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Sun Transit in Pisces- 15 March, 2019

According to Vedic Astrology, planet Sun leads all the nine planets and is hailed as the “King of Planets”. It represents the soul, energy, father, leadership and reputation. If Sun is benefic in one’s kundli and placed strongly, then the native attains honor, dignity and prestige in society. Such people become skilled leaders with the influence of the Sun and gains high positions in the government or non-government sector. On the contrary, if Sun is in a weak state in one’s horoscope, there can be adverse consequences. As a result, relationship between a native and his/her father becomes worse and s/he isn’t respected in society.

Sun Transit in Pisces

In Vedic Astrology, Sun rules the zodiac sign Leo, and remains strongly posited in it. Aries is known as the exalted sign for Sun, whereas Libra is its debilitated sign. It means that Sun remains strong in Aries and weak in Libra. One can perform remedies to strengthen a weakening Sun as per Vedic Astrology. Install Surya Yantra while following rituals in order to gain supremacy in life and blessings of Sun. Along with it, natives suffering from its malefic effects can wear Ruby gemstone, Bel Mool or Ek Mukhi Rudraksha.

Time of Transit and Duration

This time, Sun has transited from Aquarius to Pisces on 15th March 2019, Friday around 05:40 AM, and will remain in this sign for about one month. After this, it will move ahead from Pisces and transit in Aries. This planetary change will mark a major impact on people of all zodiac signs. Let’s read about it in detail:

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Sun will transit and get in the twelfth house of your kundli, which shows your subconscious mind, hidden nature, bed pleasures, loss, moksha, foreign land and journey, investments and loss, solitude, thinking and imagination. This month, you may get some news from abroad. If you’re thinking of pursuing your post graduation or any professional course from overseas, then you may get a golden chance to go and fulfil your dreams. On the other hand, placement of Sun in your twelfth house won’t prove to be good for your health, as twelfth house represents hospitalization and accidents. Hence, take care of your health and drive carefully. During this time, Aries natives may feel alone, which is why it is advised to communicate with your loved ones and share your feelings. New ideas and suggestions will pop inside your head, which will add to your creativity and artistry. Hence, if you belong to any creative field, then this transit will prove to be helpful. As twelfth house depicts expenses, as a result, you may spend more. Keep a tab of your expenses and don’t waste money on unnecessary things.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman daily at sunrise.


Sun would be in eleventh house of your kundli with this transit. Known as Labh Bhava, this house represents elder siblings, success and gains in life, friends, goals and aspirations. This month, you’ll achieve major financial gains in the form of appraisal, arrears or business profit. Your sources of income will increase and you’ll become capable of accumulating wealth. If you’ve applied for any loan, then your application will be accepted. Elder siblings may travel for career related work, which will prove to be beneficial for them in future. This month, you may attend more parties or be a part of social gatherings. Although, you must take care of yourself, especially the area around your foot and knee. If suffering from any injury in that area, consult a doctor immediately.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Sri Maha Laxmi Ji to get rid of obstacles.


With this transit, planet Sun will be posited in your tenth house, also known as the Karma Bhava. As a result, it signifies elder siblings, success and gains in life, friends, goals and aspirations. In this duration, your work life will be majorly affected, and you’ll observe major changes in your professional sphere. Your work will be appreciated by your colleagues, and this will add to your reputation and honour. This transit can prove to be advantageous for people belonging to the field of politics, as there is a tremendous potential for them to succeed. Tasks which were pending from a long time will be completed during this time. You may go and meet the seniors of your organization regarding your colleagues’ demands or suggestions. This will bring forth your image in the office and establish you as a leading identity. Overall, these events will affect your future positively. Talking about health, then remain serious and do not become careless. Take care of your thighs, mid-thighs especially.

Remedy: Worship Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.


Sun would be in your ninth house of luck and righteousness. Dharma or Bhagya Bhava signifies luck, favours in life, guru or mentors, long distance travels, pilgrimage, principal and wisdom. The presence of Sun in this house can awaken your luck. You may achieve something big, something you have never expected or thought of. During this period, you will meet your teacher or someone equally significant who will guide you through the obstacles. Walking on the path shown to you can benefit you. You will highly respect them. You can also see some positive changes in your personality. You’ll develop moral ethics and become wiser while taking an interest in religious activities. You may go on a long-distance journey or pilgrimage, which will definitely give you peace of mind. You will not do anything against religion willingly. Do not ignore your health during the transit period, because you can suffer from some kind of problem above the thighs.

Remedy: Worship Maa Gauri to polish your luck.


Sun would be in the eighth house of your kundli, and represents ups and downs in life, sudden happenings, death and rebirths, longevity, chronic diseases, occult sciences, research and intimacy. This transit advises you to remain alert throughout this duration, as there are chances of you meeting with accidents or sudden health issues. Along with that, you may come across unexpected results, which can be both positive and negative. Hence, drive any vehicle carefully and do not drink alcohol or overspeed on the road. Sun transit will affect the intimacy between you and your lover/spouse. You will find a sudden interest in occult or research science during this time, and if you’re already associated with it, chances of success and development increases. You may suffer from problems around your buttocks, such as an allergy etc. Visit a doctor immediately in case the problem arises.

Remedy: Lord Sri Ram must be worshipped during this time.


Sun will change its position and transit in your seventh house, which is known as Vivah Bhava. Hence, it signifies marriage, married life, elevation in status, spouse, business, people around us or people who meet daily and general relationship with everyone. With its position in seventh house, your marital life will get affected. As a result, you’ll be required to understand your spouse’s feelings and clear out any air of misunderstanding or mutual discord. This will wash out any sight of arrogance or ego between you two. If you’re in a business partnership, then time can be challenging for you. You must remain attentive and clever with your dealings or billings. Time seems favourable for your career. There are high chances of promotion in job. From health perspective, you may suffer from diseases related to your private parts, hence take steps accordingly.

Remedy: Recite Budha Gayatri Mantra devotedly.


With this transit, Sun would enter in the sixth house of your kundli. In astrology, this house signifies diseases, illnesses, employment, job, pets, enemy, legal battles, immune system and separation in marriage and known as Ari Bhav or Shatru Bhav. As a result of this transit, you may get into some troubles regarding legal matters. Hereby, try not to get into any unnecessary spat with anyone and maintain your composure. Patience is the key when it comes to dealing with such critical matters. Talking about married life, if you’re currently facing marital discords, there are chances of it stretching for a longer period. Also, if you are expecting the results of your long pending divorce case, then it will be out within this duration. From health perspective, you need to be careful with your eating habits as well as overall health, as a problem may arise. Also, be regular with your doctor visits, as you may suffer from headaches or eye related issues. Take care of your belongings when out in the market or traveling, as you may lose your bag or purse. Keep a record of things you’re taking with you.

Remedy: Worship Shukra Gayatri Mantra.


Sun would be in the fifth house of your kundli during this transit, which represents progeny, creativity, intelligence, education (graduation), mantra recitation or spiritual practice, romance, speculation, past life deeds and new opportunities. Hence, Sun would affect all these aspects during the course of the transit. For mothers who are expecting during this time, there isn’t any need to worry, as the delivery will be very safe and healthy. There seems to be no issue on the cards for you regarding either your pregnancy or childbirth. You’ll be inclined spiritually and conduct spiritual ceremonies and pujas at home frequently. There is a high possibility of you changing your job, as right opportunities will come in the way during this month. All you need to do is focus and work hard while being determined. This will lead to you meeting new and respectful people, which will add to your reputation in the professional as well as social circle. However, remain cautious when eating and see that you don’t consume fried or spicy foods, as stomach related problems are likely.

Remedy: Chant Mangal Gayatri Mantra.


Sun would be in the fourth house of kundli and is also known as Sukh Bhav/Matra Bhav or the house of comforts and mother. Therefore, it signifies mother, overall happiness, immovable and moveable property (land/vehicle), popularity, education upto 12th standard and feelings. Hereby, if your mother is fighting with some health issues, then she will get a good relief, which will also cut back on your stress levels. She will become healthy and energetic. In case you want to purchase a new vehicle or land/property, then this time is favourable to go ahead with this idea. Also, there won’t be any interruption with getting loan approvals.

On the other hand, your child’s performance in his/her tenth/twelfth board exam will be above average, but in case he/she wants to score more marks, hard work and dedication is necessary. Take care of the area above your navel and back, as these areas may get affected. Try not to raise your voice aggressive and remain patient when dealing with critical situations.

Remedy: Recite Gayatri mantra.


Sun will be in the third house, and signifies will power, curiosity, younger siblings, overall energy, ambitions, passion, zeal, interest and hobbies. It is widely known as Bhatru Bhav or Sehaz Bhav in Vedic Astrology. As a result of this planetary change, your younger siblings will perform exceptionally good in their academic field or career. Although, you need to maintain mutual coordination with them, as there are chances of conflicts and arguments on baseless and unnecessary topics. It's better to remain clear and upfront rather than dwelling the issues within yourself. This month, you may go on numerous short-distance trips. Your energy level will remain high this month. Hence, you must channelise it into positive things rather than wasting on useless things. Take care of your hands and shoulders, as you may suffer from any injury related to these body parts.

Remedy: Worship Shani Dev and light up an earthen lamp daily under the Peepal tree.


Sun will transit and get placed in your second house during this time, which is a factor for wealth, livelihood, speech, primary education, family, mouth and taste. It is also called as Kutumbh Bhava or Dhan Bhava. During this time, you must look at what you eat, as you may suffer from acute food poisoning. Avoid street foods or fried or stale items and include fresh veggies and fruits in your diet. With Sun transiting in Pisces, your family will grow, which means welcoming a new member (childbirth or guests). Also, there can be some materialistic gains in your family, such as buying a new vehicle or house or furniture. You will spend your savings on some spiritual activities and see it as an investment. Take special care of your face and mouth. Also, look after your spouse, as his/her health may decline.

Remedy: Chant Shani Gayatri Mantra.


Sun will transit in your Lagna house. Lagna or Ascendant represents physical body, overall health, general prosperity, basic self-expression, behaviour or nature, wisdom and your own self. With this event, your thinking pattern will broaden, and you’ll become wiser. Hence, you will be able to express your feeling freely and remove any hindrance or doubt from your heart. You’ll be able to speak your heart out and remain transparent with people. You’ll achieve success in all aspects of your life and grow prosperously. This means that there will be an increment in your professional life. Your marital life will become stronger, and romance will bloom. Also, your reputation in society will increase, and people will look up to you as a source of inspiration. Take care of the area around your head.

Remedy: Worship Maa Durga with full devotion.

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