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Mars Transit in Taurus 22nd March 2019

Planet Mars plays a significant role in Vedic Astrology and is known as a source of “energy”. It signifies valour, courage and warrior and is the ruling lord of Aries, which is its Mooltrikona sign, and Scorpio zodiac signs. Said to be the “Red Planet”, Capricorn is its exalted sign, i.e. it is placed strongly in this zodiac sign, whereas Cancer is its debilitated sign, where it offers weak results. It is known to be masculine and fierce in nature, bestows with mental activeness, physical strength, ambition and determination.

Mars transit in taurus

Mars in Vedic Astrology

Mars signifies the younger siblings in a native’s chart. It rules over Mrigashira, Chitra, and Dhanishta Nakshatra and the first and eighth house of Kaal Purush Kundali. A strong Mars offers attractive personality, leadership qualities, adventurous streaks and independence. In such a case, a native prefers leading the way and doesn’t like getting suggestions. His personality becomes strong and influential, and people tend to follow their path instinctively.

On the other hand, an afflicted Mars makes a native temperamental, quarrelsome and aggressive, which can suggestively affect their overall nature. Mangal Dosha is formed in one’s kundli if Mars is placed in the native’s first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. Wearing Coral gemstone, Teen Mukhi Rudraksha or Anantmool root can help eliminate such dosha. Installing Mangal Yantra can also help get rid of the negative influence of Mars.

Time of Transit

Mars will move from Aries and transit in the zodiac sign Taurus on 22nd March 2019 around 15:20:15. It will remain posited in this sign for almost 1.5 months and then move onto another zodiac sign. The influence of this transit will be seen on the natives of all the zodiac signs. Let’s read to know more:

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Mars rules the first house, which represents oneself and eighth house of your horoscope, which tells about a native’s longevity. Second house is the house of finance, family and wealth. With this transit, Mars will transit in the second house of your kundli, which indicates health issues for your mother. As a result, your mother may suffer from joint pains or a bad stomach. Hence, tell her not to eat spicy food or drink something from outside. Also, do not let her pick something heavy, as it will cause her pain. During the time of transit, in case you’re involved in any property related matter, try to avoid it, as situations don’t seem to be in your favour. You may incur loss while investing in property, land or estate or even selling it. Also, there are chances of disagreements with your property manager, so try and keep things under control.

For kids, this transitory period looks good. Hereby, they will perform exceptionally well in their studies along with co-curricular activities. Other students will look up to them as a source of inspiration. For natives who are single, this period seems auspicious for starting a new relationship with someone you like or have a crush on. Don’t shy away and be straight with your feelings when confessing. Relations with younger siblings might not be well during this period. Remain calm and do not fly off the spark with even the smallest issue.

Remedy: Recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa wholeheartedly.


For Taurus natives, Mars rules your twelfth and seventh house, which depicts expenditures and losses and marriage and partnership respectively. Mars will transit in your Lagna or First house, which represents the native’s personality and nature. This transit hints at the rise of luxuries and comforts in your life. Your luxurious preferences will increase, and you’ll become more aware of comforts. But try not to waste your money like water on these materialistic things, and keep track of your expenses. There are chances of you earning profits in property/land/estate related matters. You can earn good benefits if investing in any property or buying a land. Do a full research and talk to someone experienced before going ahead with such investments. It will help you understand the current market scenario and choose a better way.

On the professional front, there can be an increment in your salary. Also, chances of gaining a good bonus is high during this period. Either your salary in your present organization will increase or you’ll be offered a higher amount from the other company. If working in partnerships, you’ll gain profits due to your business partner. Brainstorm with your partner on how to improve your profit percentage and revenue and listen to their suggestions carefully. During this phase, you may become aggressive, leading to multiple arguments and clashes. The best option is to remain calm and let the time pass.

Remedy: Recite Sri Laxmi Chalisa.


Mars rules your eleventh house, which tells about income and gains and sixth house, which represents diseases, debts and enemies. It will get posited in your twelfth house with this transit, which represents losses and expenses. The phenomenon of Mars transit indicates a rise in power and position in your career. Hereby, there are high possibilities of you gaining a prominent designation in your company. Your power, authority and dominance within the professional workspace will increase. This will lead to an increase in responsibilities and duties, which will positively affect your reputation and persona. During this time, your income will rise, and there are chances of financial gains from multiple sources. Time is favourable in case you’re thinking of applying for a loan. Chances of your application getting accepted is higher.

During this period, you can come across opportunities of going on short trips, which will eventually prove to be favourable for you. Plan these trips with your friends or family members, and make new memories. You may benefit from your younger siblings in this period. They will remain by your side throughout the challenges and help you prosper both emotionally and physically. Students who are preparing for school, entrance or competitive exams are likely to gain favourable outcomes, as this transit seems bright for them. Although, don’t rely on your stars and work hard to achieve desired results. Be attentive while spending your money, as your expenses are likely to rise.

Remedy: Sri Vishnu Sahastranamam must be recited with a devoted heart.


Mars rules your tenth house, which tells about career and profession, and fifth house, which depicts about a native’s intellect and children. It will move in your eleventh house of income and gains with this transit. As a result, this transit will boost the work prospects, whether business or job, leading to more professional independence and financial security. You may get more exciting job offers or major business projects during this period. Work hard, fight the challenges and see where the road takes you. Maintain an analytical attitude towards the business prospects and see which project can add to your strength. With the beginning of this transit, you may go on long journeys which will prove to be highly advantageous. Destiny would favor you during this time.

During this time, your expenses may increase, but on the other hand, your income and savings will also see a rise. Hence, there will be an equilibrium maintained, but try not to overspend. Talking about your social life, your friend circle will grow, and you’ll be known as the “social butterfly” in your group. This will lead to a rise in your social reputation and people will admire you for your attractive personality and approachable attitude. After Mid-April, you’ll feel spiritually inclined and invest your time and money in carrying out similar activities.

Remedy: Worship Maa Gauri by reciting Sri Gauri Chalisa.


As per Vedic Astrology, Mars rules your ninth house, which represents father, luck and religion and and fourth house, which depicts mother and happiness. It will transit in your tenth house of profession and career. Mars transit seems to be favourable for Leo natives, as they will grow more confident and courageous. You won’t hesitate to take risks and be at the front in times of crisis. Although, don’t be overconfident, as being such a way may result in losing out on opportunities. Within this duration, there are chances of sudden gains and profits, which will strengthen your financial background. You’ll become financially more independent and learn to save. This will be followed by a rise in spirituality. You may actively take part in spiritual activities and adhere to several beliefs.

You should avoid unnecessary traveling during this time and also remain very attentive while travelling. Follow the traffic rules and avoid consuming alcohol or talking/texting on the phone. Drop the plan to travel far in case it's not important. Any matter related marital life will get resolved during this period of transit. Situations will be in your favour, and love between you and your spouse will increase. If you’re looking for promotion or appraisal, the competition within your workspace would decrease.

Remedy: Take a bath early in the morning and recite Sri Surya Gayatri Mantra.


Mars rules the eighth house (longevity) and third house (siblings, valour, courage) of your sign and will get placed in your ninth house, which tells about luck, religion and father, with this transit. As a result, your marital life may get affected. You may encounter disagreements and multiple arguments with your spouse, which may lead to heated scenarios. In such a case, remain calm and composed and try not to react aggressively or impulsively during a verbal spat. During this time, take care of your partner’s or own health, and eat a balanced diet. Don’t act lazy when exercising and try and eat healthy, as one of you two can suffer from illness.

Expenses seem to rise within this duration, so keep a tab on your spendings. Also, there are chances of traveling abroad. However, you must remain attentive of your belongings and keep them at a secured place, as possibilities of theft or misplacing are high. During this time, you may meet a Spiritual Guru or Leader, whose preachings will change your vision towards life. His influence will transform your point of view and help you move forward towards success. This transit will prove to be favourable, as you achieve professional of financial gains.

Remedy: Light up an earthen lamp under the Peepal tree on Wednesday and recite Budha Gayatri Mantra.


With this transit, Mars will get placed in the eighth house of your kundli, which depicts longevity. Astrology says that Mars is the ruling lord of your seventh house, which tells about marriage and partnership, and second house, which represents wealth and family. Thi transit will bring many challenges and ups and downs in your professional and personal life, hence be ready. Don’t let the fighting spirit die within you and be prepared to take on any challenge. During this time, if you’re waiting for a loan to be approved, then it will be in your favour. Adding to it, if you’re expecting to hear some news regarding inheritance related matters, then you’ll get good news soon.

You may suffer from sudden health issues such as fever, stomach ache or body pain. This will lead to unexpected spendings, which will, to a certain extent, affect your finances. In order to avoid such a situation, maintain a balanced lifestyle and eat healthy. You, along with your friends and family, may go on a journey via sea. Hence, if such an opportunity comes to you, don’t let it go. You’ll spend quality time with your loved ones and make the best memories. Under the influence of this transit, you may find yourself suddenly getting inclined towards occult sciences or spiritualism. Hereby, you may develop spiritual tendencies and get engrossed in such activities.

Remedy: Fast on Friday and recite Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat Katha.


Mars will transit and get posited in your seventh house of marriage and partnership. On the other hand, it rules your sixth house, which tells about diseases, enemies and debts and first house or Lagna, which tells about oneself. As a result, marital life of Scorpio natives will get majorly affected. Those who are unmarried may find their better half during this period, and get married. Also, there are high chances that natives who are divorced or separated may find a second chance to love and get entwined into the beautiful bond of marriage. Marriage, in both of these cases, will bring happiness in life in the form of childbirth or conception. On professional front, you’ll get the desired promotion or appraisal pending from a long time as expected, which will definitely boost your confidence.

In case you’re thinking of quitting your job and starting your own business venture, then this time is right and favourable. Don’t just think but put in efforts to make your strategies a reality. You may gain financial benefits via your wife. Make sure to eat healthy and avoid spicy, street or spicy food, as you may suffer from stomach or abdomen related diseases. Try to exercise daily and avoid skipping breakfast.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Ashtak.


Mars is the ruling lord of your fifth house (children and knowledge) and twelfth house (expenses and losses). With this transit, it will be in the sixth house of your horoscope, which tells about debt, loan, illness and enemies. As a result, you can get into some kind of verbal spat with someone at the office. Also, the chances of you getting involved in some legal conflict is high. Hence, in both the cases, remain cautious and avoid speaking harshly to anyone. Keep your temper cool and don't get aggressive, as there will be repercussions. Stay away from street dogs, as you may get bit by one. Don’t try to go close, feed or touch one in such a case.

In case you’re facing marital discord with your spouse and things are becoming worse between you two, then this transit can lead to separation. Your immune system will get affected due to the Mars transit, and you may suffer from chronic health issues. You need to visit your doctor regularly in such a case and follow all his/her suggestions. Eat healthy and include exercise in your schedule. On the professional front, in case you’re looking for a new job, you may succeed in finding one. Also, there are chances of you taking up the new job.

Remedy: Fast on Thursday and recite any Sri Vishnu Mantra.


Mars rules the fourth house of your birth chart, which represents mother and happiness and eleventh house, which tells about income and gains. With this transit, it will get placed in your fifth house of intelligence and kids. Under its influence, you’ll achieve gains through your children. They will perform well in the school and get good grades. If they are preparing for competitive exams, chances of them succeeding in them are high. You’ll come across new opportunities in your professional life with the effect of this transit. As a result, you may get asked to lead a new team, project or manage a workspace. Either way, this opportunity will act as an add-on for your career.

Your ideas and mentality will be highly praised by the people around you. This will lead to an elevation in your reputation and status in society. People will look up to you and come for advice and suggestions. In case you’re single, there are chances of you meeting your soulmate. All you need to do is stay patient in the beginning of the relationship and not rush through things. Include leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet along with water, as there are chances of you suffering from digestion related issues. Don’t eat blindly and avoid oily or spicy food item.

Remedy: Light up the earthen lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturday and recite Shani Mantra.


Mars will enter in the fourth house of your birth chart, which tells about your happiness and mother. For Aquarius natives, it rules the third house, which signifies brothers and sisters and courage, and tenth house, which tells about career and professional life. With the influence of this transit, your expectations towards your mother may get fulfilled. It can be both emotional or materialistic. This means that if you’re expecting her to be more affectionate towards you and understand your emotional level or buying you something desirable, it will get fulfilled. During this time, you may buy a vehicle or land/property.

Your reputation and status in society as well as professional circle may rise, as status upliftment is on the cards. Although, remain grounded and do not fly high in the air, as overconfidence can ruin better opportunities for you. Mars transit can bring emotional instability for you, due to which you might act impulsively and create disturbances in your life. Hence, you need to stay calm in this situation. There is a possibility of you spending more than the desired budget on domestic affairs. There can be an event taking place within the family or you can spend on renovating the house. So, keep your desires in control and try not to overspend.

Remedy: Recite Shani Gayatri Mantra and offer black mustard seeds to Lord Shani on Saturday.


Mars will be posited in your third house, which represents courage and siblings. On the other hand, it rules your second house of wealth and family and ninth house, which signifies about luck, father and religion. As a result, this transit will instigate some sort of issues with your younger siblings. In such a situation, avoid speaking impulsively or aggressively, as you may say hurtful things to them. Remain calm and try to handle the situation. Your local travelling will increase due to your transfer to the new office or location. Hereby, try and manage your time and schedule your activities accordingly.

During this period, you’ll become capable of doing certain things and carrying out activities as per your interest, which you were waiting to do for a long time. You might have remained busy or occupied with something in the past, but now is your time to do the heartful. In this period, you may sell some property or vehicle. But do a quick market research about the value and price before approaching the buyer. You need to be very attentive while doing yoga or gym and avoid pushing yourself, as there are chances of you suffering from any hand or shoulder related injury. So be careful.

Remedy: Worship Lord Mahadev in his Shivling form.

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