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Mercury Transit in Sagittarius & Its Impact (17 December, 2020)

Mercury will move out of the Mars-ruled zodiac sign Scorpio on Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 11:26 AM and enter the Sagittarius sign owned by Jupiter. This zodiac sign is considered as the ninth house in the Kaal Purush Kundli and represents the Fire element. Hence, the transit of Mercury in this sign will prove to give instant results.

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Now that Mercury is going to transit in Sagittarius, let us know what specific effect this transit will have on your zodiac sign:

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Mercury Transit in Sagittarius


For Aries, Mercury is the ruling lord of the third and sixth house and will enter the ninth house from your zodiac sign during this transit. Tonight house is called the house of luck and also reveals about long distance journeys, teachers, inclination towards religion and spirituality, pilgrimage, reputation in the society etc.

The transit of Mercury in the ninth house, you may have to face some problems in your life, especially related to travelling. You may face some inconvenience while travelling, which is why you must remain fully prepared before going on the journey and keep all your necessary documents with you. Any kind of journey done in this period will prove to be very effective for the future, so be sure to pay some attention.

At the same time, your tendency towards taking risks will increase, and you will start getting good results in your business. You will work immensely hard to attain favourable results, and your younger siblings will fully support you. They will help you improve your condition in society. In order to succeed in any area, you will be required to pour your everything and work harder. If you work in the field of writing or marketing, then this duration will prove to be highly favourable for you. You will succeed in the field of higher education and gain popularity. There will be a chance for you to go on a trip with your maternal relatives.

Remedy: You should fast on Wednesday.

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The ruling lord of your zodiac sign is Venus, which is friendly with Mercury. Mercury rules your second and fifth house, and will enter the eighth house from your zodiac sign during this transition period. Eighth house reveals about sudden or unexpected occurrences in life as well as unwanted journeys.

Due to the transit of the planet Mercury in your eighth house, you will face some challenging times in financial life. Monetary loss is on the cards. On the other hand, you will get to hear some really good news in regards to your children, who will remain happy and prosperous. Watching them move ahead in life will make you happy from the inside.

When it comes to love relationships, time is favourable, and you come across multiple opportunities to spend some time with your loved one and make beautiful memories. This will help you strengthen your relationship with your beloved. Both of you will share your feelings with each other, which will also strengthen the relationship and trust.

Time is on your side in case you want to accomplish any kind of Mantra during this period. You will succeed and progress spiritually.

Remedy: Wear Four-Faced or Char-Mukhi Rudraksha.


Mercury is the lord of your zodiac sign, hence the transit of Mercury proves to be very important for Gemini natives since its impact can be directly visible. Along with your first house, Mercury is also the lord of your fourth house of happiness and in this transitory period, will enter the seventh house of partnerships, marriage, trade and import-export.

With Mercury in the seventh house, you will gain tremendous success in business and be able to expand it well. You can initiate some new policies in this duration, which can strengthen your business further. With capital investment made in the business, things will become better. In this duration, you will spend beautiful moments in marital life and become capable of getting rid of any tension or dispute between you and your spouse.

You will remain devoted to your spouse, listen to them carefully and take care of them, which will strengthen your relationship. Apart from this, if your spouse is employed, then they will attain good results in their workplace and may get promoted as well. Your image will improve, and you will most likely take any major decision regarding property at this time. You can also succeed in buying a property or real estate during this time, which will double your happiness.

Remedy: You can install or adorn Budh Yantra within the house or around the neck respectively.


Known as the ruler of the third and twelfth house for your zodiac sign, Mercury will transit in Sagittarius and get placed in the sixth house from your zodiac sign. In Astrology, the sixth house is considered inauspicious since this house represents enemies, competitions, election, sickness, physical pain, debt and struggles.

By Mercury transiting in the sixth house, you will have to pay attention to your expenses since taken rapidly increase and can worsen your financial situations. Apart from this, you have to remain attentive from your opponents because they can remain active during this time and plan strategies to pull you down.

During this time, you will have to talk thoughtfully and avoid take into unnecessary fights or arguments. Along with that, keep in mind not to say things abruptly since it can put you into trouble. This act of yours can even make your closed ones go against you, and you may have to suffer extremely in your professional life.

You will remain very serious about your job and your hard work will be witnessed as well as appreciated by the people at the workplace. Even some of your opponents will also praise you, which will boost your confidence. There are strong chances of you getting a promotion and additional work responsibilities.

Remedy: You should donate black sesame seeds to a pilgrimage site or temple in the evening on Wednesday.

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For the natives of Leo zodiac sign, Mercury is the lord of the second and eleventh house, where the second house is the house of money and the eleventh house is considered to be the house of income. Mercury is transiting in the fifth house of intelligence, discretion, artistry, love relationships, life trends and children.

As a result of Mercury transit, there will be strong chances of an increase in your income and you will get benefits from business establishments. If already engaged in a business, then this period will prove advantageous for you. You will most likely game monetary profits through various sources, and several other natives can think of introducing some changes in their business which will prove to be favourable in the future run.

The transit of Mercury will also be favorable for your children and they will get good results. If studying, then their intellectual power will increase and they will successfully make progress in any task they lay their hands on. If you are in a love relationship, then the disputes and problems between you and your beloved will get resolved. Both of you will get a chance to face each other and reveal your deepest desires and feelings openly. This will strengthen your relationship and help you to move forward in life. Both of you may also go on any trip together. This transit of Mercury seems favourable for students as well. They will be willing to learn about new topics, which will help them develop the memory power. in this situation, they will get desirable outcomes in the field of education.

Remedy: Plant trees on Wednesday.


Mercury is the ruling lord of your zodiac sign, and as a result, its transit proves to be an influential one. In addition to your first house of thoughts, physical appearance, color formation and character, it is the ruler of the tenth house of Karma or actions, lifestyle, work, business etc. Mercury will get placed in the fourth house of luxury, mother, comforts in life, amenities, vehicles, immovable property etc.

The transit of Mercury in the fourth house is strongly indicating the arrival of ups and downs in the family life. In such a situation, you should try to prevent any major conflict in your family. Any kind of ego clashes can dismantle the foundation of love and care in the family. your entire focus will remain on your family and family conditions, due to which domestic expenses will also increase and you will feel burdened with personal responsibilities. This transit of Mercury also points towards wealth gain. In case you want to purchase a vehicle, you can go ahead with the idea in this direction since the time seems auspicious for you.

because the family members will be unorganized then the family That New Hill can focus your attention on your home and home related situations, which will also increase your household expenses and your personal responsibility Mercury will also increase, transit of Mercury can also get you any property, especially any movable property. If you should buy a vehicle, then you can buy it at this time because it will be very auspicious for you and will make you progress.

The transit of Mercury in Sagittarius will also strengthen your professional life and you will be able to deliver your tasks with your innate intelligence and efficiency. due to this, you will gain favourable results and appreciation from your seniors and co-workers. Business will prosper in this duration and you will think of expanding as well. In case your spouse is employed, he/she will also gain positive results in their work life and make subsequent progress

Remedy: You must chant the Budh Beej Mantra “ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः/oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ” regularly.

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The transit of Mercury planet will take place in the third house from your zodiac sign. The third house is the natural sign of Gemini ruled by Mercury in the Kaal Purush Kundli, which is why this transit will acquire favourable results. The third house represents your hearing ability, your arms, shoulders, neck and ears. Through this house, one gets an insight about communication skills, marketing techniques, hobbies, younger siblings and more. For your sign, Mercury is the ruling lord of your ninth house of luck and twelfth house of expenses.

The transit of Mercury in the third house will help you keep your views out and loud in front of others. This will drastically help you build your self-confidence and enable you to take your projects forward successfully through constant efforts. If your business is related to Tours and Travels, then this transit will be very favorable for you and benefit you a lot. Luck will be on your side, due to which you will be able to successfully fulfil all the impending projects. Your respect in the society will improve, and you will be honored. You may also meet some of your old friends, which will bring back old, nostalgic memories and befriending some new people is also possible.

You will share both your problems and happiness with your siblings, which will work towards strengthening your relationship with them. In order to get benefitted from foreign contacts, you are required to work even harder. However, success is definitely on the cards. In case you write something, then this duration proves to be highly favourable for you, and you will successfully pursue your hobby.

Remedy: As a remedy, you should soak the root of Vidhara in water and then bathe with it on Wednesday to attain beneficial results.


For Scorpions, Mercury is the ruling lord of your eighth and eleventh house, where the eighth house reveals about a native’s uncertainty, while the eleventh house is considered to be the house of income. The transit of the planet Mercury will be in the second house of money and voice as well as family from your zodiac sign. Also, it reveals about your wealth, your lifestyle, eating habits etc.

With Mercury transit in your 2nd house, you will find it easy to accumulate your income which will strengthen your financial conditions. Subsequently, your conditions in the family will also drastically improve. Some new activities and tasks will take place in your family, and your presence will be highly required during that time. You will very easily fulfill all your responsibilities, which will make you more respected by the family members.

During this time, some sudden incidents may occur with you which will prove to be profitable. However, you are required to keep a check on your voice tone since sometimes you can be rude unknowingly or say something that can go against your intentions. In this duration, you can benefit from your in-laws' side. They can come forward to help you in any manner. During this time, travelling will incur favourable results and one of your sisters will significantly prove to be helpful in helping you succeed in your endeavors.

Remedy: Feed green grass to the cow or Gow Mata with your own hands on Wednesday


The transit of Mercury for your zodiac sign will take place in the first house. With its placement in the first house itself, this transit will bring special changes in your life. This planet is the ruling lord of your seventh and tenth house. The seventh house tells about your marital partnership and import-export, whereas the tenth house tells about your work, business and livelihood. The first house represents your personality, physical characteristics and your social status.

With the transit of Mercury planet in the first house of the horoscope, you will become humorous, which will be liked by the people. With this your repetition in the society will highly improve. people will really like your company and would want to be a part of it at any occasion. From the business point of view, this transit will prove very useful for you and your business will make significant progress, which will make you happy.

In terms of your married life, this transit of Mercury also proves to be favourable since both of you will be able to resolve all the ongoing problems in your relationship in this duration. You will be able to successfully share your problems with your spouse and sit with them while calmly sharing your inhibitions and fears. Due to this, your relationship will strengthen and both of you will lead the way with a positive outlook.

With professional conditions becoming stronger, you will be required to focus more on yourself and try to bring a positive change in your personality.

Remedy: You must worship Lord Moon regularly.

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For your sign, Mercury is the ruling lord of the sixth and ninth house, where the sixth house represents one’s sufferings, enemies and debts, the ninth house is the house of luck, guru and religion. Mercury transit in the 12th house from your sin. This house signifies loss, popularity, going abroad, hospitalization, expenses and jail arrest.

With this transit of Mercury, you will become prepared to fight your opponents since they will remain highly active and plan different strategies to pull you down. But you will also try your level best to stop them from succeeding. You have to use your wisdom and intelligence in order to dominate your opponents in your personal as well as professional life. In this duration, your expenses are likely to increase, which is why you are required to maintain a budget in order to nullify any negative impact on your financial life.

For some relatives, changing the city, state or even country can lead them towards success. With this change, things will remain in favour of you and you will benefit financially as well as socially. Your reputation in the society will increase and you won't face any kind of obstacles in your tasks. You will spend your money with an open heart and try to make the most of your time.

Not only this, you can also get rid of your loans and debts in this duration of transit, but for this you have to work harder. Youngsters who are preparing for competitive exams are required to work immensely heart in order to attain positive results. You will feel inclined towards spiritual and religious thoughts and can get involved in humanitarian activities. You have to take care of your Income Tax filing and returns.

Remedy: To gain the blessings of Mercury, you should wear Vidhara root.


The transit of Mercury will take place in the 11th house from your zodiac sign. For Aquarius, this planet rules your fifth and eighth house, with your fifth house being stated as an auspicious Trikona Bhava or house and eighth house as an inauspicious one. In such a manner, this transit of Mercury will bring mixed results for the natives of Aquarius zodiac sign. The eleventh house represents our income and profits along with goals and objectives and the efforts made by us to fulfill them. One can also find out about his/her life achievements through this house as well.

With Mercury transit in the eleventh house, you will direct your hard work and efforts in multiplying your wealth and focus on accumulating money. This will help you strengthen your financial condition. You will fully use your intelligence and gain prophets from all sides. Your reputation will increase and you will get a chance to meet some influential names of the society and mingle with them. This means, this period can prove to be fruitful for you as you can take advantage of the conditions in regards to expanding your business.

During Mercury’s transit, your love life will flourish. you will come across several opportunities to spend memorable moments with your beloved, during which both of you will share your feelings for each other. With this your relationship will become stronger. As a result, your love will flourish during this transit.

If you are married, then your child will fully succeed in this duration and they will perform excellently in their field of work. Their intellect and memory power will highly improve.

Remedy: Feed sabut green moong pulse to the cow on a Wednesday with your own hands.


The transit of Mercury for your zodiac sign will be in your tenth house. Mercury is the ruling lord of the fourth house of comforts and seventh house of partnerships. The transit of the planet Mercury in the tenth house will prove to be highly impactful since the tenth house is the house of Karma and reveals about your livelihood and profession or business.

Due to the influence of this transit, you will become quick-witted, won’t hesitate much and actively take part in meetings and discussions at the workplace. You will also succeed in not only performing extraordinarily but in a planned and strategic manner, which will open the doors for several opportunities to come in your way. This can even lead to your promotion. Your way of speaking and calm behaviour will be liked by your colleagues at the workplace, and they will seek your advice. Your funny attitude will keep the atmosphere light.

Apart from this, this transit will also be very favorable for family life. The atmosphere of the house will be peaceful and happy, and a sense of harmony will prevail between family members, thereby strengthening the relationships. Due to this, your family's gross household income will also increase, and you will pay attention to familial expenses. You will be happy and satisfied with fulfilling your responsibilities. This time can be a bit troublesome for your married life, so it will be better for you to sit together with your spouse and try to solve the problems between you two mutually.

Remedy: The idol of Radha must be adorned with beautiful clothes and jewelry on Wednesday and then worshipped with a devoted heart.

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