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Mercury Transit in Leo - September 2, 2018

Mercury rules two Zodiac signs - Gemini and Virgo. It is named after the Roman deity Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. And that is why, it's the fastest among all the planets and represents day-to-day expressions, communication and coordination. It is also considered the significator of wisdom, speech and business. With the strong and favourable presence of Mercury in a person’s birth chart, she/he advances in all these domains. However, if it is reflecting malefic results, one should follow special Budh Mantra and Remedies to appease this planet.

Mercury Transit in Leo

Mercury will transit in Leo on Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 09:16 PM in the night and remain in this sign till morning 04:23 AM on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. With its transit in Leo, communication skills of the natives will become bold and influential. Furthermore, this transit will prove to be influential for creative work, performance as well as romantic inspiration. Apart from Leo, Mercury transit will influence other Zodiac signs as well. Take a look at below astrological predictions to know more about how it will influence all 12 signs.

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Planet Mercury will transit in the 5th House from your Moon sign. During this transit period, you would gain mental strength and your intellect would get enhanced. You might also meet new friends in this duration. Beginning of a new relationship is presaged. As far as children are concerned, they would enjoy all the comforts. Moreover, you might get indulged in lottery, shares or gambling. Your interest in mantras and scriptures might upswing. There would be an increase in your efforts and your interest in writing, acting, and speaking might elevate.

Remedy: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 4th House from your Moon sign. In this transit period, domestic harmony would prevail. Your hard work would offer favourable results in your professional life. You might change your current job and probably get a better opportunity. Moreover, you might spend money on house or household activities. Apart from this, you might look for a new house or might change the interior of the house. All in all, this transit would bring about comforts that you would enjoy with your family members.

Remedy: Chant this Mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”.


Mercury will transit in the 3rd House from your Moon sign, which means you would put up your best efforts and your skills would get enhanced. Your communication would also strengthen and you would procure gains through it. In this transit period, health of your parents might decline, but your siblings would enjoy a good time. You would also help your siblings in their endeavors. Moreover, your spouse would witness an upswing in the social status and chances of journeys is also presaged.

Remedy: Recite Shri Durga Saptashati Path.

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Planet Mercury will transit in the 2nd House from your Moon sign. During this period, gains from abroad are presaged. Your siblings would lend a helping hand to you and might support you financially. Furthermore, your speech would improve and you would be able to influence others with your manipulative skills. Your efforts at work would also lead you to the path of success. Moreover, you need to take care of your spouse, as she/he might fall sick.

Remedy: Donate Sabut Moong Dal on Wednesday.


Mercury will transit into your own sign, because of which your personality would improve a bit. During this period you would get recognition in the society and your social status would get enhanced. This transit of Mercury would let you to focus on yourself. You would spend money on yourself as well as you would take interest in updating yourself with current trends & scenarios. The bright part of this transit reveals that your parents would support you in your endeavors. Moreover, your siblings would also support you and would witness an upswing in your all round development.

Remedy: Donate Sugar to a Brahmin on Wednesday.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 12th House from your Moon sign. During this transit period, you might go abroad or to a remote place for professional reasons. Your expenses would increase in this period. However, your health might becomes weak. Moreover, your spouse might also feel low, so, you need to take care of her as well. You might feel mentally stressed due to disputes or litigation. But your intellect would help you out to confront all the challenges that would come your way. It is advisable that you do not indulge yourself in unfair or illegal practices as they might result in imprisonment.

Remedy: Recite Sri Ram Raksha Stotra.


Mercury will transit in the 11th House from your Moon sign. During this transit period, your income would definitely increase and if you are into any business, it would yield you best & favourable results. This transit would also bring about an elevation in your intellect, on the basis of which, you would procure huge profits and will make more and more efforts. You would socialise yourself and hence your friend circle would increase. Moreover, you would receive gains through media channels and other modes of communication.

Remedy: Establish Budh Yantra on Wednesday.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 10th House from your Moon sign. During this period, you would focus on the diverse aspects of excelling at work. However, there may arise sudden issues that might create some problems at work. Improvement in your domestic life is presaged. Health of your father might get affected. He might also receive some gains as an out turn of this transit. You need to refrain yourself from arguments. Avoid being overconfident, as just being confident is enough to get favourable results.

Remedy: Donate small Green Cardamom on Wednesday.


Mercury will transit in the 9th House from your Moon sign. This transit period would prove to be progressive for your life. Long journeys are predicted that would give you favourable results. You would develop new relationships with eminent people of the society and your social status would get elevated. Your interest in writing, media or higher studies may increase. Moreover, you might change your current job and this would turn out to be for your betterment. Partnership would also prove to be beneficial for you. Apart from this, you would grow with the support from your spouse.

Remedy: Donate Sugar on Wednesdays.

How to Negate the bad influence of Planet Mercury?: Buy Vidhara Mool Tree Root


Planet Mercury will transit in the 8th House from your Moon sign. During this transit period, there might arise some troubles in your life like the health of your father may decline or you may face sudden loss in your wealth. However, your interest towards occultism, mantras, sadhana, astrology would increase. Moreover, occasional debates might result in mental stress, so restrain yourself from the same. You need to watch your mouth, as the words you would utter might create some unwanted tiffs. In addition to this, you might encounter unplanned expenses.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha with utmost devotion & offer him Durva (green grass).


Planet Mercury will transit in the 7th House from your Moon sign. During this transit period unexpected events might occur. Tiffs in your marital life is presaged. You need to avoid disputes as it might lead to separation. However, this transit would bring favourable outcomes for your love life as you might marry the person you are in love with. If you are into business, this period would offer you beneficial results. Moreover, in this duration you may not be able to understand your spouse or your business partner, and you may also become suspicious about them.

Remedy: Take a bath in Apamarga root mixed water.


Mercury will transit in the 6th House from your Moon sign. In this transit period, you may get indulged in some disputes or debates, but the outcome of the same would fall in your favour. Health of your spouse might decline. You would excel at workplace and would get good results for your sincere efforts and hard work. Moreover, there might occur some issues related to property that you would have to confront. Apart from this, you need to drive carefully as chances of meeting with an accident is presaged. Your expenses may increase a bit, so you need to have a control over it.

Remedy: Chant Budh Beej Mantra daily.

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AstroSage hopes that we have helped you unveil the possible outcomes of this transit and what it might hold for you. We wish the very best for you during this period of Mercury transit in Leo!

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