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Mars Transit in Capricorn (February 26, 2022)

This article on Mars Transit in Capricorn (February 26, 2022) offers accurate predictions based on this phenomena for all zodiac signs and mentions effective remedies to follow. Mars occupies the fourth spot in the zodiac cycle according to astrology. Mars is also known as Bhoomi Putra and is regarded as the Lord of fire and anger. This planet represents the colour red in Vedic Astrology, which symbolises fire, anger and the planet is also often regarded as the warlord.

Mars Transit in Capricorn

Mars occupies the first house in the birth chart as per Kaal Purush Kundli and is the ruling lord of the 1st and 8th houses. The placement of Mars in the birth chart indicates how one’s body structure will be, will s/he be lean, have a strong body structure and so on. The main element in a body, which is blood, is also ruled by the planet Mars and Mars plays a very important role in overall physical appearance. Hence it is considered to be very significant in one’s birth chart.

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This planet is the indicator of siblings, especially brothers, military personnel, engineers, surgeons, blood in war, destruction, violence and property. It is good when placed in the third, sixth, eleventh house in the native’s chart. It aspects the fourth, seventh and eighth house, creates the Manglik Dosha when placed under special conditions and is associated with the marriage house.

Mars Transit in Capricorn: Timing

The red hot planet Mars will transit in the sign of Capricorn from Sagittarius on 26th February 2022, Saturday at 14:46. Capricorn is the exalted sign of Mars, and the planet will remain in a strong state in this particular sign. The influence of this transit is all set to do wonders for the natives belonging to all zodiac signs. Mars in the sign of Capricorn will also be in conjunction with Saturn, and this conjunction is considered not very good. It can lead to severe problems, accidents and surgery. The natives of Capricorn sign are wise, disciplined, ambitious and persistent towards their target. Therefore, this transit might challenge them in the way that they will have to work a little extra.

The transit of Mars in Capricorn is the best time to stay more dedicated in doing tasks and earn name, fame and reputation. The natives should try to involve themselves in action that shall provide them with rich experience. This time is the best time to buy a property and gain benefits from it and is also an apt time to set goals in life and make an effort to stay on top. Taking responsibility during events and functions happening in the family can bring satisfaction and happiness.

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Learn what the impact of Mars Transit in Capricorn is going to have on your respective zodiac sign:


Mars is the ruling Lord of the first and eighth house and is transiting in the 10th house of career, name and fame. During this phase, you may get success in your efforts on the career front, but still, you may not be content with your achievements. This is the period when you will get recognition and respect in your workplace due to the efforts and hard work that you have done in the past. You will be facing every challenge in the workplace very effectively, but you should also remain cautious as someone may plan against you.

Financially the situation will be stable and comfortable; still, it is advised not to make any financial investment or a huge purchase during this phase. In your personal life, your love life may continue to be happy and enjoyable, and you can see a meaningful relationship during this period. Married couples may also enjoy going to a location or for a long drive to a romantic destination. This period is also favourable to conceive a child. Students are advised to put in sincere effort to get desired success in their exams. Healthwise, this period may be a cause of concern due to over exertion and fatigue. If you are a person who has a problem with BP, then do take very good care of yourself and even consider going for an overall health check-up during this time.

Remedy: Reciting Hanuman Chalisa every day will be very beneficial for the natives.


Mars rules the 12th and seventh house and is transiting in the ninth house of luck, spirituality, higher studies and father. During this period, the inflow of your income will increase, and natives will also get to undertake long-distance journeys. There are good chances of you going to a foreign land. Careerwise this is a good time to earn profit in regard to your business, and your status in society will also increase.

The atmosphere at your workplace may become challenging for you, and you might have to accept some unfavourable changes at the job, and the changes could be internal transfer or location change. In your personal life, your love life may continue to be moderate, and your partner might not understand your emotions. Married couples may face some issues as well, and hence it is advised to take the required precautions for the same. Healthwise, this period is not good for your father’s health hence do take very good care of your father‘s health. The natives of this sign may experience stress, which can be overcome through meditation/yoga or relaxing properly to ease their mental stress.

Remedy: Donating blood on Tuesdays will be very beneficial for the natives.


For Gemini, the moon sign Mars is the ruling Lord of the sixth and eleventh house and is transiting in the eighth house of the occult, sudden loss/gain and inheritance. Financially, individuals will feel stable and secure during this phase. Still, it is advised to avoid any investment as one can face losses. Some past investments will turn out to be fruitful, bringing you profits.

Careerwise this period may be a little tough for you, especially on your job front, as you can face obstacles while making progress, and you may experience loss in your career. During this period, avoid long journeys and keep a distance from any kind of legal issues. In your personal life, you should be very careful and watch your words while communicating with your beloved during this phase. Also, you must refrain from hurting their sentiments with your harsh words. A married couple may not get the desired peace and harmony easily. Healthwise, you may face issues like fever, fatigue or body pain which may keep you worried. To avoid the feeling of discontent and depression, you should meditate and practise yoga.

Remedy: Recite the mantra associated with Mars: “Om Angarakaya Namaha” regularly.


Mars is the lord of the 10th and fifth house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. During this period, there might be some problems when moving ahead in your career, and hence it is advised to avoid any kind of argument with the people at your work. During this phase, your seniors and subordinates might not be very happy with you. Natives in business may find the period stressful hence it is advised not to start any new startup or project. You are advised to control your dominating nature, especially in your career or at your office. During this phase, your seniors and subordinates might not be very happy with you.

In your personal life, you need to maintain harmony in a relationship, particularly in your married life, as misunderstanding may develop with the spouse, which may prove challenging for you. If you are single, then you may find yourself being passionate, and get involved in the company of the opposite sex. It is advised to maintain moral qualities during this period. Healthwise it is advised that you should take proper care as you may have some stomach related issues during this period. Also, you have to take special care of the health of your spouse.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga and help the needy, especially children, women and the elderly.


Mars is the ruling lord of the fourth and ninth house and is transiting in the sixth house of debt, enemies and disease. This period might get you into some legal issues, and if you are already into one, then things might get messed up a bit. However, Mars in the sixth house is the destroyer of enemies, so do not worry as your enemies will not be able to bother you for long. On the career front, your performance may gradually improve on the job. Moreover, your efforts towards getting success might be appreciated, and you would be able to surpass your rival at the workplace.

For the business managing natives, professional targets may be achieved with sincere effort, and your business partner/associate will help you in succeeding. Financially you might spend money on luxury things and also gift electronic gadgets to your loved ones. In your personal life, things will remain stable, and your friends and family will support you throughout. Healthwise, an illness may create a situation where you need to undergo surgery, so it is advised to take good care of your health. Also, take good care of your mother's health during this period.

Remedy: Feed bananas to monkeys on Tuesday and Saturday.


Mars is the ruling Lord of the third and eighth house and transiting in the fifth house of love, romance and children. During this transit careerwise, you may face challenging situations. Hence, you are required to put in sincere effort in order to maintain cordial relations with your seniors and colleagues. Your new promotion and increment might get further delayed. Natives in business will undergo an average phase during this period, and they may not achieve the desired profit. Financially, long-term investments may be beneficial for you; hence proper financial planning during this phase is needed, also avoid taking any risk for short-term gains.

During this period, your expenses may also rise, and you may have to spend on your children/family. In personal life, some relatives or neighbours may feel jealous of you, and this is not a very favourable period if you are into a relationship as misunderstandings may arise. Children may not perform better. Healthwise, your health seems to be good physically and mentally. Still, it is advised to maintain a proper routine of good diet and exercise and take care of your children’s health during this period.

Remedy: Offering jaggery to cows will prove beneficial for you.


Mars rules the second and seventh house and transiting in the fourth house of mother, comfort and luxury. You will remain busy in your job during this phase, and you are advised to stick to your effort as you are likely to receive growth, promotion, reward and recognition during this period. If you are a businessman, you may purchase a new property or shift to a self-owned office. Financially, investing in the stock market or properties may not give you favourable results during this period. Hence be very cautious while investing any amount. In personal relationships, you might face disagreement and quarrels with your relatives and differences of opinion may also occur in your friend circle.

Relations with children may also not be very cordial during this period, and it may be very difficult for you to understand your spouse as well. It is advised not to adopt aggressive behaviour towards your family members, as it can further destroy your relationship. Healthwise, you may face some eye-related problems; hence it is advised to take very good care of your eyes and visit a doctor if you experience some irritation. Take good care of your mother's health and avoid any ignorance.

Remedy: Donating clothes to the needy and poor will prove to be very beneficial.


Mars is the ruling lord of the first and sixth house and is transiting in the third house of siblings, documents, short travel and courage. This transit is going to be favourable for you as you are going to accomplish all your goals with your hard work and develop the ability to strive and succeed. Your enemies will not be able to harm you during this period. It is advised not to get into any legal trouble during this period. There are chances that you may have to travel short distances for job and career reasons, and you may get fruitful results for the same.

In personal life, your relationship with your brothers may flourish and remain peaceful, and there you may experience peace and harmony in your relationship with your spouse as well. Financially this period will be very good for you, and you will see good profits in the investment done by you. Healthwise, you will get better if you have been suffering from any ailment in the past. Still, it is advised to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy and proper diet.

Remedy: Presenting gifts to younger siblings will be very favourable for you.

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Mars rules the fifth and 12th house and is transiting in the second house of money, wealth, family and speech. During this transit, you may face some property-related dispute between the members of the household, and hence you should restrain yourself from speaking ill about anyone and behave in a decent manner as it can bring disharmony in the relationship.

Careerwise those who are associated with foreign companies or MNCs will acquire monetary benefit and career growth during this period. Opponents and competitors may try to create pressure and may try to spoil your image; hence be very careful in your career. Some financial losses are also seen; hence be very careful in taking the decision regarding any finance or investments. Healthwise, avoid consuming unhealthy food or else there might be some illness related to your abdominal area. Try to eat healthy food, preferably home-cooked.

Remedy: Take care of stray dogs and feed them every day.


Mars is the lord of the 11th and fourth house and transiting in the first house that signifies self, personality and confidence. This transit will bring some changes in your behaviour, and it is possible that you may become a little aggressive in your nature. Hence you are required to remain calm and patient through this while. In your personal life, there may be some stress, and there are chances of clashes taking place between you and your partner as your anger gets out of control and you may speak in a rude way to your partner.

Financially, this is the time to purchase a new property and also carry out necessary construction work required. You will also be spending a large part of income on yourself, and expenses will be on the rise. In career, relationships with superiors at work continue to be moderate, and you are advised not to change your job during this period. You may get cooperation from colleagues and seniors but you may have to change your way of approaching people. Healthwise, it will be all good. Some minor ingestion problems like acidity can occur, or overexertion may cause minor fever; hence be cautious and take precautions timely.

Remedy: Install a Mangal Yantra at your house and worship it regularly.


Mars is the Lord of the 10th and third house and is transiting in the 12th house of expenditure, hospitalisation, foreign travel/settlement and salvation. During this period, there are chances of short travels, but they are likely to be less fruitful. You might find a sudden change in the attitude of your colleagues towards you, and you might witness a harsh tone from your seniors. During this period, your hard work and effort is the mantra that you should abide by.

This is not the right time to seek a job change or transfer. During this period, there are high chances that you may travel abroad for job prospects, especially if you’re waiting for on-site opportunities. Financially it is not advised to take any major financial decisions during this year. In your personal life, you may face issues with your partner, which may cause you stress during this period. Healthwise, you may face health issues that might hamper your progress. Rest overall health may remain moderate.

Remedy: Plant a pomegranate tree near your house, a temple or park.

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For Pisces moon sign, Mars is the Lord of the ninth and second house and is transiting in the 11th house of gains, desire and socialising. This period is going to be very positive for the natives. Friends would be of significant health, and luck will favour you in all the difficulties that you may encounter during this period. On the career front, you might get much-awaited promotion and growth during this period. You might also receive rewards and recognition from your superior, and may maintain a cordial relationship with your seniors, which may further help you in your progress. For the business natives, major financial deals may remain profitable for you, and you might get benefited from far and related matters.

You are also likely to have an advantage in the legal matters. Financially this period will be very favourable for you, and there are chances that past investments may bring fruitful results and rewards. In your personal life, your love life may blossom during this period, and you may spend a blissful time. The family environment will remain pleasant for you with minor disagreements every now and then, but if you are calm and patient, things will be better. Healthwise, this period is very much favourable for you, and your health may continue to be well.

Remedy: Wear a three-faced Rudraksha in a red coloured thread on Tuesday.

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