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Sun Transit in Aries (13 April 2020)

Sun Transit in Aries – Exalted Surya Offers Top Results

The Sun transit in Aries will take place on Monday, 13 April 2020, at 20:14 hours. The Ruler of the Navagraha will exit Pisces to enter the zodiac sign of its friend Mars, Aries. This is a fire sign and Sun is considered to be exalted while posited here.

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As the fiery planet Sun moves into the fire sign Aries, it will bring happiness and progress in life, and the heat in the Summer season will also rise. It is also worth noting that when the Sun changes places in the zodiac cycle, its movements are collectively called Sankranti, which are auspicious events in Vedic Astrology. Thus, the Sun transit in Aries is known as Mesh Sankranti. Let us now take a look at how the luminary planet will influence each sign and what changes it brings in the lives of the natives.

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The Sun remains in its exalted state while posited in the zodiac sign Aries; therefore, this transit will be very essential for Aries natives.

Not only will this planetary movement take place in your sign, but the Sun is also the Lord of your fifth house. Thus, being posited in your ascendant house, it will offer complete comforts and luxuries to your children. They can also attain a significant accomplishment right now, whether in their studies or in their career. This will bring them fame, and you too will earn more respect as a result.

Certain planetary positions indicate that the unmarried natives of this sign will attain tremendous results in their studies, and you will gain more respect. If you sat for an engineering or a competitive exam, then success in the same is also on the cards. The love life of Aries natives will flourish. Your beloved will talk to you openly and acknowledge their love for you, which will bring you immense happiness.

However, this duration can also make you arrogant; thus, you need to remain cautious. Your hubris can also affect your marital life. This transit period will compel married Aries natives to keep their calm because yogas of losses due to your pride are forming.

Remedy: Recite the Shri Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly.


Sun, the Ruler of the Navagraha, is the Lord of your fourth house and will enter its exalted sign Aries and your twelfth house with this transit. Thus, it will strengthen the yogas for natives to go abroad.

You will receive name, respect, and success on foreign land. As a result of this transit’s influence, you will prevail over opponents, and any ongoing legal case can be decided in your favour. On another note, there are also possibilities for your expenses rising. However, these will be for your family needs and household items, as well as for religious activities and social service. Therefore, they will bring you inner peace and satisfaction.

There are a few yogas of a transfer forming in the lives of working professionals; however, they will be beneficial for you. Thus, you need not worry about the same. Your mother will also benefit in this duration, and the transit will bring her name, fame, and respect in society. If she is working, then tremendous profits are on the cards for her. Taurus natives who have applied for jobs may receive a favourable reply now.

Remedy: Donate wheat, copper, and jaggery in a cowshed or a temple on Sunday.

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Gemini natives will host the transit of Sun, through their eleventh house. This is considered to be a favourable position for the Ruler of the Navagraha. Since it will be in its exalted state anyhow, this transitory motion will bring showers of joy for you.

Your income will continue increasing agreeably, and your business will also bring you tremendous profits. Your contacts with reputed and distinguished people of society will increase. These will be necessary for helping you move ahead in your life. Undreamt-of benefits are on the cards for business personnel of the sign. You will also gain name and fame right now. As for the working professionals, your relations with your seniors will strengthen.

However, this transitory motion can bring some problems in your love life. Your beloved may not like your behaviour and can also think that you are arrogant. In such a situation, you need to remain cautious and on your toes.

There are strong yogas of profits through the government sector for Gemini natives. You will prevail over your opponents, which will result in an increase in your self-confidence. Due to this, your pending tasks will start getting accomplished now.

Most of you will also receive the complete support of your younger siblings, and they will be essential in bringing an increase in your comforts and happiness. They can also help you out financially at this time. You will reap the fruits of your labours now. Your name, fame, and respect in society will increase, and so will your social circle.

Remedy: Chant The Gayatri Mantra 108 times at least, every day.


This Sun transit in Aries will prove to be extremely favourable for Cancer natives. The luminary planet is posited in your tenth house, filled with directional strength, as it is placed in its exalted sign. As a result, it is forming tremendous yogas of promotions.

Your job will strengthen, and your work will be commended everywhere. Even your opponents will be seen singing your praises and your seniors will remain pleased with you. To add to this, your authority at work will increase, and so will your income. However, keeping your behaviour cordial with your colleagues, as you would with your siblings will be beneficial at this time.

You will think a lot for your family in this transit period, but will not be able to give them sufficient time. The Lord of your second house, the Sun, is placed in your tenth house. Due to this, your trade can expand, and many of you can even invest your savings into your business. There are also yogas of profits through your ancestral/family business.

Gains through the government sector are also on the cards, and some of you can receive a vehicle or house from them. Those employed in the government sector are also likely to succeed at this time. On another note, there are possibilities of a decline in the health of your father.

Remedy: Chant the mantra of Lord Sun: “oṃ ghṛṇi sūryāya namaḥ/ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः”


Sun, the Lord of the zodiac sign Leo, will be making its transit while in its exalted state, and get posited in their ninth house. The placement of the luminary planet in this house is likely to bring an increase in your name, fame, and respect and you will also gain popularity. People will come to you and will be impressed by you.

In this transit period, you need to remain cordial and polite with your father; otherwise, it can deteriorate your relationship. There are also possibilities of some health problems arising with your dad that you need to keep an eye on. Many Leo natives will also get the chance to go on a pilgrimage at this time, which will bring you immense happiness and mental peace.

This is also a favourable time for journeys, and you will get to travel to some faraway places. Your decision-making skills will surpass all, at this time, and you will also be able to accumulate significant profits based on your hard work.

Coming to the working professionals of this sign, a transfer is on the cards for many. You can be sent to another place at a higher station. As for those who own a business, your risk-taking tendency will remain on the top at this time, however, this will be at the right time and place, which will offer you great benefits. As for your health, it will remain well, and many of you can even get relief from an old disease.

Remedy: Fill a copper vessel with water at night, keep it on your bedside, and drink it on waking up in the morning.


Virgo natives will host the transit of the Sun in the eighth house, which is not considered to be a favourable placement for the luminary planet. The Sun is the Lord of your twelfth house due to which this transit will naturally not be promising for Virgoans.

This duration is likely to bring monetary losses, and as a result, you need to avoid investing your money anywhere. Take special care of your health because a decline in the same is also indicated. Predictions suggest possibilities of high fever and headache.

Unwanted trips are also on the cards for many at this time; however, you need to avoid this. Not only will they lead to you getting sick, but it will also be a cause of unnecessary expenses. Mentally, you will be struggling with much stress and tension. Your father may also incur fiscal losses at this time.

On a more positive note, many of you can receive an invite from your in-laws, for an auspicious task. However, an increase in pride in your speech can lead to problems. Thus, you need to think before you speak, because making mountains out of molehills can lead to situations deteriorating.

Some of your old schemes and plans can come forth, about which you need to remain cautious because the opponents can take advantage of the same. The best aspect of this Sun transit in Aries will be that Virgo natives will find themselves debt-free.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu every day and offer sandalwood to him as an oblation.


The Lord of your eleventh house, the Sun will be making its transit through the seventh house of Libra natives. In many aspects, this planetary movement is not favourable for natives; therefore, you need to remain cautious.

Predictions indicate possibilities of stress and conflicts in your marital life. There will be certain changes in the nature of your spouse, which can lead to ego clashes between you two. You need to remember that such a situation is not suitable for any relationship. Therefore, keep your calm and act accordingly.

On the other hand, this duration will bring undreamt-of success for business natives, as your enterprise moves forward, progressively. You may also receive the support of your elder brothers. As for the working professionals of the sign, there are indications of a promotion for you as well.

Your health will remain favourable; however, there are possibilities of minor physical problems troubling you at time. This transitory motion will bring forth more than one source of income for Librans. Your trade will expand, and many of you can also tie the knot right now. Simultaneously, your spouse will also receive many benefits due to the influence of this planetary movement, and your social circle will grow. Your contacts will prove to be helpful and beneficial for you.

Remedy: Wake up early in the morning and water plants and trees that have red flowers.

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Scorpio natives will host the transit of the Sun in their sixth house. Since the luminary planet is posited in its exalted sign, you can look forward to tremendous profits through the government sectors. Moreover, your expenses are also likely to remain controlled now.

The transit brings an excellent time for working professionals, as you enjoy your work tremendously. As a result, you will become the expert of your tasks and people will pay more attention to it. However, it would be best if you remained careful concerning your wellbeing because the placement of the Sun in one’s sixth house often creates unexpected health issues.

Fate will favour your father, and he can receive some award right now. Journeys to faraway places are also on the cards for Scorpio natives. However, these travels will not be too favourable for you; thus, you need to remain cautious. Some of you can struggle with physical problems as well as monetary losses.

Some Scorpios can look forward to happy tidings from their maternal side of the family. There are also indications of success in government work. If a legal case has been pending in a court, then it may get decided in your favour and bring you profits.

Remedy: Tie molly/kalawa (auspicious red thread) on your wrist six times, on Sunday.


The Sun will be transiting through the fifth house of Sagittarius natives. The luminary planet is the Lord of your ninth house, and its placement here is likely to bring mixed results for you.

Sagittarians will now reap the fruits of their previously accumulated good deeds, as a result of which, you will earn name and popularity. There are also indications of an increase in your current salary. Your efforts done in the direction of expanding your trade are also likely to become successful. Getting associated with the government sector for work will be beneficial for you.

If your spouse is also a working professional, then profits are on the cards for them as well. This transitory motion can weaken your love life, as your beloved blows off on you due to their ego. In such a situation, you will need to remain calm, to keep your relationship intact. In addition to this, there are also indications of significant monetary profits through journeys to faraway places.

As for the students of this sign, you will establish new records in the field of education. But this is only if you continue to work hard while keeping your objective in your line of sight. Sagittarius natives who had taken a loan or borrowed some money, then they can finally become debt-free in this duration. Therefore, you should definitely put in effort in this direction. Your contacts with your senior officials will improve. There are also indications of a transfer in your job at this time.

Remedy: Fill both your hands with wheat and feed it to a reddish-brown cow on Sunday afternoon.


The Sun is the Ashtamesh or the Lord of the eighth house for Capricorn natives. However, as per astrological classics, it does not always offer negative results of the eighth house. With its transit in its exalted sign Aries, it will get posited in your fourth house. As a result, you can expect some sudden and significant changes in your life season

If the luminary planet is favourably placed in your birth chart, then this transit period will prove to be promising for Capricorn natives. You can earn name and fame in society as well as receive an award right now. Your reputation will also improve in society simultaneously.

There are high possibilities of you acquiring an ancestral property right now. Profits through government sectors are also on the cards. As for the working professionals of the sign, an increment and promotion are indicated. Simultaneously, business personnel will also enjoy a pleasant time.

However, predictions suggest that accidents while driving can occur, therefore, you need to exercise caution. On another note, your mother will struggle with some health issues at this time as she remains worried due to her declining condition. Capricorn natives posted in the government sector can receive a house or vehicle from their employers.

The atmosphere around you will suddenly turn positive, and you will enjoy these changes. Natives will incur benefits through good relations with their seniors. As a result, your financial front will also strengthen

Remedy: Respect your father and inculcate the habit of waking up early every morning.


Sun, the Lord of the seventh house for Aquarius natives will be making its transit through their third house. This duration will prove to be very promising for your personal life, and you will move forward on the path of progress. However, some problems may trouble you in terms of their marital life. The emotions and ego of you and your spouse can clash at this time, and you may find it challenging to understand each other.

Despite that, as your fates join, this transit will offer you favourable results on the monetary aspect. Your efforts will bring you success, and your partner’s luck will be responsible for an increase in your fortune. This will bring you undreamt-of benefits, which will make both of you very excited. Short trips are on the cards for Aquarius natives, and these travels will bring you wealth and strength.

You will get the opportunity to meet new people, who will be essential in moving your business in a new direction. Natives will work on expanding their trade right now, and this is the duration when you will leave an impression on the market. Your work will speak for itself, and your image in society will strengthen now. However, there are also indications of your parents’ health declining during this transit. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the same.

Remedy: Fill a round metal pot, made of copper, with water and red sandalwood, and use it to offer Arghya to the Lord Sun on Sunday.


The Sun is the Lord of your sixth house and with its transit, will be posited in your second house, in its exalted sign.

This Sun transit in Aries can influence you, causing a sudden increase in the anger and hardness in your speech, both of which will affect your family life. As a result, disagreements and arguments within the kin can arise, which you need to keep an eye on.

However, the positive facet to this will be that you will remain in profit, concerning any debates or court cases right now. The planetary positions suggest a favourable time for your economic factor, indicating that your financial front will also remain strong. You can receive some happy tidings from the maternal side of your family, which will further bring profits for Pisces natives.

You will experience immense pleasure, as a much-awaited loan is now passed, which will also help you in accomplishing your pending tasks. This duration can bring some social benefits for your family and people will be seen giving examples of your household.

As for the student natives of this sign preparing for competitive exams, astounding success is on the cards for you. All you need to do is keep your head in the game and focus only on your goals.

Remedy: Rub red sandalwood, add it to your bathing water, and take a bath with it.

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