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Mercury Transit in Pisces and its Impacts(7 April, 2020)

Mercury Transit in Pisces - Date and Timings

The planet Mercury will move out of the sign Aquarius, whose zodiac lord is its friend, Saturn. It will gain motion to enter the last sign of the zodiac circle, Pisces which comes under the governance of Jupiter. This particular transit will take place on Tuesday, 7 April 2020 at 2:16 PM in the noon. Pisces also happens to be Mercury’s debilitated sign. According to the Kaal Purush Kundli, it is considered to be the sign of the house of expenses. It is also determined by the water element, which is why it will bring forth some crucial changes in the lives of all kinds of natives.

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The transit of the planet Mercury in your Kundli will bring forth some immediate effects and since Mercury is the primary governor of wisdom, it's transit will have an optimum amount of influence on your intelligence, your thinking powers and your speech.

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Let us now move on to the transit predictions now and find out how it will influence all the 12 zodiac signs of the zodiac circle.

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator

mercury Transit in Pisces


For the first sign of the zodiac circle, the planet Mercury is the ruling lord of your third and sixth houses. Now, during its transitory motion, it will enter the house of your expenditures, which means the twelfth house. Under the influence of this planetary movement, your health may decline gradually. Multiple physical problems may keep troubling you all this while. You may also suffer from insomnia and skin related diseases. At the same time, many of your efforts will also not be graced with success, because of which you may remain displeased. Your rivals will also remain in an active mode and not leave behind any chance to make things difficult for you. However, those students who are busy preparing for Competitive exams will lay their hands upon some special results. But it will require a lot of hard work and perseverance on your part. Partial amounts of success will be granted in legal matters. At the same time, your expenses will also increase drastically, which will bring some discrepancies to your budget. Your siblings may take a foreign tour and you may also be offered a job opportunity from a foreign company or a multinational one. Those who are pursuing their education in law will remain at the receiving end of extremely favourable results of this Mercury transit .

Remedy : Feed green grass to Gau Mata every Wednesday.


The planet Mercury is a dear lord of your zodiac lord Venus and for your sign specifically, it rules over your second and fifth houses. The eleventh house of your sign will be occupied by the dualistic planet while transiting in Pisces. The concerned house is also known as the house of profits. This planetary movement will enable business personnels to expand their trade ventures. Some of you may also make some commendable investments for the betterment of your business. Your family members may also come forward to help you. The inflow of your income will increase in this transit duration. The economic problems which have been persistent in your life will cease to exist in this transit period of Mercury and your business will function in a proper manner. Apart from this, if we talk about your love life, then this transit will prove to be quite beneficial. If there are any ongoing misunderstandings between the two of you, then they will come to an end. Mutual understanding between each other will also improve. You will be able to talk your heart out in front of each other and display great levels of understanding. Intellectual abilities will also be greatly strengthened. You will take interest in learning new things and also pursuing your higher education. Additionally, your economic front will get stronger because of the assistance provided by your family members in this transit duration of Mercury.

Remedy : Soak some Vidhara roots in water and use the same water to take a bath on Wednesday as it will ensure the inflow of auspicious results.


The tenth house of your sign will be under the occupancy of Mercury during its transitory movement. It is also the ruling lord of your sign, which means your ascendant house along with your fourth house. Because of all these factors, you will be provided with full-fledged opportunities to reflect upon yourself, your career and your family when the planet Mercury undergoes its transitory movement. You will make some positive decisions which will be of great help to you on the professional front. However, you can also fall prey to overconfidence, which is why some problems may crop up on your work front. This time period will bring bouts of happiness for your domestic life. Family members will nurture feelings of love and affection towards each other and understand one another really well. In such a situation, a harmonious environment will prevail over your household. You will also be successful in purchasing a particular property, but some documentation issues may come into the forefront. You will prioritise your work over the other things in your life, because of which you will feel fatigued and run low on physical energy. Hence, it is recommended to make the right use of your intellect and wisdom to get your tasks done. This should be done so as to keep yourself sane, physically and mentally. Also remember not to share your domestic secrets with anyone else in the office.

Remedy : Chant the Beej Mantra of Mercury regularly which is mentioned below.

oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ/ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः


For Cancerians, the planet Mercury is the ruling lord of your twelfth and third houses. During this particular transit, it will move to enter your ninth house. Under the influence of this transit you will be provided opportunities to visit a foreign country. Also, those who wish to complete their education in a foreign based college or University may witness some positive results. Your wisdom and intellectual abilities will get strengthened and your societal status will also improve. With great personal efforts, you will be able to offer a new direction to your life. Some of you may also be seen taking interest in writing. It is quite possible that you may turn this passion of yours into your profession. Working for media and Communication mediums will provide you with delight. Apart from this, you will be vocal about your thoughts and and will be seen actively participating in societal functions and events. The inflow of your income will increase and you will acquire the support of your sibling. A particular hobby of yours like gardening, writing or acting will be pursued by you and you will take great interest in such activities. Overall speaking, you will take more interest in creative activities and raise your voice against the evils of the society in this time period. Your communication skills will improve and you will reap the benefits of your hard work. However, your outspoken attitude may also be the reason for your losses, which is why you should remain extremely careful while speaking on public platforms.

Remedy : You should worship Chandradev regularly.


The dualistic planet Mercury will enter the eighth house of Leo natives during its transitory movement. The presence of Mercury in its debilitated sign will definitely create some problems for the ones governed by the symbol of lion. However, favourable results will usher in ultimately. For your zodiac sign, the planet Moon is the ruling lord of your second and eleventh houses, because of which your income levels may fall drastically. A particular business venture may also fail badly, because of which you may have to incur economic losses. On the other hand, there also possibilities of you availing some sudden benefits, which will bring advances to your economic position very soon. You will also be provided opportunities to meet and greet your in-laws. You will get involved in some meaningful conversations with them and also seek advisories from your in-laws. On the professional front, there may be some ups and downs, because of which relations with senior officials may remain low on simmer. Consequently, you may also get fired from your job. Hence, it is recommended to remain a bit cautious and keep your eyes and ears open. It would be better if you try to avoid unnecessary debates and conflicts. You will also take much interest in spiritual activities and organising Pujas and other auspicious functions. You will enjoy chanting rosaries and learning something new in this duration, because of which your intellectual abilities will also get refined.

Remedy : You should decorate the idol of Radha and worship her duly on Wednesday.


The seventh house of your sign will be under the occupancy of the planet Mercury. The dualistic planet is also the ruling lord of your tenth house, which is why this transit will prove to be quite influential. Under the influence of this transit, situations at the workplace will remain in your favour. With your own perseverance, you will be able to lay your hands on a promotion offer. Not only this, the cherry on the top is that, you may also be offered a salary hike. Success will be granted to whichsoever project you lay your hands on. If you are associated with any kind of business, then it will gain momentum. Consequently, profits will fall into your lap. However, since the planet Mercury is placed in its debilitated sign, you may suffer from some health problems. Most of your dedication will be dedicated towards your life partner. You will look up to his/her advice to get several tasks done. Because of this, you may have to face disappointment several times. You may regret taking some steps in the past. Relations will improve with your father and there will be some depth in your relationship. The bond between you and your partner will also sweeten and you will prioritize your work over others. Most importantly, you will reap economic benefits in abundance. Also, with the right use of your intellect, you will be able to make your business activities thrive.

Remedy : You should install the Budh Yantra or wear Gemstones associated with the planet Mercury.


The transit of Mercury will take place in your sixth house. Mercury in this house will not generate many favourable results as it is the ruling lord of your ninth and twelfth houses. The movement of the zodiac lord of luck into the sixth house indicates the necessity of working hard to see the face of success. Despite the hard work too, you will be credited with a very little amount of success. Due to several disruptions during tasks, you may remain somewhat worried. Income levels may also decrease. You should also remain somewhat careful of your health and pay special attention towards your diet. In this transit duration, you should also safeguard yourself from getting involved in unnecessary debates and arguments. Putting a tab on your expenses will also be no less than a challenge for you. In your domestic life, your father will remain at the receiving end of positive results of this transit. Tremendous amount of professional success will fall into his lap. Remain careful not to share your personal details with your colleagues at workplace as your rivals may take advantage of the situations and judge your weaknesses. This in turn may also give birth to many enemies.

Remedy : You should wear four faced Rudraksha to acquire the benediction of the planet Mercury.


For your zodiac sign, the planet Mercury is the ruling lord of your eighth and eleventh houses. During its transitory motion, it will enter your fifth house and remain posited in its debilitated house. As a result of this transit, you will remain at the receiving end of both prosperous and adverse situations with regards to your love life. On one hand, your partner will talk to you in an extremely sweet manner, but at the same time you will find difficulties in acknowledging his/her thought process. This may give birth to some misunderstandings between the two of you. Consequently, fights and debates may become a part of your relationship. In such a situation, you should shoot your words very carefully. If you happen to be married, then you will remain carefree about your children as they will make progress in their respective fields. However, you should also keep monitoring them so that the focus doesn't shift to other unnecessary activities. This transit may also create prospects for some natives to acquire economic rewards in a sudden manner. Hence they may procure benefits from Lottery, Share Market or Investments. Consequently, economic condition will get strengthened and you may also stumble upon many sources of earning money. Because of all these, you will remain under the positive influence of this planetary movement. If you happen to be a student, then try to make the most of this time duration as it is quite favourable for your academic life.

Remedy : You should observe fasts on Wednesdays.


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the transit of Mercury will take place in your fourth house. It is also the ruling lord of your seventh and tenth houses and during its transitory motion, it will aspect your tenth house from the seventh house. Under the influence of this transit, the impact of your domestic life will be clearly seen on your professional one. Hence, it is recommended to maintain the right kind of balance between your personal and professional life. Environment of the family will be peaceful and the members of the household will nurture feelings of harmony towards each other. Despite everything, clashes may take place between one another. It would be better if you do not get involved in any kind of arguments or debate with anyone. During this transit duration, you may also have to solve a particular problem of your life partner and it will be the need of the hour. You will work with supreme perseverance at your workplace. With the right use of your intellect and wisdom, you will bring forth some fresh ideas which will make your work easy and entertaining. Professional space will be smooth going. You will also witness some prospects to pick up a big leap in the field of business. Also in this transit duration, your mother will take all the necessary decisions of your family and her words will be taken seriously.

Remedy : You should donate black sesame seeds to a pilgrimage site or temple in the evening on Wednesday.


For your zodiac sign, the transit of the planet Mercury is quite influential as it is the ruling lord of your luck factor. In the case of your kundli, this particular planet rules over your sixth and ninth houses and during its transitory movement, the planet will move through your third house. Since this particular transit is taking place, you are advised to take special care of your communication skills. It is so because Mercury’s presence in its debilitated sign may instigate you to utter certain words which may hurt your near and dear ones. In this time period, your rivals may remain in an active mode and try their level best to rupture your image in society. You can also apply for a loan in a particular bank and acquire success in it. Luck will stand by your side and your efforts will be graced with success. On the professional front, amicable behaviour with coworkers will take you to the peak of success and prosperity. They will also remain in your favour which is why success will definitely fall into your lap. Those who are associated with the fields of law and advocacy will gain tremendous profits and they will prosper in their respective fields. However, you should remain careful while posting your thoughts and expressions on any social media platform as any of your views which go against the society and its conventions may create problems for you.

Remedy : Plant trees on Wednesdays.


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Aquarius, the planet Mercury will enter the second house, while its transit in Pisces primarily. The same planet is also the ruling lord of your eighth and fifth houses. Under the influence of this transit, a mysterious tone may get attached to your speech. Your peers may find it difficult to decipher your words, which is why you will remain in a state of confusion. You should pay special attention towards your eating and dietary habits, as there are chances of you suffering from multiple health problems otherwise. Sudden prospects will get created for you to earn money in an ample amount. You will earn beyond your expectations. In the field of academics, positive results are likely to come forward. If you happen to be a student, then your hardwork will bear fruits of success, which will keep you in good mood. Your confidence levels will also remain quite high. Those who are married will get to hear some good news through their children. If necessary, they may also come forward to help you. If you are in love with someone, then your partner may introduce you to his/her family members. Chances are that you will be much appreciated with them. Also, in this time duration, you are specifically advised to remain careful of your life partner’s health. It is quite likely that he/she may suffer from some skin related disorders.

Remedy : Feed raw Moong lentils to Gau Mata on Wednesdays with your own hands.


The transit of the dualistic planet Mercury is primarily taking place in this zodiac sign only, which means that its stay will be primarily witnessed in your ascendant house. Generally, Mercury is the ruling lord of your fourth and seventh houses. Your intellectual abilities and concentration powers will remain under the special influence of this planetary movement. You may take some decisions in a haste which might create problems for you in the future. Hence, keep your eyes and ears open while arriving to conclusions about something. Your business will flourish in this transit duration, but you should move forward only after seeking the guidance of an elder or an experienced personal. Certain changes will be noticed in your speech, and your behaviour will not be much appreciated by many of your peers. Hence, try to keep a tab on yourself. Property related matters can gain momentum. You will obtain the support of your mother in getting several tasks done. Some problems may crop up in your conjugal life. Do not hold grudges against each other and try to solve the problems mutually. You will also take interest in learning something new and try to get into the depth of things.

Remedy : You should install a Vidhara Mool in order to receive the full fledged benediction of the planet Mercury.

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