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Shivratri in 2016 - Maha Shivratri in 2016

Shivratri 2016 Date


March 2016


Maha Shivratri 2016 The grand festival of Maha Shivratri will be celebrated on 07th of March in 2016. Maha Shivratri is a festival that is solely dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The name also explain its dedication to Lord Shiva as it means 'the night of Lord Shiva". There is a specific day on which the festival of Maha Shivratri is celebrated which always falls in February or March according to the Gregorian Calendar. As per the Hindu Calendar the day of Maha Shivratri is the 13th or 14th night of the new moon in Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month.

Lord Shiva is one among the Hindu Trinity (the other two being Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu), celebrated through ages as the destroyer of the universe. Leaving the Vaishnavas, he is worshipped by Hindus all across the globe. Lord Shiva is known for his short-temper and his benevolent nature. If you wish to appease Lord Shiva, Shivratri 2016 date is, Monday 07th March.

Mahashivratri 2016 Legend

Ask for Shiva's blessing on Mahashivratri 2016 and see your life change. However it is important to recall the legend of Shiva on the occasion of Shivratri 2016

One of the most popular legends about Shivaratri is that this is the very day Lord Shiva got married to Parvati. It is also believed that Neelkant (Lord Shiva) performed a dance of creation, preservation, destruction called 'Tandava', on the night of Shivaratri. However according to Linga Purana, it was on Shivaratri that Lord Shiva manifested himself in the form of a Linga for the first time. To commemorate this day devotees of Shiva celebrated Maha Shivaratri. Like every year Shivratrti 2016 will also be -the grand night of Shiva celebrated in full swing by his devotees.

On the occasion of Mahashivratri 2016... Who is Shiva?

Mahashivratri 2016 will be celebrated by devotees of Shiva all across India. What makes Shiva so popular among the Hindu deities and what does Shiva mean to his devotees? Well, Shiva in Sanskrit means - the Auspicious One. He is one of the main deities of the Shaivaite sects of India. Lord Shiva is the third member of the Hindu Trinity, the other two being Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Shiva is known for dissolution and recreation and so the words destroyer and destruction have been associated with Lord Shiva. However, destruction and recreation always come in a circle; Shiva's is the cosmic power maintaining the cycle. Mahakaal Shiva destroys and dissolves everything into nothingness. At the same time as Shankara, he also reproduces that which has been destroyed. His symbol of Lingam is suggestive of his reproductive power.

Lord Shiva is also celebrated as the Lord of mercy and compassion. When evil forces such as lust, greed, and anger surround a soul, Shiva protects. He grants blessings and infuses wisdom in the minds of his devotees. Shiva, cannot be symbolized in one form, he is one yet many. At times you see him as the great ascetic, at times in deep meditation, sometimes as Natraj at other times in the form of Linga.

Mahashivratri 2016 - Fast and it's Significance

Shivaratri 2016 Fasting Procedure:

  • Take bath with water that is boiled with black sesame seeds to wash away impurities.
  • Put on fresh new clothes, visits the nearest Lord Shiva temple to perform the ritual bathing of the Shiva Linga with milk, honey, etc.
  • Apply haldi-kumkum (turmeric powder) on the lingum and place a garland of white and pink lotus flowers around it. Bel (Bilva) leaves can also be placed at top of the Lingum.
  • Invoke his blessings
  • A Shivratri fast continues all through the day and night. Devotees observe an all night vigil while chanting the mantra, "Om Namah Shivaya" and singing devotional hymns and songs.
  • Even during the night, the Shiva Lings is given a holy bath every three hours. An offering of fruits is also made to the deity.
  • Break the fast on the following morning by consuming the prasad offered to Lord Shiva.

Mahashivratri 2016 Fast Significance

Mahashivratri vrat helps a devotee control the two great natural forces that afflict man, rajas guna (the quality of passionate activity) and tamas guna (the quality of ignorance). Evils like lust, anger and greed are born of rajas and tamas guna. A 2016 Shivaratri fast will help you conquer these negativities. It is an extremely auspicious day to absolve all sins. By fasting on Shivratri 2016 one can secure a place in the abode of Lord Shiva and live there happily forever. Such a devotee is liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

Our team, wishes all devotees of Lord Shiva a very Happy Shivratri 2016, hoping that Lord Shiva will grant us his blessings and lead us through in our journey of self discovery.

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