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Mars Transit in Aries & Its Impact (24 December, 2020)

Planet Mars will move out from its friendly sign Jupiter’s ruled Pisces and enter its own zodiac sign Aries on December 24, at 11:42 AM on Thursday. Aries is significantly ruled by Mars and represents the fire element, whereas Mars is itself a fiery planet as well. Hence in this case, transit will prove to deliver quick results and gain momentum from the various parts of the country as well as the world.

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Mars has been called as the “Commander of the Gods” and Aries and Scorpio are under his governance. It is considered to be in a debilitated state in Cancer and exalted in Capricorn. Sun, Jupiter and Moon are its friendly planets, whereas Mrigashira, Dhanishtha and Chitra Nakshatra come under its rule. It is an active and fiery planet and its placement in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house of the kundli causes the formation of Mangal Dosha. Mars delivers instant results, which is why this transit can be highly impactful. So let's now know how the transit of Mars in Aries is going to affect the people of all the twelve zodiac signs.

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Mars Transit in Aries


Every transit of Mars in your sign proves to be an important event in your life since it is your ruling planet. In addition, it also occupies your eighth house. The first house tells about your characteristic features, physical appearance, color, formation and body. This house also gives you an insight about your thoughts and mind. The eighth house is a house of uncertainties because it reveals sudden changes in life. The transit of Mars will take place in your own zodiac sign i.e. first house. Its placement in the first house isn’t generally considered an auspicious event, but since Mars is placed in its own sign, auspicious results are likely to obtain.

As a result of this transit of Mars, your behavior will change rapidly and you will act hastily when completing any work. This act of yours can put you into troublesome situations, which you may regret later on. Hence, remain patient. Some problems may arise between you and your spouse in your marital life due to your rude behaviour and negative approach to any topic, which is why you are required to pay special attention.

During this period, you will be a little stubborn and persuasive, which won't be liked by many. Due to its impact, stress in family life will be witnessed. But, you can gain property related benefits in this duration. As a result of this transit, your health may decline, especially problems such as fever or headache can bother you.

You should drive your vehicle carefully and try to stay away from any type of weapon because it can harm you. While this transit will create some adverse conditions for you, on the other hand, you will remain focused towards your goals and be able to move forward with whatever you have decided with a firm mind. You will be able to deliver your work before time, due to which you will be praised and benefited.

Remedy: Chant the Mangal Mantra "ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः/oṃ aṃ aṃgārakāya namaḥ" everyday starting from Tuesday.

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Mars is the seventh and twelfth house lord of your zodiac sign. The seventh house is the house of long-term partnerships, businesses, import-export, reputation and image in the society, public image, marriage and spouse. On the other hand, twelfth house is the house of expenditures, jail term, hospitalization, and foreign. The transit of Mars will take place in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign, which won’t be considered more favorable and incur mixed results.

As a result of this transit of Mars, your expenses can be seen to increase multifold. Some of these expenses will be done on unnecessary tasks, which can increase your troubles. You will feel mentally stressed. During this period, you can possibly go abroad and will have to spend a significant amount on such long distance trips. Hence, remain prepared in advance. In this direction coma there is no need for you to be afraid of your opponents at all but face them firmly and dominate them. In case there's an ongoing court case, then the result is most likely to be taken in your favour.

This transit cannot be said to be more favourable for your younger siblings. In such a situation, it will be necessary to take care of their health. During this time, you will be very serious about paying off your debts as soon as possible.

This transit of Mars cannot be said to be auspicious in terms of your married life, since there are chances of stressful situations rising between you and your spouse. Your spouse may remain aggressive and will exhibit a temperamental attitude, which can make you irritated. Due to this, troubles may be seen in your relationship.

Remedy: To get the auspicious results of Mars, you should offer Sweet or Meetha Pan to Lord Bajrangbali on Tuesday


The transit of Mars will be in the eleventh house from your zodiac sign. It is the lord of the eleventh house and the sixth house for your kundli. The sixth house represents jobs, problems, conflicts, troubles, competition, elections, borrowings, loans, bank loans, illness and opponents. At the same time, the eleventh house reveals about our achievements and attainments, income, objectives and goals. The placement of Mars in this house is said to be favourable. Also, due to Mars being in its own house, it will be like the cherry on top.

As a result of this transit of Mars, you will see a tremendous rise in your income. An inflow of money will be seen from not one but multiple sources, which will strengthen your financial conditions. Not only this, you will be very happy to fulfill your ambitions and any of your impending tasks. This will make you happy and financially and socially benefited.

In this time period, you will benefit greatly from the sections of society. You will befriend new people, out of which some will turn out to be really helpful. This transit of Mars will help you earn and accumulate money. You will focus on your family as well and use your monetary resources to fulfill your family responsibilities and necessities. One negative aspect of this transit is that problems will arise in your love life, thereby leading to conflicts and arguments, which can affect the relationship. Hence, stay away from any kind of argument.

Your children should also remain a little attentive during this time since they can suffer from health related problems. In case of studies, this transit will incur good results and help in improving their concentration. With the effect of this transit, your income will increase, and you will move forward towards repaying your loans. You will win over your opponents and get better results in the job as well. Your position will strengthen and you can also get a good promotion

Remedy: To attain auspicious results, you should donate blood to a hospital or blood bank on Tuesday.


Mars proves to be an important planet for your zodiac sign, because it acts as a Yogakaraka planet due to being the ruling lord of your Trikona and Kendra house and is capable of forming the Raj Yoga. He is the planetary lord of your fifth and tenth house and will be established in your tenth house during this transition period. The fifth house represents our intelligence, thinking ability, artistry, children, love affair and education, whereas the tenth house is considered to be the strongest Kendra Bhava. It determines our occupation and also represents our father. Mars becomes Digbali or stronger in the tenth house.

The transit of Mars in the tenth house is said to be very favourable, and due to its transition in its own sign, this transit proves to be fruitful for you. You will get great success in your field of work and your honor and respect will also increase. Your workload and responsibilities will also increase. Your rights and powers will increase and you will be encouraged. Promotion is most likely, but hasty decisions can make you regret your actions. Hence, you will have to avoid these situations confidently.

This transit of Mars is slightly less suitable for your health life, so pay attention towards your physical fitness along with work, otherwise overworking can make you ill. This transit of Mars can definitely bring some stress in your family life, especially for your kids as they are prone to diseases in this duration. Also, your relationship with them can deteriorate as well. Also, you won’t be able to dedicate much time to your family due to excessive workload.

In terms of your love life, this transit is not favourable, which is why you must try and restrict your meetings with your beloved in this duration. Academic life will remain normal, but you must concentrate on your studies properly.

Remedy: You must wear Teen Mukhi or Three Faced Rudraksha in a Red colored thread on Tuesday.

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For the natives of Leo zodiac sign, Mars is the ruler of the ninth house of luck and fortune, which is also a Trikon Bhava and fourth house, a Kendra Bhava, thereby acting as a Yogakaraka planet. This planet is capable of giving wings to your life in many ways. The fourth house represents all kinds of comforts and amenities in your life, mother, movable and immovable property and house. The ninth house is called the house of fortune and religion. The transit of Mars will be in the ninth house from your zodiac sign, which is also considered to be the house of distant travels.

This transit of Mars will be generally fruitful for you. With the impact of this transit, you will get opportunities to go on long journeys. You can go on pilgrimages or areas grounded by mountains. During this period, your father's health mediclaim and he may suffer from any health trouble. In such a situation, it is imperative to take care of his health.

As a result of this transit, you can adopt a fundamentalist attitude towards religion, which may not be liked by many. Hence, you should take care of your behaviour. With this transit, you will get a chance to interact with your contacts residing abroad. However, they will not prove to be much of a help. This transit will be average for your siblings. A decline in their health can be seen, what they will earn well in their business.

With the effect of this transit, your family will succeed in buying any property. This will create a wave of happiness among the family members and strengthen mutual relations. Your respect in the family will also increase. Some natives are likely to get a transfer or change in their job.

Remedy: You should light a diya or lamp with jasmine oil in front of the idol of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and recite the Sunderkand.


Mars is the lord of the third and eighth house for your zodiac sign. Both these houses are not considered favourable. The eighth house refers to the uncertainties and sudden changes in the life, whereas the third house being the eighth house from the eight house is considered less auspicious. However, it reveals about your courage and might, siblings, short journeys, communication skills, hard work, and hobbies. This transit of Mars will be in your eighth house from your zodiac sign. The transit of Mars in the eighth house is not considered more favorable, so you will not get much better results in this duration.

The transit of Mars in Aries will weaken your health, due to which you may suffer from such problems and diseases. There are chances of surgery, accident or injury for some natives, which is why special attention on eating habits and routine must be given in order to avoid facing such problems.

This transit of Mars can offer you monetary benefits through secret and unethical ways, which will surely make you financially stronger. However, you must keep this thing in mind that earning money through immoral ways is never fruitful and only leads to sufferings. Therefore think beforehand about your actions.

Apart from this, this transit of Mars also indicates some kind of auspicious event being organized at your in-laws’ house along with monetary benefits. This transit is not good for your spouse's health, so take care and maintain good relations with your younger siblings as they may need you at this time.

Remedy: You should visit a temple on Tuesday and donate wheat and jaggery.

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For the Libra zodiac sign, Mars is the lord of the second and seventh house. The second house is considered to be the representative of wealth, family, speech, eating habits and called as the Marak Bhava. In addition, the seventh house, also a Marak Bhava, tells about our marriage, spouse, business partnerships, import exports etc. Due to being called a Marak Bhava, it incurs sufferings and unfavourable circumstances. Mars will transit in the seventh house from your zodiac sign, and give mixed results.

Looking at this planetary transit, this will be the time when your spouse behaviour will change significantly. There will be an increase in their confidence level and impatience. They will act stubbornly and would like to have the last say in the argument. However, you should handle the situation wisely. Your life partner’s health will remain strong and they will get relief from one of their chronic diseases.

If you are employed, then this transit will prove to be favourable for you. You will get a promotion in your workplace, which will take you to the very top. You should keep working hard and putting in efforts to succeed. If you do business, then Mars transit will help you incur wealth and financial gains, and allow you to expand professionally. Your business will grow financially but your relationship with your business partner may deteriorate, so be careful.

You should also take care of your health, as this transit will lead to an increase in the bile element in your body, due to which you may suffer from problems like indigestion, high blood pressure, acidity, fever, headache. In this time period, you will spend a lot of money on your spouse and try to fulfill their wishes to keep them happy. This transit will make you think about your actions, i.e. where you are right or wrong.

Remedy: You should fill a copper pot/vessel with jaggery or wheat and donate it to a temple.


Mars’ transit is an important planetary movement for Scorpions since it is the ruling lord of your sign. Along with your first house, it rules your sixth house of struggles and reveals about our actions to deal with such turbulent times. Mars will transit in the sixth house of your sign, and is said to bring in favourable results.

As a result of this transit, there will be tremendous progress in your professional life. You will succeed in any task or project you intake and bear sweet fruits of your hard work. You will dominate your opponents, and they won;t even think of obstructing your path. This will increase your fame and popularity. You will control your expenses, which will strengthen the financial situation and you will move forward in your life.

If you are a student who is preparing for competition, then you will have a great chance of succeeding in competitive exams at this time. Even if you are associated with politics or law, this transit will prove to be fruitful.

As a result of this transit, you can get benefited from the government or any government sector. You will write your destiny with your efforts and hard work. However, one negative aspect of this transit would be that you will suffer from health troubles in this duration. Hence, take good care of yourself. During this period, your father will make progress in his field, which will positively impact your familial happiness.

Remedy: For gaining favourable results, you must chant Mangal Beej Mantra "ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः / oṃ krāṃ krīṃ krauṃ saḥ bhaumāya namaḥ" regularly.


Mars is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house for Sagittarius natives, and will transit in the fifth house in this duration. With this, you will gain mixed results in your life in this duration since this transit of Mars in the fifth house isn’t said to be favourable.

As a result of transit of Mars in Aries, you will not face any problem in exhibiting your artistic skills, and even accumulate wealth using this skill as a source of income. Hence, there will be a rise in your income in this duration, which will strengthen your financial situation. You will progress in society, but on the other hand, this transit can cause some problems to arise in your personal life.

There may be some problems arising in your love life as a result of this transit. Your beloved will act stubbornly as well as aggressive, which can cause you major issues. Also, they will act impulsively in regards to taking this relationship forward, which won’t be liked by you. Hence, remain calm and patient and listen well to your beloved. If necessary, listen to them or otherwise explain them.

If you are married, then your life partner will get very good results in his/her life in this duration, and make progress in their career. This transit will be favourable for your children. Their immunity will strengthen, and they will deliver every task exceptionally well. However, they can act a bit stubbornly, which can cause some problems to arise.

This transit of Mars will be normal from an academic point of view. You will be able to make progress and keep a good grip on your subjects, which will help you attain good results in your exams. During this time period, you may suffer from some stomach related problems. Hence take good care of yourself.

Remedy: You should feed jaggery or Gud to a brown-colored cow on Thursday.

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Mars is the lord of the fourth and eleventh house for your zodiac sign and will get posited in your fourth house during its transit. However, its transition in the fourth house isn’t said to be favourable, due to which mixed results can be obtained.

The transit of Mars in the fourth house will help you gain property-related benefits, that is, you may buy your own house in this transitory period. If things go well for you, then you may get benefitted through movable and immovable property. Some natives are likely to buy a vehicle in this duration.

On the contrary, this transit will affect your mother's health negatively. She will behave sharply, which will adversely affect the atmosphere of the house. In this duration, you may encounter disturbances in the family, which is why you are required to pay special attention towards the needs and responsibilities of the family.

The planet Mars will also affect your career. Your hot-tempered nature will put you into trouble at your workplace. In such a situation, you should control yourself and remain patient while doing your work. Due to the effect of this transit, marital life will be dominated by stress. Your relationship with your partner will possibly deteriorate, which is why you are advised to remain alert and avoid arguing on petty issues. During this transit, your income will increase, which will help you make the best of your situation and enjoy materialistic amenities and comforts.

Remedy: You should go and visit a temple on Tuesday day and hoist a red flag on it.


For the Aquarius zodiac sign, Mars is the lord of the third and tenth house. It shows that you can work towards strengthening your professional life with the powerful influence of Mars. In your sign, the transit of Mars will be in the third house, and it is said that Mars transiting in this house delivers auspicious results. Above all that, with Mars in its own zodiac sign, the impact will be highly favourable.

As a result of this transit of Mars, your courage and might will increase. Your tendency towards taking risks will become sharp, due to which you will contribute towards taking the project ahead and succeed unhesitantly. With Mars’ transit, there will be a rise in the confidence level of your siblings, and they will support you in every task, walking with you every step of the step. You will be able to deliver extraordinary results on the basis of your influential marketing skills and hard work.

In this period, you will win over your opponents, and they won’t be able to do anything against you or harm you in any manner. If you are a sportsman or sports-woman, then you will definitely succeed and reach the heights of success.

During this period of transit of Mars, you will also travel a lot, which will pave the way for you towards progress. Your friend circle will expand, as you will get to meet some new people and befriended them. You will do well at your job and deliver high-ranking results. Your efforts will be praised. If you own a business, then this transit will allow you to expand your business, due to which your demand in the market will increase.

Remedy: To gain the auspicious effects of Mars, you should offer water to the pomegranate tree on Tuesday.


For Pisces natives, Mars is the lord of your second and ninth house and will enter your second house in this transitory period. The transit of Mars in the second house is not considered to give much auspicious results, however, some favourable outcomes will be attained since Mars is transiting in its own sign and rules your wealth house.

As a result of this transit of Mars, wealth will be attained by Pisces natives in life, and their financial conditions will drastically improve. Luck will be entirely in your favour, and you will be able to pursue any project or task without any shortage of money. In this duration, your reputation and status in society will increase, but due to one or the other reason, tensions in the family will arise and family members can get into disputes and arguments with each other in this duration.

This transit of Mars cannot be said to be much favorable in terms of your health. In such a situation, you have to take care of yourself and look after what you eat, since an unbalanced diet and eating spicy or fried foods can deteriorate your health conditions. This transit will also affect your spouse's health, so you have to take care of yourself and them.

As a result of this transit, you will get remarkable results in the field of education. You will score well in your exams, and those pursuing higher education will start earning some money by doing part time jobs along with their studies.

With the influence of this transit of Mars, your love life will undergo a favourable period, and you will try your level best to keep your partner happy. Some disputes between you two may arise, but it will last for a short time only.

Remedy: You should wear Three-Faced or Teen Mukhi Rudraksha on Tuesday, which will strengthen your luck.

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