu Sahasranama.

Mercury Transit 2021: Libra

The lord of Libra is the planet Venus, and Venus and Mercury are friends with each other, which is why this position of Mercury will bring auspicious results for you. With the influence of both Mercury and Venus, you will be having excellent communication skills. You will be soft-spoken and polite with everyone and you have the power to convince people with your speech. As per 2021 Mercury Transit Predictions, you will be a spendthrift and do many expenses of yours on luxuries and on the opposite sex.

You will seek justice for all when it comes to friends and family, you will be very friendly, and will be a good listener. You will be open to all thoughts. However, your decision making power will be less which can trouble both you and people around you. When criticizing others, you will express yourself gently so that the others take it with positivity and they do not get hurt. At the same time, you are mentally lazy. Because of this, you sometimes lose contact with your friends, family and important contacts. You try to please everyone so that everyone thinks good of you. The transit will bring favourable results of Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces.

Remedy: Chant “Om Bum Budhaya Namah” 108 times in a day.

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Mercury Transit 2021: Scorpio

The planet of intellect in the deep dark watery sign of Scorpio is inquisitive. You will be both emotional and passionate at the same time for unrevealing the truths and secrets of things surrounding you. You will like to gather authentic information about anything and everything you do during this period, which will empower you to find the problems and solutions to all your endeavours. This approach will lead you to gain success at your workplace, as you will be appreciated for your keen observation and drawing out of the root causes and giving the best resolutions.

You may be a bit shy during this period as per Mercury Transit 2021 Predictions, and will mostly prove your points in the actions rather than the speech. You may be rude, straight and harsh in your articulation, which might bring differences with your loved ones in your personal life. You will be aggressive in your work, which will be a boon for those who are into their own business since you will be actively involved in promoting your work and will get success in the near future. The fiery signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius need to be cautious during this transit, as it is not very favourable for them.

Remedy: Chant Mercury Beej Mantra 108 times every day.

Mercury Transit 2021: Sagittarius

The elegant mercury in the sign of the archer ruled by the planet of wisdom Jupiter brings loads of optimism. You will be ambitious and futuristic in your approach during this period. This will help you think about the bigger picture in life and plan your investments well. You will have an inner zeal to do charitable works and you will spend a lot on religious activities during this time. Your leadership qualities will grow and you will be good at getting the tasks accomplished with your good managing skills. Those who are in the top management or bureaucracy will have a favourable time. Also, those who are running NGOs or welfare societies will flourish as per Mercury Transit 2021.

Those who are into the food industry or business will see some rise in their business during this transit period. You will be generous during this period and will have an inclination towards reading scriptures and mythological stories. The students will have better concentration and their learning skills will improve. You will be better at understanding and memorising your subjects. The scholars and teachers will gain good respect and reputation in their community. The transit will bring good results for the Gemini, Leo and Pisces natives.

Remedy: Recite Vishnu Sahasranama

Mercury Transit 2021: Capricorn

The influential Mercury in the earthy sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn is practical and hardworking. You will believe in impactful and productive conversations during this period. The wit will be converted to mature and sincere talks. You will be grounded and will be too realistic in your approach be it your personal or professional life. The entrepreneurs will be ambitious and will diligently work towards expanding your business, your efforts and hard work will bring favourable results in future. Those who are into litigation and administrative profiles will have a good time, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Also, you will earn a good public image during this period as per 2021 Transit based on Vedic Astrology. You will be excellent in analysing problems and finding apt solutions to the same. This quality will help you in your professional life and you will achieve success in your endeavours. You will be quite organised and disciplined in your personal life and will make a new set of rules for better living. You will be particular about your eating and sleeping habits and will introduce a new regime to your daily life during this transit period. You will like spending time in nature, nurturing and learning the language of plants. You will like logical and mature conversations with your friends and acquaintances. This transit will be a favourable one for Taurus, Cancer and Virgo natives.

Remedy: Observe Fast on Wednesday.

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Mercury Transit 2021: Aquarius

When the planet Mercury is in Aquarius which is an Air sign, being too close to the Sun, you will have the tendency to show-off and brag about the things that you have. Your mind will be in a running and active state, always restless, thinking about something, which can be either of emotions or thoughts, can be positive or negative. You will get bored easily, because of which you sometimes get irritated as well. Your this attitude will also be responsible for you not being able to focus on tasks during this period. You will be willing to help the needy and you will even take the responsibilities of others in your hands.

You will also involve yourself in social work which will give you peace of mind. You will have a high sense of justice and will abide by the rules. When the situation is too serious, you will make it light with your sense of humour. When you will make an opinion, you would strongly stick to it, and may even get stubborn. Native students will find it difficult to follow a schedule. However, you will try to keep yourself very organized and tidy. This transit will bring good results for Taurus, Gemini and Virgo natives.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu every day.

Mercury Transit 2021: Pisces

When the planet Mercury is posited in Pisces whose lord is Jupiter, it can be considered as an average state. You will be very creative as predicted by Mercury Transit 2021 and your imagination will take you to do wonders. You will be overly sensitive and you can get hurt easily. You can easily trust anyone because of which people can deceive you as well. You will try to see good in everything even if there is nothing positive. You will be compassionate to all beings and will help the needy.

You need to be very careful when in business, especially when you are doing it in a partnership. Also, when in a job, you should refrain from people who do politics as it can be negative for you. You will have a strong inclination towards artistic things like paintings, poetry and music. You can also easily understand others emotions very easily. You may get moody at times, and the same will be reflected in your communication. Your ideas may appear too dreamy and unrealistic for others. Those who are in the creative industry will do wonders with their overwhelming imaginative skills and ingenious ideas. The transit will be favourable for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces natives

Remedy: Donate green lentils in temples on Wednesdays.

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