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Venus Transit in Taurus, 4 June 2019

As per Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered to be the bestower of profits and significator of love, beauty, art, materialistic amenities, and worldly pleasures. It rules the day Friday, and is worshipped on this specific day by natives who wish to pacify the planet in their birth chart. Where, on the one hand, the positive effects of Venus helps a person live a luxurious life full of materialistic pleasures, on the other, its malefic effects results in the native facing inadequacy in cultural knowledge, a broken family, and sexual problems. Unmarried people should especially worship Venus, since this planet is also known as the significator of marriage.

Venus Transit in Taurus

Mythologically, Venus is also known as the master of demons, Guru Shukracharya, whereas, as per Astronomy, it is one of the brightest celestial objects in the sky. It is the hottest planet in the solar system and similar to Earth in shape and size. According to Astrology, it is the Lord of zodiac signs Taurus and Libra, is found in its exalted state in Pisces and in its debilitated state in Virgo. In addition to this, it also has Lordship over the Bharani, Purva Falguni, and Purva Ashada nakshatra (constellations). It considers the planets Mercury and Saturn to be its friends but has enmity with the Sun and the Moon. It stays posited in a zodiac sign for 23 days, making this the time period of a Venus transit.

Transit Period

Venus, the Goddess of love, marriage, and beauty, will be transiting in the zodiac sign Taurus on Tuesday, 4 June 2019, at 11:11 AM, and will remain posited in the sign until Saturday, 01:21 AM. All the zodiac signs will feel the impact of this transit during this time period. Let us discuss about the effects of this Venus transit on you, according to your sign.

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Venus’s transit in your second house can help you rise as an influential speaker as you leave an imprint on people’s minds with your speaking skills. The second house is said to signify one’s family, speech, primary education, and money, etc., and also known as your Wealth and Family house. You may get a chance to savor delicious and varied cuisines during this time, and an auspicious ceremony may also take place at your home. A new member can also join your family. This transit will be profitable for you financially, and you may also be successful in accumulating wealth during this time. Also, there is a strong possibility of profit for businessmen through a partnership. Married natives can also be on the receiving end of profits with the help of their spouse.

Remedy: Offer rice and curd in a Shiv temple on Friday.


This Venus transit brings with it mental satisfaction and a better lifestyle for Taurus natives. The planet will be transiting in your first house, i.e., your ascendant house, which is the house of ‘Self’ and signifies one’s nature, physical structure, and health. You can find your personality developing, as a result of this transit, and the natives of opposite gender can get increasingly impressed with you because of this. On the personal front, your life will improve and people will be praising your good temperament. On another note, some sensual thoughts may enter your mind. The time will be beneficial from a health perspective as well. Married natives will witness an increase in the love and harmony between you and your spouse, and some small squabbles between you two can easily be ignored.

Remedy: Wear a opal gemstone ring of the best quality in your finger.

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Gemini natives need to be a little careful, as Venus will be transiting in your twelfth house, also known as the expenditure house, thereby creating a possibility of financial problems and an increase in the expenses for you. As a result, you can spend more for your physical and materialistic needs, as well as on valuables and costly commodities. This house is the significator of expenses, loss, salvation, as well as foreign trip; implying that you can go on a trip overseas, during this transit. You can come across problems privately as well, which is why you need to mentally prepare yourself to face adverse conditions. Your focus will be on sensual acts during the transit, therefore, restraint and abstinence is advised. In addition to this, you need to take care of your spouse’s health as a decline is possible.

Remedy: Worship Lord Narayana and Goddess Lakshmi.


Venus will be transiting in your eleventh house, which is also known as your Income house, and signifies one’s income, all kinds of achievements in life, friends, and relationship with elder siblings, etc. This transit can be financially beneficial for Cancer natives in the form of an increase in income, obtaining stuck money, increment in modes of income, and so on. In addition to this, investing in the share market will also return profits. However, you must remember, no matter how favorable the situations are, one should always think twice while making any financial decisions. A female will help you, and your love life will be pleasant as well, as you get to spend time with your beloved. Where, on the one hand a long impending desire of yours will be fulfilled, on the other, you will taste success at work and your seniors may also support you wholeheartedly in the same.

Remedy: Feed kheer to little girls on Friday.

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Venus will transit in your tenth house, i.e., your Career or Profession house, which is said to signify our career, father, social status, politics, and life’s goals as per kalpurush kundli. This transit can bring good news for you at work, as your work will be praised, and your new suggestions will be appreciated. Your boss may even become so pleased with your excellent work that he may present you with an unexpected gift. You will complete your tasks with complete sincerity at your workplace. On another note, the effects of this Venus transit will help you obtain the support of women. As for your family life, the atmosphere at home will be full of happiness and serenity. As your father’s health improves so will your relations with him. You can turn your talents into your profession as this may yield better results. As for your married life, you may have to go away from your spouse due to some reason.

Remedy: Feed the dogs.


As Venus transits in your ninth house, some Virgo natives can go on a long-distance trip, which will prove to be rather beneficial. This house, also known as the Fate house as per kalpurush kundli, signifies our luck, fate, teachers, religion, travelling, pilgrimage sites, and principles. Your acquaintances and respect will increase in society and you will make your morals and principles, your priority. Your predictions state that you can become more active in religious and spiritual works, and this will bring you mental peace. While you can spend money over religious and social affairs, there is also a strong possibility of achieving financial gains during this transit. Even though the time is favorable for love-related matters, Virgo natives need to ensure that they don’t let any doubts about their beloved persist in their minds because misunderstandings can lead to a rift in your relationship.

Remedy: Worship the Lord Saturn.

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Libra natives can look forward to an unexpected gain as Venus transits in your eighth house. As per Vedic Astrology, this house, also known as the Longevity house, signifies the ups and downs in one’s life, sudden and unexpected events, age/longevity, secret, and research, etc. As a result, certain events can occur unexpectedly in your life due to this transit. These occurrences can be either positive or negative, varying from person to person. Therefore, one should be careful while driving in this duration, else getting hurt due to an accident is also possible. Other than this, small health-related problems are also probable, but still, you should not take them lightly. With the influence of this transit, you can get curious about the truth behind a secret, and in addition to that, your interest in religion, spirituality, and research may also increase. You can also be inclined towards sensuality, in this duration. While on the one hand, you will see the sweet and loving side of your life partner, on the other, there are also chances of arranging an auspicious function at home.

Remedy: Worship little girls and feed them kheer.


Ths transit is suggesting to be very beneficial for Scorpio natives as Venus transits in your seventh house, which signifies your marriage, spouse, and other partnerships in life. As per the predictions, your married life will most probably be pleasant during this transit. Staying close to your spouse will strengthen your relationship and as you both start understanding each other’s emotions better, you will pave your way towards making your marriage even more pleasurable. On the other hand, you can get some good news on the work front, and chances of profits are even stronger if you have a business in partnership. Buying a home overseas can also be on the cards for Scorpio natives. While some of you can spend money on a marriage ceremony, single natives can think about getting married during this transit.

Remedy: Feed a chapati (made of wheat flour) to a cow.


Sagittarius natives will prevail over their enemies as Venus transits in their sixth house, also known as your enemy house. However, you should still be careful, not make the common mistake of underestimating your opponent, and beware of getting stuck in any conspiracies. As per astrology, the sixth house corresponds to our enemies, diseases, pain, job, competition, immunity system, differences in married life, and legal matters. You may have to face some challenges in your love life. The time is auspicious for natives preparing for government jobs or some special exams as there are strong possibilities of succeeding in competitive exams. Just continue with your preparations and focus on your studies. You may apply for a loan from the bank or look for any other medium due to your weak finances, but your expenditure on valuable and costly items can increase. Ensure that your relations with the ladies around you remain good. You should continue working hard at work as it will soon return favorable results. Some Sagittarius natives may get to meet up and enjoy the time with people from their maternal side.

Remedy: Distribute sugar-candy (mishri) amongst little girls.

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Venus will be transiting in your fifth house, also known as your Progeny House. This house pertains to romance, children, creativity, intellectual abilities, education, and new opportunities in a native’s life. This transit will bring joy and happiness in your love life as your relations with your beloved deepen and strengthen. You will always want to be with your lover during this time and get to spend your valuable moments with them, but remember that there should be no place for misunderstandings in your relationship or it can sour things between you two. You can change your job during this time and the stars indicate a possibility of a hike in income as well. The romance will be budding between married natives too and newly married couples can even plan for kids. Children in your family will comfortably enjoy their time and do well in their studies or at work. Your social circle will increase with this transit and the partners of some Capricorn natives can even receive some kind of profit.

Remedy: Wear a diamond ring of the best quality in your finger on Friday.


Venus’s transit in the house of happiness will bring about an increase in the comforts of Aquarius natives. Our happiness house or fourth house is said to signify our mother, all kinds of happiness and comforts in life, moveable and immovable property, popularity, and feelings. You will be happy during this transit and the atmosphere at home will remain normal as well. You may plan on buying a new house, property, or vehicle as well as jewelry during this time. You may even spend your money on interior designing and other ways of beautification of your home. However, you can have to go far from home, and will find yourself missing your family in this duration. Take care of your father’s health as it may decline. You will perform well at work. This transit is also pointing towards progress and promotion at the office. Overall, this Venus transit will be very favorable for you.

Remedy: Offer red flowers to goddess Lakshmi on Friday.


Your courage and confidence will increase as Venus transits in your third house, i.e., the house of valor and courage. You will be able to express your thoughts in front of others fearlessly during this time. This house represents your courage, will power, younger brother, curiosity, passion, energy, enthusiasm, and zeal. Your manner of speaking will impress others and natives associated with media, art, glamour, and acting will especially benefit from this transit. Your salary at work will be proportionate to your hard work. Your parents can have health-related issues, but your siblings will remain fit. You may think of changing your job in this duration and a short trip will prove to be favorable for you. Your spouse will gain popularity in society, which will make you proud of them.

Remedy: Feed split chickpeas (chana daal) to a horse on Friday.

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