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Venus Transit in Gemini (1 August 2020)

Venus, the significator of beauty and art will be making its transit on 1 August 2020 at 4:56 AM and will be entering the zodiac sign Gemini in the process. It will remain in this position till the morning of 1 September, at 1:50 AM, after which, it will move on to the next sign.

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This position of the planet Shukra is likely to influence all zodiac signs individually. Let us take a look at how this Venus transit in Gemini will affect your zodiac sign.

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Venus Transit in Gemini


Venus will be making its transit through the third house of Aries natives. The latter signifies your courage, might, and your relations with your younger siblings. Those who have an interest in artistic activities like acting, singing, etc. will get sufficient opportunities to exhibit their expertise. In addition to this, you can also turn your creativity into your business.

The position of Venus in your third house will bring you prospects of travelling to your favourite places. The planet is also considered to be the significator of love; therefore, this duration is likely to bring improvements in your love life. You will spend many romantic moments with your partner. However, you should make efforts towards connecting to their soul, rather than physically.

On a social level, too, Aries natives will receive favourable results. You can spend joyful time with your friends. Newly married natives of the sign can welcome a new member to their family, as they are blessed with a baby. This transit will be favourable for the natives healthwise as well. Despite that, you should avoid eating cold food items; otherwise, you may suffer from cold and cough.

Remedy: Consult with your father or father-figure before beginning any work.


Venus will be transiting through the second house of Taurus natives, which signifies your wealth and family. The transit is likely to bring many positive changes in your family life. You will enjoy taking out time from your busy schedule to spend it with your family members, and you can plan vacations together. This planetary movement will offer you self-confidence, and you will put in efforts to implement your thoughts and ideas. Pleasantness will prevail in your words, which will help you charm and attract those around you.

Some advice that a near and dear one once offered you will prove to be accurate, now. Since the second house is your house of wealth, and the significator of beauty, Venus, is posited here, you can spend some of your funds on beauty products. However, our advice to you right now would be to try and save more.

Moreover, you should also avoid taking or giving any debts or loans right now. Those associated with a creative business or taking a course related to acting, singing, etc. can witness a sudden increase in their expenses. However, it will not influence your economic front much. On the whole, this Venus transit in Gemini will prove to be favourable for Taurus natives.

Remedy: Donate white coloured objects on Friday.

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The Venus transit is taking place in the zodiac sign Gemini and thus, will be posited in your first or ascendant house. This house signifies your body, personality, mind, and fortune. The presence of the significator of beauty in this house is likely to push you towards bringing some positive changes in yourself. You may take help of yoga and exercise, etc. to keep yourself young and will not step back from using beauty products either.

Student natives of this sign can look forward to many favourable results as yogas indicate success in the field of education. As for Gemini natives in love, this duration will bring an increase in the romance and your partner will feel attracted towards you. Those who are still single will find that they are ready to mingle now. You will be successful in expressing your creativity as well and even spend some money on your favourite things.

However, you should not buy anything just to show it off; otherwise, you will regret it later. Gemini natives will remain eager to learn something new throughout this transit. Understand the value of your time and work towards moving forward on the path of progress.

From the health point of view, this transit will bring an average time for natives; however, there are possibilities of allergies. Therefore, you need to stay away from any situations or things that may cause an allergic reaction within you. There are no indications that suggest that you may have to struggle with some major disease right now.

Remedy: Leave your home only after taking the blessings of your parents


Cancer natives will host the transit of Venus through their twelfth house, also known as your house of losses. It signifies any losses and separation that you may face in life, as well as long-distance trips, possibilities of going abroad, and so on.

This transitory motion will be favourable for business personnel whose trade is associated with foreign countries or working professionals employed in a multinational company. However, for other Cancer natives, it is likely to bring some challenges. You need to tread very carefully in this duration. Your mother’s health can also deteriorate at this time, which will bring you mental stress. In such a situation, you should spend more time with her.

If you plan on making any changes at this time, then although they may seem alright in the beginning, however, with time, it will begin troubling you. As it is, Cancer natives do not like changes easily, in general. Coming to the married natives of this sign, this is not a favourable transit for them either. Situations of estrangement from your spouse can arise right now. Thus, you need to think twice before offering any reaction.

As for the working professionals of this sign, especially those posted in government jobs can get transferred somewhere they do not want to go. You are also advised caution in terms of health as well because eye-related problems are on the cards for Cancerians.

Remedy: Establish the Shukra Yantra in your home or office.


Venus will be moving through the zodiac cycle to enter the eleventh house of Leo natives. This is also known as your house of profits and is considered the significator of your ambitions, desires, and relationship with elder siblings. The position of Venus here is likely to bring abundant blessings for Leo natives. If you have been working for a long time on something and are still waiting for success on the same, then your wishes will finally come true now.

Working professionals of this sign will also be praised for their efforts at the workplace, and they will get to reap the fruits of their labour now. Any journeys that you undertake right now will prove to be beneficial as well. If you have been planning a trip with your family for quite some time now then, you will get to execute it during this transit finally. There are also possibilities of Leo natives attaining profits through the internet and social media. Ladies are also likely to bring gains for the natives of this sign.

Coming to the love life of Leos, this is going to be a favourable time for them as well, and there will be an abundance of romance and affection within you. Students who go to school or college will be seen making continuous efforts in refining their talents.

Remedy: Wake up every day before sunrise to receive the favourable results of Venus.


The zodiac sign of Mercury, Virgo will host the transit of Venus through their tenth house. The Kalpurush Kundli states that this house belongs to the zodiac sign Capricorn and signifies your business, professional life, leadership skills, father, and so on.

This Venus transit will turn fate in your favour. You will attain success in your workplace and any task that you take in your hands right now, you will not stop until it is finished. Fortune will continue to support you at every step. The luxuries and comforts in your life will increase, and if you wish to buy anything new, then this is a favourable time for the same.

Due to a pleasant environment prevailing over your home as well as office, you will experience mental peace. The members of your family will support you in all that you do. Virgo natives involved in their family business can look forward to the beneficial time ahead as you can take your trade into a new direction.

Simultaneously, those associated with the field of movies and films will also accumulate much success in this duration. The project that you are working on right now has very high chances of being successful. On the whole, this Venus transit is favourable for Virgo native; therefore, you should put in more effort and work harder at this time. The hard work that you do right now will be essential in improving your future.

Remedy: Chant the Beej Mantra of Venus in the morning.


The Venus transit will bring the planet to be posited in the ninth house of Libra natives. As per Kalpurush Kundli, this house corresponds to the zodiac sign Sagittarius, whose Lord is Jupiter, and it signifies religion, good fortune, long-distance journeys, spirituality, and so on.

The planet is placed in the fifth house, from your fifth house of education, which will sharpen your intellect. Thus, this transit will bring a favourable time for Libra native associated with research work. Simultaneously, student natives of the sign will also be able to understand many hard subjects easily at this time. You will continuously work towards accumulating knowledge during this transit period.

Your behaviour and pleasantly sweet words will bring positivity to your family life. As for Librans in a relationship, your love life will be filled with romance, and you will spend many beautiful moments with your beloved. Those who wish to tie the knot with their lover will receive a positive reply to their proposal. However, you should ensure that you connect with your partner emotionally more than physically or due to their beauty as this will further strengthen your bond.

Despite this, Libra natives are advised caution in terms of their health, because stomach related problems are on the cards for some. You can take help of yoga, running, or exercise to keep yourself fit.

Remedy: Respect your teachers and mentors and take their blessings.


This Venus transit will position the planet into your eighth house, also known as your Ayur bhava or the house of longevity. It signifies obstacles in life, accidents, ancestral properties, enemies, opponents, and so on.

The transit of Venus in this house is not going to be much favourable for Scorpio natives; thus, you need to tread very carefully in all that you do. You will have to face several challenges in your family life. Many of you can feel that the members of your household are misconstruing your words. Therefore, you need to make efforts and convey your thoughts more clearly to them.

As for the married natives of the sign, your spouse can fall ill at this time, which will add to your worries. Simultaneously, you also need to keep an eye on your own health since eye-related problems and issues concerning your private parts are on the cards. You are advised to maintain hygiene throughout this transit period. As for Scorpio natives who are in a relationship, your ego can cause clashes between you and your beloved. You need to mind your tongue and keep your words pleasant; otherwise, your relationship can deteriorate.

On a more positive note, some Scorpio native can receive a gift or a special surprise now. If you wish to receive good results during this transit, then you need to continue working hard and keep yourself calm. You can take help of yoga and meditation for the latter.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Santoshi on Friday.

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The Venus transit will cause the planet to enter the seventh house of Sagittarius natives. This house signifies your spouse and all partnership that you form in life.

This planetary movement is likely to bring many positive changes in your family life. If there has been an ongoing dispute between you and a member of the household, then it will finally be resolved now. Your parents’ health will also remain satisfactory.

Socially too, you will perform well and will be able to incur gains through your friends or acquaintances. Your married life will continue to remain favourable; however, your spouse’s health can worry you some. Thus, take care of your life partner and spend as much time with them as you can. Moreover, you need to remain cautious concerning your own health as well. Drink sufficient water in a timely manner.

Sagittarius natives who own their business in partnership have high chances of obtaining profits in their trade. Many of you can even think about expanding your enterprise in this duration. Single natives can finally come across their soulmate through the internet or their friends. Since you will keep your expenses under control, therefore, you will be successful in saving sufficiently at this time.

Remedy: Wear Sphatik Mala to receive the favour of Venus.


The Venus transit will take place in the sixth house of Capricorn natives, also known as your house of health. It signifies diseases, debts, opponents, and such.

This will not be a favourable duration for Capricorn natives. You have to face many challenges in your family life, and there are possibilities of disputes occurring over small things. In such a situation, you need to mind your words and speak as little as possible. The less you talk, the fewer problems you will face.

Coming to the working professionals and business personnel of this sign, you need to remain very careful as well because there are possibilities of you being betrayed right now. Think very carefully while talking to your female colleagues at work; otherwise, things can lead to your image being besmirched in society.

This duration is not promising for Capricorn natives in love either, because your beloved can pull away from you due to some reason. At this time, you will need to work doubly hard for the attainment of positive results. Therefore, you need to abdicate laziness and tighten your belt for heavy labour. Your opponents will also be active at this time, and they can scheme and plot against you now. From your health’s perspective, you need to avoid eating fried food; otherwise, stomach-related problems can trouble you.

Remedy: Read the Parshuram Charitra.


This Venus transit is taking place in the fifth house of Aquarius natives. It is also known as your house of progeny and also signifies one’s education and love life.

Therefore, this planetary movement is likely to bring beneficial results for you. Coming to your family life, harmony will prevail amongst the members of your household, which will bring you immense pleasure as well. You can sit with them to ponder upon a new plan concerning the future. Going to your parents for advice to improve your financial aspect will also be beneficial.

The married natives of this sign can attain profits through their children. They can do something which will make you proud as well as bring an increase in your name, fame, and respect in society. If your mother is a working professional, then this transit is likely to bring her many benefits as well. Gains through property deals are also on the cards.

Aquarians do not express their emotions easily in general, and sometimes this habit of yours end up irritating you, yourself. In this duration, you need to overcome this practice of yours and try to convey your feelings clearly and loudly. If you are in a relationship or married, then you should speak openly with your partner. This will please them as well.

Remedy: Reciting the Shri Sukta will be auspicious for you.


The transit of Venus will bring the planet to be posited in the fourth house of Pisces natives. As per Kalpurush Kundali, this is the house of the zodiac sign Cancer and signifies comforts, luxuries, mother, land, and secret love affairs.

During this Venus transit, you can attain profits through your siblings, and if there have been some disputes between you, then they will end too. Although you will remain mentally at peace, however, your mother’s health can worry you.

Coming to your professional life, some challenges are likely to occur. You may feel that you are not made for the work that you are currently doing. However, you should not make any hasty decisions concerning a job change right now.

Pisceans will face some challenges in their love affairs. You should not promise something to your beloved at this time, which you may be unable to fulfil. As for the married natives of this sign, you should move forward and let bygones be bygones.

Healthwise, a decline in the same is on the cards during this transit period. Minor problems like cough, cold, etc., are likely to trouble you. Avoid cold food items, or things can further deteriorate.

Remedy: Donate sugar to strengthen Venus in your birth chart.

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