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Venus Transit in Scorpio Brings Life Changing Transformations (11 December, 2020)

The planet Venus is believed to be the benefactor of all kinds of materialistic comforts and counted as a benefic planet in Vedic Astrology. With the favourable placement of Venus, a native becomes blessed with a great love life and comforts.

Venus will leave its own zodiac sign Libra on 11 December 2020, Friday morning at 05:04 AM and enter the Scorpio sign ruled by Mars. According to Vedic Astrology, the influence of the transit of Venus will be seen on all the twelve zodiac signs.

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Scorpio zodiac sign represents the Water element, and is the eighth house of the Kaal Purush Kundali that signifies occult sciences. With the presence of Venus in this house, one’s tendency to enjoy pleasures increases and natives make an effort to move in this direction. This transit of Venus can be extremely auspicious for some natives but bring malefic results for some. Let's know now how the transit of Venus in Scorpio is going to affect natives of all zodiac signs:

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Venus Transit in Scorpio


for Aries natives, the planet Venus is the ruling lord of your second and seventh house. For you, it is also called a Marak planet. Due to this, over-excessive indulgence in Venus related activities (sensual, materialistic, over-expenditure) can cause troubles for Aries natives. This transit of Venus is going to take place in the eighth house from your zodiac sign, which doesn't seem to be favourable since the eighth house represents sudden activities and evil thoughts. However, the presence of the planet Venus is not considered an unfavourable movement in the eighth house.

in such a situation, you are advised to take proper care of your health. Excessive enjoyment and indulgence in luxury can negatively impact your body and give rise to Venus-related diseases. Some natives will secretly crave for pleasures and spend unnecessarily, which can also lead to financial crisis.

At this time, your life partner will welcome you to meet his family. During this period, you should control your daily habits and focus on your lifestyle and eating habits as well. With the effect of this transit, several ups and downs in the business will occur, due to which you can remain stressed.

During this transitory period of Venus, you should avoid investing your money anywhere as you are likely to remain at the losing end. However with constant efforts, chances of gaining monetary profits remain high.

Remedy: You should visit Lord Shiva's temple on Friday and offer Akshat with both your hands to the Shivling.

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Any transit of Venus is said to be a significant planetary occurrence for Taurus natives The Taurus zodiac sign is ruled by Venus. Along with being the ruling lord, it also governs the sixth house of your sign as well. During its transitory movement, it will enter your seventh house. The seventh house represents import-export and long-term partnerships and also tells about your marital life as well as your image in the society.

This transit of Venus will bring favourable news for you. Your health will strengthen, and you will get rid of any of your chronic diseases. During this time, your personality and voice will become attractive and people will inherently feel drawn towards you. With this, you will attain the support of people. From a financial point of view, this transit of Venus proves favourable for you and you will incur benefits and profits in your business. Your relationship with your business partner will improve, and due to the increasing closeness, both of you will work together towards expanding your business.

In terms of married life, this transit of Venus will be more favorable and love will grow in your relationship. Closeness between you and your spouse will increase, and both of you will come across opportunities to spend some romantic time with each other. During this time, you need to keep in mind that some of your opponents will actively work towards harassing you and creating troubles. This will be the best time for you to enhance your personality within your social circle. Your artistic side will come out, and popularity within the society will increase day by day.

Remedy: To increase the auspicious effects of Venus, you should wear an Opal gemstone in a silver ring on your ring finger on Friday.


Venus is the fifth and twelfth lord for your zodiac sign and will transit in the sixth house from your zodiac sign. The sixth house represents one’s struggles and conflicts, and reveals physical problems, debts, loans, enemies and opponents. This house also signifies election and competition. As a result of this transit, your health may decline and you may fall ill. Problems related to the urinary tract can bother you at this time, so you are advised to pay attention to your food habits.

As a result of this transit, an increase in your expenses will be witnessed, which can even become uncontrollable after a certain point. Therefore, you are advised to manage your finances strategically and plan a budget to spend your money properly. This transit will be favorable for the students of your zodiac sign and they will get desired results in their education. However, they should try and focus on their studies rather than getting distracted. If you are married, your children will make progress and they will be able to perform well in their field of work.

If you love someone, then this time will prove to be cherishing for you in terms of your love life. You will wholeheartedly love your beloved, which will positively impact your bond and cause it to become even stronger. You will move forward in the relationship.

Remedy: You should feed dry wheat flour to the cow or Gau Mata daily with your own hands.


Venus is the lord of the fourth and eleventh house for your zodiac sign. In this manner, being the ruler of your happiness and profits, Venus proves to be a significant planet. The transit of Venus will be in your fifth house, which is considered an auspicious Trikona house. From this, our intelligence and decision making ability, life trends, love relationship, children and artistic skills can be evaluated.

With the effect of this transit, your love relationship will become beautiful and all disputes will get resolved. Love, belongingness, affection and connectivity in your relationship will increase. You will try to make your love life even better, which will help you feel good and happy.

As a result of this transit, your income will grow steadily and your financial situation will start becoming stronger than before. You will openly express your emotions through your artistic expressions, which will help you benefit both financially and socially. Due to this, you will expand your social circle, and during this time, exhibit any of your hidden talents. Your mind will remain engaged in such tasks which won’t be perceived rightfully before the eyes of people.

If you are married, this period will prove to be very important for your children. While they will develop new qualities and skills within them, a sense of understanding towards the values of life will form as well. On the same note, they will also attain happiness and prosperity and remain mentally happy.

Remedy: You should duly recite Sri Sukta on Friday while remembering Goddess Mahalakshmi.


Venus is the lord of the third and tenth house for your zodiac sign. The tenth house refers to your occupation, i.e. profession and the third house indicates towards your siblings and ability to make efforts.

This transit of Venus will take place in the fourth house from your zodiac sign which represents happiness and your mother. Through this house, one gains an insight about his/her mother, happiness, prosperity, movable and immovable property and much more. With the presence of Venus in this house during this transit, there will be a rise in your happiness. You will obtain useful items through various means, which will add to your comfort level. You can purchase a new item in your family like TV, refrigerator, etc. The environment in the family will remain good and you will spend your money on renovating your house. Some arguments in the family are possible, hence remain cautious.

This time period will be favourable for you in your workplace as you will succeed in your endeavours. You will be required to focus more on your work in order to face adverse conditions. You will eventually succeed in making your personal and professional life better with your hard work and efforts, which will incur a sense of satisfaction within you. Your mother will also get good results during this time and be happy.

During this time, your family's income will increase and your honor and respect in the society will also elevate. An auspicious event can be organized in the family. With this, the atmosphere of the family will remain euphoric.

Remedy: Beginning from Friday, you should chant the Mahalaxmi Mantra “ॐ श्रीं महासरस्वत्यै नमः / oṃ śrīṃ mahāsarasvatyai namaḥ” devotedly.


Venus, the friendly planet of your ruling lord Mercury, is governing your second and ninth house. In such a manner, Venus being the ruling lord of your Marak Bhava and Bhagya Bhava prove to be a significant planet for you. The planet Venus will transit in the third house from your sign. The second house represents your communication skills, speaking abilities, short trips, younger siblings, relatives, and neighbours. With the transit of Venus in your third house, your efforts will speed up, and you will work harder to attain everything you have desired in your life. Love will be on your side, and due to its predominance, many of your pending tasks or projects will come to an end.This will financially benefit you, and add to your rising social status.

You will also help your younger siblings as much as possible and financially support them if required. In this time, you will find yourself in a very strong position and won’t hesitate doing things for others. You will feel happy by visiting any religious place or going on short distance trips. Industrialisation, you can take your siblings out for a movie or dinner. This will help in improving your relationship with your siblings on a deeper level.

In this period, you may also get into an argument with your neighbours or relatives about something coma hence you are advised to remain alert and avoid becoming a part of it or interfering in it in any manner. Intervening in any matter can incur loss. Behave nicely with your coworkers in order to gain their support.

Remedy: To increase the benefic influence of Venus, wear a Six-faced or Chah Mukhi Rudraksha in a white thread around your neck.

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Venus is the governing lord of your zodiac sign, which is why any transit of Scorpio proves extremely important for you. Being the ruler of your sign or your first house, Venus also rules over your eighth house and in the duration, will get placed in your second house. The second house is also called Dhan Bhava as it represents your finances, accumulated wealth, your family, your eating habits, your face and voice.

With the effect of this transit, your desire to attain wealth will get fulfilled and multiple sources of income will get formed. There are chances of sudden gains as well, which can prove to be highly unexpected and will surely make your financial situation better. In addition, some natives may attain comforts and resources via their in-laws as a token of their love for you.

This transit of Venus will also prove to be effective in resolving the long-standing tension and arguments in the family. With this, relatives will develop a better understanding of situations. You will pay full attention to your family and also take necessary steps for the betterment of your family. However, to fix some situations, you may have to act rude or insensitive, but if it's worth it, then don’t hesitate and move in this direction.

Your mind will remain inclined towards materialistic comforts and you will spend money on it with an open heart. However, there is no need to be worried since you will remain financially affluent in this duration. You will succeed in saving and accumulating your wealth. Any efforts made in regards to your business will lead to success and financial gains.

Remedy: Beginning from Friday, chant the Shukra Beej Mantra “ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः /oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ" everyday.


The planet Venus is the seventh and twelfth house lord of your zodiac sign and will transit in your first house itself. The Ascendant or first house in a kundli represents one’s mind, intellect, ability to think, personality, our social side, physical features and complexion. With the transit of the planet Venus in this house, a sense of love and affection will arise within you. You will like to buy new things that will make you happy.

During this period, you will also spend on several sources of entertainment and buy a new gadget and try hard to improve your personality. Whether it is cosmetics or some clothes, you will want to get everything for yourself. This will definitely add to your expenses, but you won’t really complain as it will incur happiness and satisfaction in your life.

This transit of Venus will prove to be nothing less than a blessing for your married life. That is, any argument or dispute going on between you and your spouse will get resolved during this transitory period. Love and romance in your relationship will grow, and you will get ample opportunities to spend a memorable time with your beloved. In this time period, your business will grow and you will get good results, thereby leading to financial benefits. However, some natives may witness a decline in their health which can stress came out

Remedy: For special benefits, perform the ritual of Gowdan by donating a white-coloured cow on Friday.


For Sagittarius natives, the transit of Venus will be in their twelfth house. Venus is the lord of the sixth house for your zodiac sign as well as the lord of the eleventh house of benefits and profits. Also, the presence of Venus in your twelfth house will incur mixed results for you. The twelfth house represents your expenses and losses, and reveals about your spendings, foreign travels, health problems, left eye, sleep and sleep-related problems etc. As a result of this transit of Venus, you are needed to remain careful of your opponents since they will remain active in this duration and try their best to harm you financially as well as socially. Apart from that, an unexpected rise in your expenses can stress you out, as it will get out of control and can put you in trouble.

In this time period, you will have to pay attention to your activities and learn what is necessary and what can be curbed in terms of expenses. From a health point of view, this time is not very favorable and you are likely to suffer from physical problems. So pay special attention to your eating habits and lifestyle. You may incur financial loss from your maternal side, hence stay alert.

Remedy: Donate cosmetic products to a female priest at any temple on Friday.


Venus’s transit will take place in the eleventh house for you. Venus is the governing lord of the fifth and tenth house in your horoscope. Thus, being the lord of both the Kendra and the Trikona houses, Venus proves as a Yogakaraka planet, which is capable of providing you with all kinds of success. The eleventh house is also known as the house of profits, and represents various kinds of benefits, your objectives, ambitions and achievements in life.

The transit of Venus in the Scorpio zodiac sign will prove to be highly beneficial and work towards increasing your income overnight. You will be able to fulfill your ambitions, which will highly encourage you. Your reputation and status in the society will increase, and your financial position will become strong. Hence, this transit will prove to be advantageous for you. If you are married, then your children will also make the most of this transit and attain favourable results in their academic life. Additionally, if you are in love, the transit of Venus will help you to overcome the tensions in your relationship and increase the feeling of love and affection between you two.

Your wish to get enrolled in one of your favourite colleges can also get fulfilled during this time. Also, you are most likely to attain good marks in your examinations. You are advised to maintain a good rapport with your seniors, as this relationship will help you reap the benefits at the right time.

Remedy: Wear an Opal gemstone carved in a silver ring on Friday on the ring finger.

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The transit of Venus holds a special importance for the natives of Aquarius zodiac sign since Venus is the lord of the Kendra and Trikona house, i.e. the fourth and the ninth house respectively and acts as a Yogkaraka planet. With this planet being your Yogakaraka planet, it is capable of delivering beneficial results during its transitory period.

The transit of Venus in Scorpio will take place in your tenth house. The tenth house is also known as the house of profession or business. It is through this house that we know about our livelihood and popularity. This house is the strongest Kendra bhava in a Kundli. The direct impact of the transit of Venus in the tenth house will be seen on your professional life, and chances of progress will arise. Luck will fully support you, due to which your financial conditions will strengthen and performance at the workplace will be appreciated and highly commendable. You will rank high in the eyes of your superiors, due to which you will get several comforts and amenities in your workplace. However, the presence of Venus also warns you to Remain alert, as any kind of negligence can lead to big troubles. Avoid getting into any kind of pointless arguments or gossiping, as such habits can harm you.

The transit of Venus in Scorpio will also be favorable for your family life and there will be harmony between the family members. A sense of happiness and satisfaction will prevail as Members will treat each other well. Some natives may ask their family for assistance in their work, which will help them improve their performance. You should expect profit in terms of business.

Remedy: To gain favourable results of Venus, you are advised to wear Six-faced or Chah Mukhi Rudraksha on Friday during the auspicious muhurat.


The transit of Venus in Scorpio will take place from your zodiac sign in the ninth house, that is, in the house of luck. The ninth house is considered to be the strongest Trikona Bhava and known to be the benefactor of your fate, long-distance journeys, pilgrimages, religious and charity work, spiritual gurus etc. Venus is the lord of the third and eighth house for your zodiac sign. Thus, this transit of Venus will prove to give you mixed results.

As a result of this transit of Venus, you will suddenly witness some significant ups and downs in your life, some of which will be good and bad as well. You can come across some big financial benefits, which will help you to overcome some of your financial challenges. On the contrary, someone equivalent to a Guru or your Father may suffer from physical pain during this time, due to which you will be mentally worried. Under the influence of this transit, your younger siblings in the family will remain completely devoted to you and you can also go out on an outing or trip with them.

This time will also allow you to enjoy a picnic or trip with family members. You will go on journeys in this period, which can be long-distance in nature. With this, you will spend a hefty amount of money but also attain happiness and enjoy the most. With the influence of the planet Venus, your younger siblings will also get good fruits and attain pleasure in marital life. In case they do any business, then they will make significant progress. In this duration, you will attain extraordinary success from your personal efforts in this period but your health can suffer and you can face health-related troubles as well. So you should focus on your body and eat well.

Remedy: Feed dough balls to the Cow on Friday with your own hands.

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