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Venus Transit in Aquarius (31 March, 2022)

The planet Venus transits in Aquarius on March 31, 2022. Read this full fledged article on Venus transit to find out how this planetary transit will bring changes in the lives of natives of all the 12 zodiac signs. Venus, also known as the planet of beauty, will transit from its friendly sign Capricorn to the sign of Aquarius, both ruled by the planet of deeds and karma Saturn. The planet of love will be in the airy sign of innovation and technology. The transit will take place on 31st March 2022 at 8.54 am till Venus will move into the next sign that is in Pisces on 27 April at 6.30 pm.

Venus Transit in Aquarius

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Venus, well known as the morning star is named after a roman Goddess of beauty and Love. Thus this planet represents the sole essence of romance, passion and adoration. A true karak for marriage and relationship also represents the wife in a male’s chart. The strength of Venus in a natal horoscope shows the physical appearance, creativity and imaginative skills of the person. It also portrays the interest in sophistication and designing ethics.

As per the Vedic astrology Venus rules over the textile industry, luxurious products, fashion accessories, precious jewels, designing industry, automobiles, beauty products, film industry, theatre, art , literature, photography, acting, dance, painting and other creative works.

Venus is feminine in nature and when placed in the rising sign blesses natives with an attractive physique, when placed in the house of speech it bestows sweetness in the articulation of the person. In terms of body parts it represents the sexual organs, eyes, throat, kidneys and bladder. An afflicted Venus can bring troubles pertaining to the said organs.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: शुक्र का कुंभ राशि में गोचर (31 मार्च, 2022)

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For the Aries moon sign, Venus rules over the second house of wealth, family and seventh house of associations and partnerships . Venus will be transiting from the eleventh house of income and gains during this transit period. This transit will bring abundance in your finances. There are bright chances of earnings from more than one source during this period. The connection of the two wealth houses brings prosperity and wealth, therefore it is known as the Dhan yoga.

Those of you who are into their own business, especially into partnership firms will witness a steady rise in their business. You may also make some travel plans for the growth and expansion of your business and it will bring fruitful results. The freshers, especially those who belong to the creative sector like fashion designing, arts and architecture will get a number of opportunities to start their career. You will make good professional contacts during this period, they will be beneficial in uplifting your finances.

At the personal front your love life will be blooming, you will take a step ahead in your relations and may tie a knot with your beloved. You can propose to the person of your dreams during this period, there are chances of getting positive results in return. The married natives will spend some quality time with their spouse. You may also plan a vacation or trip with your partner during this period. You will get support from your family, especially your elder siblings during this period.

Remedy- Worship Goddess Saraswati and offer white flowers to the Goddess on Friday.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


Venus is the rising sign lord and it also rules the sixth house of strength and willpower will. The lagna lord will be transiting from the tenth house of karmas, deeds and profession during this transit period. This will ignite your passion towards your profession and will make you more ambitious towards achieving your professional goals. You will have an urge to improvise your profile and package during this period.

You will try new resources and resorts to bring productive changes, however in running behind quantity you may miss on the quality. You will lose your focus and the multiple efforts will also distort your capabilities during this period. You will work too hard but it will not be directional, therefore you will not be able to achieve the true results of your diligent working. The businessmen will face some productivity issues due to the careless approach of employees. You may also face some worker strikes and fights during this period. The working professionals may face some job insecurity or transfer from their existing profile. You may also migrate to another city in search of better jobs.

At the personal front, you will try to spend some quality time with the members of the family. Your expenditure may increase and may get into a deficit budget. There will be peace and comfort at your home and all the members of the house will be supportive towards you. You may purchase a four wheeler during this time period. There are possibilities of your past health concerns to get relapse, also you will be prone to obesity and diabetes during this period. You are advised to get your regular check up done.

Remedy- Donate white clothes to poor girls on Friday.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For the Gemini natives, Venus rules the twelfth house of desires, expenditure and losses. It also heads over the fifth house of love, children and education. During this transit period Venus will be transiting through the ninth house of fortune, higher education and religion. This connection of fifth and ninth house brings prosperous results and improvises the luck of a native.

At the professional front you will be lucky, the tiniest of your efforts will receive good appreciation. You will be able to build a good reputation at your workplace. If you are planning to switch the job, then time is fulfilling as you will find the profile of your dreams. Those who are into property, or sale purchase of other commodities will have a favourable period. You will be able to make great deals, also you will get clients without much effort during this time. The business owners can benefit from a female business partner. Also if you are working with some female member of the house then their ideas and suggestions will bring prosperity and growth in your business. Those who are into travel and tourism will also do well during this time period.

This period is auspicious if you are planning to get admission in a college for higher education. You will be able to crack the examination of your desired organisation.

At the personal front your relationship with your family members will be too sweet during this time. You will get some help and support in your endeavours from your parents. You will have a spiritual inclination and may plan a trip to some religious place with your family. The love life of romantic couples will take a new turn, you will get lucky to get married to the love of your life. There could be some auspicious works or small ceremony at your place which will unite the complete family.

Remedy- Apply white sandalwood tilak on your forehead everyday.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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For the Cancer moon sign, Venus governs the fourth house of comforts, happiness, property and mother. Also it owns the lordship of the eleventh house which represents gains and profits. Venus will be placed in your eighth house of uncertainties during this transit period.

You may earn from some unaccounted sources during this period. There are also possibilities of earning some valuables of money from the ancestral lineage. You are advised not to make any investment into speculative markets as you may face huge losses. However, making any kind of investment in long term projects or research based companies will prove to be fruitful during this time period.

You may get some good referrals for a job and this will especially be favourable for the freshers, as with the help of a female, finding a job will be quick and easy for them. You will attract the attention of people with your soft speaking skills during this time.

You may face some troubles in your relationship with siblings and friends. Out of the Blue some of your conversations might just hurt them and bring differences in your relationship. You are advised to think twice before making any strong statements or suggestions to your dear one during this period.

Time is favourable for the students who wish to get admission in research subjects, psychology or PHD. You will be able to score well in your examination and get into a good college. Also those who are pursuing further studies into research subjects will witness improvement in their concentration and learning skills.

On the health front you may be disturbed with some hormonal issues, skiing allergies and UTI problems during this time period.

Remedy- Donate milk on Mondays and Fridays.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For Leo natives, Venus owns the lordship of the third house of strength, siblings and vocation. Also it heads over the tenth house of profession and karmas. It will be transiting through the seventh house of your horoscope during this period.

This period will be good for the entrepreneurs and those who are working in partnership or joint ventures. You will see a rise in your business and increase in the number of potential clients. Your relationship with your partner will improve and you both will work towards a common goal of growth and expansion. You may also receive some support and assistance from your friends or acquaintances during this time period. The employed natives may have to travel for work during this time. Your trips will be a successful one and your hard work and efforts will bring good incentives to you.

You will be able to make a good reputation amongst your coworkers and other employees during this time. They will look up to you for inspiration and guidance. If you are working in the arts, literature industry or something related to the vocational courses then you will get success during this time.

On the personal front your relationship with your wife will be sweet and loving. You both will care for each other and take care of small needs of each other. The love, romance and passion in your bond will grow. Those who are into casual relationships or friendship may get committed into a love bond during this time. The attraction of singles torwrads opportise sex will ibcrease and you may find your perfect date during this transit period.

Remedy- Feed cows regularly as it will bring good results during this transit period.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For the Virgo natives, Venus heads over the second house of wealth, immediate family and the ninth house of fortune and luck. Venus will be transiting from the sixth house of debts, disease, enemies and challenges during this period.

The professional life of those who are into services will be good. You will get new opportunities and challenges during this period. You will be overpowering over your opponents and enemies. Your working skills and capabilities will help you in achieving milestones in your career. The ambience at the workplace will be comfortable and there will be coordination between the teammates. The freshers who are in search of jobs will get commendable job offers and you may start working in your dream organization.

In terms of finances this period will not be fruitful. You should avoid any kind of investment as probabilities of flunking money is high, this may increase your debts. You may have to make some unforeseen expenditures during this period. There are probabilities of spending on houses and vehicles as well.

At the personal front virgo natives might get into arguments during this period. You will have clashes and differences of opinion with the members of your house, which will turn into heated discussions and arguments. This time period will not be very cordial as you will face unnecessary arguments and fights with most of the people around you. Also you will not be flexible to hear anyone’s advice or suggestions on any particular situations

At the health front you may face trouble in your eyes and will be prone to injuries. Those who have a diabetic history need to take precaution as you may face major fluctuations during this period.

Remedy- Apply perfume preferably with sandalwood fragrance before leaving your house.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope


For Libra natives Venus is the rising sign lord and it also owns the lordship of the eight house of uncertainties. Venus will be transiting from the fifth house of love, romance, entertainment and children during this period.

At the professional front this period will be auspicious for the working natives, especially those who are into professional services. You will get opportunities for the expansion of your work and this will improve your finances. Time is favourable if you are planning to start a new venture or introduce something new in your work. The entrepreneurs will also have a booming period, your earnings will improve and you will make better profits. Introduction of new strategies and marketing techniques especially through the mode of media and advertisement will be beneficial. You can add on to your sources of earning during this time. You will also get chances to earn from your hobbies and interests. In terms of financial abundance this period will be opulent.

In terms of personal life, this period is good for the students who are into further studies, designing, creative field or artistic sector will have an auspicious time. The creativity will be free flowing in your mind, which will reflect in your work. You will get appreciation from your fellow mates and tutors for your outstanding work. Those who are looking forward to getting admissions in their dream colleges or institutions should file their applications during this period for the best of results.

Your love life will be a bit unstable during this time, you will miss the passion and intimacy from your partner. Your beloved will not be able to match up to your overflowing emotions and love during this time. The singles will have a better chance as their crushes can turn into relationships during this period.

Remedy- Serve a meal to blind people especially on Fridays.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


For the Scorpio Moon sign, Venus rules over the seventh house of associations, marriage and partnership. Also it heads over the twelfth house of travel, expenditure and losses. During this transit period Venus will be positioned in your fourth house of domestic comforts, mother, property, land and vehicles.

At the professional front, the aspect of Venus in your house of profession will bring favourable results for those who are dealing with the foreign markets, women's accessories and clothings, luxury products and beauty industry. You will witness a growth in your business. Those who are dealing into property will also be able to make good deals during this period.

At the personal front this period will be auspicious for the students who wish to study further and take admissions in the colleges away from their natal place. Those who are willing to study in foreign land should also try during this period as you will get favourable results.

There are bright possibilities of buying a vehicle during this time. Also the period is potent if you wish to make any investment of property. Buying and selling of property is too evident for you during this time.

Your home comfort and peace will be good and there may be a get together or a small occasion at your place. You may also plan to visit your near dear ones and spend a holiday with them. The married natives will share a loving and caring relationship with their spouse. The romance and understanding between the partners will grow.

Your mother may suffer from some health concerns, especially if she is prone to blood pressure and cholesterol issues or has a history of diabetes you should be extra cautious and get a medical check up done.

Remedy- Offer milk, rice and sugar to Goddess Parvati on Monday and Friday.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


For Sagittarius natives, Venus governs the sixth house of services, debts and diseases. It also owns the lordship of its eleventh house of income, gains and friendship. Venus will transit from the third house of efforts, might, short trips and communication during this period.

On the professional front, you will be ambitious and work hard towards achieving your short term goals. The freshers searching for a job will leave no stones unturned in finding the right profile for themselves and they will achieve results of putting forth their best of the efforts. There are probabilities of transfer for the government employees, but this will come up with incentives which will improve your career graph. Those who are working in MNCs will get rewards and appreciation in the form of cash and kinds. You may also earn some short travel packages with family and friends during this period. The business owners may witness a slow growth. This time is potent for planning of new investments and business expansion.

This period will be favorable for making short travel plans, be it at the personal level with friends and acquaintances for a relaxing holiday or at the professional level for finalising deals or meeting new customers. You will get productive results. You may also earn some monetary benefits through your trips.

On the personal front, this period is good to concentrate on your hobbies and interests as you may get opportunities to show your talent through social media or networking channels. You will also earn appreciation for your work and will make some space for yourself in the respective market.

Your relationship with your friends siblings will be good and you will get their support in your endeavours.

Remedy - Donate white sweets to young girls.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For the Capricorn natives Venus is a beneficial planet and will transit through the second house of wealth, family and speech. Venus rules over the fifth house of children, love and higher education and the tenth house of profession. This transit of Venus in the house of wealth will be uplifting for Capricorn natives.

At the professional front, this period will be approving especially for the business owners. You will get returns from your past months dealings, there are probabilities of getting your stuck up money back. Also you will make some new deals which will bring handsome profits. The employed natives are likely to get promotion with increment and better perks during this period. Those who are into the marketing profession will earn good incentives because of tehri influential talks and convincing power. This period will also be booming for those who are working in a joint venture or attached to some housing chains.

At the personal front this period will be good for the married natives, their bond with their in-laws will be more sweet and cordial during this period. You will be a bit spendthrift and will buy things to pamper your dear ones. You may also send on buying luxurious products for your household. Your relationship with your family and children will be good. You will get complete support from the members of your family in all your endeavours. Those who were planning for a child may get the good news of conception during this time. There will be joy and comfort in your personal life. You will have a splendid time with your loved ones.

Remedy- Wear a rose quartz in your hand or around your neck.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Venus is the yogakaraka planet for Aquarius, it rules over the kendra and trikonas for Aquarius natives. The fourth house of comfort and the ninth house of fortune is under the lordship of Venus. Venus will be placed in your rising sign during this transit period.

At the professional front you will be fortunate and will receive favours from the higher authorities. You will get success in all your endeavours, be it big or small. This period will especially bring approving results for the property dealers, real estate agents, travel agents and those who are into automobile industries. You will witness growth and expansion in your profession. Furthermore, this period will bring financial abundance. Any kind of investments during this period will bring positive results. Also you will receive some good results from your past investments.

At the personal front you will have an inclination towards grooming and maintaining your self, this will make you popular amongst the opposite sex. You will feel more lively and energised during this period. You will like socialising and meeting new people with new stories. You will be highly optimistic and look towards the brighter side of life.

Your family life will be comfortable and your mother will have a special preference towards you. She may give some special gifts in cash and kind to you. You will have a fondness towards buying luxury things or visiting places with good ambience and outstanding architecture. Your religious inclination will also increase and you will like making some donations for poor girls and blind people during this period.

Remedy- Wear a good quality Opal in silver in your ring finger.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


For Pisces natives, Venus heads over their third house of efforts, strength and communication. Also it rules the eight houses of uncertainties and mysteries. Despite Venus exalts in this sign of Jupiter it is not a very favourable planet for Pisces natives. During this transit Venus will be placed in the twelfth house of expenditures, foreign travels and loss.

There will be a drastic increase in your expenditure, which will not be on productive things. You may make unnecessary sudden expenses which will not give you any sense of comfort, satisfaction or materialistic benefit. You may also suffer from money loss due to theft during this time. You should take control of your spendings else you will be in a deficit budget.

At the professional front you will have to work too hard only then you will be able to make some survival. Those who are working with the international market will comparatively have a better period. Any kind of investment in a speculative market like stock or shares is not advisable as you will end up in major losses. Also you should strictly stay away from gamling.

On the personal front your bond with your siblings, especially younger ones will not be very cordial, you may face some issues because of their mistakes . Also you may face some conflicts with your close friends which will waiver your trust on them.

In terms of health your immunity will be low, you will lack stamina and energy. Also you will be prone to problems in your eyes, private area and feet. You are advised to be careful while walking as there are chances of hurting your foot during this period.

Remedy- Observe fasting on Friday for reducing the negative impact of this transit period.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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