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Mars, a fiery and martial planet will be transiting from the Aquarius sign into the Pisces sign on 18th June 2020 at 20:12 pm,Thursday and will be positioned in this sign till 16th August 20:39pm, Sunday. Pisces sign is a water sign and is governed by Jupiter which is a friendly sign of Mars. Pisces resonates with intuition, emotions and compassion and Mars is all about action, courage and will power. This transit of Fire element into water is likely to produce steam of emotions, if controlled properly can take you to dizzying heights in all phases of your life.

Mars transition into pisces is going to affect each and every zodiac sign in a different manner. With this article, we will discuss in detail what effects Mars transit is going to bring for each zodiac sign.

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For Aaries native, Mars governs your first house of self and eighth house of transition and research, it is going to transit in your twelfth house, which is considered the house of losses,expenditure,unprecedented situations and foreign travels. This transit is going to bring some unnecessary expenditures and you could find yourself amid some problematic situations, this is going to bring unwanted stress and anxiety, thus, resulting in disturbances or scares in terms of health. As an Aries, you are independent and headstrong ,but in this transit they are going to find themselves restricted or tied down by circumstances, which can result in frustration and restlessness. This can sometimes prompt you to quit the task in between without completing it,so, you are advised to stay patient and try to bide the time.Following this, you will be able to get better results in this duration of time. However, if you are associated with or are working in some foreign organisation, you are likely to get benefits during this transit of Mars. Personally, some temperamental differences and ego clashes can play spoilsport in relationships.So, you are advised to take things a little easy and have transparent communication with your partner. It is also suggested to inculcate physical activities like walking, running , jogging your daily routine, this way you are going to channelise your energy in a productive manner, thus getting desirable results from this transit.

Remedy- Reciting Hanuman Chalisa or offering prasad to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays is going to bring auspicious results.


Taurus natives are going to get recognition,appreciation and prizes that they were waiting for during this transition of Mars, which is going to be positioned in your Eleventh house of Gains, success and profits.Professionally, you will be able to execute your plans proficiently which will hold you in good stead in front of higher management. You will not shy away from putting in efforts in order to realise your dreams and aspirations. But sometimes in the process, you can be a little harsh in terms of speech which can hurt others unintentionally. As Mars governs your seventh house of spouse and relationships, this indicates that you are going to get benefits and gains from your spouse during this transit. However, the aspect of Mars on your fifth house of thoughts and intellect can sometimes make you aggressive and hasty in approach, thus resulting in some temperamental differences in personal life. So, having a calm and composed mindset is the right approach to follow in this transit.

Remedy- Donating white things on Fridays like Flour, Sugar, Rice to the needy will bring auspicious results.


For the Gemini sign,Mars will be in its directional strength in your Tenth house of career and profession, which is a very strong position for this planet. You will have an approach of a warrior to be more determined and successful in all your endeavors. Mars governs the eleventh house of ambitions, desires, success and sixth house of competitions. This indicates that you are likely to channelise your efforts in the desired direction during this transit. The natives who are working in professions like the Army, police etc. will get their due recognition and appreciation. Professionally, this is a very good time to make strategies regarding the future as you will be in a better position to execute them. As, sixth house is also related to jobs, this indicates that those natives who are looking for new jobs stand a very good chance to get their desired job. Students preparing for competitive fields have a very good chance to pass through their examinations. Mars being a fiery planet may sometimes give you the tendency to control results and situations which can sometimes make you nervous and anxious in the process. This can further lead to aggression ,thus, having a negative effect both in your personal and professional life. It is suggested to take part in physical activities which will help you in channelising your energy in a productive direction.

Remedy- Fasting on Tuesdays is likely to bring auspicious results.

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Mars will be transiting through your ninth house of fortune, spirituality and higher education. Professionally, this transit is going to be very fruitful for those natives who were looking for a job change for a long time and were not getting any breakthroughs. This movement of Mars is likely to present you with many opportunities. The roadblocks or hurdles for the students pursuing higher studies are going to end. As Mars is a planet related to fertility and is lord of the fifth house of progeny and children for cancer natives, there is going to be auspicious news regarding children. You will be happy and content with your child's progress. As the fifth house is also related to love and romance, this transit is going to bring new energy in your personal lives. If you are single and seeking love, there is going to be some pleasant news for you during this transit. If you are already in a relationship, there will be better harmony and understanding between you and your spouse. You will go an extra mile to please them, which will help the relationship in the long run. However, if you are planning on undertaking any kind of spiritual journeys during this transit, it will be better to avoid them in this duration. As Mars is fiery in nature and it will be positioned in your ninth house which is considered the house of spiritual gurus, mentors and teachers. This indicates some difference of opinion or clashes with them. So, it is advised to keep a check on your reactions during this transit.

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The leo natives who are in the fields of research will find this transit very helpful as Mars will be Moving into their Eighth sign of research, changes and transformation. There are going to be many fast changes happening for you that may not be pleasant, especially related to residence. The health of the mother can be fragile especially if your mother has a previous history of diseases like high blood pressure, headaches etc. Professionally, you are likely to face unnecessary delays in executing your plans as luck will not be on your side during this transit. The position of Mars in this house also denotes that you have to improve your eating habits, otherwise, you are going to face problems regarding health especially in your abdomen region. This is also likely to put an impact on your savings and income, thus in the process disrupting your peace of mind. As Mars is having a direct aspect on your house of speech and family, it is likely to make you harsh in terms of communication because of which there are going to be some problems for you both personally and professionally. You are advised to not do anything that is in violation of law , otherwise you could land yourself in trouble. The best part to deal with transit is to relax, lie low and do not push for the things to get done, rather try to view things from the witness perspective. Following this will help you a lot in terms of getting better results from this transit. Your intuition and insights will be strong during this transit, paying heed to them is likely to bring desired results.

Remedy- Observing Fast on Tuesdays will be very auspicious.


This transit is going to bring mixed and interesting results for Virgo natives as Mars being their third and eighth lord is transiting in their Seventh house. This house has been assigned the responsibility of spouse and partnerships, it indicates that personally your aggressive and dominating behaviour is going to bring some ups and downs in relationships. You are likely to be over critical regarding your partner or spouse over trivial matters, which can bring some temperamental differences in love life and relationships. You are advised to exercise patience and be ready to accept your partner as they are, this way you are going to get desired results. Although,this movement of Mars is going to bring many auspicious results for your siblings. Professionally, for you there are going to be many breakthroughs that are going to help you in terms of completion of pending tasks . However, from an income point of view ,things may not seem as favorable yet. Because of this, you can be anxious and nervous regarding the future which can have a negative effect on your health as well. So, it is suggested to be positive in your outlook and focus more on the present, which will bring desired results.

Remedy - Reciting Hanuman Ashtakam will be very auspicious.

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Mars is going to transit the Sixth house of competition and enemies. As Mars is the natural significator of this house, it is likely to bring auspicious results in your life. You will prevail over your enemies as your competitive energy is going to be very high during this transit. Professionally, you will be more action oriented which is likely to help you in completion of the pending tasks which is likely to hold you in high stead among your higher management. However, it is suggested to stay away from any kind of altercations and rifts. You are going to recover fast from any kind of illness that has been bothering you for a while, as Mars is going to provide you with high resilient power. However, keeping a watch on your diet and eating habits is still of paramount importance, so, try and stay away from spicy and junk food. As Mars is also having a direct aspect on your first house of personality and self, which can sometimes give you the tendency to be a people pleaser. This can make you take decisions as per what others want from you and not what is right for you, which can sometimes act as a deterrent for your growth. For personal relations,your partner’s health may remain a little fragile which is going to be a cause of worry and concern for you.

Remedy -Donating Jaggery on Tuesdays is going to bring auspicious results.


Mars being the lord of ascendant is going to transit in your Fifth house of intellect and ideas for Scorpio which is going to bring mixed results for them.

Professionally, it will be a very good transit as you will be full of ideas and will get the right platform to implement them. However, due to the influence of this transit, you will be more focused on yourself and will not be very forthcoming towards seeking any kind of advice from anyone, which is going to stop you from getting creative solutions to your problems. For students, the concentration will be excellent which will help you grasp the subject more quickly, thus improving your results. Personally, you will be very protective about your loved one or your spouse, but, at the same time can be a little possessive about them. You are going to demand a lot of attention from your partner, which can be a little frustrating for your partner and they might feel suffocated in relationships. So, it is suggested that seek love from your partner, not attention. Mars, which is also sometimes considered as a cruel planet is transiting in the fifth house of children, this can create some differences of opinion with them. So, it is suggested that respecting their opinion is likely to create a better understanding in your relationship with them.

Remedy - Donating Copper on Tuesdays will bring auspicious results.


Mars will transit in the Fourth house of innerself, comforts and mother for sagittarius natives. You were thinking of buying or selling the property for a long time and have not been getting any success, then it is a very good transit that is likely to provide you with success regarding the same. If you are in professions related to marketing or your source of income is commission basis, there are going to be many opportunities up for you to grab. However, this transit of Mars can have a negative effect on the health of your mother, which can be a cause for worry or anxiety for you. This can also cause some distractions in the professional area of your life. As Mars is a dry planet and is having a direct aspect on your seventh house of marriage, it can sometimes make you dry in terms of emotions giving the impression to the partner that you are taking the relationship for granted. This could create some rifts or space in the personal relationships. Professionally, challenges in terms of authority can create differences in the business partnerships also. As Mars is also the lord of the house of children, so, trying to force them to do things against their wishes is going to make them rebellious. Rather, setting an example in front of them about how things can be done in a better manner will bring good results.

Remedy - Worship of Lord Kartikeya will bring auspicious results.

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Mars will bestow you the courage, valor and will power to conquer the obstacles that you come across as it will transit in your third house of self efforts and courage. As Mars represents siblings, this transit is very auspicious to spend some quality time with your siblings and make amends with them . Mars, which governs your house of gains and success, and is positioned in your house of success and efforts. This will make you ambitious and will give you the high capacity to lead your endeavors towards the desired direction and success. You will become more adventurous and your risk taking abilities will increase indicating a very good time to initiate tasks that you have not been able to start for a long time. However, it can make you overconfident and over desirous making you take multiple tasks at a single time, thus, resulting in inconsistency and delays. This can also disrupt your peace of mind and concentration. As the third house also represents skills, so, if you are into any kind of profession related to skills like sports etc., you are likely to get many opportunities to showcase your potential. This transit will make you sensual and passionate in your love affairs, which can be a source of joy and happiness for your partner. Overall, a very auspicious transit for capricorn natives and has a lot in store for you, just be more prudent while making decisions.

Remedy- Reciting Hanuman Chalisa will bring auspicious results.


Mars rules the upachaya house or the growth houses for aquarius Natives in the form of Third house of efforts and Tenth house of profession and career, and is positioned in your Second house of accumulated wealth and family. This indicates that the more you grow in your skills, the more success will follow you in your workplace. Your main strength is your innovative approach and this transit is likely to provide you with many opportunities to innovate and explore. So, be ready to push the paddle which is going to take you towards the road of success. As Second house is also related to communication which indicates that sometimes you can be too harsh and straightforward in your speech, this can create problems for you in both personal and professional aspects of your life. So, try and be cautious in your use of words and speech. As Mars is also having a direct aspect on your fifth house of love and relationships, which can sometimes make you inflexible in your thought process, thus, creating some problems with the spouse or partner.

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Mars in transiting in the house of Self or Personality for pisces ascendant, this can make you easily annoyed or emotionally vulnerable . You are likely to get aggressive even at the pretext of some small issues, which could result in creating some rifts and differences in your family environment and personal relationships. However, you could be filled with a sense of guilt and regret in this transit as aggression is not your innate nature, thus, resulting in having negative effects on your health.

Professionally, Mars,as the lord of fortune is transiting in your first house, this is going to present you with many new opportunities to grow and excel in your field. Fortune is going to favor you in all your endeavors. This is also a good time to connect spiritually with yourself which is going to help you in harnessing your intuition and compassion which are your basic strengths.

Remedy- Chanting the Jupiter Mantra will bring auspicious results.

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