Upanayana Muhurat 2021 Dates: Janeu Sanskar 2021 Rituals

Upanayana Muhurat 2021 or Janeu Sanskar Muhurat 2021 reveals auspicious Upanayana Muhurat 2021 dates and timings for performing Upanayana rites in 2021.

Upanayana Muhurat 2021

Upanayana Sanskar, also known as Janeu Sanskar and Yajyopaveet Sanskar, is one of the major rites in Hinduism. It is important to calculate auspicious Janeu Muhurat 2021 in order to conduct Upanayana Ceremony without any disruption. Another objective remains that the child must attain the blessings of all goddesses and family members during the Janeu Ceremony in 2021 conducted in an auspicious muhurat for a nurturing future. So let us go ahead and know more about the auspicious Upanayana Ceremony in 2021, rituals and detailed information.

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हिंदी में पढ़ें: उपनयन संस्कार 2021

Upanayana Muhurat 2021 List

Upanayana Muhurat 2021 for April
Date Day Duration of the Muhurat
22 April, 2021 Thursday From 05:49 Till 06:55
29 April, 2021 Thursday From 05:42 Till 11:48
Upanayana Muhurat 2021 for May
Date Day Duration of the Muhurat
13 May, 2021 Thursday From 05:32 Till 14:29
16 May, 2021 Sunday From 10:01 Till 14:17
17 May, 2021 Monday From 05:29 Till 11:35
21 May, 2021 Friday From 11:11 Till 15:22
23 May, 2021 Sunday From 06:43 Till 06:48
30 May, 2021 Sunday From 05:24 Till 15:03
Upanayana Muhurat 2021 for June
Date Day Duration of the Muhurat
13 June, 2021 Sunday From 05:23 Till 14:44
20 June, 2021 Sunday From 10:31 Till 16:22

Janeu Sanskar 2021

The Janeu Sanskar in 2021 is considered one of the most prominent rites among sixteen rites in Hinduism. A Janeu is prepared with three while-coloured threads, said to be sacred in nature and worn from the left shoulder to the right side. In Sanatan Dharma, it is called Upanayana Sanskar, in which Upanayana signifies a direct connection with God. There, in Sanskrit, this rite is called Yagyopaveet Sanskar. This is made of two words: Yagya + Upaveet. It mainly signifies that the native has acquired the rights to perform Yagya-Havan, as performing such rituals, gaining education or starting a business with Janeu Sanskar is considered meaningless.

According to the scriptures, it is believed that by performing the Janeu Sanskar with proper rituals, all the Doshas and sins performed by the child in his/her former life get eliminated. This is why it is said that it is only through this Sanskar that the child attains a second birth. During the mythological period, the child was allowed to seek education only after Janeu Sanskar.

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Things To Keep In Mind During Upanayana Ceremony in 2021

  • During the Janeu Sanskar or Upanayana Sanskar in 2021, the three sacred threads made of cotton are worn by a man from over his left shoulder to his right arm.

  • However, while performing this rite, it is important to note that the ritual should be performed only by a Yagyopaveet Dhari or well-learned Brahmin or a priest.

  • According to Hindu customs or as per your family traditions, this ceremony must be performed up to a specific age.

Mantra To Chant When Adorning Janeu

In the scriptures, adorning a Janeu is considered similar to attaining education. This is why a special mantra is chanted when Janeu is worn during the Upanayana Ceremony:

यज्ञोपवीतं परमं पवित्रं प्रजापतेर्यत्सहजं पुरस्तात्।
आयुष्यमग्रं प्रतिमुंच शुभ्रं यज्ञोपवीतं बलमस्तु तेजः।।

yajñopavītaṃ paramaṃ pavitraṃ prajāpateryatsahajaṃ purastāt।
āyuṣyamagraṃ pratimuṃca śubhraṃ yajñopavītaṃ balamastu tejaḥ।।

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Calculating Janeu Sanskar Muhurat 2021

In order to obtain the best results when performing any task, an auspicious muhurat is usually calculated in Hinduism. Similarly, Upanayana Sanskar in 2021 is also performed during an auspicious Upanayana Muhurat muhurat, on an auspicious date, day and yoga.

By the way, this auspicious time is calculated with the help of an expert after estimating the birth chart of the child. However, several other factors are taken into consideration when analysing the kundli and calculating an auspicious Upanayana Sanskar Muhurat:


Mrigashira, Ardra, Punarvasu, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Shravan, Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, Ashwini, Mool, Purva Bhadrapada, Purvashadha, Pushya, Ashlesha


Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Shashthi, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi


It is auspicious to perform Upanayana Ceremony if there is an auspicious planet present in the ninth, fifth, first, fourth, seventh, tenth from the lagna.

Importance of Upanayana Muhurat 2021 & Benefits

According to the scriptures, Janeu Sanskar 2021 holds religious, scientific and astrological importance. So let us now know in detail:

  • In Hinduism, this rite is associated with the Holy Trideva (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev). Therefore, the three sutras or threads of Janeu represent these three Gods. Where Brahma Ji has been called the Creator of the Universe, Lord Vishnu has been entitled as the Preserver of the Universe. Hence, adorning these three threads helps a native establish a direct connection with these deities.
  • In many scriptures, Yajyopaveet has also been called as the symbol of Maa Gayatri. Therefore, just like one is bestowed with immense prosperity after establishing an idol of Maa Gayatri in his house, in the same way, he attains the grace of Maa Gayatri after adorning a Janeu with devotion and freedom from all the sins of his previous birth.
  • As everyone knows, a human body is made up of many elements. In the Hindu scriptures, the right ear is considered the most sacred of all human organs. According to the beliefs, Gods named Aditya, Vasu, Rudra, Vayu, Agni, Dharma, Veda, Aap, Som, Surya, etc. are believed to reside in the right ear of a man. This is why it is believed that one attains the blessings of the deities even if a man touches his right ear.
  • According to religious traditions, the Janeu thread contains a total of five knots. These five knots are considered the symbols of Brahma, Dharma, Ardha, Kama and Moksha.
  • From a scientific point of view, a human body has a very subtle vein going towards its back. This vein ensures the flow of sufficient energy in the human body. This vein is located from the right shoulder of the body to the waist. In such a situation, wearing Janeu is believed to help keep this vein in a compact state, due to which, necessary energy is circulated in the body.
  • Apart from this, the Janeu thread also plays a very important role in adding to the overall longevity, strength, development and intelligence of the child.
  • Many doctors believe that wearing a thread on the body helps in controlling proper blood flow. As a result, the child can be protected from many diseases such as blood pressure, etc.
  • The thread of Janeu goes from right shoulder to waist, and accordingly, passes through the human heart. That is why Janeu helps in controlling many nerves associated with the heart. Due to this, the chances of heart diseases emerging in the future decrease to a great extent.
  • According to several doctors, many nerves present near the right ear of humans are directly related to the intestines. This is why the Janeu is wrapped around the right ear while urinating or excreting, which creates pressure around the nerves present. This helps in strengthening the digestion and protects against several stomach-related issues.
  • At the same time, from the astrological point of view, Upanayana Sanskar in 2021 has been considered an important ritual. According to many scholarly astrologers, a child wearing a Janeu is auspiciously impacted by the Navagrahas.

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Upanayana Sanskar 2021 Rituals

  • Janeu Sanskar in 2021 should be performed according to an auspicious time.
  • After calculating the auspicious Upanayana Muhurat 2021 for this rite, a yajna or havan is firstly conducted for the child.
  • During the yagna, the priest prepares the Janeu using three threads of yarn accordingly.
  • At this time, Janeu made from the white-coloured cotton thread is coloured in yellow with turmeric or sandalwood.
  • While performing the Havan, the priest firstly worships the deities in a ceremonial manner, prepares the Yagya Vedi and makes the child adorn the ceremonial clothes.
  • Since this yagna or havan is conducted exclusively for the bright future of the child, it becomes important for the child to participate in the rituals with enthusiasm.
  • Now after performing the Havan or Yajna, firstly, the Mundan Ceremony is performed.
  • During the Tonsure Ceremony, a ponytail or few hairs are left at the back of the child’s head.
  • After his head is shaved, the child is well-bathed and made to wear clean, unstitched clothes.
  • A yellow-coloured garment is also put around the neck of the child, and he is made to wear a Khadau (traditional wooden footwear).
  • After this, a sandalwood or saffron paste is applied on the forehead of the child.
  • Only after this, the child is made to wear the Janeu around his shoulder and asked to chant mantras. Then, he is declared a Brahmachari.
  • According to the rituals, the Janeu is worn from the left shoulder of the child towards the right side.
  • Now, the child invokes the deities by chanting the Gayatri Mantra ten times.
  • After this, the child is seated along with other children of his age, and they are given Churma as a Prasadam to consume.
  • After this, the child is bathed once again, after which his father, elder brother or Guru present there asks him to recite the Gayatri Mantra. After this, he whispers this statement in his ear, “From Today You Have Become A Brahmin".
  • After this, a stick is handed over to the child, and he is asked to seek the alms or Bheeksha from everyone present in the ceremony.
  • After the child has consumed the meal in the evening of the ceremony, he takes the stick with him and tries to run away while announcing, “I Am Going To Kashi To Study".
  • With this, some people bring him back with the intention of getting him married.
  • Only after that, the child is considered a complete Brahmin.

Precautions During Upanayana Ceremony 2021

  • While participating in any auspicious event or task, the child must adorn the Janeu.
  • A native must refrain from getting married in case he doesn’t adorn a Janeu. This is why this ceremony must be performed before marriage.
  • The child, who does not have the sacred rites, should not be married. Therefore, before marriage, it is necessary to complete it.
  • Whoever is wearing Janeu should wrap the thread on his right ear at the time of urination or excretion.
  • In case one of the threads break down for any reason, it must be replaced as soon as possible according to proper rituals. With this, there is a provision to replace the Janeu every 6 months.
  • It is a tradition to change this thread if someone is born and has passed away in the family.
  • Everyone should also take care of proper cleanliness while wearing a Janeu. Hence, wash it properly after wrapping it around your neck.
  • If ever the Janeu slips down from the body, then it should be only worn after you have chanted a mala while apologizing for your actions and changed the threads.

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