Saturn Rise In Aquarius (18 March 2024)

Saturn Rise In Aquarius will occur on 18 March 2024. Saturn has been in the combust phase since February 11, 2024, and will rise at 7:49 a.m. on March 18, 2024. Saturn is regarded as the most important planet in Vedic astrology since it moves slowly and has a profound impact on a person's life by remaining in one zodiac sign for approximately two and a half years. As a result, when Saturn rises from its combuststate at this point, itwill be able to make significant changes in the lives of natives. Obviously, Saturn's movement from combust state to rising state will be highly beneficial for certain people, while others may confront difficulties.

Saturn Rise In Aquarius On 18 March 2024

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Saturn is at present transiting inits own zodiac sign, Aquarius, making its rise even more remarkable. Overall, it has the possibility to benefit natives. Saturn, like other planets, loses influence when it sets from the Sun, and as a result, several forms of issues might arise during its combustion position. However, when Saturn prepares to rise, this time in the Aquarius sign, new energy will be pumped into people's lives, their hopes will grow, and they will be able to move forward in life with optimistic thinking.

Significance Of Saturn In Vedic Astrology

Saturn is regarded as the ruler of two zodiac signs in Vedic astrology: Capricorn and Aquarius. It is believed to be at its peak in Libra, which is ruled by Venus, and at its lowest in Aries, which is governed by Mars. Saturn is also known as slow because it moves slowly. It is the slowest moving planet of the nine, remaining in one zodiac sign for about two and a half years and taking approximately 30 years to complete one zodiac cycle from Aries to Pisces. Saturn is widely regarded as a severe planet because it brings the native issues as well as reality, logic, discipline, law, patience, hard work, labor, and determination. However, if noted practically, each of these traits offer a unique personality to the person and it is analyzed.

Saturn is a Karmic planet that determines whether a person's actions are auspicious or inauspicious. Aside from that, it is the punisher who brings about the results of the person's work during Sade Sati. Saturn teaches the person what he dislikes, thus the person considers him cruel; yet, in order to improve the person's personality, all of these traits must be present, so the person should remain devoted to doing good things. By devoting your life to the welfare of others, or charity, the planet Saturn will always support you, and with Saturn's help, a person can rise from the ranks of pauper to king. Saturn is the planet responsible for democracy; thus, excellent politicians are born through Saturn's grace. Now that Saturn is rising in Aquarius, let us know how this will benefit individuals of all zodiac signs:

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Saturn Rise In Aquarius:Zodiac Wise Prediction Remedies


Saturn rules the tenth and seventh houses in Aries, and it is currently rising in the twelfth house.

The Saturn Rise In Aquarius will signal the end of the issues at your workplace. Your hidden opponents, who were bothering you at work, will now appear in front of you, and you will try to defeat them at any cost and will get success. Uncertainty about your career will fade, and you will begin to achieve professional achievement. You will work hard.

Previously, you were working hard but it was not apparent, but now it will be noticed by your superiors, and you will gain from it. Your path to promotion will be opened. There is a chance that your financial situation may improve, and you will be able to gain financially from your stalled growth. If you were seeking to travel abroad, you may be successful as well. Although you may be separated from your family owing to employment or must leave your house for an extended period of time, all of this is in your best interests. You will achieve success by putting in new efforts in business. Unemployed persons may find jobs. You will have an excellent daily income. You will also need to be attentive in your marital relationship. Your married life will improve as a result of your efforts, and if you are a student, you may be able to find a job at this time.

Remedy:You should chant Shri Bajrang Baan on Saturday.

Aries Horoscope 2024


Saturn, the lord of the ninth and tenth houses in the Taurus zodiac, is currently transiting inyour tenth house and it will rise there during Saturn Rise In Aquarius.

Your social image will improve as Saturn rises in Aquarius in your tenth house. Those who have misread you will not stop appreciating you now. You will receive complete assistance from your luck, and with the grace of luck, you will begin to fulfill all of your pending tasks during Saturn Rise In Aquarius. You will make advancement at your workplace. You may also receive your desired transfer. Your reputation will improve in the workplace, and you will be effective in developing your own personality. Your hard work will lead to all kinds of success. If you run a company, new opportunities will arise. You may be able to travel abroad and visit other cities as part of your work. You will also be able to give your complete attention to the family and understand what they want. Some new business prospects will present themselves to you, allowing you to progress. In marital life, you should try to avoid conflict and devote adequate time to your partner. This time is also ideal for transferring locations.

Remedy:You should feed flour to ants on Saturday.

Taurus Horoscope 2024


Saturn, the lord of the eighth and ninth houses in the Gemini zodiac, is currently transiting in the ninth house and will rise there.

The Saturn Rise In Aquarius in your ninth house will pave the door for unexpected profits. Many previously pending tasks will immediately begin, and your troubles will be resolved. There are possibilities of being transferred at your workplace. If you were looking to changejob, you might be successful as well. The schism that had developed between father and son will now be somewhat alleviated. During this time, you may have the opportunity to embark on a long adventure. If you own a business, business trips can be a valuable tool for expanding your business's operations. You will receive the blessings of fate. Your father's health could fluctuate during this time period. Your relationships with your siblingscould have ups and downs. In such cases, they might need your assistance. You will make new efforts to boost your income and are likely to succeed to a large amount. Your opponents will incur losses as a result of Saturn's rise, while you will relieve yourself from problems.

Remedy:You should light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree in the evening of Saturday.

Gemini Horoscope 2024

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Saturn is the lord of the seventh and eighth houses for persons born under the sign of Cancer, and Saturn is currently transiting in Aquarius. Saturn will rise there.

Saturn Rise In Aquarius in your ninth house, so you must move forward with optimism in some situations and pay attention to some locations. During this period, you must take care of your health problems and be careful not to allow any of them to worsen, because if you do not, your problem will worsen and you will become a victim of a serious sickness. Giving emphasis to hope in life will allow you to move forward. Mental tension may increase, yet there will be opportunities for progress in your business. Business harmony will emerge, and you may make touch with some new company partners. If your horoscope position is unfavorable, this is known as Saturn's Dhaiya, also known as Kantak Shani. In such a case, you must proceed with caution. This time will be ideal for formulating long-term strategies. You may start making efforts to make your future dreams a reality right now, and you will succeed. Your relationship with your in-laws will improve. During this time, you will be able to discuss knowledge and religion more freely, and your interest in both will grow. If you belong to this field, you will be successful in your career and have positive spiritual experiences. During this time, there will be opportunities to achieve riches and happiness for children.

Remedy:Lord Shri Shiv Shankar should be anointed with milk by mixing black sesame seeds in it.

Cancer Horoscope 2024


Saturn rise in Aquarius will take place in the seventh house of your zodiac. Saturn rules the sixth and seventh houses for your zodiac sign.

Saturn gets Digbal in the seventh house, and as a result, Saturn becomes stronger. Saturn is currently rising in your seventh house; in such a situation, this time can be particularly beneficial to the advancement of your business. You will benefit from long-term business ideas. You will be successful in any efforts you make to advance your business in the long run. You can be successful in expanding your business as well. Your relationship with your business partner will also improve, eliminating the dysfunction in your business. Business trips will help your business grow because you will be able to meet new individuals. Your spouse will support you during Saturn Rise In Aquarius. If you are having troubles with your spouse, they will gradually disappear, and you may experience particularly positive moments in your marital life. During this period, you should pay some attention to your rivals. If you have applied for a bank loan, you may be eligible for one. If you wish to perform some work by taking out a loan in your spouse's name, you can succeed as well.

Remedy:You should try to keep the people working for you happy and avoid being angry with them unnecessarily.

Leo Horoscope 2024


If you were born in Virgo, Saturn rules the fifth and sixth houses of your zodiac. It is currently transiting your sixth house in Aquarius, where Saturn will rise.

Saturn Rise In Aquarius in your sixth house will boost your immunity and lessen your chances of developing chronic illnesses. If you have a chronic disease, you may be able to progressively recover from it. In addition, the circumstances will start to work in your favor in any court case that may be against you. Students will have a possibility of succeeding in the competitive examination, so prepare thoroughly for your higher education or government employment and appear in the competitive examination with full preparation. You were struggling at work; now there will be some relief, and you will reap the benefits of your efforts. There will be opportunities for success in legal issues. Whatever secret adversaries you have will become evident to you, and you will recognize them, resulting in better results at work. Your job environment will be pleasant, and your hard work will result in professional achievement. Your relationship with your mother will improve. During this Saturn Rise In Aquarius, there is also the possibility of a long journey. You should avoid taking out large bank loans or loans during this time since they may take a long time to repay. There will be opportunities for intensity in love connections, and your love will grow. The child will experience happiness.

Remedy:Saturn's benefits need discipline and adherence to the norms in your life.

Virgo Horoscope 2024


Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet for Libras since it rules the center and triangle houses, or the fourth and fifth houses, respectively. It is currently transiting your fifth house, and Saturn will rise there.

Saturn Rise In Aquarius in the fifth house increases your chances of receiving happiness from your children. If you have been wanting to have a child for a long time and have been unable to realize that dream, there are now opportunities for you to do so. Saturn may grant you the blessing of having a kid. After the test for your love relationships, it will be time to go forward, which means your love relationships will grow stronger. Sweetness in relationships will increase, bringing you and your loved one closer together. Your relationship may progress, and you will be seen trying to marry. In terms of education, you must maintain strict discipline and focus on strengthening your educational programs. In terms of your job, it is possible that your position will change during this time, and you may be able to find another job. You may see a significant boost in your income, and throughout this Saturn Rise In Aquarius, your income and business will both grow. You will have a deep love for your partner. You may also receive cash benefits from your spouse. You may also be successful at accumulating wealth. During this period, doing all tasks in a disciplined manner will ensure your success.

Remedy:You should feed and serve visually impaired persons, especially on Saturdays.

Libra Horoscope 2024


Saturn is the lord of the third and fourth houses for Scorpios, and Saturn is currently transiting the fourth house from Aquarius, where Saturn will rise.

Because Saturn is rising in Aquarius in the fourth house for Scorpios, you should take care of your mother's health during this Saturn Rise In Aquarius, as she may experience health issues. You will need to pay attention to and understand family problems as well as concentrate on fulfilling your duties, or your reputation in the household could be negatively affected. You will need to avoid being overconfident and strive to eliminate the sense of arrogance in you during Saturn Rise In Aquarius. You must prioritize both your professional and family responsibilities. Your job will need extra effort and alertness. During this time, you can purchase an old vehicle or find luck in purchasing a ready-made property. If you already live in a house or area and wish to make modifications, now is the time to demolish and rebuild it. If there is a property disagreement between brothers and sisters, it is possible to resolve it and establish a peaceful environment in the house. There is also the possibility of changing your place of living.

Remedy:On Saturday evening, light a jasmine oil lamp and recite the Shri Hanuman Chalisa.

Scorpio Horoscope 2024

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Saturn will rise in Aquarius, the third house from your zodiac sign. Saturn is the lord of your second and third houses, and its current transit is in your third house.

Saturn's rise will be extremely beneficial to persons born under the sign of Sagittarius. Traveling during this Saturn Rise In Aquarius will be beneficial. There will be opportunities for short trips. If there was an issue during the trip, it would be fixed. You may run across an old friend, which may bring up memories. You'll have a great time with your buddies. You will receive support from friends, family members, relatives, and brothers in your work, increasing your prospects of success. A younger member of your family or sibling may travel overseas. During this period, you will have full support from colleagues, which will help you perform better. Your close friend can also become your beloved. During this period, you will become closer to one of your friends. You will develop some of your interests and become more inclined to pursue them. You will concentrate on both luck and hard work. This allows you to reap benefits from all sides. You should stop being lazy and focus on working hard. There will be a reduction in expenses, which will benefit the financial situation.

Remedy:You should avoid being lazy and help people in need.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2024


Saturn is an important planet for Capricorns since it is the lord of both your zodiac sign and your money house, often known as the second house. Saturn is currently transiting Aquarius in your second house, and Saturn will rise there.

The Saturn Rise In Aquarius in your second house will boost your money house, creating opportunities for financial gain. If any of your financial plans were stalled or any work that was paying you was stopped, it will resume and pay you well. During this time, you will also be effective in saving money, and your bank account will grow. Your standing in the family will improve. If you suffer from a chronic or serious illness, your health may improve during this time. You will be relieved of your recurring disagreements with family members, and there is a possibility that the issues will be resolved. Your tendency to save will improve, and you will be able to accumulate wealth. You might also get a promotion at work. You should incorporate Yoga and discipline into your routine every day to boost not just your health but also your financial situation, allowing you to succeed in life. During this time, you can also buy some property. Aside from that, you might make a lot of money by purchasing and selling any property.

Remedy:You should chant Shani Dev's Beej Mantra on Saturday.

Capricorn Horoscope 2024


Saturn's rising will be especially significant for Aquarians because it is not only the lord of your twelfth house, but also the lord of your zodiac sign, and it is currently transiting your Aquarius sign. In such a case, Saturn's rising in Aquarius will be quite significant and have the greatest impact on your life.

Saturn Rise in Aquarius, which is your own zodiac sign, will have a significant impact on you. You must pay attention to your personality at this time. You will need to concentrate on your shortcomings in life. You've learned a lot, and now it's time to apply it in real life, which will help you develop your personality and body. You do not have to be lazy at all; instead, focus on accomplishing every task with complete hard work and honesty. Saturn Rise In Aquarius is an excellent time to start your new routine. Include yoga, meditation, exercise, and other activities into your daily routine to boost your mental and physical energy levels. This will keep you energized and allow you to perform all of your tasks effectively. You will advance in your line of work. You will work hard to do well in your employment and will be quite successful at it. This will also enhance your financial situation and make a positive impact on your work life. There will be advancement in your career. Your marriage relationship will strengthen, but you will be more outspoken, which may occasionally hurt your spouse. Still, you will stick to your point, which will help your relationship grow with time. You will want to do a lot for your siblings and help them so that your relationship with them will improve. Small travels will help you succeed. To be successful in life, you must focus on consistency.

Remedy:On Saturday, recite the Neel Shani Stotra, which was composed by Maharaj Dashrath for Lord Shri Shani Dev.

Aquarius Horoscope 2024


Saturn is the lord planet of the eleventh and twelfth houses for Pisces, and Saturn's transit is currently taking place in the twelfth house of your zodiac. Saturn will rise in the twelfth house of your astrological sign.

The Saturn Rise In Aquarius, which is in your zodiac sign's twelfth house, can become the yoga of traveling overseas. If you've wanted to travel overseas for a long time, your dream will be granted, and your visa may be required. You should pay close attention to your health. Even mild illnesses should not be ignored; otherwise, they can develop into a serious illness that will bring you to the hospital. During this time, you will need to keep your expenditures under control because it will be rapidly increasing, while other fixed expenses may stay, which will most likely have an impact on your financial situation. The health of your older family members could deteriorate, so you should care for them as well. You should meditate and do yoga, as well as consider doing some specific charitable work for less fortunate people. By doing so, you will also receive their blessings, and all of your hard work will begin to be completed with their prayers.

Remedy:Every Saturday, you should donate shadow. For this, pour mustard oil into an earthen or iron pot and donate it by seeing yourself in it.

Pisces Horoscope 2024

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