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Ketu Peyarchi Palan 2017

Ketu Peyarchi Palangal 2017

Famously known as Dragon’s Tail or South Node, Ketu is currently residing in Kumbam and it won’t change its position before Friday, 18th August. While Dragon’s head or North Node is another name for Rahu. In case you feel indifferent, or maybe isolated at times, that is because Ketu is peculiar. Since Ketu has no head, it is mysterious. Therefore, it is hard for people to decipher their state of mind. It eliminates your presence from the social world. During this time, you will find serenity in religious deeds. While, you will not enjoy other’s amity. Ketu is self restrained. Ketu is an ally of Rahu, they have a direct impact on the thoughts of a human being. Subtly, the psychological behavior of an individual changes during this phase. Its impact on your zodiac signs will be as such:-

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There are no such benefits that can satisfy a person more than receiving the acknowledgement for their hard work. To enjoy prestige and recognition in the society, an individual ought to prepare themselves for any challenge. You will provide complete justice to the famous saying “Jack of all trades”, as you will be zestful this year. Ketu is currently residing in your 11th graham of achievements and income. Nothing thrills the world more than the intelligence of an individual. The colors of joy that you will spread with your humor, will bring you more fame. You will connect with more people, as a result of which your thoughts will prosper and there will be uniqueness in your ideas. The merger of wit and intelligence delivers more money. Though, you may get distorted, after Ketu’s arrival in your tenth graham but if you are alert, nothing can affect you from rising. Just be more tentative towards family, they may go through some complications. Your presence makes a lot of difference in their life, value them more than anything else.


That one aspect of life that every individual is aware of is that work is the only key to prosper in life. It can buy you vivid joys of life, a healthy routine and various benefits. It is important for you to know that you may not concentrate on your work, which will have its consequences, as Ketu is currently moving through your tenth graham of profession. More cautiousness can help you in beating all the difficulties. Also, you will be glad to know that you will be intrigued by the scriptures and you will take a delight in knowing more about the religious deeds. Those who bring contentment in your life is your family but they may undergo trouble this year. Spend as much time as possible with your family. And you tend to lose your sensibility when September ends. Do not indulge yourself into any frivolous activity. You will go old school, by which all you need to understand is that your thoughts will be narrow minded, do not let that happen, just push it. You may also plan to go on crusade.


The one who has always made sure that he did everything possible to put a smile on your face, the one who has always been there by your side whenever you wanted him; the man of the house, your father needs your immediate attention. Currently Ketu is moving through your ninth graham which signifies that your father may have to go through difficult times, which may also include bad health. You have to be more aware in case he undergoes trouble. It is your time to show some affection towards your father. You will find tranquility in worshiping God and performing religious acts. To avoid the hardships of life, you will go for a pilgrimage. Bad health of the family will bother you from time to time, your siblings could be the ones who will be affected the most. To attain peace in your life, you will take interest in spiritualism and prophecy. You will eventually enjoy its benefits. However, you have to be careful with your attitude, as you may become capricious, which will incur negative results. You can be the victim of unnatural disease, so be careful before you constitute trouble for yourself.


If science and inventions attract you, this year you will experience the time of your life. An innovative mind never rests and it makes a human being distinctive in nature. With the ability to create and think, they have established a world for living. This year Ketu is residing in your eighth graham, which represents interest in mysteries and occult sciences. Though there is artistry everywhere, but yours will be one of a kind this year. The inventors and those who take interest in scientific studies shall put their skills on test this year. As you will achieve triumph. Innovations will yield you better results. You will pull it off from scratch. Resolution to every conflict is the most subtle way to find ease and harmony in your life. Post September when Rahu will enter your seventh graham of spouse and partnership, you may bear issues with your spouse, or it can be even worse. Such that she may not enjoy good health. So always find a way out of complications with your partner. If you will push it further, the conflicts may get severe. You need to avoid arguments with your business partner as well.


To maintain a good relationship with your partner is necessary to fulfil various endeavors of life. It is only when you understand each other, that you can make the most of your relationship. It is essential for you to know that your partner will spread colors of happiness in your life, so you must stick with each other. That being said, you will face misunderstandings with your partner, as Ketu is staying in your seventh graham and it won’t move until September. You have to be diligent about your spouse and your business partner. It won’t yield positive results, in case your domestic life and your work life are not balanced. So, make sure that you keep things good around you. Always stay enthusiastic, just like you were when you made your choices. Wait until the end of September because then you will seek power over others. You will always stay one step ahead of your opponents. You will also prosper in academics. Your score in competitive exams will offer you more opportunities to grow as a scholar. You may suffer a chronic disease, which may prolong your sufferings.


You will be more courageous and full of wisdom this year. Every step that you will take in your life, will yield you positive results. Many opportunities will be entertained and you will be victorious every time. Also, you will succeed in legal disputes. It can be a court case or a pending dispute at work, you will win. Ketu is present in your sixth graham and will stay there until September end. It will provide you various endeavors to outshine. You must take your decisions wisely because some agility can bring you prosperity. You need to be more resolute, in case you are preparing for a competitive exam. You will be successful as Ketu is in your sixth graham, but you will only receive it if you will do great efforts. You will notice desolation from romance. This will happen after September, 2017. The health of children may degrade. You will be required to pay more attention towards your family. Foreign languages and mysticism will attract you. There are possibilities that you may face issues with your partner.


Ketu occupies the 5th graham in your rasi palan, which symbolises love and children. Trouble in love life can be foreseen. Arguments with lover will arise and might lead to detachment or separation. Married life will be troublesome. You’ll be frustrated most of the times due to the erratic behaviour of your partner. Health of your children is likely to decline. This period will see you inclining towards occult sciences. You’ll be interested to learn in depth about the religious sects and practices. Tantra mantra will also interest you; hidden or mysterious things will lure you to try them out. Although this might seem amazing to you, chances are that it’ll exhaust you. The period after September will be problematic for you. A change in job is also predicted. Family would require your love and attention on them, and if not given they might grow resentment towards you. You might consider changing your residence and buying a new place somewhere calm. Due to too much stress at home and work, you’ll exert yourself. Try meditating and sitting in peace. Keep tabs on your temper and make sure you don’t pay too much heed to anything. Happiness is a state of mind, not a condition. Be content with whatever life has to offer and enjoy.


Ketu will be transiting from your 4th graham and will stay there till September. The graham signifies vehicle, happiness and mother. At the familial front you’ll face numerous problems. You might feel suffocated, which will lead you to isolate yourself from all. The quarrels at home will hamper your peace of mind. With so much going on at your home, you’ll be tempted to visit some new place, for a change of scenery and heave a sigh of relief from the mayhem at home. You’ll occupy yourself with work. Steer clear off negative energy. The period after September will bring in new changes in you. You’ll be courageous and determined to soar high. The things and attributes which have been keeping you from achieving big will clear off and the clear canvas will be filled with vivid hued qualities that’ll help you set goals and accomplish them as well. You’ll go for more adventurous activities and this new found strength will empower you to go and attain new heights. You’ll accumulate wealth in this period, which will likely earn you glory and popularity.


Ketu, the graham of shadows and mystery will transit through your third graham which signifies self efforts, communication, and potential. As per your rasi palan you’ll be tremendous in marketing. You’ll put great effort in whatever work you get yourself involved into. Your determination and willpower will take you places this year. Stamina and potential would increase, due to which your productivity will manifold. Younger siblings will have to face problems; be cautious about their health. Your religious nature will come forth; you might go and visit any religious place. Some short journey or an excursion with the kids is on the cards for you. The period after September advises you to be cautious while holding up conversations, as Ketu will be entering your 2nd graham, which will create hurdles for you. Pay attention to whatever you speak, as not everyone would get your jokes and innuendos. Due to your miserly attitude, you’ll have tiffs and conflicts in your family. Health requires your keen attention in this period. Consume only fresh food and avoid junk food at all costs.


The shadowy graham Ketu will be in your 2nd graham which according to the predictions of Ketu Peyarchi Palan 2017 will induce you to skip your meals. You’ll eat scanty and these irregular diets will have a toll on your well being and fatigue will slow down your general productivity. You’ll be quiet and solitary this year; you’ll enjoy your company more than that of anyone else. Feeling detached from your kith and kins in this duration can be expected. You might go on a trip to find solace and tranquility in your life. Health will be very problematic this year. The period after September presages hard times for you. You’ll be lazy and might gain some weight. Due to this you’ll have a weak constitution and will likely contract diseases. Your toils will yield you not much results. Due to the high walls that you've built around you, people won’t be able to socialise much with you. Keep it in your mind that being a lone soul would make your ride dull. Interact more with people and instead of being diplomatic in your approach, be practical and understanding.


Ketu is posited in your Ascendant and will stay there till the month of September. Due to it being a malefic graham, chances are that your health will suffer. You’ll be soft under the belly; might contract fever or headache. It’s advised that you take proper medications in case of any minor ailment and do not let it escalate into something big. This period will make you more witty and your wisdom will outshine your aura. Diplomacy will be your answer to any disputed issue. Emotionally, you’ll get attached to people real quick, which in the long run could affect your persona. September end will see Ketu moving towards your twelfth graham, which signifies bed comforts and loss of sleep. This period will bring in lethargy in your life. Sleep would be the last thing on your mind, due to too many tensions laid on your shoulders. You might indulge in spiritual activities and encourage your family to do the same. You’ll experience sudden mood swings in this period. Your mind would play tricks on your intellect and you’ll have a hard time making decisions. It’s advised that you practice meditation and try to calm your mind to function properly. This duration will make you respect other’s opinion more and will equip you to work in sync. Health will be troublesome; eat a balanced diet and go for regular workouts.


The endower of wisdom, graham Ketu resides in your 12th graham, which presages health related issues in your life. You may have to suffer from seasonal illness or a chronic disease. Trouble in paradise is highly probable; your spouse will be finicky and won’t be able to understand your feelings properly which could give birth to arguments and conflicts between you two. In this period you’ll be lured to try out spirituality and attend religious activities. Some of your spendings will be on things that’ll be secretive. Mental stress and distress will sour your mood. An overseas trip will take your mind off from things and rejuvenate your senses. The period after September will bring in good things in your life. Your income would manifold tremendously, which will help you shell out more luxuriously. You’ll be socially active and will befriend new people. Your wisdom will improve and you’ll become more humourous and witty.


If facing problems from Ketu, you can mull over the following tips to nullify the adverse effects caused by Ketu:

  • Observe a fast on Thursdays.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha.
  • After proper consultation from an astrologer, wear 9 faced Rudraksh.
  • Donate multicolored blanket on Saturday.
  • Hoist a black flag in your pooja ghar.
  • The perfect antidote to cushion yourself from Ketu’s agony is by taking a shower, not a bath.

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