These Zodiacs Might Suffer Financial Crisis because of Sun Transit 2024

AstroSage has prepared this special post on Sun Transit 2024, in which you will find information about the date, time, and location of the Sun Transit in 2024. Along with this, we will notify you about the positive and negative effects of this transit on each of the 12 zodiac signs. In addition, we will cover some basic steps to strengthen the Sun's position in the horoscope. So, without further ado, let us proceed and first understand the significance of the Sun in astrology.

Sun Transit 2024

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Sun Transit 2024: Significance Of Sun In Astrology

The Sun is regarded as the most important of all the planets and the king of the planets in Vedic astrology. To begin with, all of the planets rotate around the Sun, and it is from the Sun that humans receive light, which is considered life-giving. According to astrology, the Sun is our father. If we want to see the position of the father in the horoscope or acquire information about the ruler or the head of the country, we can use the Sun's position. The Sun is in charge of government work, government connections, and royal blessings. Aside from that, the position of the Sun is considered in the horoscope for government employment. It is the planet that causes our spirit to suffer.

The Sun bestows effective leadership talents to the individual. This instills a strong drive to get reputation and renown, and the person is also successful in achieving a high position. They furnish this country as a result of their status as a king. The Sun rules royal majesty and prominent places in society. It also boosts our immunity, gives us more energy, and boosts our overall well-being. A person with a powerful Sun is not scared of any challenge, but instead, like a skillful king, confronts and overcomes all situations.

When it comes to the transit of the Sun, it spends roughly a month in one zodiac sign before moving on to another.The Sun is regarded as the most powerful planet in the solar system because it has a tremendous impact on our lives and on Earth, particularly because it is life-giving.

The transit of the Sun has a significant impact on our lives and brings about changes. In such a case, it is crucial to determine if the Sun's transit would be fortunate or inauspicious for us. Keeping this in mind, information is provided below on which areas and in what ways the effect of Sun transit will affect your life based on your zodiac sign. Whatever outlook you receive in Sun Transit 2024 Horoscope is a broad prediction based on Vedic astrology. This may differ significantly from your personal horoscope.

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Sun Impact From Different Houses

Sun locations in a person's horoscope can vary, allowing for the observation and comprehension of a wide range of Sun-related consequences in life. The house in which the Sun is transiting from the Moon sign is significant. The zodiac sign in which the Moon is located in the horoscope is referred to as the person's birth or Moon sign. In general, it is said that the Sun's transit in the Moon sign's third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses will benefit the residents and grant them access to all luxuries and amenities. Similar to how all the planets shift their signs of the zodiac, the Sun too changes signs virtually every month, bringing both good and bad luck into each individual's life. A person's life may become more problematic if they achieve everything they desire in life. While some people report feeling less stressed mentally, others report feeling better physically. Since the Sun is additionally considered as the factor of the heart, a person's heart is strengthened by the Sun's powerful horoscope placement and advantageous transit. If the circumstances are reversed, the individual may experience excessive blood pressure, heart-related disorders, or heart disease.

The natives' physical and mental health may suffer a little bit from the Sun's transit in the first house from the Moon sign. This time frame may also bring up health issues. When the Sun moves through the second house from the Moon sign, it often indicates that the individual might face financial and professional setbacks. Conflicts and friend separation could also be faced by the individual. The third house is where the person receives the benefits of the Sun. His physical strength allows him to do a lot, and his courage grows. Stress on the body and mind can result from the Sun's transit through the fourth house. Families may be confused, and children may experience health issues.

While the Sun in the sixth house provides you triumph in legal matters, the Sun in the fifth house can heighten tension and conflict in romantic relationships and have an impact on relationships with children. Defeating the adversaries leads to a powerful position at work. Tension and conflict in marriage are indicated by the sun's position in the seventh house. Additionally, it may damage ties with business associates. When the Sun transits the ninth house, an individual may experience legal issues. The Sun's presence may lead to an upsurge in issues pertaining to the government and state if it transits through the ninth house. The Sun is in the tenth house, which helps the person reach a high position and allows them to do all chores promptly. Your honor, reputation, and financial situation are strengthened while the sun is in the eleventh house, which also aids in problem-solving. While the presence of the Sun in the twelfth house can lead to more physical issues, it can also open up opportunities for international travel. But keep in mind that all of these results are generic and could change based on each person's unique horoscope and the location and transit of the Sun.

This Horoscope Is Based On Your Moon Sign. To Know Your Moon Sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator !

Sun Transit 2024: Date And Time

Planet From Zodiac To Zodiac Date


Sagittarius Capricorn 15 January
Capricorn Aquarius 13 February
Aquarius Pisces 14 March
Pisces Aries 13 April
Aries Taurus 14 May
Taurus Gemini 15 June
Gemini Cancer 16 July
Cancer Leo 16 August
Leo Virgo 16 September
Virgo Libra 17 October
Libra Scorpio 16 November
Scorpio Sagittarius 15 December


Sun Transit 2024 states that Aries zodiac sign individuals may benefit from Sun transit. The Sun is the lord of the fifth house for those born under the sign of Aries. The transit of the Sun in Aries is significant since it is the exalted sign of the Sun, when the person's career chances are at their best. can provide. makes the individual qualified to move up to a more senior role. It adds to his reputation and esteem. Getting promoted and possibly earning more money are both very likely during the Sun transit. Government officials may provide you assistance and perks during the Sun transit. If you are in business, this is the time when you obtain good deals in business as well, which is good for your company. From an economic perspective, this transit may prove to be one that yields positive outcomes for you, as you will observe a steady and positive rise in your income during this transit.

One may say that your career will benefit greatly from the Sun's transit. Investing in the energy business now can yield significant returns if you make stock market investments. There is a chance for chronic disease relief, and positive changes can also be observed in health. Your zest and vitality for life grow. During this time, your romantic life might encounter some difficulties, and as a result of tense exchanges, you might come off as someone who is attempting to control your partner. Your romantic life may thus encounter some difficulties during this time. During this time, you need to be patient if you wish to handle your romantic connections. Your financial success may be impacted by this transit.

Remedy: Every day, you should offer Arghya with a copper plate to the rising Sun.


In Taurus zodiac horoscopes, the Sun is the lord of the fourth house, which is the house of mother, land, building, happiness, property, and prosperity, according to Sun Transit 2024. It is possible that your mother will experience health issues during the Sun Transit, which could lead to family discord. You might try to dominate the family, and thinking of oneself as superior could make you feel distant from them. In a scenario like this, you should prioritize your mother's health, provide her with the care she needs, and manage the family with tolerance and discipline. You might, nevertheless, experience some success in your career. If you are currently dealing with a career-related issue, this is the time when your job will be free of hurdles and you will be able to accomplish all of your goals.

Your lifestyle will become such that your spending will start increasing automatically, so there may be an increase in home expenses and ups and downs in your financial state. However, if you manage your money well and stick to a budget, your financial situation will improve. You might advance both professionally and financially in this advantageous situation. You might discover a route for future advancement during this time. If you're in the business world, this Sun Transit 2024 can bring you some lucrative contracts. You may find yourself in conflict with those who are close to you as a result of your behavior showing an increase in rage. In a circumstance like this, try to avoid becoming involved in arguments. You can experience an increase in work pressure and feel overworked during this time. You ought to control your everyday schedule as well. Your mother's and your family's influence is also evident in your business. You should use caution if you have ever experienced a heart problem.

Remedy: Recite Shri Aditya Hridaya Stotra.


In the horoscope of those born under the sign of Gemini, the Sun is the ruler of the third house. This house is believed to represent the house of your communication style, boldness, courage, and siblings. Your boldness and courage are enhanced by the 2024 Gemini Sun transit. You've been successful in making good and significant life decisions. New opportunities that assist you move forward in life present themselves to you during this time. It's possible that during this time, your friend count will rise. You may see that your neighbors, friends, and family are doing everything they can to support you. You should refrain from wasting money during this period to prevent things getting worse with your finances. You can increase your chances of having a sound financial situation in the future by making saving money a habit.

You might experience increased job pressure as a result of Sun Transit 2024, which could lead to physical exhaustion and weakness. Individuals who run businesses could face challenges that exacerbate their stress levels. In terms of romantic relationships, there will be intensity throughout this time. Your bond with your loved one will strengthen and the situation between you will start to return to normal. Spending quality time with your siblings will make you feel good and allow you to give them time as well. Regarding those who are married, there is a possibility that they will experience a happy marriage during this time. Your spouse and you will have a closer relationship. You will need to be mindful of your health, as you can experience lower abdominal or knee pain during this transit. You might need to consume food rich in nutrients, easily digested meals and beverages. You may develop eye and throat issues during this period. You should stop being overly angry since it can lead to more troubles.

Remedy: On Sunday, offer water to the Arka tree.


In the horoscope of those born under the sign of Cancer, the Sun is the ruler of the second house. As the house of riches, the second house holds great significance in an individual's horoscope. Sun Transit 2024 also aids with wealth accumulation and displays the native's bank account balance. In addition, it describes your family and gives information about your speech and teeth. You should use caution when it comes to minor health issues because of the Sun transit in Cancer. You should be very cautious about your diet, otherwise you may develop physical and skin allergies. You may develop an ego, which may harm your work and raise stress in your personal and professional life. You will be able to accomplish a lot if you keep the harshness of your words under control. As a result, tensions between you and your partner may rise, and marital issues could develop. Understand your life partner and pay attention to his or her feelings.

However, there is a good chance that your investments will make a lot of money during Sun Transit 2024. You might be able to increase your bank balance. You can invest in innovative financial programs to help you become financially strong in the future. During this time, you have the opportunity to limit your costs and achieve financial success. You are valued in society, and your viewpoint is valued within the family as well. There is an increase in your enthusiasm, and you can now go forward on some new contracts.

Remedy: You should worship Shwetark Ganpati ji.


The Sun rules the first house for Leos and hence becomes the most important planet. When the Sun transits your zodiac sign in 2024, it will create beneficial conditions for you. There will be time for your social development throughout this time. You will get fame, respect, fame, and reputation. You'll also notice a certain glow in your personality. Your speech will be important, and people will be drawn to you. This is the time in your life when you will be able to strengthen yourself. People will hear what you have to say, and you will be liked at work. You will have good immunity, which will keep you healthy, and your life energy will improve.

You will be able to complete all tasks with ease; nevertheless, you should resist egoistic feelings since you may become egoistic and use harsh words, tarnishing your name. You will be filled with enthusiasm and passion, allowing you to move your business forward in the proper direction. Your bond with your spouse will strengthen, and you can also organize a date night with your spouse. Your life partner will provide you happiness. You will be very interested in completing exciting jobs, and there is a chance that you will receive extra rewards from the government sector during this period.

Remedy: You should recite the Sun God's Beej Mantra every day.

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Sun rules the twelfth house for persons born under the sign of Virgo. Sun Transit 2024 in your zodiac sign may cause you to experience some ups and downs. Negativity may increase in your mind during this time, causing some clouds of disappointment to appear in your life and distance you from your work. During this period, you should pay close attention to your health since you may become unwell, and if you do not, you may have to withdraw from your daily life due to physical problems. You will also need to pay attention at work during this time due to the severe workload. There is a risk that you will be transferred during this time.

You should keep your composure, be patient, and let this time pass. Mentally, you may appear distressed and worried. Financially, you may confront unexpected expenses, but this will only be for a brief period of time because the Sun's transit is only for a month, so do not lose patience and continue the effort on your behalf. As a result of Sun Transit 2024, your chances of traveling overseas may increase. On the one hand, you may be happy, and if you are trying to travel abroad, you may be successful during this time. You should avoid making any important business decisions during this period.

Remedy: You should feed Jaggery to an Ox on Sunday.

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Sun is the lord of the eleventh house for Libra individuals, thus it is a very essential planet for you because it defines your income, objectives, elder siblings, and social circle in life. Sun transit 2024 could be an important turning point in your life. During this time, your company will make progress. New business opportunities arise on a daily basis, resulting in increased profitability. You make important choices that contribute to your life's success. Although your attention may wander from your aim, you must work with patience or the problem may spiral out of control; nonetheless, at this period you will make fresh efforts to gain money and will be successful.

There may also be a job promotion. You should concentrate on your work. Your material comforts may improve. Some expenses may rise as well, and you may become more socially involved. During this time, your social circle will grow. You may establish new key acquaintances who can assist you from time to time, and you may also have the opportunity to interact with influential people in society. Skin issues may irritate you during this time. You should keep your body hydrated so that there is no deficiency of water in the body. If you do this, you will be able to acquire good health.

Remedy : Avoid using too much salt in your food.


Sun is the best companion of the lord of Scorpio zodiac sign Mars, and Sun is the ruling planet of the tenth house for Scorpio zodiac sign people. In such a case, the Sun Transit in Scorpio can result in a variety of significant outcomes. You may have an excellent opportunity of making money, which will improve and boost your financial situation. If you can't discover a way to earn money, you'll have a good probability of getting it at this time. If you work away from home, you may be able to return home during this time, and you may find a new job opportunity close to home. Business can also make good progress. People who do government business or work for the government have a better probability of receiving positive results.

People in the private sector may also have a better chance of earning a decent promotion during this time. As a student, you may also profit from this journey and see positive changes in your education. All you have to do is keep your impulses under control. In terms of marriage life, you may have minor disagreements with your spouse, but you will do your best to keep any of your relationships from deteriorating and may even be successful in them.

Sun Transit 2024: You will work on new plans that will have a significant impact on your life. There will be tremendous pressure on you at work, and you will have to learn from things, but avoid confirming your ego by behaving gently with everyone, which will benefit you greatly and get you the support of your colleagues. Love your father and father-like figures. Their blessings will be very valuable to you at this time. During this time, you may experience problems such as fever and headaches, and you should obtain enough sleep to avoid these symptoms.

Remedy : Chant the Shri Gayatri Mantra every day.


Sun becomes the lord of the ninth house for persons born under the sign of Sagittarius, which represents religion, luck, Gurus, and long trips. Sun transit 2024 might be quite helpful to you because it increases your luck. By some miracle, you might be able to finish all of your outstanding tasks. Plans that were stalled for one reason or another can now be restarted, which not only increases your possibilities of making money, but also allows you to go forward in your life.

You devote more time to spiritual pursuits. You naturally become interested in religious activity. Students pursuing higher education have a decent probability of success as well. There is a chance that you will travel on long-distance trips that will offer you tranquility and comfort. Aside from that, there's a chance you'll go on a pilgrimage. You may be successful in capturing the attention of others tomorrow, but avoid the desire to control others and think twice before making any important decisions. Take note of your actions. During this time, you can profit by making additional investments. You will understand that spiritual contentment is more important than financial happiness. Your life energy will increase during this time. Your financial situation will also be favorable, which will make you happy. But, in order to avoid any issues, you will need to direct your energy in the proper places during this period.

Remedy: You should offer Arghya to the Sun God each day.


Sun becomes the lord of the ninth house in Saturn’s zodiac sign of Capricorn. A secret house is located at number eight. It's a sense of unpredictability and uncertainty. Travel abroad, abrupt significant changes, and profit-loss are all exposed under this home. Sun transit 2024 may bring about unforeseen alterations in such a scenario. Your life may undergo some significant adjustments. During this time, you could at first experience unfounded fear, but over time, your capacity for leadership grows. You should be mindful of your health during this time, as well as your father's, as both of your health may decline during this time. You should avoid doing anything that damages your ego, but even if it does, you should exercise patience because it could be detrimental to you to turn the situation into one about reputation.

This transit can be very beneficial to you if you are a student conducting research. Aside from this, those who are knowledgeable with astrology, spirituality, mysteries, and esoteric topics may find this transit to be quite advantageous. You may receive rewards during this transit, or you may receive benefits out of the blue, such as an inheritance or piece of ancestral property. Nonetheless, throughout this transit, various issues in married life may surface. Take careful time to talk to your spouse to avoid escalating a disagreement. In love partnerships, intensity is a possibility. Your main goal should be to put in a ton of effort in your line of work.

Remedy: Every morning when you wake up, touch your father's feet.


Saturn is the lord of the seventh house of Aquarius, the son of the Sun God. He is the master of your long partnerships in this scenario. Your marital status, business relationships, and social standing can all be determined from this location. Those born under the sign of Aquarius will benefit from the sun transit in 2024. You must make certain adjustments to your conduct and behavior during this period.Within you lies a store of energy. When used appropriately, this energy can lead to tremendous success in your life. You should become aware of this throughout this transit phase. There's a chance your business will grow. You meet new individuals and form relationships.

People in positions of power and influence, particularly those in the government, can be of assistance to you. You might be blessed with royal status. You can secure a significant position during this time even if you work in politics. In addition to maintaining a high level of awareness about your wardrobe and eating habits during this period, you may also exhibit self-centered behavior. You may be able to prevent arguments in your relationships by learning to control your anger. It is important that you take care of your health during this period because you could experience issues with your skin, allergies of any sort, and disorders relating to your face and stomach. During this time, you should aim to avoid taking any unnecessary trips and save money. You can get a lot of work done with your spouse's assistance.

Remedy : Hang a photo of the Sun rising in the east facing your house.


In the horoscope of Pisces individuals, the Sun is the ruler of the sixth house. Since the sixth house is regarded as your house of illness, adversaries, debt, etc., it is a very significant house. You should take precautions for your health in light of the changing weather, as the Sun transit in 2024 may make you more prone to colds and coughs. Laziness can become your worst enemy during this time, so you should give it up. You might run into issues at work if you don't leave it. When your opponents are at your workspace, you should also be on the lookout for them as they can try their best to ruin your reputation during this time. If you would like to take out a new bank loan, you can use this period to succeed in it and finish any unfinished business. You might take a leave of absence from work since you'll feel more occupied. Those who are involved in legal proceedings may receive particular advantages from this service, and the court may rule in their favor. But, because your health could worsen at this time, you should pay more attention to it. You should exercise caution with your money because of the rise in costs. As a result of your husband and you having a better relationship, the family dynamic may feel positive.

Remedy: Perform Surya Namaskar each day.

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