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Venus Transit in Leo (17 July 2021): Timing & Impact On Zodiac Signs

Venus transit in Leo will take place on 17 July 2021 and impact the lives of all zodiac signs in some or the other way. Know the life predictions and remedies to appease the planet Venus during this transit.

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Venus Transit in Leo

Venus, the enchanting planet of beauty and gratification, reigns over the second and seventh houses of the natural zodiac. One of the most refined planets rules the generative system, fertility and ejaculation. The Karka of warmth, love, relationships and marriage in vedic astrology is feminine in nature. All the comforts, luxuries and pleasures are driven by the essence and presence of this alluring planet. The charming Venus owns two zodiac signs Taurus, which is the sign of the bull and the sign of the balance Libra. If placed well it blesses a native with sweet tongue, attraction, artistic qualities, happiness and prosperity.

The delicacy and sophistication of Venus will be igniting, since it is moving from the emotions of Cancer to that of the rage of Leo. This transition from the water to fire will bring excitement and aggression into the life of nurturing and protective individuals. The transit of Venus will take place in the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun on 17th July 2021 at 9.13 am to 11 August 2021, 11.20 am till it moves into the sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury.

Moving onto the impact of this shift of energy on all the zodiac signs-

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Venus Transit on your life.


Venus will be in the fifth house of love, affairs, relationships and studies for Aries natives. This lord of the second house of speech, immediate family and seventh house of marriage, associations will enhance the qualities of the fifth house. Those who are in love will have intense feelings towards their partner, you can take up your bond to the next level and plan to tie a knot during this period. The married natives will also share a romantic period with their spouse and will be quite passionate during this time. Those who are single can search for their dreamate or propose their crush, since during this time you will be able to convince the other person with your sweet words and eloquent speech.

This transit will bring favourable results for academic students, you will have an inclination towards your subject and study well. This will impact your performance during your examination and you will score good grades. Students who are pursuing interior designing, fashion designing and fine arts will be loaded with creative ideas and thoughts, which will boost your spirit and will be able to complete your assignments well in time. Those who are planning to take up their hobbies as their profession should work out during this time, as you will get good results. Furthermore, natives who are working in the fashion or designing industry will get good opportunities and appreciation at their work.

Remedy- Donate uncooked rice in temple on Fridays.


Venus is the lord of the first house of self, body and the sixth house , which is the house of services, conflicts and diseases for taureans. It will be placed in your fourth house of family and domestic comforts. During this transit you will be more inclined towards your family and their comforts. You will make expenditure on household things, also you will spend on family members and try your best to keep them cheerful. You will have concerns pertaining to the health of your mother, you are advised to take good care of her and take advice from medical practitioners. You may get into some court cases related to property during this time.

The natives who are looking forward to finding a job, will get good opportunities to work from home in this period. The academic students will get success, since your energy level will be too high in learning and understanding the subjects. Also, natives who are preparing for competitive examinations will have a favourable time. If waiting for any loan to get sanctioned, then the time is right as your property and loan house will be activated during this transit, which will assist you in getting the required credit.

Remedy- Chant or Meditate on the Venus Mantra daily during the Venus hora.


Venus is a favourable planet for Gemini lagna and holds the lordship of fifth house of love, affairs, relationships and studies. Also, it is the lord of its twelfth house of leisure, expenditure, overseas and travels. Venus will be moving from the third house of self efforts and siblings during this time. The business entrepreneurs will have a favourable time, as they will achieve results of their hard work, however you will be miser in spending money on family or household affairs. Your relationship with younger brothers and sisters will be good during this time and they will spend cherishing moments with you, by drawing you out for some short trip or a long drive.

Those who are into writing, fine arts and literature will be more creative during this time, which will help you in performing your work better. The singles can get into a relationship, however you should take it slow and start on a friendly note as this will support you better during this period. You will have a good time with your friends and associates, since your speech and personality will be attractive and impressive, which will gain everyone’s attention. Those who are in love relationships are advised to be careful, as you will be intense and aggressive in your approach towards your partner, which may create disturbances in your bond.

Remedy- Read mythological stories of Varahamihira during this period to receive beneficial results of this transit.


Venus presides over the fourth house of happiness, domestic comforts and eleventh house of income, gains for the Cancer Zodiac. It will be moving into the second house of immediate family, speech and accumulated wealth for Cancerians. This transit makes a very good combination in terms of the finances, which is called dhan yoga. Therefore, you will witness abundance in your finances, also there will be increment in your sources of income. If planning to make any long term investments, then time is favourable for you. You will share a warm and cozy bond with your mother during this time and will be highly sensitive towards her wishes and desires.

You will earn a good name and reputation in the society, people surrounding you will eagerly wait to hear your sweet words and comforting statements. Those who are in family business will share a healthy bond with the other members, which will boost their energy and passion towards the work. You may also get assistance from your friend and acquaintances in your professional life, which will increase your gains and earnings from the projects in hand. Overall this transit period will be beneficial for cancer natives, as they will be happy in their personal life, also their economic life will be uplifting.

Remedy- Worship Goddess Saraswati and offer her prayers on Fridays.

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Venus is the lord of the third house of younger ones, strength and hardwork. Also, it owns the lordship of tenth house of profession and karmas for Leo natives. This planet of beauty will be in the ascendant house for the Leo natives and will aspect their seventh house of partnerships and married life. The lord placed in its house itself illuminates the results of that particular house. Furthermore, Venus in the first house brings happiness and prosperity to the individuals. You will feel more confident and charming during this period and people surrounding you will be allured with your magnetic personality. Your eating habits will be more defined and you will have a tongue for sour and tangy food.

Those who are working in the creative industry like decors, music, designing, media, literature, drama and arts will have an auspicious period. Your professional life will be on the go and you will be admired for your creative works. The married natives will share love and warmth in their relationship and may go out on romantic dates with their spouse. The feeling of love will be in the air for the singles and you may have a number of crushes and blushes during this period.

Remedy- Please your spouse with gifts and fragrances.


Venus is a friendly planet to Mercury, therefore, it is a favourable one for the Mercury owned sign Virgo. It governs the second house of wealth under the sign Libra and ninth house of luck with the sign of bull, which is Taurus. During this transit, Venus will be in the twelfth house of luxuries, pleasure and expenditure. Those who are into the export industry or have business dealing with foreign clients will be benefitted. Since you will be able to allure your clients with the best of the products and services.

You will be spendthrift during this period and will have an urge to buy the utmost expensive and luxuries products for yourself and your dear ones. If planning for a trip overseas, then utilise this period, as your visa application will be smooth and you will enjoy every penny you will be spending on your trip. You will have an inclination to donate money for religious and charitable purposes. You may also go out on a religious trip with your mother or your immediate family.

Remedy- Wear a good quality emerald crafted in gold or silver in your right hand little finger to gain auspicious results of planet Mercury.

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At this time, the planet Venus will be positioned in your eleventh house. The eleventh house is the house of profit and the planet Venus is the lord of luxuries therefore, its position in this house is generally auspicious. You will be successful in accumulating money. You will be able to earn good monetary gains and wealth will come to you easily. To fulfil your desires and to have happiness at this time, you will spend a lot on materialistic things. With the help of your partner, you can get success at your work.

You will be able to make new friends quickly and have a big social circle, also you make make many friends of the opposite sex. When Venus is sitting in the eleventh house, it aspects the fifth house which is the house of emotion and love. This means that you can be a bit flirty. You may get a chance to visit a foreign country at this time. Some of you may also plan to get settled there. You will have an open mind and will listen to all. You may also get engaged in some spiritual activities at this time which will give you peace of mind. You can also make travel plans at this time. Overall, this time can be favourable for you.

Remedy- Recite Durga Chalisa everyday.


During this time, Venus will be posited in the tenth house which is also the sign of Leo for the Scorpio natives. Venus in Leo sign is inimical because of which the natives can expect mixed results. Natives who are into business will make more contacts which will help them spread their business throughout the world. You will have to be careful if you are working in a partnership though.

On the other hand, for the natives who are working need to be a little careful at this time. It is recommended that you do not get yourself engaged in office politics as you may lose your job as well. You may also have to work harder as you may not get recognition for your efforts from your management. Natives who are working in event management will find success.The married natives will see harmony in their lives. You will enjoy the comforts of life by spending on materialistic things. You should not trust any new person in your life at this time as some may try to come into your life just for your money. You may come into stress sometime because of overthinking even when there is nothing to be concerned about.

Remedy- Keep a rose quartz stone in your bedroom


During this time, the planet Venus will be in ninth house for the natives of Sagittarius. This time can be considered as auspicious for the natives. Ninth house signifies father, Venus posited in this house means that you will have good relations with your father and you will receive his blessings. You may want to engage yourself in religious and spiritual activities to have peace of mind. You may also want to do some social or charitable work and you will find happiness in the act of giving.

You will be successful at this time in accumulating wealth and you will gain money from different sources. Married natives will have a good life and they will enjoy the company of their partner. You will also find happiness from your children. People will get attracted to you because of your nature and communication skills at this time. Student natives who are seeking higher education in the financial sector will find success. You will also benefit from the government policies. You can plan to travel at this time and will intend to go to places where you can learn different cultures. Your overall attitude will be cheerful at this time.

Remedy- Donate seven grains on Fridays.

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At this time, the planet Venus will be positioned in the eighth house for the Capricorn ascendants. This time cannot be said as favourable for you. People who are in a business or in a job will get success at this time only after a lot of hard work. Although, natives who are working in the field of research will find success. If you were struggling to get a loan from the bank, at this time you can get it easily. You may get money from some ancestral property. Natives who are in a love relationship will have to avoid any arguments with their partner at this time as it can bring an end to your relationship in the worst case. For the married natives, you will get wealth with the luck of your wife.

Native students may lose their concentration in their education and will have to put additional efforts. You may get inclined towards the occult subjects like astrology, numerology, etc and healing.

Remedy- Drink lemon water every morning.


Venus is a yogakaraka planet for Aquarius natives, it owns the lordship of the fourth house of happiness and domestic comforts. Also, it presides over the ninth house of luck, prosperity and religion. Venus will be transiting in the seventh house of marriage and associations. This period will bring happiness and joy in the life of married individuals. Those who are in romantic relationships can get engaged to their lover. Also, the singles looking for their perfect match will be lucky during this time. You may go out on a long trip with your spouse.

Those who are into partnership firms will have an auspicious time, the fortune will be in your favour and you will get good results in all your dealings. You will spend good time with your family members and may go out on a trip together. There may be some good news or special occasions in your family during this period. You will have an inclination towards religious activities and will give donations to charitable trusts and religious places. Your mood will be uplifting and you will have loads of warmth and comfort in your speech. You will also be friendly and caring, due to which you will leave a lasting impression in your society.

Remedy- Light a camphor in the evenings.


Pisces is the exaltation sign of Venus however it’s transit generally brings mixed results for Pisces natives. Venus is the lord of the third house of self efforts, siblings and lord of the eighth house of mysteries and uncertainties. It will be transiting in the sixth house of diseases, debts and competition, which is not a very favourable position. You are advised to take good care of your health during this period, since you may suffer from stomach, hormonal imbalances and eye troubles.

Also, you should be careful while riding or driving on the highway, since you will be prone to incidents and accidents. You may face confrontations with your younger siblings due to lack of understanding, also they may find your speech too strong and harsh during this time. Therefore, you should be careful with your words, in order to avoid big fights and disturbances in your house. You may get into debts, as you will find it difficult to pay back the borrowed money. Those who are working in the oil and gas industry, insurance sector and research projects will have a favourable period, as you will get good opportunities to show your capabilities at your workplace. Overall you may feel quite restless and drained out during this period.

Remedy- Offer, milk, rice and sugar to Goddess Parvati on Fridays.

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