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Sun Transit in Pisces and its Impacts-14 March, 2020

The royal planet Sun will move into the zodiac sign Pisces on 14 March, Saturday at 11:45 AM in the noon. During its movement, Surya Dev will enter the zodiac sign of its friend, Pisces. This zodiac sign comes under the governance of Jupiter and the Sun maintains friendly relations with Jupiter. Let us now take a look at how the transit of sun will impact the lives of all the twelve zodiac signs.

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Sun Transit in Pisces


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Aries, the royal planet Sun happens to be the ruling lord of your fifth house and it also maintains amicable relations with your zodiac Lord, Mars. During its stay in Pisces zodiac sign, the Sun will move through your twelfth house. This transit will prove to be quite crucial with respect to many aspects of your life. Those natives who are planning to pursue their higher education in a foreign country will witness the fulfillment of their wishes. Some of you may also get through a college or University of your choice. Unfortunately, some folks may come to terms with some negative results in their love life. For instance, beloved may go away on a long distance trip. In such a situation, it is recommended to have faith in your love. Some may also get an opportunity to visit a foreign country. You will outshine your rivals and they will not dare to flinch an eye before you. But your expenses may increase rapidly which may create a hole in your pocket. Hence, it is recommended to spend your money wisely. If you are planning to make an investment, then make calculated moves. Health may also deteriorate you may be inflicted with high fever or some other physical problems. The time is also not quite favourable for undergoing legal proceedings, which is why you are advised to incorporate patience in your behaviour.

Remedy : You should offer water to Lord Sun and recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra.


For Taureans, the planet Sun happens to the ruling Lord of your fourth house and during its transitory movement, it will move through your eleventh house, which is famously known as the house of profits. Usually the Sun's transit in this house generates auspicious outcomes, which is why numerous additions may be made to your existing income under the influence of this transit. Consequently, you will make a numerous amount of economic profits and your financial condition will get strengthened. Reputation in society will also increase and you will be counted amongst the dignitaries. New connections will be made who will be of great help to you in the future. Attempts made in the field of academics will be granted success. If you happen to be married, then your children will also make great progress. The long awaited desires of your heart will get fulfilled. Projects which have been on hold for a long period of time will gain momentum. As a result, you will acquire profits and your self confidence will also increase. Harmony with family members will improve and your relations with senior officials at the workplace will also get better. As a result, you will be at the receiving end of many kinds of profits. Also, there are good chances of you acquiring benefits from the government sector. You will also make it big in the field of debates and discussions.

Remedy : You should always pray for your happiness and worship surya Dev regularly.


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini the planet Sun happens to be your fourth house’s ruling lord and during its transit duration, the royal planet will move through your tenth house. When it remains placed in this house the planet sun obtains its Digbal strength and emerges out as more powerful. Your authority and influence will increase in this transit duration. Reputation and stature will also increase along with your confidence. You may obtain some profits from the state. Those who are enrolled in a government sector job, will acquire special benefits. During this while, you will get to hear some good news with regards to your family. At the same time your societal status will also increase.You will accomplish each and every project in a very efficient manner which will take you to the peak of success. Praises will be showered upon you and your rivals will be dormant. Also, your image in society will be quite influential. Relations with senior officials will improve and a good amount of economic rewards will be acquired. Your personal efforts will help you to stand out in the crowd. Some of you may also turn a passion of yours into a good rewarding profession. If you are associated with any kind of business,then the support of siblings will be obtained. With the help of your strong marketing and social media skills, you will be successful in expanding your business and earn prosperity.

Remedy : You should offer water to Surya Dev regularly.


Chandradev or the planet moon is the ruling Lord of your zodiac sign and it maintains great and friendly relations with the now transiting planet, the Sun. So the royal planet rules over your second house and will transit into your ninth house. Under the influence of this transit, you can obtain the support and help of your family members. Consequently, you will acquire success in all of your tasks. However, your father may have to face some health problems which may keep him troubled. But at the same time, your reputation in the society will increase. Expected results will flow in with regards to your business. You may also embark upon a pilgrimage journey which will provide you with mental peace. For the sake of your family and household’s prosperity, you can organise a special Puja at your house. You will also devote your wealth to some charitable purposes, which will provide you with a sense of cognitive serenity. When the planet sun is transits in Pisces, the natives of Cancer zodiac sign will go through a period of self reflection. You may also be provided with an opportunity to meet and greet a great dignitary and a mentor like personality who would help you to give a new direction to your life. This will be quite helpful for your future. In this time duration, unlimited profits will fall into your lap and you will make additions to your bank balance. Last but not the least, the transit of the sun will also make you an established member of the society.

Remedy : You should worship a Shwetark tree and offer it water regularly.


The transitory movement of the Sun is specifically important for your zodiac sign because the royal planet happens to be your sign’s ruling Lord. During its stay in Pisces, Surya Dev will move through your eighth house. You will remain at the receiving end of mixed outcomes under the influence of this transit. On one hand, you may suffer from health related problems, while on the other, you may be seen taking interest in spiritual activities and subjects. If you put your focus to use in the right direction, then this period will give you memorable experiences and profitable results. On the government front, some problems may crop up. If you have kept a secret of yours hidden in the closet, then there are chances of it becoming public in this transit duration. It can also have a negative impact on your image. Apart from this, you may also end up behind bars if you go against the administration, law and order. Your income level may fall down and there are chances of you undertaking some unnecessary Journeys. It is recommended to be specifically careful of your stature and reputation as your rivals may plan and plot against you. This can negatively affect you mentally as well as on the societal front. Behave religiously and take good care of your father's health.

Remedy : You should wear a golden sun pendant on your neck and wear it around a golden chain or a red thread. But, it should be remembered that the pendant should be worn before 8AM in the morning.


For those who are born under the zodiac sign Virgo, the planet Sun happens to be the ruling lord of your twelfth bhava, the house of expenses. During its stay in the zodiac sign Pisces, the seventh house will be under the Sun’s occupancy. As a result, tremendous may come into the forefront with regards to your business. Your trade ventures may gain momentum and you may even acquire some special benefits. If you are enrolled in a job, then this transit has nothing but happiness in store for you. You may also be granted a promotion offer and under some special considerations, a salary hike may also be offered to you. So overall speaking, this transit duration will be quite favourable for your professional front. At the same time, business ventures with foreign connections will prove to be quite profitable. Those who work in Multinational companies may also see the face of a good time. On the contrary, some problems may crop up in your conjugal life, since the Sun’s transit in this house is not at all considered auspicious for one’s marital matters. The Sun represents the fire element and its transit into a sign which is determined by the water element can bring some unfavourable changes to your life. Consequently, some clashes may take place between you and your life partner, which is why you are recommended to remain extremely careful. However a good amount of success can be obtained if you pay some attention towards your behaviour.

Remedy : You should recite the Mantra - "oṃ sūryāya namaḥ”/ "ॐ सूर्याय नमः"


For Librans, Surya Dev is the ruling lord of your house of profits, which means the eleventh house. During its stay in the zodiac sign Pisces, the planet will be seen occupying your sixth house. Sun’s presence in the sixth house usually begets beneficial outcomes, which is why you are most likely to acquire success in terms of legal matters and court proceedings. If you wish to register a case against someone, then there are good chances of acquiring success in that too. The inflow of your income may get negatively impacted to some extent. But in the upcoming time, you will be seen taking some tough decisions to make your economic front better. Some minimal expenses may also trouble you but you will be provided with a good amount of support from the state and administration. Those who are enrolled in a government service will acquire favourable outcomes. Relations with senior officials will improve and its repercussions will get reflected in your professional life. Also, if you have taken any loan in the past, then you will be able to repay it in this transit duration, which will put you in a good mood. Although some clashes with your maternal family members can take place with regards to monetary matters. Mild fever may trouble you, but overall health will remain in an ordinary state. Most specifically, you should spend an optimum amount of time in improving your economic and societal front.

Remedy : You should distribute free medicines amongst the poor and the needy on Sunday.


For the natives belonging to the zodiac sign scorpio, the planet Sun is the ruling lord of your tenth house, which is also hailed as the house of profession or “Karm”. During its transitory motion, this planet will move into your fifth house. There is quite a possibility of your professional life facing ups and downs during this period. Meanwhile some natives of this sign may get fired from their designated posts and organisation's in this time period. On the contrary, those involved in business ventures will make the most of the time period and acquire economic rewards on account of this transit. It is also quite a beneficial time to appropriate benefits by establishing relations with the esteemed dignitaries of your society. Although if you are married and have children, then some sort of good news can be heard from them. If you happen to be a student, then it is recommended to learn your lessons diligently. There will be a lack of linearity in your thoughts and you will be greatly affected by the events and incidents taking place all across the nation. Your father's professional life may also deteriorate. In order to make the most of your working career, you are advised to maintain good amicable relations with your senior officials.

Remedy : You should mix some red chilli seeds in water stored in a Copper tumbler and use it to offer Arghya to the Sun.


Sagittarius, the ninth sign registered under the zodiac circle will witness the transit of sun taking place in their fourth house. The same planet also happens to be the ruling lord of your ninth house. Under the influence of this particular transit, you will remain at the receiving end of mixed outcomes. Consequently, you will witness some moments of dissatisfaction and disharmony prevailing over your domestic life. Mothers health mau also remain in low spirits. At the same time, you may also be busy trying to develop ascendancy over your family members. In order to prove yourself better than others, you may end up hurting your close ones. There are also chances of your family falling apart. Apart from this, you may also speak some harsh words for certain kin members. On the contrary, good outcomes will grace you on the professional front. On account of your good fortunes, you will be granted the necessary recognition at the workplace. Consequently, your authority and influence may also increase. Some natives may also acquire a promotion after receiving a transfer order, that will keep them elated. Some government related profits may also be acquired. If you have been trying to purchase any property, then success will be yours. Those who stay away from their family members will get an opportunity to return to their native places. From an economic point of view, this transit will have ordinary outcomes in store.

Remedy : You should wear a Manikya Ratna of excellent quality, which should be worn on your ring finger on a Sunday, which coincides with Shukla Paksha.


For the ones born under the zodiac sign Capricorn, Surya Dev is the ruling lord if your Ayu Bhava, which means that the eighth houses, the significator of life expectancy. According to Vedic astrology, the Sun is free from all kinds of malefic traits when it remains posted in the eighth house. Hence,the Sun will enter the third house of this zodiac sign, which belongs to the governance of its son, Saturn. Usually, Sun in the third house begets favourable outcomes, but when the ruling lord of the eighth house enters the third house, some health problems may come into the forefront. Not only this, this planetary movement can also leave a negative impact on the well being of your parents. You will take some calculated risks for the prosperity of your business venture. Some working professionals will be seen adorning a confident attitude at their workplace. As a result, some positive outcomes will befall you. Some short distance trips may also be taken to fulfill work fulfillments. Respect and stature will increase, and you will move forward after dodging several difficulties standing in your way. This transit will not prove to be much favourable for your younger siblings. Hence, it is recommended to take good care of them.

Remedy : For better health conditions, you should offer your prayers to a Shami tree and offer water to it regularly.


Surya Dev is the ruling lord of your seventh house and during its transit in the last sign of the zodiac circle, its presence will be witnessed in your second house. Under the influence of this planetary movement, both you and your life partner’s health is expected to remain in low spirits. Some clash of opinions may also take place between you and your life partner. In such a situation, you should always take note of the circumstances and behave in a certain manner. Do not initiate any such activity which has the propensity to cause fights between the two of you. At the same time, your life partner will also understand his/her responsibilities towards your family and carry them out with utmost sincerity. Consequently, the affection between the two of you will increase. When it comes to business ventures, successful results will be obtained and you will be able to accumulate a commendable amount of wealth. As a result your bank balance will increase, thereby leading to a strengthened economic condition. However, an egoistic trait may get placed in your behaviour. Try to leave behind such a vice as it may create cracks in your relationship with your peers. Those few who are associated with the field of politics will witness their public image will get strengthened. You will also earn sufficient recognition and respect from the common public.

Remedy : You should feed jaggery to cows on Sunday.


For the last sign of the zodiac circle, Surya Dev or the planet Sun will move to your first house, which is why this transit will prove to be quite crucial. You will also remain under the optimum influence of this planetary movement. In this time duration, your health will remain deteriorated and witness certain ups and downs. You should bring some specific changes to your eating habits and pay special attention towards your wellbeing. If necessary, seek the guidance of a medical practitioner. When this transit comes into being, tensions may also increase in your marital life and some clash of egos may take place between you and your life partner. You should remain extremely careful in this duration as some wrongdoings may be committed on your part as well. When it comes to business, this transit will prove to be quite favourable. As compared to before, you will make a sufficient amount of profits. However, it may create a gap between you and your business partner. Prospects are also created for you to undertake overseas journeys to fulfill business requirements. Also, you will be provided opportunities to bring some positive amendments to your behaviour.

Remedy : You should donate wheat and jaggery on Sunday.

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