Mercury Retrograde 2022 Calendar: Dates, Timings & Impacts

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Calendar will help you understand when Mercury will turn retrograde and when it will assume its direct position. In addition to this, we will also shed light on dates and timings of both the positions of Mercury, i.e., retrograde as well as direct. Along with this, we will apprise you with the zodiac signs where the planet Mercury turns retrograde and where it assumes its direct motion. In this article by AstroSage, we are covering almost all the dimensions of several movements and positions of Mercury in the year 2022. We believe that this article will be extremely beneficial for you and by knowing the exact position of Mercury, one can predict future events and shape their life accordingly. A wide and good platform has been given to the planet Mercury in Astrology. It has attained the status of the prince among all planets. Mercury determines the nature of Kapha, Vata & Pitta in a human body. It is closest to the Sun.

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Mercury Retrograde 2022 Calendar

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Calendar: Dates & Timings

Planet Beginning Of Retrograde Motion End Of Retrograde Motion (Beginning Of Direct Motion) From To
Mercury Friday January 14, 2022 Friday February 04, 2022 Capricorn Capricorn
Mercury Tuesday May 10, 2022 Friday June 03, 2022 Taurus Taurus
Mercury Saturday September 10, 2022 Sunday October 02, 2022 Virgo Virgo

In the realms of Vedic astrology, Mercury is the ruling lord of intelligence and is the son of Lord Moon. The planet Mercury represents the green colour and impacts Tridosha i.e. Vata, Pitta & Kapha of a living being. It is considered to be a benefactor of all means of communication as well as transportation. As per Greek legends, Mercury is considered to be a messenger with wings. In the annals of Vedic astrology, Mercury is the ruling lord of Gemini and Virgo. It remains debilitated in Pisces and exalted in Virgo. Venus and Saturn are their friends. Since it is very close to the Sun, it remains stationed here and there around the Sun and stays mostly in a weak position.

Mercury is the significator of speech. It is the benefactor of various means of transportation, communication, banking services, etc. It enhances the logical ability of a person and makes them humorous. The favourable position of Mercury makes a person look young and attractive. They are good at giving instant replies and achieve success in different walks of their life through strong skills.

The planet Mercury is the lord of rational ideas. It governs the intellect of a person and thus, helps them choose a career of their choice. All sorts of career-related options are administered by Mercury and therefore, it is believed that the strong position of Mercury makes a person win over every situation of life through their wisdom and communication ability. Such natives achieve greater progress and success in the field of education. Also, they have the ability to win scholarships. Under the influence of Mercury, if a person is curious, they can dive deep into the ocean of knowledge and satisfy themselves.

If Mercury is positioned in an unfavourable state in a horoscope then there is a great of negative effects. Also, a person may suffer from epilepsy, skin diseases, etc. Apart from this, they fail to express their feelings and ideas. Such natives may have to bear losses in business. The relationship of these people with their sister, aunt, etc. may be strained. They choose to make their career in the field of business, advocacy, journalism, writing, trading, etc. All the professions, which are related to intelligence, are controlled by Mercury.

The favourable position of Mercury in one’s horoscope makes their relations healthy with their brothers and sisters, especially, sisters. Such people are clever and know how to get their work done. Such natives are sharp-minded and their retention power is commendable. Whatever they listen, see or read, they store it in their brain at once. The strong position of Mercury makes people secure good marks in examinations. They are also good at conversation.

Since special significance is attached to Mercury in astrology, it plays a vital role in our major affairs. In this regard, it is important to know how the retrograde position of Mercury will impact our life as it is helpful for us to understand the events that are likely to occur. Stages such as debilitated or exalted state, strong or weak position, retrograde or direct motion, are extraordinarily important as they impact our lives in one way or the other. Let’s know through this article how the retrograde motion of Mercury influences our life.

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Mercury Retrograde In 2022: Meaning Of Mercury Retrograde

Every planet revolves around the Sun in an orbit and so does the planet, Mercury. It is nearest to the Sun and therefore, it is second to the Moon in its speed. The 3 years of Mercury is equivalent to 1 year of the earth. We have learnt enough of Mercury and now, it is time to understand its retrograde motion.

While studying astrology, we also come to know about the relative qualities of the earth. When any planet revolves, it reaches a particular point along with the earth and the Sun and on reaching that point, if seen from the earth, it appears to be moving in a backward motion and this position is said to be retrograde and so is the condition of Mercury. But in reality, it is just an illusion as no planet moves in a backward position.

As it has been mentioned above that Mercury is the fastest of all planets meaning that it revolves around the Sun at a very high speed as it is very close to the Sun and therefore, such a situation occurs 3 to 4 times a year when Mercury seems to be in a retrograde position from the earth. It is believed in astrology that all the planets have both favourable and unfavourable impacts on human life. Talking about Mercury Retrograde in 2022, when it remains in a retrograde position, it attains a different position. In this article, we are shedding light on how the retrograde motion of Mercury influences the life of human beings. Along with this, we will enlighten you with some remedies to get rid of the malefic effects of Mercury Retrograde if there is any.

Mercury is considered to be an auspicious planet but it gives results as per its association with other planets meaning if it is in the company of favourable planets, it gives good results, otherwise, unfavourable results and therefore, it is extremely important to know the impact of Mercury. On one hand, the strong position of Mercury can make a person successful in business while on the other, an unfavourable position leads to losses in business.

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Calendar will make you know when Mercury will turn retrograde and how long it will remain in this position. Also, we will throw light on the zodiac signs where the planet Mercury will turn retrograde and come back to its direct motion. These positions will help a person know their impact on them. Keeping everything in view, we are giving you detailed information on whether the impacts will be favourable or unfavourable. So, let us know the impact of Mercury Retrograde in different houses of a horoscope.

2022 Mercury Retrograde & Its Impact On Twelve Houses

In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be a significator of great success and a messenger of God. It represents special events of our life and therefore, its retrograde position holds great significance. In retrograde position, there is a possibility of lack of information and due to this, certain challenges have to be faced by the native and therefore, it is highly important to know the impact of 2022 Mercury Retrograde on several walks of life in the new year 2022.

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There is a common belief that the retrograde position of a planet is a symbol of negativity but the reality is far away from this belief. The retrograde position of any planet is neither always favourable nor unfavourable but it impacts as per its positions and so is the case with Mercury. If Mercury is in a strong position in a horoscope, then its retrograde position can be favourable for you and if it is stationed in a weak position, its retrograde position can be unfavourable for you.

So far Vedic astrology is concerned, although Mercury is considered auspicious, it gives both positive and negative results. Whenever a planet is in a retrograde position, it becomes all the more forceful and thus, it enhances its capability of giving results and so is the case with Mercury.

If Mercury has turned retrograde in a favourable position, it enhances the wisdom, communication ability, logical skills, etc. of a person. Such natives resolve even the most difficult problems in a while and the problems which are acute for others, seem to be very simple for them. They have a sharp intellect and assume more wisdom and hence, they do not run away from facing challenges in life. Instead, they are successful in resolving all sorts of problems.

Let's now know how the retrograde of Mercury in 2022 impacts different houses of a horoscope.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on First House i.e. Ascendant or Lagna

The first house i.e. Lagna of a Kundli is the mirror of a native’s personality. It represents a person's behaviour and thinking ability. It not only indicates their health but also represents their attitude towards society. In this regard, during the event of Mercury Retrograde in 2022, if the planet becomes retrograde in the first house or Lagna, it makes a person impulsive. Such natives make decisions in haste which in turn go against them at times. They can go to any extent to achieve something in life and make decisions in a jiffy. They experience the fast flow of thoughts and have a sharp intellect and hence, they can find solutions to the problems quickly. However, during the retrograde position in the first house, the natives are advised not to make promises as they may have to face challenges in fulfilling them. It is also suggested to go through any document in detail before signing it and avoid making decisions in a hurry. They may experience a lack of retention power and may ponder over a decision again and again which they have already taken. Therefore, they must seek the advice of a trustworthy person.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on The Second House

The second house in a person’s horoscope represents wealth and it is also known as the house of speech. Maa Saraswati is the benefactor of communication skills and Mercury is its significator in a horoscope. If Mercury turns retrograde in the second house of a horoscope of a native, the balance between income and savings is disturbed. They may turn into a miser in the process of saving a good amount but if there is a case of any urgency, they won’t hesitate to spend their savings. Such natives can earn huge wealth by resolving the conflicts through their arguments and communication ability. In addition to this, they are good at getting their work done through their wisdom. They try to impose their decision on their family. Due to the presence of Mercury in the house, a person has to be careful while buying a property and should not make hasty decisions. Such people are good at delivering arguments and are successful in court cases.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Third House

The third house of a horoscope indicates courage, strength, communication, wisdom, etc. It also depicts the understanding of a native with brothers, sisters, and neighbours. In Kaal Purush Kundli, Mercury is the ruling lord of the third house. If Mercury turns retrograde in the third house of a horoscope then the native may be affected by unfavourable results, may face problems in befriending people and their popularity in the society can be tarnished. Also, their relation with brothers and sisters can also be negatively impacted. The retrograde position of Mercury in 2022 may create problems in their personal life and therefore, the natives have to be careful while speaking as any wrong word can throw a big challenge in their life and they may have to suffer a lot. If they are employed somewhere, they have to send emails carefully. They should avoid entering into arguments with others as their arguments may turn into fights. Mercury Retrograde in the third house can make them highly enthusiastic.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Fourth House

The fourth house in a person’s horoscope implies comfort and happiness. It also speaks about the native’s mother. It also explains their bond with their motherland and how to inherit ancestral property. If Mercury is in a retrograde position in the fourth house of a horoscope, the native may be blessed with love and affection from their mother. Their mother is full of wisdom and knowledge. They also get proper guidance from their mother. They get benefits from the ancestral property and their standard of living improves. They can spend a lot of money on their own comforts and try to establish good relationships. They also like to show off and build their house in such a manner that there could be a lot of greenery. However, at times, for the sake of the happiness of their family, they sacrifice good job opportunities away from home and attach more importance to the family.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Fifth House

The fifth house of a Kundli governs intelligence, education, etc. It also signifies our creative and artistic ideas. It indicates the leanings and interests of a native and shows how much a person is the lover of justice. Love relationships and child-related matters are also administered by the fifth house. Due to the 2022 Mercury Retrograde in the fifth house, a person has a wavering mindset and may also behave like a child at times but they are good at heart and never think ill of anyone. They are also good at sinking all the difference with their lover through love and affection. But they repeat one thing again and again and therefore, the other person feels bad and faces problems. Mercury turning retrograde in the fifth house can make them get inclined to study. Such natives become curious and get ready to learn new things. The favourable position of Mercury helps a native to be blessed with children.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Sixth House

The sixth house of a horoscope is the minister of diseases, enemies, opponents, etc. It also signifies the debts, challenges and struggles of a person’s life. In addition to this, all sorts of competitive exams and political leanings are governed by this house. It also depicts the interest of a person in the field of law. If Mercury turns retrograde in the sixth house of a horoscope, the native may face some problems. Such persons are logical but sometimes, they become illogical and create opponents due to their unreasonable ideas. However, so far the law is concerned, the retrograde position is going to be extremely beneficial but it causes problems in ordinary life. Therefore, the natives need to be careful about their words, otherwise, arguments can take place and this may add to their problems in day-to-day life.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Seventh House

The seventh house in a horoscope is the governor of business and partnerships. It represents your popularity, social status, etc. If there is an impact of Mercury Retrograde in this house of a horoscope, a native gets a good life partner and the partner is capable of helping them achieve greater progress through their own intellect and wisdom. If any sort of problem is going on in the personal life of natives, a Retrograde Mercury can be helpful in removing them. The retrograde position of Mercury in the seventh house can also expand their business activities and help them in overseas business. Apart from this, it enhances their reputation in the social circle and they are known as lively individuals.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Eighth House

The eighth house, which is also known as Randhra house, indicates sudden and unexpected incidents and disruptions of life. It also throws light on research activities, spiritual practices, etc. Predictions based on Mercury Retrograde 2022 reveal that if Mercury is placed in a retrograde position in the eighth house, the native is likely to attain perfection in meditation and go deep in this process. Also, their mental ability becomes strong and they know how to distinguish between right and wrong. However, if natives wish for more materialistic pleasures, there is a possibility that they may fall short of their expectations. If they intend to repay the loan, the retrograde position will be a perfect time. These people achieve greater progress and success in business.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Ninth House

The ninth house in a horoscope sheds light on destiny, spiritual inclination, long journeys, etc. It also depicts how religious a native is. If Mercury is positioned in the ninth house of a horoscope then a person can become an antagonist at once. They argue with others over religious matters, however, Mercury Retrograde in 2022 can make them intelligent and improve their status in society. If Mercury is present in a Mercury Retrograde in the ninth house, it makes the relationship of a native with their father strong and there are positive signs in their understanding. Also, people get inclined to religious practices and auspicious activities and thus, they earn a reputation in society, relatives and family members, etc. They also visit pilgrimage sites and seek the blessing of elders. The retrograde position of Mercury in this house is also known for arranging long journeys.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Tenth House

The tenth house of a horoscope is considered highly influential and powerful. It focuses on business activities. The retrograde position of Mercury in the tenth house lessens the challenges at the workplace and makes the natives achieve success. They will be capable of working efficiently and giving instant replies. They will also get rid of hindrances occurring in their career. Those who are under pressure and are looking for a job will be blessed with a good job with less pressure due to Mercury in Retrograde motion. In the period of retrograde position, the natives will have congenial relations with their seniors, who guide them to overcome all the challenges at the workplace. The retrograde Mercury in 2022 is also pleasant for the native’s father.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Eleventh House

The eleventh house of a horoscope enlightens us with ambitions and desires. It is also known as the house of profit and income. It helps in thinking about native’s friends and knowing their social circle. Due to the retrograde position of Mercury in the eleventh house, there can be ups and downs in the life of a social circle. People may post something against them on social media and therefore, problems may crop up for them in society. There can be misunderstandings among friends which may lead to arguments. During the retrograde position of Mercury in the eleventh house, there can be fluctuations in their income. However, if the retrograde position of Mercury is favourable, it gives indications to the rise in income and makes a native more active about their responsibilities for the society.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact on Twelfth House

The twelfth house of a horoscope throws light on expenditure. It governs problems related to foreign, hospitals, jails, etc. It also represents diseases like insomnia and indicates any sort of addiction. If a Retrograde Mercury is in an unfavourable position in the twelfth house of a horoscope then the native may suffer from insomnia, eye-related diseases, etc. It is also possible that they may be admitted to the hospital. They may also be put behind the bars for illegal activities. Contrary to this, the favourable position of 2022 Mercury Retrograde in the twelfth house will make a person incline towards spiritual practices. There is a downward trend in expenses and the chances of going abroad improve. They get a little away from worldly pleasures and advance towards spirituality. However, they ponder a lot and therefore, they enjoy less sleep. There are great chances of health-related problems due to Mercury Retrograde in the twelfth house.

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Mercury In Retrograde 2022: How Malefic Effects Can Wither Away?

  • The best remedy to have the grace of Mercury during the event of Mercury Retrograde in 2022 is to worship Lord Vishnu. If the natives recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra every day starting from Wednesday, they may do away with the malefic effects of Mercury Retrograde.
  • Reciting Beej Mantra- ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः/ - oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ of planet Mercury for a fixed number of times every day is highly effective to please Lord Mercury.
  • Serving the Cow is highly favourable to have the blessings of Lord Mercury in case Mercury Retrograde in 2022 is incurring unfavourable outcomes. Feed the Cow with spinach or green vegetables and give donations in a cowshed on a regular basis. If a person can keep a cow at home and look after it gracefully, nothing can be more precious than that.
  • Take refuge of Radha-Rani or Radha Krishna or recite their Beej Mantra to please Lord Mercury.
  • Worshipping Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and offering Durva and Modak is considered to be extremely fruitful. Apart from this, the native can also recite the Path of Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha.
  • Seek the blessings of transgenders on Wednesday as it is helpful in getting rid of all sorts of problems and controls the ill effects of Mercury Retrograde.
  • If Mercury is retrograde in 2022 in the native’s kundli and inflicting bad results or if there is a Maha Dasha of Mercury in the horoscope, they should get their nose pierced.
  • A person should meditate every day as it is helpful in getting rid of mental stress and enlightens the mind with positive vibes and great enthusiasm. It is the simplest remedy to pacify the planet, Mercury.
  • Offering green bangles or clothes to any temple of the Goddess or gifting the same to your sister, Mausi or maternal aunt or Bua or paternal aunt etc. on Wednesday is considered to be auspicious.
  • The natives should consult a learned astrologer about wearing emerald gemstone to eliminate the negative impact of 2022 Mercury Retrograde and elevate positive impact. The gemstone should be worn in a little finger on Wednesday.
  • Instead of an Emerald gemstone, Green Carnelian or Green Onyx Gemstone can also be worn. This will be helpful in getting the benefits of Mercury and problems from natives’ life will start fading away.
  • If Mercury Retrograde is positioned in an unfavourable house and is giving bad results then the native should offer items related to planet Mercury. They can donate items of green colour such as bangles, clothes, vegetables, etc.
  • Feeding the Cow with Sabut Moong on Wednesday is considered to be highly beneficial.
  • Keeping a crystal pyramid of green colour or worshipping Lord Ganesha pleases Lord Mercury.
  • A person can wear the garland comprising the root of Vidhara around the neck or in hand. It basically controls the malefic effects of Mercury in Retrograde in 2022.
  • To have the grace of Mercury, plantation drive must be adopted by the native on Wednesday and existing ones must be taken care of properly.
  • The native must wear green clothing. This way, the blessings of Mercury are showered on them.
  • If a person is facing any problem in conversation, they are advised to have sweets as it will be helpful in turning their language sweet.
  • If 2022 Mercury Retrograde is bothering the natives then they must not sign any paper relating to the property. If at all, they are obliged to sign any document, they should go through it between the lines. Do not stand guarantor to anyone.

Like this, the retrograde position of Mercury in 2022 can bestow both favourable and unfavourable results on the natives. If the impact of Mercury Retrograde is negative then follow the above-mentioned suggestions and while if the impact is favourable, then wear emerald gemstone to add to the benefits.

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