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Mercury Transit in Cancer (25 July 2021) Brings Major Transformations

Mercury will transit in the Cancer zodiac sign on 25th July 2021 at 11.31 am and stay there till it will move to Leo on 9th August 1.23 AM. The impact of this Mercury Transit in 2021 will bring major transformation in the lives of natives.

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Mercury Transit in Cancer

The planet of brainpower, Mercury regulates the speech, analytical skills and communication skills of a person. It is the closest planet to the sun and traditionally rules the third and the sixth house of Natural Zodiac This influential planet will be moving from its own sign of air into the sign of water Cancer ruled by the Moon,which is the fourth house of the Kaal Purush. Mercury in this sensitive, nurturing sign of emotion becomes sentiments driven. In lieu of the same, the heart will be put forth before the mind during this transit period. The distinctive thinking will be completely dependent on the mood swings and feelings of the natives. Let’s discover its impact on all the zodiac signs.

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury Transit on your life.


The ruler of third which represents siblings, inner strength, communication and the ruler of sixth house which represents and sixth house of competition, enemies, diseases will be transiting in the fourth house. The fourth house is the representative of happiness, mother and property. The significator of education is in the house of schooling, this indicates that this period will be favourable for academic students. Their logical thinking and crisp understanding of the subjects will make them quick learners and their performance will improve. Also, the students who are preparing for competitive exams will have a favourable time. You may face concerns related to health of your mother, as she may have some nervous disorder or skin allergies, you are advised to consult a medical practitioner for best advice. There may be misunderstandings and differences of opinion between the members of the family. You will be engrossed in your personal life during this period and will try to settle everything at home. The working professionals who were expecting transfers should take heart, as there are good possibilities during this transit period. Those who are into sales, marketing and advertising profession will flourish during this period. Overall this transit will bring mixed results for Aries natives.

Remedy- Recite and Listen to stories of Lord Vaman, as it will bring auspicious results.


During this time, Mercury, which is your second and fifth house lord will be in Cancer, which is your third house of strength, siblings and willpower. The third house further represents your skills and communication. This will be a favourable time for the people who are working in the communication field like salesperson, journalist, reporter, writer, lawyer, or in the education sector or are into counselling as Mercury is the symbol of intelligence. At this time, natives will be very polite in their speech which will attract the people around. At the same time, Mercury will be aspecting on the ninth house. Astrologically, it means that this time will also be favourable for the students who desire to pursue higher education overseas, and your dreams might come true in this regard. You will get fame in your social circle. You can also plan a short-distance trip at this time with your siblings and acquaintances. You might also get involved in social or charitable work. However, at this time, you might be mentally tense because of something. Bringing yoga and meditation into your lifestyle may help you to ease stress. For the people who are in their own business, will have a flourishing time.

Remedy: Feeding birds during this time will bring auspicious results

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During this time, for the Gemini natives, Mercury will be in their second house, which is the sign of Cancer. This house represents wealth. The Lord of the second house is Moon, where Moon considers Mercury as its ally, but Mercury considers Moon as its enemy. With this placement of Mercury and Moon placed in the same house, this means that at this time, you won't be doing great financially. However, with your communication skills, which includes, speaking and writing, you can gain money professionally. Your diplomatic skills will improve at this time. For the married natives, you can get help and support from your spouse's family. You will also get support from your mother. Your partner will grow professionally with your support. You may be interested in the work of and may also plan to travel abroad. Business people will try to bring more innovative ideas into their work which might help their business to flourish further. In case you come across any challenge, you will try to solve it by the book. Your father may get ill at this time, so you must take special care of him, if required, consult a good medical practitioner.

Remedy- Read Bhagavad Gita everyday.


At this time, Mercury the third and twelfth house lord will be in the first house for the Cancer natives. This time will be very favourable for the people who are into business. Your strength and might will increase. You will perform very well at your workplace for which your seniors will also appreciate you. You will gain respect in the society. There are chances of foreign travel as well. You will have to take care of your siblings as they might fall ill at this time. You will have to be careful financially as you will have the desire of a better lifestyle for which you might be spending on materialistic things at this time. With Mercury in the first house, it will be aspecting on the seventh house. This means that you will have to be careful when doing business in partnership as your partner can cheat you at this time. You will be curious, which will make you look for more ideas and information; this will make you try different things out of your comfort zone. When in a discussion, you might not be a good listener, which might become problematic for you. You will be very straightforward at this time, because of which some people may think that you are very loud.

Remedy- Chant Mercury beej mantra 108 times a day

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During this time, Mercury' the second and eleventh house lord will be posited in the twelfth house of the natives of Leo zodiac. The twelfth house represents loss, bad health, spirituality. Because of this, at this time, you will try to adopt a very lavish lifestyle and will spend on materialistic things, because of which, you might become economically unstable. You can also be spending money in the matters of court, or to drive away your enemies. You may also have to spend on the hospitalization of a family member. You may also get under stress because of the continuous outgoing of your wealth. This time can be a very challenging time for you. You will have to take special care of your health as you might get sick at this time. You might also get anxiety at this time, for which you can include yoga and meditation in your lifestyle. You are advised to adopt more fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoid junk food as much as you can. Also, be careful about with whom you are sharing your secrets. At this time, your opponents will be active, so you should be careful from them. You will not get much support from your elder siblings at this time. In the case of married natives, there may be some conflicts in married life. Keeping self-confidence at this time can help you progress towards success.

Remedy- Recite Vishnu Sahasranama on wednesdays.


During this time, Mercury the first and tenth house lord will be posited in the eleventh house for the natives. This time, you will see an improvement in your personality which will attract everyone around you. Your intelligence and logical thinking will be good, which will help you in your workplace. Some natives can use their intelligence to get into fraudulent activities, which you should refrain from. Mercury, while sitting in the eleventh house, will aspect the fifth house of mentality, which means that you may act quarrelsome at this time. You will desire for happiness, to fulfil the same, you may spend lavishly on materialistic things, which might impact you financially. The eleventh house is the house of profit, which means that you will get support from your colleagues at work. You will defeat your enemies at this time. You will gain respect in the society with your communication skills. You will also gain happiness from your child. The students may get attracted to the subjects of science and research. You might also be interested in doing some social work at this time which will give you inner peace.

Remedy- Donate green lentils in temple on thursdays


During this time, Mercury the twelfth and ninth house lord will be sitting in the tenth house of Libra ascendant, which is the house of Cancer. People who are into a job might have to travel abroad for work. People who are doing business with foreign countries will also see their business prospering. You might also plan to settle abroad at this time. You may see some politics at your workplace, try to refrain from it. You may plan to invest in a property like your own house, or plan to buy a new vehicle. In regards to family, you should try to improve your relationship with your father. Your thinking will be very positive at this time, and you will feel content. You will dominate your opponents. If you are into your father's business, you will get success. You may also get involved in spiritual or religious work at this time. Your respect in society will increase. You will get support from relatives and friends, which will help you drive towards success. You will also get support from government policies. At this time, you will have to take special care of your health as you may suffer from cold, cough and fever.

Remedy- Offer Druva to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.

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Mercury the eight and eleventh house lords will be posited in the ninth house, which is also the house of Cancer. During this time, you will be fortunate and get money with the help of your luck and destiny. You can also gain from the ancestral or hereditary property. Furthermore, you can gain money if you are in the profession of writing, editing, singing or business. For any work that you do, you will achieve results after doing a lot of research during this period. Your general attitude towards your life at this time will be a happy and easy one. You may also waste your time on unnecessary things.You will be head-strong for anything that you do. Although you might lose some fame in society at this time, so you need to be careful in this regard. You can also become violent in support of your religious views. So, it is advised that you should not impose any of your beliefs on anyone. However, if you carry your belief in a calm manner, then you will succeed as a spiritual speaker. Native students may also plan to study abroad in which you can find success. Students can also take up higher education in language-related subjects.

Remedy : Recite Durga Stotram regularly, as it will remove the obstacles.

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During this time, the planet Mercury which owns the lordship of seventh and tenth house will be sitting in the eighth house of the Sagittarius natives. This time cannot be said to be favourable for you. Those into a job may face several challenges at their workplace, and the business people may also see some losses. You will have to work hard to accumulate wealth. You may also get a chance to work in some foreign country. You may benefit from some ancestral property. The job where you are taking care of others or helping others will bring you success. Also, your mind will run very quickly at this time because of this, the natives who are into intelligence services will find success. You may get a strong inclination towards occultism. Married natives can also find troubles with their partner, for which you are advised that you should resolve it cautiously and with patience. If something is troubling you in your head, share the same with your family, which will help you ease off the stress.

Remedy- Take the blessings of eunuch on Wednesday.


Mercury, the lord of the sixth and ninth house will be positioned in your seventh house of marriage, partnership and associations. The sixth house represents the fights, diseases and competition, while the ninth house is the prosperity, auspicious events and luck. During this transit period you are advised to be cautious and take good care of your spouse, as they may fall ill. Also, you should spend some time with each other understanding feelings and strengthening your relationship, as there are chances of fights and arguments between the two of you. Those you are into partnership business should be careful in their dealings, especially while discussions with their associates as they may enter into big fights and blame games. The natives, who are in the litigation will have a favourable time, you will get good opportunities to prove your metal, convince your clients and earn better. The singles may get fortunate and meet the person of their dreams during this period, however, you are advised to not make any decision in haste and take some time before you reach a final conclusion. If lanning to apply for a loan, for the purchase of property then time is favourable, you will be able to make a good deal.

Remedy- Donate green bangles to young girls on Wednesday to receive auspicious results of the planet Mercury.


Mercury, is the lord of fifth and eighth house and will be transiting from the sixth house for Aquarius natives. This period is favourable for students who are planning to appear for a competitive examination, as your writing skills will be good, also you will have a command on your subject. The research students will have a poor concentration and will face lots of obstacles and distraction in their studies. You are advised to take good care of your health during this period as your immune system will be fragile and you will be prone to food allergies, sleeping disorders and flu. The natives who are expecting to get a transfer will have a good time, as there will be some changes upcoming in your professional life. Those who are looking forward to changing jobs should look for proposals, as there are high probabilities of switching during this transit. You should be cautious about making any investment or lending money, since there are chances of losses and unproductive expenditures. You will need to troll yourself hard in your professional life during this period, only then you will get some success in your endeavours. You may face problems from your children, since they will be prone to injuries during this time.

Remedy- Plant a basil tree and worship it regularly.


For the Pisces, Mercury presides over the fourth house of domestic comfort, land & property, general happiness and seventh house of marriage and associations. During this transit Mercury will transit in your fifth house of children, studies, love affairs and hobbies. This position of the planet will bring mixed results for the natives. Those who are working in a job or are into a business will have a smooth dealings. Although, you need to have a calm attitude at work and not become aggressive. You will be able to manage your family life better and everyone will live in harmony with each other. This time is also favourable for the natives who are in a love relationship, you will enjoy the company of each other. Some of you can also plan to invest in a property. You may get inclined towards religious or spiritual work. You will have to be a little careful at this time as you may get some injury. You also need to have a good diet at this time, mostly incorporating fruits and vegetables. The students will perform well in their education and you will achieve good results.

Remedy- Reading or listening to stories Lord Vishnu will bring auspicious results

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