Jupiter Transit 2024 (1 May, 2024)

Jupiter Transit 2024: The transit of Lord Jupiter is one of the key astrological events that will occur this year. Jupiter is seen as an auspicious planet, and the transit of Jupiter is significant in Vedic astrology. When Jupiter transits, the houses where Jupiter's vision falls deliver auspicious vision like nectar, resulting in auspicious consequences for the person. In astrology, Jupiter is also referred to as Jiva. 

Jupiter Transit In Taurus

Jupiter is the second slowest moving planet after Saturn, transiting from one zodiac to the next in around 13 months. Jupiter exited its own zodiac sign of Pisces and entered the zodiac sign of its buddy Mars on April 22, 2024 and now Jupiter will transit in Taurus in 2024. 

In terms of date and time, Jupiter will transit in Taurus on May 1, 2024 at 14:29 PM. Only two days after its transit, on May 3, 2024 at 22:08 p.m, Jupiter will get to the combust stage, where it will be known as Brihaspati Tara Doobna or Guru Tara Doobna, and after about a month, on June 3, 2024 at 3:21 a.m., it will rise. Marriages, for example, are not performed during the period when Jupiter sets, and will continue when Jupiter rises again.

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Jupiter will begin its retrograde motion in this Taurus sign on October 9, 2024 at 10:01 a.m. and will remain in retrograde motion until February 4, 2025, at 13:46 p.m. Jupiter is regarded to be an auspicious and growth-increasing planet, and the houses in which Jupiter's aspect is seen strengthen those houses and their linked rewards with their auspicious aspect. Let's know how the transit of Jupiter in Taurus affects you in 2024, and what kind of outcomes you get from Jupiter Transit 2024.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Aries Horoscope

Jupiter is a very significant planet for your zodiac since it rules your house of fortune, and if luck does not prevail in life, a person will suffer in all areas. It is also the lord of your twelfth house, and Jupiter Transit in Taurus will have an extra impact on you because Jupiter, the lord of your ninth house, is transiting through your second house and by doing this, it will form money Yoga and reap the greatest financial rewards.

Your financial balance will grow, and you will be successful in amassing wealth. Your speech will be serious. People will listen to and understand your opinions with genuine affection. Jupiter in this sign will keep you in touch with family members. If you do ancestral business, you will experience the expected benefits of this travel in your business. You will also receive happiness and blessings from the elderly members of the family. 

The Jupiter Transit 2024 in the second house will also offer some positive news to the family. A marriageable child in the family may get married, or the birth of a child may bring happiness to the family. Jupiter is in the second house. Jupiter will be in your sixth, eighth, and tenth houses. Because of the aspect of Jupiter in the sixth house, you will be able to repay your old debt or bank loan due to good financial gains. Debt burden will be reduced.

Opponents will also be cool and courteous to you. You will achieve good academic performance. Your connection with your in-laws will improve, and there will be harmony between your spouse and your families, as well as an increase in the feeling of love. Career achievement is possible due to Jupiter's vision in the tenth house. With your efficiency and comprehension, you will be able to tackle any difficulty.

You will need to put in extra effort at work between May 3 and June 3, while Jupiter is in a weakened state. Mind your speech so as not to hurt others. The period following this will be favorable, but from October 9 until the end of the year, when Jupiter will be retrograde, more efforts will be required to accumulate wealth, and it will be difficult for you to keep family members united, but you will succeed with your intellect and understanding. We will also discover solutions to these issues.

Remedy : On Thursday, you should feed a red cow by putting turmeric into flour, making a dough from the cow's milk, and making some sweet at home to offer to Lord Vishnu and consume it as a Bhog.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Taurus Horoscope

Jupiter rules the eighth and eleventh houses for your sign. Jupiter will be in your first house, or in your zodiac sign, throughout this period. Because it is in Taurus, Jupiter Transit in 2024 can be especially beneficial to you. Jupiter, as lord of your two ineffective houses, Jupiter does not favor the zodiac sign of Venus. 

The transit of the lord of the eighth house in your zodiac sign will assist you in conveying secret knowledge. You can succeed in astrology, research, and other fields, as well as in any intelligence service. You can also practice charity, religion, Tantra, and Mantra. The transit of the lord of the eleventh house in your zodiac sign will result in a monetary gain. You will be observed seeking money and making every effort to obtain it. 

This will help your financial situation, but the presence of the lord of these houses in your zodiac sign cannot be stated to be more beneficial to your health. You may be disturbed by stomach disease and problems with metabolism. Jupiter will aspect your fifth house, where Ketu is located. It is beneficial to your kid. Their values will rise and they will advance in life.

If you are in a love relationship, the transit of Jupiter Transit 2024 might make you go through everything for that love, and you will be willing to go to any extent. Your love marriage may also take place this year, with the blessings of Jupiter. Jupiter in this position will also aspect your seventh house with total seventh vision, which can greatly minimize the troubles in your married life. Despite the fact that Saturn will be aspecting your seventh house, Jupiter will play a key part in overcoming those obstacles and will do everything possible to save your relationship.

You will go on pilgrimage for religious work due to Jupiter's ninth aspect on your ninth house, i.e. on the house of fortune. You will visit auspicious and pilgrimage sites with the family and sometimes alone to pay homage to the deities. This will satisfy you. Worshiping too much might be damaging to your health, so by following the guidelines and worshiping comfortably, you will be successful in persuading your favorite deity. Take great care of illnesses between May 3 and June 3, while Jupiter is in retrograde, as you may become ill. 

When Jupiter goes retrograde on October 9, you may experience a few stresses in your marriage in the final months of the year. Money may be the source of conflict between you and your spouse. There may be a lot of interference from in-laws in your life, which might cause you problems. You will be concerned about the child side. Long journeys may provide some challenges, so plan ahead of time.

Remedy: Beginning on Thursday, you should repeat Guru Brihaspati Beej Mantra: Om gram grim graum sah: guruve namah: on a regular basis.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Gemini Horoscope 

Jupiter, the lord of the seventh and tenth houses for your Gemini zodiac sign, is about to enter your twelfth house during this transit. The effect of this transit of Jupiter will mostly affect your twelfth house, which may result in an increase in your expenses. You will spend money on religious and charitable activities. You will gain respect in society and live a life that is more satisfying because your expenses will not be put to waste but it will undoubtedly raise your financial burden because your expenses will rise. 

Because Jupiter is a planet of growth, expenses will rise. Jupiter, which is located here, will aspect your fourth house from its fifth aspect, your sixth house from its seventh aspect, and your eighth house from its ninth aspect. With Jupiter in the fourth house, you will spend for your happiness, and after you have spent that money, you will be satisfied and happy. There is a possibility of an increase in domestic expenditures. Mother's health will improve, and by Jupiter's grace, religious desires will grow in her, and auspicious work will take place in the house, making the atmosphere to become devotional and religious. You will be watching the needs of the household and meeting them.

According toJupiter Transit 2024, due to Jupiter's aspect on the sixth house, you will handle your adversaries gently, and as a result, they will become your admirers. Jupiter will be delighted with your job performance, and the problems will naturally disappear as a result of God's blessings. Your debt can also be reduced. Because of Jupiter's aspect from the ninth house to the eighth house, you will become more interested in religious activities and subjects such as astrology. You can also accept them in your life. 

If you are a research student, this Jupiter Transit 2024 will help you succeed in your studies. As a result of this transit, you may be able to travel abroad for business or for work. Your marriage bond will become more intimate and intense. Jupiter will enter retrograde in your twelfth house on October 9. You should take extra precautions to maintain your health during this transit, as it can cause health issues.

Remedy: On Thursdays, gift study materials to students or Brahmins to obtain Jupiter's blessings.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Cancer Horoscope

This transit of Jupiter in Taurus will occur in the eleventh house from your Cancer. Jupiter is a very crucial planet for you. Aside from being the ruler of your sixth house, it is also the lord of your destiny, which is the ninth house, and its transit from the lord of the ninth house to the eleventh house will improve your fortune. 

The impediments in your path will be wiped out as a result of Jupiter Transit 2024. Your business plans will work out. If you choose to pursue further education, the obstacles that stand in your way will be decreased and you will have a better chance of getting an excellent education. Jupiter will provide you with exceptional outcomes in several aspects of your life. Your earnings will also rise significantly.

According to Jupiter's transit in 2024, the authority you have in the office will increase and you will be seen with respect. You will quickly get the favor of your bosses, which will allow you to set your roots in your profession. Traveling for business will be even more helpful to you. Jupiter, which is placed here, will aspect your third, fifth, and seventh houses with complete vision. There will be sweetness in your relationships with siblings as a result of Jupiter's conjunction in the third house.

They will be able to move forward as their troubles resolve. Your relationships with your friends and coworkers in your sector will become loving, which will help you on many levels. You can also make money by pursuing any of your interests. This transit will be most good for love affairs, and you may be able to have a love marriage. If you keep your words in front of those you love, they will be unable to deny. This transit will be beneficial to students, and they will have a better chance of succeeding in school.

If you are married, you will receive excellent news about the birth of a kid, and if you are already childless, you will receive good news for a child. In marriage, sweetness will grow. Your relationship with your spouse will be harmonious. There will be business success. There will also be excellent opportunities for business expansion. Your influence may decline between May 3 and June 3. Efforts will have to be solidified throughout this period. When Jupiter turns retrograde on October 9, your mind will be more focused on money than religious work, and you will receive an abundance.

Remedy: Wear a high-quality topaz stone in a gold ring and wear it on your index finger on a Thursday during Shukla Paksha.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Leo Horoscope 

Jupiter rules the fifth and eighth houses for Leo zodiac sign. It is an auspicious planet for you because it is the lord of the Trikona house and also the best buddy of your zodiac lord Sun God, therefore this transit of Jupiter can prove to be beneficial to you. Jupiter transit will be in the eleventh house from your zodiac sign. With the effect of this transit, you will endeavor to achieve good results in your line of work by employing your intelligence. 

The lord of the eighth house moving to the tenth house denotes workplace disturbances. During this period, you should consider changing jobs. If you've already applied, you'll have a good chance of landing a second job during this period of transition. This transit makes you realize that you must resist any arrogance or desire to put others down at work, or you may face difficulty. Your experience is excellent, and others may compliment you on it, but you should avoid becoming egoistic about it. Respect your upper management and foster a positive office environment; this will make your job easier as well. 

Jupiter in the tenth house will oppose your second, fourth, and sixth houses. With Jupiter in the second house, the sweetness in your voice will rise, and you will profit from speaking thoughtfully. There is a probability of receiving secret money, ancestral property, an inheritance, or money unexpectedly due to Jupiter's influence. You will make significant contributions in family matters as well as remain in the public eye. 

Jupiter's aspect on the fourth house will provide you joy in your family life. There will be a calm vibe in the house. Jupiter will also erase your mother's health issues, which will improve her health and give her the courage to tackle any difficulty. You can also buy some good property during this time. That asset may be old yet it will be useful to you.

Because of Jupiter's position on the sixth house, you may encounter some difficulties at work from competitors. They won't be able to accomplish anything, and you will win in the end. You'll need to work hard to keep your costs under control and avoid taking out new debts.

Remedy: Starting on Thursday, begin chanting the Mantra of Dev Guru Brihaspati: "Om Brihaspataye Namah:" 

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Virgo Horoscope 

The Jupiter Transit 2024 will take place in the ninth house of the Virgo Zodiac Sign. It will transit in your ninth house as the lord of your fourth house, happiness, and seventh house, business and partnership. This transit will be very beneficial to you in many circumstances, but you may also confront some challenges. Jupiter's transit through the ninth house will help you in your religious and professional endeavors. You'd want to go on a family pilgrimage. Visiting temples and pilgrimage sites will provide you joy and fulfillment.

During this time, there is also the possibility of purchasing a large property. Not only that, but if you want to acquire a great automobile, you can do it at this time as well. You will be able to travel internationally. If you have previously prepared for the visa, you can apply for it. This transit will be beneficial to higher education. Your endeavors will be successful. Harmony with a life partner will be satisfactory. Both will travel together as well. Mutual love will grow stronger during long journeys. 

During this Jupiter Transit in 2024, there is a probability of receiving advantages through a life partner. You will have the option to serve or assist a teacher or a student at this time, which you should not pass up. Jupiter, if placed here, will aspect your zodiac sign, as well as your first, third, and fifth houses. You will remain religious because of Jupiter's vision in the first house. Your mind will be saved from becoming confused, no matter how straightforward you may think, because Jupiter will push you to follow the proper road, and as a result, you will be able to advance in life by making the right choice.

The aspect of Jupiter in the third house will bring you the joy of siblings. Friends will also help you. Your short or long excursions will bring you enjoyment and respect. The process of meeting some major and important people will begin, which will result in significant changes in your life. With Jupiter in the fifth house, you will achieve exceptional accomplishments in the sphere of education. Your mind will become more easily engaged in studies, and your concentration will improve. Love affairs will be more intense, and you will feel closer to your sweetheart. There will also be opportunities to accompany him on long-distance travel during this time.

You will treat them with great care, and they will appreciate it greatly. This will increase your affection. Between May 3 and June 3, when Jupiter is retrograde, you should offer water to the Sun God and show care and respect to seniors; otherwise, your work will be hampered and your life partner's interference will increase. Jupiter will go retrograde on October 9 and will remain so till the end of the year. In this situation, you will have to put in a lot of effort to complete your work. Success will only come after a lot of hard work.

Remedy: Starting Thursday, you should recite the Shri Vishnu Sahastranam Stotra on a regular basis. 

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Libra Horoscope 

Jupiter will make a transit in Taurus in the eighth house of your Libra zodiac sign. It is the lord of the third and sixth houses in your zodiac, and it is not considered particularly beneficial in the Venus zodiac sign. Furthermore, because they are in your unfavorable house, this transit is likely to be cautious for you, so you will have to make attempts to get forward in life only by keeping your activities under control. Jupiter, being in the eighth house, could lead to disappointment in relationships with siblings.

You may be having a disagreement with your coworkers. What you say to them may cause you problems. Even though you are trying, there is a chance that your debt will grow during this period. Avoid taking out any additional loans; else, you may have to repay them for a long time. This transit may be somewhat poor financially, and you may have financial difficulties. Expenses will be excessive. Yes, you will profit from becoming religiously progressive. 

Your curiosity with astrology, the unknown, and religion will grow. You have a strong chance of succeeding in your academics. Jupiter will grant comprehensive eyesight to your twelfth, second, and fourth houses from the eighth house. The aspect of Jupiter on the twelfth house may improve your chances of going out. You can go out even if you have to spend a lot of money on it.

Your expenses will only rise throughout this period, as you may experience health issues. You may experience throat issues, as well as stomach, liver, and metabolism issues. There is a possibility of unexpected monetary benefits due to Jupiter's vision in your second house. Debates and legal proceedings can increase your chances of receiving money.

During this Jupiter Transit 2024, you may receive assistance from your spouse's family, i.e. your in-laws. However, your relationships with them can be strained, so exercise caution. During this time, your spouse's actions will be crucial. During this transit, you will have to devote more time to resolving family issues. No matter how busy you are at work, in order to meet family responsibilities, you must step ahead and face problems; only then can you feel mentally at ease. 

Between May 3 and June 3, Jupiter will be in a debilitated state, and the father could experience bodily suffering as well as ups and downs in his connection with his father. You may have to face the wrath of a guru, so do not make any mistakes for which you will have to repent. Jupiter will be retrograde in the eighth house beginning October 9. This phase reflects any new investment's loss. Physical difficulties may also surround you, so be cautious and seek medical attention if necessary.

Remedy: On Thursday, you should donate raw potatoes, Gram Dal, Desi Ghee, camphor, and turmeric to a cowshed.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Scorpio Horoscope

Jupiter will transit the seventh house for Scorpio zodiac sign. Jupiter is acting as a buddy to your zodiac lord Mars, although he will transit through the zodiac sign of Venus. Jupiter is the lord of the second and fifth houses for you, and as the lord of the fifth house, it will go to the seventh house and establish a Kendra-Trikona association, which can also produce Raja Yoga outcomes. Going to the seventh house of Jupiter will show unmistakable signals of progress in your business.

If your company is already experiencing issues, they will be alleviated and stability will be achieved. There will be a sense of stability, which will offer your firm dynamism. You can also put some of your wealth in a business, which will give it a new direction. Working with them will help you build your business by introducing you to new and experienced people. Your children will bring you happiness. Love relationships will be intense. 

There will be a high likelihood of a love marriage, and you will use your intelligence to propel your business forward. There will be purity in your relationship with your spouse, and you will begin to spend your time together in a wonderful way. Mutual harmony between you and your partner will improve, as will a sense of dedication to each other. Jupiter in this position will oppose your eleventh, first, and third houses.

According to Jupiter Transit 2024, Jupiter will enhance the economic success of your firm. Your business plans will pay off handsomely. Your daily income will also increase, and there will be apparent signs of an increase in your income. Your seniors will back you up and assist you with your work. If you already have a job, this is the time to find a good and high-paying job. This is an excellent moment to do business.

Jupiter's impact on your zodiac sign will assist you in becoming a more balanced individual. You will be able to advance in your business and in other aspects of your life by making sound judgments based on a precise evaluation of the situation. The Jupiter aspect in the third house will increase the bond between siblings. You will also continue to receive complete cooperation from your coworkers. You will advance your business by growing your power. 

Your life partner's fortune will rise as well, which will benefit you. Between May 3 and June 3, when Jupiter is retrograde, there may be some laxity in business, but maintain moving forward with patience and caution. Jupiter will go retrograde on October 9. During this time, your partner's health may suffer. When speaking with a business partner, use caution because a heated discussion can lead to complications.

Remedy: You should put on a high-quality Pukhraj stone.

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Jupiter Transit 2024- Sagittarius Horoscope

Jupiter planet, in addition to being the ruling planet of your Sagittarius zodiac sign, is also the ruling planet of your fourth house. Jupiter's transit in 2024 will be in your zodiac sign's sixth house. By being placed in this house, Jupiter indicates your expenditure will rise. You must be cautious about your health issues because you may fall ill during this period. The transit of the lord of the zodiac in the sixth house indicates his involvement in court or court affairs. If you are already involved in such a matter, you will need to give more attention and spend money on it during this time.

If you need a loan from a bank, you can receive one during this time period. Jupiter will improve your working conditions, but you may be concerned about your competitors, and you will have to work hard to stay two steps ahead of them. Jupiter, being in the sixth house, will aspect your tenth house from its fifth aspect, your twelfth house from its seventh aspect, and your second house from its ninth aspect. 

This Jupiter Transit 2024 advises you that hard work will bring you success. Avoid buying any property during this period as it could bring challenges. During this transit, your mother's health may suffer as well, so keep an eye on her and visit a doctor if necessary. There will be opportunities for religious trips, as well as pilgrimage sites. 

The personality of Jupiter in the twelfth house represents excessive spending. During this time, you will be tempted to spend money on a variety of projects. However, you must concentrate on the positive aspects. Money will be made available after overcoming challenging obstacles. You must restrict your remarks because some of your opponents may appear as a result of your outspokenness. Jupiter will be in his position from May 3 to June 3, thus you should take extra precautions with your health. 

Some diseases may trouble you during this time. There is a chance of an increase in fat, cholesterol, and stomach issues. People who already have diabetes must pay special attention. Jupiter will begin its retrograde journey on October 9. This period will bring you good achievement at work but may harm your health, so try to pay more attention to your health from October to December.

Remedy: You should chant Jupiter's Mantra: "Om Gun Guruve Namah": 108 times every day.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Capricorn Horoscope

Jupiter becomes the lord of the third and twelfth houses and the factor planet for Capricorn zodiac sign. He will enter your fifth house during this trip. You will thrive in school as a result of Jupiter's transit. Right thoughts will emerge from within you. Religious work, spirituality and reflection, and socially good concepts will be born within you, causing you to feel terrible for wrongdoings and a desire to repent.

Your intellect, mind, and knowledge will grow. You will meet nice individuals and gain from their company. Your children will bring you happiness. Your children will become obedient, and you will be happy because of them. If you are married, this Jupiter transit can bring you wonderful news about having a child. It is possible to realize one's desire to have a kid. This transit will be beneficial in love affairs and will help your relationship evolve.

The deity Jupiter, which is located here, will aspect your ninth house, eleventh house, and first house, i.e. your zodiac sign, according to Jupiter Transit 2024. There will be opportunities for extended voyages as a result of Jupiter Transit 2024. You will travel large distances for educational purposes. You would like to read something new. If you pursue further education, you can be successful.

Your revenue will improve significantly. It is possible that your employment will change and you will find another job with a larger wage than before, giving you the opportunity to observe economic progress. Right thoughts will enter your mind, your decision-making abilities will improve, and it will complete all of your tasks. You should aim to limit your intake of cholesterol.

Remedy: After bathing, apply a saffron Tilak to your forehead.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Aquarius Horoscope

Jupiter, the lord of the second and eleventh houses, becomes the lord of the money houses for Aquarius natives, which is very essential for you because their position in the horoscope is important for your financial stability. Jupiter is currently transiting in the fourth house of your zodiac sign. Jupiter's transit in Taurus will be relatively rewarding for you.

You can spend your money to decorate your house, meet the demands of the house, perform your tasks, and care for your mother's health. Jupiter will aspect your eighth house from the fifth aspect, tenth house from the seventh aspect, and twelfth house from the ninth. 

According to Jupiter Transit 2024, you may be able to obtain ancestral property due to Jupiter's influence on the ninth house. You can get money unexpectedly, which will make you delighted. You can obtain some ancestral property. This will make you very delighted. You will also gain recognition and fame in religious works. You will experience economic development. You will need to devote more time to your career.

Try not to think of yourself as a surveyor on the job and instead focus on working hard; otherwise, you may run into complications. The sum of expenses will also be made due to Jupiter's aspect on the twelfth house. Although it is a positive thing that the expenses will be heading in the right way. However, they may cause you some problems. You can avoid complications by keeping your costs under control. It will be vital to devote some attention to health. 

Remedy: You should carry a yellow handkerchief in your pocket.

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Jupiter Transit 2024 - Pisces Horoscope 

Jupiter is the ruler of the Pisces zodiac sign, so it is a crucial planet for you. Apart from being the lord of your zodiac sign, it is also the lord of your job house, the tenth house, and it will enter the third house from your zodiac sign during the current transit. Jupiter's placement in the third house may increase your laziness. You can become a procrastinator, and as a result, you may miss out on vital opportunities, so you must remain vigilant and strive to save any opportunity that comes your way. 

Working hard will result in success. Your work will benefit from the collaboration of friends. They will be beneficial to your business. You will profit from the assistance of friends in resolving marital troubles. There will be short trips. You will have the full support of your siblings. You will prioritize any interest you have and work hard to improve it. Your relationships with your neighbors will improve, and you will visit relatives.

Jupiter Transit 2024 implies that due to Jupiter's aspect on the seventh house, marital issues will lessen. If you run a business, you will have opportunities to advance in that business. With new ideas and the assistance of some significant people, your business will go forward on the path of success, and you will witness good growth. You will want to do charity, religion, virtue, and good deeds as a result of Jupiter's seventh aspect on the ninth house. You will intend to visit a temple or a pilgrimage site. By visiting the deities' temples, you will feel relaxed and calm. 

You can also go on a pilgrimage with family members. You may also go short distances. You can reap financial rewards due to Jupiter's aspect on the eleventh house and efforts will be required to earn money as just sitting idle could lead to inactiveness in situations. You will be successful if you stop being lazy and start working hard. You will get the full support of your colleagues at your workplace.

Remedy: On Thursday, you must wear your zodiac stone Yellow Topaz in a gold ring on your index finger.

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