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Mercury Transit in Aries (25 April 2020)

Mercury transit in Aries will take place on 25 April 2020 in the early morning, at 2:26 hours (late night of 24 April). It will exit Pisces to enter the zodiac sign of Mars, Aries, and will continue to stay here until 9 May 2020. After this, it will move on to the next sign in the zodiac cycle, Taurus. As per Kalpurush Kundli, the sign belongs to the first house or ascendant. Since this is a fire sign, thus, the transit of Mercury will quickly offer its results.

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The movement of the dualistic planet through the first sign of the zodiac cycle will offer different results to each sign. Let us take a look at how the Mercury transit in Aries will influence your life.

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Mercury, the Lord of the third and sixth houses of Aries natives, is moving to enter the zodiac sign, thereby getting posited in their first house.

With the placement of the Lord of your third house in your ascendant, your confidence in your strength will grow and you will be seen making more efforts at this time. Your decision-making skills in making yourself successful will develop. Any decision that you make at this time will prove to be significant for your future. However, you need to avoid falling to the vice of overconfidence and choose your words wisely while talking to anyone.

You will also receive the support of your siblings in this transit period, and they will be ready to step in with any help that you need. The love and affection between you will continue to grow. On the other hand, as Mercury is also the Lord of your sixth house, its placement in your first can cause a decline in your health. You may be troubled with skin-related diseases such as allergies and nerve disorders.

In the meantime, this Mercury transit in Aries will prove to be favourable for your marital life. Romance in your relationship will grow. You and your spouse will talk to each other openly, thereby resolving all differences that persisted between you. As a result, your connection will improve. On the whole, this transit will be essential in establishing your bond after marriage properly. Natives need to exercise caution, in terms of their business; otherwise, their trade can move in the wrong direction.

Remedy: Keep a fast on Wednesday.


The Lord of your second and fifth houses, Mercury, is making its transit through Aries, and will thereby enter the twelfth house of Taurus natives. This planetary movement is likely to bring mixed results for the natives.

On the one hand, the influence of Mercury transit in Aries will cause an increase in your expenses. As a result, you may even end up spending your accumulated wealth on specific tasks. Simultaneously, if you wish to go abroad for further studies, then you need to steel yourself for the hard work now. On the other hand, if it is your children who are actively working in this direction, then they too can get admission in a good foreign university later. For this, you should help them prepare harder so that they can perform better.

Taurus natives will accomplish all their tasks with intellect and wisdom, as a result of which, you will earn name and respect overseas. Many of you will make a significant investment in your business right now, which will prove to be helpful for your future.

On another note, this transit will not be much favourable for the love life of natives; thus, you need to remain a little careful. You may experience a distance of miles with your beloved due to some work. However, your communication will continue as usual and maintaining contact with them will help you keep your relationship alive.

You will necessarily need to keep an eye on your expenses in this transit period; otherwise, it is likely to negatively affect your financial strength. Avoid getting into any unnecessary dispute, or you may end up paying. The health of Taurus natives will remain on the weaker side in this duration.

Remedy: Wear the Char-Mukhi or four-faced Rudraksha to receive favourable blessings of Mercury. You can also worship Lord Mercury (Buddh) at home.


This Mercury transit in Aries is very significant for Gemini natives because the planet is the Lord of your sign. During this transit, it will be posited in your eleventh house of income and profits. As a result, this planetary movement will prove to be promising for the natives.

Its influence will bring strength to your speech. With the help of wisdom and intellect, you will be able to accumulate sufficient wealth. Your relations with your seniors will improve right now. Moreover, an improvement will also be seen in your communication skills, and you will reap the benefits of the same at your workplace.

This transitory motion will also prove to be favourable for Gemini natives, in terms of love and romance. You will be able to impress your beloved with your words, which will bring new energy to your love life. In this duration, you will also successfully accomplish several pending tasks, which will give a boost to your self-confidence. In turn, it will also cause an expansion in your social ties.

In addition to this, an increase in your friend circle is also indicated. You will get the opportunity to meet many new people. As you attend several weddings and parties in this duration, your social circle will further grow. Moreover, you will gain status amongst the people, and one or more of your plans are also likely to succeed now. On the whole, this Mercury transit in Aries is here to bring prosperity on the financial front for Gemini natives

Remedy: You should read the Shree Ganapati Atharvashirsha Stotra.


Mercury is the Lord of the twelfth and third houses of Cancer natives, and with its transit into its exalted sign Aries, will get posited in their tenth house. Also known as your house of Karma, it signifies your career. As a result of this, Mercury transit in Aries, Cancer natives can expect many ups and downs in their professional life.

On the one hand, you will successfully bring an enhancement to your work with your efforts, which will garner you praise. All your colleagues will stand by your side in your support, which will strengthen your fraternal bonds. You will be enjoying your work immensely at this time. However, on the other hand, there are also yogas of a sudden transfer in your workplace. Thus, you will need to pay attention to the same. This duration requires you to inspect your tasks minutely; therefore, you need to work very carefully and double-check everything that you do.

You need to remember that during this transit, your workload will be substantial, and you will feel low spirited at times. In such a situation, instead of losing hope, you need to redouble your efforts and accomplish your tasks splendidly. On a more positive note, this transitory motion will bring joy and bliss in the family life of Cancer natives. The health of your parents will remain strong, and you will receive the support of the members of your household as well. Besides, your younger siblings will help you out in your professional life, and your relations with your father will further improve.

Predictions indicate a gradual increase in the trade of Cancerians as you arise in the form of a successful business person now. You need to utilise this duration and strengthen things at your workplace.

Remedy: Water Green plants on Wednesday.

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The Mercury transit in Aries will take place in the ninth house of Leo natives. This house signifies your fortune as well as informs one about journeys to faraway places.

The Lord of your second and eleventh houses is entering your ninth house. Thus, it will strengthen your economic front and help your finances to flourish. The influence of this transit will help you accomplish your pending tasks or succeed in those that you were facing obstacles in. Assignments that you were hesitating in taking in your hands, will now start getting executed, and you will triumph in your efforts.

There are indications that many Leo natives will expand their ancestral business. In contrast, working personnel are also likely to incur favourable outcomes in their professional life. Many of you can also plan for a beautiful and entertaining trip now, to someplace far from home, once the Coronavirus panic has subsided and resolved.

The influence of this transitory motion will improve your relations with your siblings, and you will not hesitate in sharing your heartfelt emotions with them. This duration will bring an increase in your decision-making skills and efforts, as well as your communication skills. The latter is also likely to bring many benefits for Cancer natives as you earn name, fame, and respect in society and are lauded for your accomplishments.

Remedy: Eat Whole Mung beans (cooked) on Wednesday.


Mercury is the Lord of zodiac sign Virgo; thus, this transit will prove to be very essential for the natives. It is also the Lord of your tenth house, known as your house of Karma, and will be entering your eighth house during its transitory motion. In general, the eighth house is not considered to be a promising position for a planet, however, for Mercury, it is said to be a favourable one. In such a situation, the planetary movement will bring mixed results for Virgo natives.

You will have to face some ups and downs in your workplace, and many of you can feel that your efforts are not adequately succeeding. As a result, you are likely to find your focus scattered to the winds. The movement of the Lord of your sign to its eighth house will create some health issues for Virgo natives as you experience a decline in the same. However, Lord Mercury will also bring in several modes of increase in your current salary. You can also receive unexpected monetary gains right now.

With the help of your wisdom and intellect, some of you can also accumulate wealth through secret methods. On the flip side, natives who have a favourably placed Mercury in their birth chart can look forward to positive outcomes in their professional life. Unexpected investments are also on the cards for many. You are advised to maintain a vigil on your father’s health throughout this time.

Remedy: Chant the Mercury Beej Mantra regularly: “oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ/ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः”


Mercury is the dear friend of Venus, the Lord of your zodiac sign Libra, and also the Lord of your ninth and twelfth houses. With this planetary movement, it will move to enter your seventh house, which will bring many different results.

In general, this Mercury transit in Aries will be favourable for Libra natives. It will bring progress in your business, helping you expand your trade. If you wish to begin something new, then it will flourish, and you will attain success in your efforts. Fate will favour you ultimately, and you will thrive even in those fields where you had no such expectations.

Any journeys that you undertake right now will offer results in your favour and open new paths to profits. You will also establish contacts with foreign sources, which will prove to be beneficial for you. Unmarried natives of this sign have strong yogas of marriage forming right now.

In addition to this, a certain sweetness will blend into your words, making your speech more pleasant. The attraction in your personality will grow, which will impress the people surrounding you. In addition to this, your decision-making skills and your intellect will also dazzle others. Some of them can even ask for your help in certain significant tasks. Your popularity in society will increase, and you will move forward on the path of progress.

Remedy: Soaking the Vidhara root in your bathing water, and taking a bath with it on Wednesday will offer Librans beneficial results. If this is not possible, then you should chant the Budh Mantra every day: “oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ/ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः”


The sixth house of Scorpio natives will host the transit of Mercury. The dualistic planet is the Lord of your eighth and eleventh houses; thus, its movement into your sixth house will not be favourable for you. Natives are likely to suffer from health issues, as a result of the same. Some discolouration of your skin is indicated; therefore, you are advised to observe as many precautions as you can.

In addition to this, getting into debates is likely to cause problems for Scorpio natives. There are also possibilities for an increase in your expenses. If you do not put a hold on your spendings, troubles are inevitable. You can also face a decline in your income at this time, leading to economic problems.

Due to some reason, Scorpio natives may have to apply for a loan from a bank or ask to borrow money from someone. You will put in efforts in this direction and succeed. Although, this will help you accomplish your pending tasks, however, you should also continue to strive for the repayment of these debts. This Mercury transit in Aries will also influence your relations with your senior officials as things sour between you. Therefore, you need to especially keep an eye on this; otherwise, problems at your workplace will arise.

Remedy: Chant the Vishnu Sahstranaam Stotra on Wednesday.

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Mercury is the Lord of the seventh and tenth houses of Sagittarius natives. Thus, it has lordship over your professional life, your spouse, and business. As a result, this Mercury transit in Aries will be significant for the natives.

The movement of the planet in your fifth house will prove to be vital in continuous growth in your income and will also help your plans move forward. Not only this, but you can also look forward to significant profits in your business. You will continue to progress while prevailing over the competition in market and your work will be praised. If you work for a big, reputable brand, then it will gain more fame, and you will benefit through its promotion. Moreover, you will also be able to further improve your marketing strategy. This duration will help you get in touch with esteemed businesspeople.

On the other hand, working professionals of this sign need to exercise caution in this duration. Predictions indicate possibilities of you losing your job right now. However, yogas of another opportunity will also form soon afterwards.

Your spouse will receive the benefits of this transit period. If they are working, then they can look forward to promotion right now. Otherwise, they will gain profits through some other mode. Simultaneously, the student natives of this sign will find themselves involved in their studies, and you will learn many new things. Married natives will also receive positive results through their children.

Remedy: Worship Lord Moon or Chandra Deva every day.


Mercury is the Lord of the house of fortune, as well as the sixth house of Capricorn natives. During its transitory motion, it will move into your fourth house of happiness.

Thus, as a result of this Mercury transit in Aries, natives will receive many comforts and amenities. Many of you can also buy a new vehicle, which will become a mode of progress for you and your family in the future. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown, you will complete all necessary paperwork online for the booking, while staying safe at home. Happiness will prevail in your household, and the health of your parents will remain stable. Conversations with your relatives on the phone and through social media will add to your joy, which will further add to the jubilant atmosphere of your home.

However, Capricorn natives are advised to start their vehicle at home to warm it up, so that it doesn't break down. You also need to steer clear of any property-related disputes, because they will negatively influence your family life.

This planetary movement will also improve things in your professional life, and you will soon become the expert at your work. Any ongoing legal case can be decided in your favour, bringing you much relief and happiness. One of your ideas can garner many praises from the people around you.

Remedy: Worship Lord Maha Ganesha and offer Durvankar (Durva grass) to him as an oblation, to receive the blessings of the planet Mercury.


The transit of Mercury is taking place in the third house of Aquarius natives, which as per Kalpurush Kundli is the house of the dualistic planet itself. As a result, Mercury will remain strengthened and offer you promising results through your communication skills.

As the planet, being the Lord of your fifth and eight houses, enters your third house, Aquarius natives can expect favourable results in the field of education. Sudden travels are on the cards for some, which you should cancel or postpone. These unexpected journeys will only cause physical and monetary problems for you. Moreover, going out right now will be a violation of the country-wide lockdown as well. On another note, this planetary movement will not bring an auspicious time for your siblings as they face some troubles in this duration. On the contrary, it will be beneficial for you as there are indications of an increase in your salary.

Married natives of this sign will benefit through their children, as they gradually progress in their respective field. Happy tidings may reach you through social media and modes of communication. You can find yourself getting inclined towards writing at this time, and you will take this hobby of yours forward.

You will get several opportunities to talk to your friends at this time, which will cause your bonds to grow stronger. You may even befriend some new people through social media, as well as meet up with some old ones. Not only this, your alliance with your neighbours and relatives will also improve. Your colleagues will also behave in a friendly manner with you, which will be helpful for you in your profession.

Remedy: Eat sprouted whole green moong on Wednesday.


Mercury is the Lord of your fourth and seventh houses. During its transitory motion, it will enter your second house. Due to the influence of this Mercury transit in Aries, the charisma in your speech will increase. However, you will also be seen, reacting instantly and sharply. What this means is that if somebody says something, you will immediately respond to it, which you may end up regretting later. Thus, mind your words because it can lead to things that were moving in the right direction, to go wrong.

As for the business personnel of this sign, this transit will prove to be favourable. With the help of your foresight and new strategies, you will be able to give new pace to your trade. Coming to the influence of this planetary movement on your marital life, your spouse will become more dedicated to your family, which will bring you immense happiness. However, there can also be a decline in their health, thus, you need to keep an eye on them.

Your family income will increase, and some property-related matters are likely to bring you profits. Pisces natives who are associated with transportation can plan some big projects to expand their trade once the market opens. You will receive many benefits through these in the future. In addition to this, the financial front of Pisceans will remain stable throughout this time. Your entire kin will work in collaboration, towards the betterment of the family.

Remedy: On Wednesday, dress up Goddess Radha and then worship her.

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