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Sun Transit in Sagittarius: 16 December, 2019

The Sun is considered the king of all the nine planets in Vedic astrology. The planet is given the status of a god in Hinduism. Thus, worshipping Lord Sun has quite a significance in Hindu religion. It is believed that if one offers arghya (water) to Lord Sun after waking up early in the morning, then the malefic effects of Sun present in his/her Kundali gets eliminated. Along with this, the confidence level of a person also gets elevated when the same is done. In the domain of astrology, the Sun is taken into account as the significator of our father, government, government sector, influential personalities in the society, and our forefathers and ancestors. Due to the negative impact of the Sun, one can face professional failures, eye diseases and declination in the relationship with one’s father. The beneficial impacts of Sun enables one to earn name and fame in the society, political success and also government jobs. With the help of this article, we aim to spread the word about the transit of Sun taking place in the zodiac sign Sagittarius and the different changes it has in store for the natives of all the 12 zodiac signs.

Sun Transit in Sagittarius

The Astrological and Scientific importance of Sun Transit

The Sun has occupied a special place in astrology. It is the governing force of our confidence and health. This explains why a person becomes under confident when the Sun becomes weak in his/her kundali. The concerned individual also falls prey to many diseases. If we talk about the scientific aspect of this transit, then it can be seen that, it is extremely beneficial to watch the Sun rising. Our eyes get benefited from it and the sun provide Vitamin D to our body and strengthens our bones too. In order to become a high ranking official in the government sector and earn name and fame in the society, it is very important to strengthen the position of the Sun in the Kundali. Sun indicates our lineage. Mythology states that Lord Rama was born to the Surya kin (Suryavanshi) which is why he was given the honour to become the mentor of Lord Hanuman.

The timing of Sun’s Transit taking place in Sagittarius

On 16 December 2019, Monday, around 15:10 in the afternoon, Sun will change its position and make its transit in Sagittarius, which also happens to be the zodiac sign of its friendly planet. It will remain posited in this sign till 15 January, 2020, Wednesday, 1:54. The transition of the Sun will affect each and every zodiac sign in a vivid manner. With this article, let's read in detail about its effects on all the twelve signs.

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The ninth house of Aries natives will be occupied by Sun during its transit. Student natives will specifically make schemes to pursue higher studies in this time. The arrangements made by you to proceed with studies in a foreign country will meet with success. Love life will remain blissful and you will spend some happy moments with your partner. On the familial front, you will be seen having a gala time with your children. Travel plans may also be made with family members. In your personal life, you will develop an inclination towards spiritual deeds and also remain busy in philanthropic activities. During the period of this transit, your father’s societal stature will increase which will also recreate your own identity in the society. But, the health of father might deteriorate which is why you are being asked to take proper care of him. Luck will always remain by your side because of which success will touch your feet in your professional life. Business will also flourish because of this transit. On one hand, you will surpass every difficulty and challenge in your professional life, while on the other, your business will also help you to earn excellent returns. Along with this, you will also be able to expand your business. Taking a look at your economic front, it can be said that profits will be obtained via some investments which have been done in the past.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu regularly.


The planet Sun will make its transit in the eighth house of your zodiac sign. The royal planet’s transit in this particular house will make you to develop an inclination towards meditation and spirituality. You will give priority to your health during this period and remain cautious about it. Any inadequacy of pertaining to health can put you in severe trouble. Sun’s transit may also create professional hurdles for you. Stay extremely careful as you may get involved in a controversy at workplace. Taking a look at your familial life, this transit may also bring forward health problems for your mother and father. Thus, take good care of them and avoid taking any misstep which may hurt them. A certain dispute taking place in the family may also disturb your peace of mind. Use your shrewdness to get out of this situation and also maintain distance from such stressful incidents. If commuting to your workplace is done by your own vehicle, then extreme carefulness should be observed while doing so. Married natives will obtain fruitful results from this transit. Moments of joy and love will be spent with your life partner. Taureans who are in love will also witness favourable results but a certain thing of your partner may displease and hurt you. Mixed outcomes will be garnered by this transit for the natives belonging under the Taurus zodiac sign.

Remedy: Offer jaggery at Lord Vishnu Temple on Sunday.


Lord Sun will make its transit through the seventh house of your zodiac sign which is also known to be the house of marriage. Now, when the Sun takes residency in this particular house of your zodiac sign, you should take care of your marital life and put forward each and every step cautiously. There are quite a few chances of fights taking place between you and your spouse. Irrespective of them, you will be concerned about his/her health. Keep a tab on your temper and behave amicably with your spouse if you want him/her to maintain a sound health. From the perspective of your career, this transit will prove to be beneficial. It will attain growth at this point of time. A promotion offer is also likely to be received by the natives of Taurus. Health of children should be taken care of. However, the stable nature of your mother’s health will keep you elated. Patience and calmness must be observed by Taureans while undertaking any task during the period of Sun’s transit. Students should also move out of their comfort zone and work harder to excel in the field of studies.

Remedy: Donate Wheat grains at Gaushala (cowshed).


During the period of its transit, Lord Sun will launch in the sixth house of Gemini natives. This particular offers assistance in keeping track of one’s enemies. The transit of Sun in this particular house will garner positive results. The hard work done in the past is likely to bear fruits of success during this period. Rivals of Cancer natives will not dare to face them because their aura will be such magnetic. Minor health problems like cold and cough may trouble you. Other than that, you will not suffer from any major medical issue. Economic condition will remain strong because of which family life will also run smoothly. While the Sun remains in its transitory motion, profits will be earned from government schemes and projects. You will perform well on the societal front and also stand out in the crowd. Businessmen who have been thinking to implement certain changes in business for quite a long time may give effect to them in this time period.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him Khas Itra.


The transit of the sun will take place in the fifth house of your zodiac sign. It is also known as the house of progeny and provides information about aspects like education, knowledge and many more. If you have provided any loan to someone, then it may come back into your hands during this time. Certain challenges may be encountered in love life. The involvement of a third person may create clashes between you two. As far as married natives are concerned, then your life partner may gain profits while the transit of Sun is taking place in your fifth house. However, both of you may also have to deal with differences. To ensure the smooth running of your conjugal life, communicate with your spouse to resolve the differences. Taking care of children’s health will also be your responsibility. Your egoistic nature will remain in the forefront. Student natives will experience positive outcomes of the Sun transit. Focus will be intact in studies but at the same time, you will also take some interest in reading texts which are not a part of your curriculum.

Remedy: Recite Harivansh Puran daily.


During its transitory motion, the Sun will remain posited in the fourth house of your zodiac sign. The period of this transit will prove to be fulfilling for you economically. At this point of time, you may get specialized benefits. For the fulfillment of the same, you may take a long distance journey. At this point of time, you may also stumble upon certain economic profits which will be beneficial for your future. If you are married, then this transit will bring professional success for your life partner. However, it is advised to remain cautious during this period as the habit of prevailing over others may prove to be dangerous for you. Show affection towards your life partner and also make it a prerogative to respect him/her. On the familial front too, the habit of prevailing over others will create conflict amongst you and the members of your family. Thus, family life may become chaotic. If we talk about your professional life, then this habit of yours may garner you benefits. You should make it an utmost priority to maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. For the natives of Virgo, this transit will produce mixed results.

Remedy: Donate Copper on Sunday.


The third house of Libra natives will host the transit of the planet Sun. your luck will shine specifically during the period of this transit. Due to the aid of good luck, success will usher in your life. Familial life is also likely to remain prosperous. Unconditional support of siblings will be received by you and each and every difficulty will be faced with determination. Due to the assistance provided by family members, your self confidence will increase. You will also understand the importance of family members. Libra natives may also take a religious trip with certain family members. At workplace, you may earn recognition and also obtain the favour of your senior officials. Success will touch your feet due to your hard work and dedication at workplace. Now, taking a look at your well being, it can be said that you should remain cautious with regards to it. Any sort of mental tension will prove to be hazardous for you. Thus, it is necessary to stay away from such situations which can give birth to mental tensions. On the personal front, this transit will provide an increment to your will power and courage. If you wish to start a business of your own, then this is the right time to lay its founding stone. Overall speaking, this transit will provide beneficial results for Libra natives.

Remedy: Plant Shwetark Tree and offer water


During the period of this transit, the planet Sun will take nest in the second house of Scorpio natives. At this point of time, you will be able to successfully accumulate some monetary resources. Due to the harsh effects of the Sun, you may suffer from eye diseases. Thus, it is necessary to take proper care of your eyes in order to avoid such diseases. Natives who are in love with someone may not witness quite a propitious time. Expecting too much from your beloved may be a reason for your distress which is why its is necessary for you to maintain a balance in your love life. On the familial front, debates and arguments caused due to a certain matter may give birth to mental tensions. In order to keep your peace of mind intact, you are advised to stay away from such familial debates. Natives who are employed may also witness the inflow of positive results. You will complete your tasks with dedication which will bear fruits of success eventually. You will be satisfied with your job and your senior official will also leave a positive remark on it. Consequently, you will gather an amazing amount of self confidence which will enable you to complete your task in a more proper manner. If you are married, then this transit will create clashes between you and your partner. It is better to avoid certain things as it will only create unhappiness in your relationship.

Remedy: Wear Bel Mool on Sunday to curb the malefic effects of Sun.


Since the transit of Sun is primarily taking place in your zodiac sign, it will take nest in your first house or the ascendant during this time period. Positive results will be seen in your professional life because of this position taken by the king of all the planets. If you are a government employee, then profits will come into your hands from the government sector. Job holders will get unexpected gains at workplace. During the time of this transit, job holders will have to deal with less work pressure. A golden period will be witnessed by them. Due to the beneficial effects of the Sun, materialistic pleasures will be attained by you which will also enable you to lead a royal life. However, the vice of pride may also take house in your character at the same time and it will create difficulties for you. Married natives will specifically witness the repercussions of being proud. In order to maintain the bliss of your conjugal life, it is advised to pour your affections on your life partner. Do not say any such thing which may wound his/her self respect. Proper care of health should also be taken during this period. Dire consequences will follow if it is neglected. Businessmen are also likely to acquire a substantial amount of profits while the royal planet remains posited in the lagna house of this sign. A propitious time will also come to the fore, if you are contemplating to start a new business venture.

Remedy: Offer Water to Lord Sun and also offer him red flowers.


The king of all the nine planets, Sun will move through the twelfth house of your zodiac sign. Economic life is likely to remain weak at this point of time. It is quite possible that your expenses will increase , which is why you should keep a tab on them. Purchasing unnecessary items will only deplete your financial resources. Speaking about the personal front, then sensuous thoughts may dwell in your mind while the Sun remains posited in your twelfth house. Your societal stature may also be at stake because of keeping company with the wrong people. Thus, you should practice self control and also stay away from negative thoughts. As far as your love life is concerned, sun transit may have negative results in store for you. Certain words spoken by your partner may hurt you. It is very necessary to keep track of each other’s feelings in order to maintain harmony and affection in love life. Meanwhile, married natives will spend some jovila and lovely moments with their respective life partners. However, a plan which have been made for a prolonged time period may also undergo changes. Natives who are associated with business may have to take an unwanted trip. Yes, it will bother you but positive rewards will come in front of you in the future. Job holders will have to work hard with feiy dedication in order to obtain desirable outcomes. Carelessness pertaining to work may prove to be malefic for your professional life.

Remedy: Donating Wheat grains on Sundays will help you to curb the malefic effects of the Sun.

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The eleventh house of Aquarius natives will be occupied by the Sun during its transitory motion. You will achieve those goals which have been longed for quite a long period of time. Natives who are enrolled in a government sector job will ear special benefits from their senior officials. You will remain attentive at work because of which position and stature at work place will increase. On the economic front, you will reap generous amount of profits during this period. Tasks which are of utmost necessity will also be accomplished by you. The strengthened status of your economic and professional life will keep you elated. Single natives may witness the arrival of a special someone in their lives. The bond of a lifetime may also get established with such a person. However, the relationship may crumble if dealings are not done in a profound manner. For married natives, this transit will prove to be quite crucial. Life partner’s reputation will increase which in turn will also be rewarding for you. Thus, marital life will be full of joy and happiness. Capricorn natives who are preparing for Competitive exams will hear some good news during this time.

Remedy : Distribute medicines to needy people on Sundays.


While the Sun takes nest in your tenth house, you will be at the receiving end of professional success. Your search will come to an end if you are looking for a job. Due to this transit taking place, you will get a desired job offer. The status of working natives may increase within the professional sphere. However, it is requested to stay aware of your colleagues as they can create thorns in your way of prosperity. Familial life may also remain stressful during this time. There may be a difference in opinion between you and your father due to a certain thing. Shoot your words wisely as they may have the propensity to hurt him. Married natives may also get involved in fights with their respective life partners. It should be kept in mind that mutual respect and love is very much necessary for a relationship to sustain. Thus, misbehaving with your spouse may bring fatal consequences to your marriage. Natives who are associated with business will have to behave logically. A wrong decision taken by you may bring forward losses. Thus, the transit of Sun will be minimally fruitful for the natives of pisces.

Remedy: Recite Aditya Hriay Stotra everyday to get fruitful results from God Sun.

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