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Mars Transit in Pisces (17 May 2022)

Mars transit in Pisces on 17 May 2022 brings with itself major transformations, challenges and opportunities. Read in detail and apply the suggested remedies to attain the blessings of Lord Mars during the period of transit. Mars as per Roman mythology is the God of War. As per Chinese astrology, it is the planet that belongs to the fire element and is therefore fiery in nature. As per the Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be the planet of energy and vitality. The immunity of a native is observed with the placement and position of Mars in a horoscope.

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As rightly recognised by Romans, Mars is indeed the Karak planet for War and Destruction. It is a masculine planet that is full of passion, dynamism and adventure. A good Mars in a chart makes natives explore new dimensions and make innovations. They are unstoppable and never lack energy in starting something new. The monotonous things are just not their cup of tea and they will leave things in the middle if they are forced to do the same tasks regularly. They find their own source of inspiration and do things to pursue their happiness and entertainment.

Mars Transit in Pisces: Timing

As per Vedic Astrology, Mars is generally associated with surgeons, butchers, military personnel, engineers, fire workers, real estate agents and builders. Mars will be transiting from the revolutionary sign of Aquarius to that in the watery sign of the ocean i.e. Pisces ruled by planet Jupiter. Pisces is the sign of duality and controversy represented by two fishes. This water sign generally represents diplomats and empaths. This combination of fire and water generally brings intense results. This makes natives a bit lost as the domination of Mars does not allow them to go with the flow of water or follow others but being in this sign they feel a bit compressed.

The transit of Mars in the sign of Pisces will take place on May 17 2022 at 9.52 AM and it will stay in this sign until it will move to its own sign Aries on June 27, 2022 at 6 AM. Let’s see the impact of the transit of Mars in Pisces on all the zodiac signs:

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For Aries natives, Mars is the lagna lord and also rules the eighth house of deep secrets and mysteries. During this period Mars will get transmitted to the twelfth house of long journey, losses and expenditure.

You will feel low in stamina and energy during this period. The contentment level will somewhat vanish from your life and you will feel irritable. You will push and motivate yourself to perform activities but will not be able to participate in things actively. In terms of health, this period will be fragile and you will be prone to fever, headache, injuries and accidents.

The students who are looking forward to migrating for their studies can try their luck, as they will get success in the same. Also the researchers and students pursuing PhD and psychology will have a favourable period.

In terms of finances, this time will be low and you will not get the out or profit in terms of money from your endeavours. Investing in market securities, shares and debentures is not advisable as probabilities of losses are high. The risk factor pertaining to finances will also be high for you during this period. Those who are into services are advised to be careful as there can be plotting or planning against them by the management team. Overall this period will be slow.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer sindoor to the Lord on Tuesdays for improving your health.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


For Taurus natives, Mars heads over the seventh house of associations and the twelfth house of the foreign land. During this transit period, Mars will be in your eleventh house of gains, success, and profits.

You will share a healthy and friendly bond with your spouse during this period. Their support and help will bring some monetary gains to you. This period will also be favourable for those who are in a love relationship, you may take your bond to the next level. Time is promising for those who are finding their partner or planning to propose to someone for marriage, you will receive positive feedback. You will like socialising and may make new friends during this time. You will spend a handsome amount on your get-togethers and dates.

The students who are planning for further studies in foreign can get to hear some good news. Also those who are studying engineering and medical subjects will have a favourable time during this transit period.

Those who are working in MNCs or dealing with foreign clients will have a favourable period. This time is potent to gain from foreign securities and investments. Those who are into partnership business will also witness substantial growth in their business. Overall this transit period will be beneficial for you on the professional front

Remedy: Offer besan laddoos and a yellow cloth at Hanuman temple on Tuesday for abundance and well being.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For Gemini natives, Mars rules the sixth house of services, competition and the eleventh house of income and gains. During this transit period Mars will be placed in your tenth house of Career and Profession.

You will be energetic and dynamic. The home comfort may not be very good as there will be some conflicts and fights between the members of the house. You will also be a bit quarrelsome and find it difficult to understand the point of view of your dear ones. You may also have a heated discussion with your beloved during this period. Your mother will be prone to health issues during this period.

This will be overwhelming in your business and you will get new opportunities for expansion. You will be able to capture the market of the respective product line and will gain a good strength in your business. Those who are into the services will be in a commanding position. You will gain appreciation from the seniors for your outstanding performance. The freshers have bright possibilities of entering the market with their dream job. Also those who are ambitious to start something of their own can utilize this period as you will receive fruitful results. Overall this period will add new titles to your professional life.

Remedy: Recite Bajrang Baan and observe fast on Tuesday.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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For Cancer natives, Mars owns the lordship of the two important houses i.e. fifth house of study, children and the tenth house of career. During this period Mars will be transiting from the ninth house of luck and fortune.

You will have an inclination towards spirituality and learning new things about culture and religion. You will try to gain knowledge by visiting places of pilgrimage. Time is favourable if planning for further studies. Your relationship with your father will grow stronger during this period. You may also earn some favours from your father or his heritage. You will earn a good name in society for your generous charity and donations during this period.

The students will have a favourable period, their concentration and focus will improve. You will score good grades in your examinations. Also your assignments and projects will bring appreciation from your tutors

In terms of finances, this time is favourable and making investments in long term projects will be fruitful. Those who are into the real estate and travelling industry will earn good fame during this time. Also travelling for promotion and expansion of the business will bring productive results. Your luck will favour you in all your endeavours.

Remedy: Wear a red jasper or a red tourmaline in the form of a bracelet in your working hand or as a ring in copper or asht dhatu on your ring finger

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For Leo natives, Mars owns the lordship of the fourth house of happiness, comforts and ninth house of fortune. It is a yoga karaka planet for Leo natives, a well placed Mars for them is a boon and ill-placed one a bane. Therefore its transit is of vital importance as it brings a major impact for Leos. During this period Mars will be transiting from the eighth house of sudden events.

You will feel low in energy and will be prone to injuries, bruises and accidents during this period. Your home comfort and peace will be compromised. There may be a cold war and miscommunication between the members of the house. Your relationship with your dad will not be very good and you will try to avoid any extended conversation with him.

You are advised to be cautious while signing any deal during this period. Also this time is okay to plan things however any kind of implementation of new policies and strategies may not bring promising results. You will witness some changes on the professional front, it could be a temporary change of the system or place of working. The servicemen will not have a good relationship with their boss and this may harm their image and reputation.

Remedy Donate red lentils at Hanuman temple on Tuesdays for removing obstacles.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For the Virgo natives, Mars presides over the third house of strength, siblings and the eighth house of legacy and uncertainties. During this transit period, Mars will be placed in the seventh house of Marital bliss and associations.

You will face some troubles in your married life due to interference from a third person. You may have frequent fights and heated up discussions. Your relationship with your in-laws will also not be too smooth during this period. The single natives' efforts will bring fruitful results as there are bright possibilities of finding their perfect match during this period. You will be a bit active and aggressive during this time due to which you may face disruptions with your friends as well. There is a possibility of travel however it will not bring happiness or contentment to you. Be cautious of your belongings if you plan to travel as there are bright possibilities of theft during this time.

The business owners especially those who are into the service sector will have a good time, you will be able to make some potential clients out of the blue. Those who are into partnership business need to be a bit cautious as your competitors may conspire against you and try to impact your image in the respective market. This period will bring some ups and downs in your business if you are into product lines related to hospitality, fire or steel equipment.

Remedy: Donate pomegranate and a red cloth at the temple to a priest for improving your relationships.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For the Libra natives, Mars owns the lordship of the second house of wealth, family and the seventh house of marital happiness and associations. During this transit period, it will be in your sixth house of fights and diseases.

This period will not be very favourable for the married natives. You may go through a period of separation from your spouse due to the travelling schedule of either of the partners. There are also possibilities of frequent fights and differences of opinion with your spouse which will bring emotional distance between the couples. Your personal health will be a bit compromised as you will be prone to backaches and ulcers during this period.

Students who are preparing for the competitive examinations will have a favourable time. You will be good at facing any kind of cutthroat competition and will successfully come out of it.

Those who are in the service sector will have a good time during this period. You will be able to win over all the conversations with your efficiency and calibre. Your enemies will not be able to stand in front of you. Those who are into professional services will witness a period of growth and expansion. You will gain some recognition in your profession.

Remedy: Observe fast on Tuesday and offer one meal to the poor.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


For Scorpio natives, Mars is the lagna lord and it also holds the lordship of the sixth house of fights, services and competitive spirit. During this period Mars will be transmitted to the fifth house of studies and romantic relationships.

You will be passionate about love and will be completely lost in your beloved. The singles also have possibilities of falling into an affair. You will be on your toes to do anything for them and will also be over-possessive during this period. You may suffer from some acidity and digestion issues during this period, therefore you are advised to be particular about your eating habits. Too hot and spicy food may add on to your stomach issues.

The engineering students will have a favourable period, your concentration and focus on your subjects will bring success. You may also get a chance to work in the industry during this period.

In terms of finances, this period will be good as you may earn from more than one source. There are also possibilities of getting income from some sudden and illegal sources. You can also work on your hobbies and make money from them. The business owners need to be careful while taking big risks as this period will bring mixed results.

Remedy: Chanting Hanuman Chalisa seven times in one go in the morning will bring auspicious results.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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For Sagittarius natives, Mars owns the lordship of the fifth house of education, children and the twelfth house of foreign land, travel and expenditure. During this transit period, Mars will be positioned in your fourth house of property, family and happiness.

You will be dynamic and ambitious during this period. You may get a bit possessive about your lover and try to keep a watch on them. You will also be inclined towards the care and concern of your family. You will spend huge amounts of money for the home comfort and happiness of the members during this period. You may also invest on land or a vehicle during this time. The new parents will remain possessive about their little. There are possibilities of ill health of your child during this time period.

The students who are planning for foreign studies can apply during this period as they will get positive results. Also, those who are planning to start something or learn a part-time course will get good opportunities.

This period will be fructifying for those who are dealing with foreign clients. You will be able to make good profits during this time. Those who are into the services may plan to change their job due to the political atmosphere at their workplace. Those who are into the hospitality industry will have a favourable period.

Remedy Worship Lord Shiva and offer water to Shivling every day.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For Capricorn natives, Mars rules over the fourth house of comfort, mother and the eleventh house of incomes and gains. Mars will be transiting from your third house of strength, efforts and siblings during this time period.

Your relationship with your siblings will not be too cordial and you may have conflicts with them over petty things. Your personal strength and immunity will be good, if suffering from a disease then you may get some recovery during this period. You will try to expand your social circle by making more friends and going out with them. You may also go on short trips for fun and leisure during this period. Your communication with people around you will be rude and you may lose some friends because of the same.

The service-oriented people will have a favourable period. You may get the job of your dreams during this time, thus your efforts will bring positive results during this period. This period is favourable if you wish to convert your hobbies into your source of income. You will get quick and easy success in doing the same. The businessmen will have a bit of challenge on their platter during this time. You have to be a bit careful while signing documents or making any deal. The chances of fraud and deceptive dealings are high during this time.

Remedy: Plant an amla tree at the temple and water it for 4 days.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


For Aquarius natives, Mars is the lord of their third house of communication, short travel and friends and tenth house of Karma. During this transit, Mars will transit in the second house of Aquarius, which is the benefactor of a person's wealth, property, family, speech, and education. In such a situation, the presence of Mars in the second house will make you work harder at the workplace. However, this hard work of yours will also help you incur good success in future. So continue working hard from the beginning. Your enemies will also be seen giving you trouble at the workplace.

With expenses increasing in your financial life, you can face several financial crises. It is possible that these expenses may be incurred due to some bad habit of yours. So don't waste your money on buying useless things. In family life also, be polite while talking to your parents, otherwise your image may get spoiled. Due to the influence of Mars in this duration, your behaviour may become somewhat irritable and as a result, there will be a possibility of dispute with your own family members or someone close.

Talking about the students of this zodiac sign, Mars can give rise to some obstacles in your academic life. Due to this reason, you will not be able to deliver good performance in academic life due to your poor health or your attention being diverted. On the other hand, from the point of view of health, this transit can give you some eye-related problems. Therefore, as much as possible avoid going to places with high pollution.

Remedy: Plant a neem tree at your home and nurture it for financial abundance.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


For Pisces natives, Mars heads over the second house of wealth, family and the ninth house of father and luck. Mars will be placed in your rising sign during this period. The connection of ninth and lagna makes a raj yoga therefore this transit of Mars will bring favourable results for the Pisces natives.

You will be a bit aggressive and short-tempered during this period and may react to petty things. Your family and dear ones will be on your mind and you will plan to do something special for them by giving them things and spending more time with them. You will be straightforward and may use some harsh words which may be pinching or hurting for the people around you. Your luck will favour you in all your endeavours during this period.

Financially this period will be uplifting, you may get some gist in the form of cash or assets from your father or the parental lineage. You will also be able to earn from some speculative business during this period.

The businessmen will witness some rise and growth in their business. You will be able to make good deals and will be able to market your product well. You will make a reputation and name in the respective market. Those who are looking for a break to enter the market will get outstanding opportunities to start over their career.

Remedy: Carry a piece of copper in your wallet or keep a red handkerchief in your pocket before leaving home.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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