Tarot Reading 2024: Annual Tarot Card Predictions 2024

AstroSage brings forth this article on Tarot Reading 2024, which will give an insightful sneak peek to its readers into the arcane and mystic world of Tarot. Tarot has always been one of the primary divination tools alongside the likes of astrology, palmistry, numerology, etc. Tarot has a long history backing its existence since as early as the 1400’s but we will elaborate on it as the article progresses further. In this article we will focus on all 12 zodiac signs and shed light on different aspects of their lives such as relationships, education, profession and health & finances. This Tarot Reading 2024 article will help you plan out the major events of your life for the year 2024 as the Tarot energies suggest. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in the ocean of mysticism and the world of Tarot.

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Though the origin of Tarot is unknown, it is believed to have originated in Europe in the 1400’s around Italy and a few other parts in the surrounding area. Tarot is a deck of 78 cards divided as the 22 cards in the Major Arcana and another 56 cards, known as the suit cards; each divided into 4 parts showcasing four different element such as: wands(fire), cups(water), swords(air) and pentacles(earth) with different depictions on each card with elaborate, colorful & meaningful drawings. Tarot soon gained popularity amongst the mystics of those times who then started using these cards for divination purposes. However, during medieval times Tarot was associated with witchcraft and earned a bad reputation for itself and got lost in the chaos as it was majorly shunned by communities at large. In the 21st century again Tarot has found the limelight, more so in the last few decades and is now being actively used by mystics and fortune tellers across the globe and even in India. 

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Now that we know a little background about Tarot, let us dive into this world of mystery and reveal the secrets which may help the 12 zodiac signs with the help of Tarot Reading 2024. Let us start this amazing journey together. 

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Aries, the first sign of the zodiacal sphere, is ruled by the planet Mars, has a fire energy and is mostly represented by the Wands cards. Aries natives are risk takers , bold and confident, and have a natural leadership quality which sets them apart from the others much like The Emperor(Major Arcana) card itself. They are a natural rebel, and like to go against the social norms of the society. So let's see how 2024 is going to be according to Tarot Reading 2024.

Romantic Relations: According to Tarot Reading 2024, Aries will have a fantastic year in love and family harmony this year. For those who are unmarried, there is a chance that you may meet someone soon and that person might turn out to be the one you want to settle down with and get married to. This year, marriage seems to be on the cards; the potential spouse you meet is likely to be eager to wed and start a family. This is a time when those who are romantically involved can get married or contemplate getting married this year. The individuals who are dating can be married this year. Those who are already wed will experience a joyous and pleasant year. Though you need to control your ego and not be too self-centered in relationships. 

Finances & Health: Dear Aries natives, your financial situation is likely to be excellent in 2024. This year, you might land your chance to buy a home or engage in real estate investing. For Aries, the most important thing is to believe in oneself and go with their gut feeling. The year looks to give you the opportunity to earn and manage your money comfortably. Aries natives will be in excellent health throughout this time, but because of their high activity levels, they may wind up making rash judgements. Therefore, it is essential that you practice meditation to calm your mind and control your fire and energy levels. 

Education: The year 2024 will be advantageous and fruitful for Aries. This year will be particularly favorable for people who are studying for competitive exams for jobs in the military or police. There are very great odds that you will succeed and pass the exam if you have been waiting for any form of results. 

Profession: Aries natives will enjoy themselves at work this year. Your enthusiasm and love for your profession may increase due to new tasks and challenges. There can also be brand-new employment prospects. It's similar to entering a new stage in your job where you're highly motivated. Aries will also be able to reap the rewards of the profession, business, or project they started earlier this year. It is a very promising year for changes if native wish to shift careers. Everything will be fine as long as you keep a low profile when you join new organizations. 

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky Crystal: Bronzite


Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign of the celestial sphere. It is a practical and stable sign. These individuals are headstrong and determined. The impetuous traits of the indigenous genuinely match those of The Hierophant. They are realistic, down to earth, and humble people who, once they make the decision to move a rock, won't back down. This shows how committed you are. Your highest want is always for stability. You enjoy doing creative things and being in nature. You are a good artist because you possess this quality. You tend to prefer eating wholesome meals. 

Romantic Relations: According to Tarot Reading 2024, this is your year as far as your romantic relations are concerned Taurus. You will have a fun and a love life full of excitement. You will be looking for serious and long term relationships and may not date just for fun. The ones who are already in a romantic relationship will look to take their relationship a step forward towards serious commitment. You may even officially introduce your partner to your family. 

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Finances & Health: The Hierophant can advise you to keep your money safe at well-known, established institutions when it comes to your finances. prevent gambling with your money if you want to prevent troubles; novel ways of producing money, like side jobs you don't fully grasp and new financial products, may be problematic for you. Your health will also support you this year majorly. Taurus natives may not have to go through some fatal illnesses or injuries and will have a good year. 

Education: Dear Taurus, you might wish to research and understand more about science, facts and religion. You could also be engaged in some technical invention as well this year, in 2024. Therefore, it is a fantastic moment to start learning occult science or astrology. Additionally, this is a year when you will have mentors nearby to help you. For Taurus students, it's generally a year of advancement.

Profession: You may spend a major part of the year 2024 traveling due to work commitments. If you do not travel, then your work will keep you extremely busy throughout the year. You will have greater authority or power to manage your work this year, Taurus natives. Additionally, women are more likely to get promoted than men are, and they may even work under a female boss who supports them well. However, you need to be careful not to come across as arrogant because it could upset people. Taurus folks will be assertive, boisterous, self-assured, and spontaneous at work this year. 

Lucky Color: Lotus Pink 

Lucky Crystal: Emerald


According to Tarot Reading 2024, Gemini people could expect some unforeseen changes in 2024, especially if they work in management or are employed there. Although nothing has been announced, your top management may be preparing an internal structure change in secret. Such actions will be taken in an unexpected way after being announced. For instance, directors or high-level managers could abruptly retire, leaving their work in the hands of others. Be ready for some adjustments, Gemini folks who are at such a high level. In 2024, it appears that there will be a lot of rumors and gossip as two of the swords are the environment cards. So be careful and be vigilant. Much like The Lovers tarot card, you may have to make use of your duality in the year 2024. 

Romantic Relations: In terms of romance and family, it will be a favorable period for Gemini natives. If you’re a Gemini and single , there's a chance you could meet someone soon, and this person might be the one you want to settle down and marry. This is a time when marriage-related ideas will surface for individuals who are in a relationship. The year 2024 is an excellent year to start dating and getting married. Gemini locals who are married will have fulfilling marriages. Couples can anticipate becoming parents this year. 

Finances & Health: In health, the Tarot Reading 2024 shows that you may have to suffer from health issues and one issue may be followed by another, but the good part is that when one health issue resolves, the other will follow suit. You may suffer from illnesses related to the kidney or the lungs, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. You may enjoy stability and security in finances all through the year and especially the natives engaged in partnership business or in team works would succeed in earning good profits or may receive higher salaries or bonuses. 

Education: Dear Gemini students, this year in 2024 will be an ordinary year for you academically if you are studying math and finance, but if you are studying anything creative like mass media or design, you might have trouble communicating your ideas to others.

Profession: Gemini locals would be more likely to get employment abroad. Additionally, positions or corporations may change. You can do your best to explore for chances and job offers may come your way if you're looking for employment. However, you should be aware that the internal structure of this new firm might change. In 2024, younger Geminis working in the travel or hospitality industries will fare better. A lot of these individuals may even transition from a job towards starting a business this year and they’d be successful in their endeavors. 

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky Crystal: Serpentine


The caring planet Moon rules the soft water sign of Cancer. Cancers have a strong sense of intuition and are acutely aware of their environment. As per Tarot Reading 2024, Cancer fortune will have many ups and downs and have a rollercoaster ride throughout the year. The Chariot shows a flux will always remain surrounding your life in 2024. There may be a lot of changes that you may encounter during the year 2024, whether in personal life, professional life or in health or finances. 

Romantic Relations: Now is the time to seize the reins and make sure you know exactly what you want in a romantic relationship. The love tarot reading exhorts you to act after you have determined your objective. You are likely to get benefits when you take charge of your love life. Success is a result of guts, determination, and confidence. The reading suggests the necessity of balancing your personal life and all other relations as well, which are the center pillars holding you in place while you work towards your goals. Move towards your goals with determination and you shall conquer all the difficulties you’d be facing in your relationship this year. 

Finances & Health: You just need to flex or redirect your own will and that way you can create a secure financial backup for yourself, but if you’re not wise or mature enough to manage and plan your finances you may end up losing everything. It depends on how you handle the situations coming your way. Likewise, if you give in to addictions, etc then they can wreak havoc to your health. If you’re able to control yourself, then you may lead a healthy 2024. 

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Education: Dear Cancer students, you will need to work extremely hard to maintain focus this year in 2024 because the cards are not too encouraging for you. You risk being sidetracked by distractions and emotional disturbances. If you understand how to control these negative energies and work towards your goal, then you can excel in studies. 

Profession: The year 2024 will be quite busy for you professionally, Cancers. You'll be given a tonne of projects to manage, and your workload will be excessive. The only issue that will come up is that communication breakdowns have a high tendency. It's possible that your coworkers don't comprehend what you've told them, or the other way around. Workload and communication issues will be the main roadblocks to your professional advancement in 2024. 

Lucky Color: Lemon Yellow

Lucky Crystal: Smoky Quartz


According to a Tarot Reading 2024, Leo residents will have a very lucky and auspicious year. This year will bring about changes and the realization of good intentions. You can even make plans to make money from the assets you have accumulated over the years, which would yield substantial dividends. Gains that you would have anticipated are likely to propel you forward and benefit you in every aspect of your life. 

Romantic Relations: Regarding your romantic life, dear Leo natives, a new relationship may start or an existing one may cease. Perhaps you need to adjust your previous behaviors, viewpoints, and attitudes in order to be more adaptable and cooperative. Try not to be overly harsh or critical with your partner. To keep things peaceful and harmonious at home, try to avoid starting pointless disputes and conflicts. Somebody you like might not be really committed. Someone you're interested in might not be seeking a committed long-term relationship, or you might find it difficult to pique your partner's interest.

Finances & Health: In 2024 you will be financially stable and comfortable. It also implies that you are pretty wise and stable with your monetary decisions and choices. Your control over your decisions and discipline have allowed you to prosper and receive positive results. You must stay focused and persevere in your financial journey. Pay attention to your investments and spending, and don't waste your money. Health should not be a concern for you for the major part of the year and you would be able to sail through the year comfortably.

Education: Dear Leo students, this is a very promising and progressive year for students who are preparing for competitive exams for IAS and IPS or pursuing political science will be successful. They will clear their exams with distinction. 

Professional- This year you will begin a new creative venture, project or a job that you are deeply passionate about and have held close to your heart for a long time. If you can maximize this opportunity and nurture it correctly, this creative idea will produce financial success and turn into a profitable undertaking. At work, there will be new opportunities, promotions & recognition. You will receive good news related to money and finances. Listen to your intuition in financial matters.

Lucky Color: Bright Orange

Lucky Crystal: Yellow Quartz

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Tarot Reading 2024 predicts that the Virgo natives may experience a lot of fear, boredom, dissatisfaction and insecurity. This year in 2024, Virgo might not feel good or find their environment doing any good to them. They might find themselves in constant fear, insecurity and trying to be controlling. The more they find themselves trying to control someone, the more they will not be able to. With the devil appearing, all Virgos must be warned not to be involved in immoral deeds. It can create more constant fear, insecurity and threats will appear. Moreover, with the devil appearing, there could be the possibility that Virgo natives may have a hard time this year. Having such an environment, you might want to walk away or avoid it; however that is not the solution to the problem.

Romantic Relations: In 2024, it seems that these natives have luck by their side in love. Single Virgo male natives seem to be having a better sense of fashion and charm. As a result, they may have lots of attention from the opposite sex. As for female Virgos, you are advised to express your love and feelings freely to your partner. Take initiatives; your feelings will be well received and reciprocated. However, you have to be careful of such guys, who love to tell white lies to get your heart. Married couples must beware of their spouse’s feelings and mood swings. You must also avoid being too sensitive and moody as such feelings can drive one to depression.

Finances & Health: You will have a secure financial future and feel at ease in 2024. It also suggests that you make financially sound decisions and are fairly steady. You have prospered and had good outcomes because you have disciplined yourself and controlled your decision making. In order to succeed financially, you must maintain your focus and keep going. Don't waste money by not paying attention to your investments and spending. You shouldn't have to worry about your health for the majority of the year, and you'll be able to get through it without too much difficulty.

Education: Dear Virgo students, Tarot Reading 2024 reveals that if you are studying finance and numbers then this year is fine for you, but if you are studying something creative like mass communication, you might face problems in delivering your ideas.

Professional: In relation to the Devil, it appears that inhabitants of Virgo may grow dissatisfied with their current careers and wish to explore for opportunities outside of them. This year, Virgo natives will experience a pervasive sense of anxiety and insecurity that will push them to quit their existing jobs. People looking for work will make every effort to get out and look for opportunities. Some people might get job offers; in that case, you might think about taking it. But even if you are at your new job, Virgo needs to be aware that such a setting of anxiety, boredom, and uncertainty will frequently come in front of you. It's possible that many people in the new workplace will observe office politics taking place all around them. 

Lucky Color: Light Green

Lucky Crystal: Amazonite


Libra natives, being ruled by the planet Venus and looking towards balancing, quite like the symbol of balance that represents the zodiac sign of Libra. Tarot Reading, 2024 suggests that for natives of Libra, 2024 will be a year of effort and hard work. Working more will increase your accomplishments and achievements. There are chances of gaining huge profits, especially if you're in business. You will not be laid back this year and feel a sense of energy taking over you. You will spend most of the year working very hard. 

Tarot Reading 2024 predicts that this is a year to organize, plan, and create a framework or system in your business or while working for a business. However, you must take care of your health Libras, especially the older ones since heart issues could become a problem this year. You can face a betrayal this year that causes you heartache. You can feel as though the circumstances are conspiring against you, leaving you feeling deceived or abandoned. 

Romantic Relations: This year there will be many possibilities available to single Libras, but you’d act choosy and may not find exactly what you’re looking for. You won't entirely believe anyone, even if they seem sincere to you. Libra natives can sense that their relationship is getting its spark back and may rejoice together with their partners. One recommendation is to take the relationship to the next level by getting married, settling down, and, if you're already married, having children. 

Finances & Health: Finances this year This year is going to be good in terms of your health. There will be recovery from an illness. To stay healthy and get rid of your health-related problems, you should take up some outdoor activities like walking, running or a sport. Finances may not be a problem in the year 2024. You will be able to achieve stability and security in finances and help you achieve your desires.

Education- Dear Libra natives cards shows that in the year 2024 serious hardwork and sincere efforts would be required if you want to be successful in your academics. With regular sittings and efforts you will be able to concentrate on your studies and plan your study planner for the future that will help you in managing your time.2024 would be all about self-learning. 

Professional- This year, there will be many new opportunities appearing in front of you. It will most likely be a new position, job offers or a change in duties. It seems to be a good year to venture outside and it will be good to go on short trips. Overseas luck seems to be better. But as indicated above, there needs to be hard work so plan and organize well. It will be to work in an MNC or under an older man that is authoritative and strict.

Lucky Color: White

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz


As per Tarot Reading 2024, Scorpio natives should expect a busy work year. Many opportunities will come your way. Overall, we may assume that it will be better than last year. Things are starting to look considerably more positive and promising. It also indicates that things are getting busier at work. Additionally, the workload will rise. Your professional and social life may be more positive and active than it was a year ago. Workplace conditions are improving and becoming more stable. You will also win the respect of your peers and coworkers. Therefore, persons born under the sign of Scorpio should keep a low profile to prevent the spread of erroneous rumors. 

Romantic Relations: There will be a reunion with a former love or an ex partner for Scorpios. You must exercise caution, though, as this kind of love may not always be a sign that this is something solid or stable. There will be several celebratory activities on your calendar, Scorpio singles. Go socialize so you may meet more people. The likelihood of finding love has increased. Additionally, if you're already committed, your relationship can be dominated by materialistic goals rather than genuine emotional needs. 

Finances & Health: Finances will be an issue for you this year. By this we mean that you will earn money and a good amount of money but may not be able to save it. You will have unexpected expenditures coming up this year. Scorpio natives, you need to be alert about your health as you may face health issues related to digestion, stomach infection, cough and obesity. 

Education- Scorpio students are advised that you should avoid wasting your precious time on pointless things and devote all of your attention to your academics and professional development as your hard work will surely be rewarded.

Professional- Tarot Reading 2024 says that with the sun card, there are chances for Scorpio native to have a lot of good opportunities at work. However, such opportunities also bring a lot of internal turmoil. There will be a lot of office politics which in turn create misunderstanding. You may have a lot of struggles when it comes to decision making and also at times get stuck in turmoil. However, with the sun’s support, Scorpio will get the support of their bosses and superiors and they will be able to break through such internal turmoil and unpleasant surroundings.

Lucky Color: Black

Lucky Crystal: Yellow Onyx


Sagis are ruled by Jupiter and are a fire sign. As per the Tarot Reading 2024, Sagittarius people may experience many abrupt changes in their personal lives this year, as the fire within may burn bright this year and they may feel anger erupting within. They experience tension at first since such changes are too abrupt for them, but as the year goes on, they will understand that these adjustments are for their growth and betterment. An unexpected downturn in a particular friendship, job, or financial situation will occur, but rather than being viewed as a terrible thing, such changes should be viewed as a chance to rebuild and strengthen key aspects of your life. 

Romantic Relation: Sagittarius natives will have a good time for romance this year as there will be many admirers present for them. However, they may be just for a short fling or crush. For single natives, you may meet someone with the same interest and likes and that similarity will help you in coming close and understanding each other. Those who are committed in a relationship, be careful of a third person as there are chances that a person younger than you will interrupt your existing love life. 

Finances & Health: Tarot Reading 2024 says that finances will be very good for you this year. You will have opportunities to earn through multiple sources. In terms of health, you will be in a good state and will be feeling fit. If you have been ill for a long time, you will begin to get your strength and energy back. 

Education: Dear Sagittarius students this year in 2024 if you are willing to enroll for your masters and higher studies in foreign universities, this year will be fruitful for you. This year will also be favorable for those students who are into higher studies like their research field and pursuing PhD as they will get support from their teachers and mentors. However, the Sagittarius students are advised to be more focused in the first half of the year as distraction can divert you from achieving your goal.

Professional: It seems like the Sagittarius natives are not very satisfied with their professional life this year. You feel like you want to move out of the field/company that you have been working for a long time and start something of your own or to be your own boss. So the year 2024 is the year for this kind of change. This year cards point to the start of a new business venture, new job, project, and investment. A money generating opportunity will come your way, but you must acknowledge and grab it with both your hands. You are also likely to receive financial backing or support for your venture. Sow the seed for a new endeavor, tend to it carefully, work hard to get it off the ground and be confident that it will bear fruit. 

Lucky Color: Dark Yellow

Lucky Crystal: Turquoise

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Capricorn is a zodiac sign ruled by the planet Saturn. Tarot Reading 2024 reveals that there are major movements/shifts happening in 2024 for Capricorn natives in almost all aspects of life. There will be changes in your main career or job scope. You may also migrate or move overseas to work or be transferred internally to another department, resulting in a change in job scope. Capricorn natives have to be careful of issues like bad-stabbing and people stealing your ideas. There are a lot of jealous people around you this year. Be careful when traveling as there might be a loss of belongings due to theft. 

Romantic Relation: In 2024, Capricorn romance is not so good. Single natives you may have several romantic encounters but you are advised not to rush into any relationships. You must have a clear mind of what you want and the people you want in life. If you rush into a relationship, this relationship will not last long. For Capricorn ladies, beware in relation as there are high chances of being cheated. Those attached or married need to be conscious of your partner's feelings; your ignorance can make them feel very lonely and betrayed, and that can have a negative impact on your relationship.

Finances & Health: In 2024, finances will pour in for you Capricorns. In 2024 you need to take care of your health and not take it for granted. Don’t be careless about your eating habits and be moderate with junk food. Be disciplined and follow a healthy daily routine. Minor problems might bother you. Plan your travel well and avoid serious adventure sports. 

Education: In the second half of the year, Capricorn students need to be extra focused on their studies as distractions and a carefree attitude can lead to careless mistakes, which will affect your grades and your hard work. Students pursuing medicine will have a good year for studies.

Professional: Dear Capricorn natives 2024 is a do or die year for you. It's time for a new job, career change or starting a new business. If you have been thinking of embarking on a new venture, enterprise, or educational course, you must go ahead, provided proper planning is in place. Follow your heart's calling, and once you decide to move forward; do not look back. 

Lucky Color: Purple

Lucky Crystal: Moonstone


Tarot Reading 2024 says that this highly independent sign belongs to the planet of discipline Saturn. They are creative and have great ideas. These individuals could be interested in interior design, beautifying their homes and will maintain a tidy environment. Their thoughts don’t match their family and close friends because of their desire to better society. These natives will be incredibly ambitious this year and unstoppable in their pursuit of their career objectives. You'll have high expectations for yourself and work hard to meet them. If you want to transfer your money about and make a few little investments this year, you'll be in luck since you'll see good returns.

Romantic Relations: 2024 can be one of the most romantic and emotional years for you. Single Aquarius natives, romantic yet temperamental people will appear in-front of you. This person can be wishy-washy in decision making. During dates he/she will give you all the attention that you want; however this person can be clingy. Aquarious who are in relationships are highly emotional. This year it seems to me that men want to be more romantic and lovely to their partners. However, this can lead to arguments between couples when young Aquarious cannot manage their emotions well. Married Aquarious native you can enjoy their nice and sweet moments with family. However, emotions must be managed well as you are the one who can make the family happy.

Finances & Health: Tarot Reading 2024 unravels that finances should not be a problem for you this year as you’d easily be able to meet your financial and material goals this year. You may be able to earn a higher salary and good profits. There are chances that some of you may be able to earn easy money through the stock market. Health for Aquarius natives will be good for most part of the year but if you do feel discomfort then visit a doctor as there are chances that you may suffer from long term diseases this year. 

Education: Dear Aquarius students, your efforts this year in 2024 are probably going to result in the desired outcomes that will inspire you to strive even more in the future to attain your goals. This year, students taking courses in data science, accountancy, mass communication, theater acting, or any language will profit. Students born under the sign of Aquarius will perform exceptionally well on competitive exams.

Profession: Due to the abrupt management changes, Aquarius natives may start exploring for different career opportunities or they may begin to enjoy their current positions. In your workplace, where you can be given new jobs or assignments, there appears to be a new sign or light. It also suggests that Aquarius will probably find what they desire if they are looking for something fresh. The year 2024 appears like a fresh start for Aquarius professionals in the workplace.

Lucky Color: Light Blue

Lucky Crystal: Sunstone


Pisces are ruled by the mighty Jupiter. According to Tarot Reading 2024, Pisces residents will have to put in a lot more effort than usual to complete their work this year in 2024. There are moments when you feel trapped and a lot of things appear to be stuck. It appears that making decisions will involve several forks in the road. The finest of both worlds cannot be had without making trade-offs. If you don't make a lot of sacrifices, you'll appear to be unable to accomplish your goals this year. When queen of swords cards appear in a situation, it also suggests that women must act quickly when faced with a choice. The Moon from the major arcana is the card representing Pisces in the Tarot deck.

Romantic Relations: For Pisces natives, matters relating to relationships will be positive and joyous. The cups will continue to be filled with affection as new water flows in. There is a chance that a new love will enter your life if you are a single Pisces native. If you remain devoted to your current romantic partnership, things will improve and perhaps even advance to the next level. For married couples, the love in your relationship is reignited and shining. To strengthen your marriage, you two can think about taking a cruise or a quick getaway to a place where you can enjoy water sportsDwelling deep inside of your consciousness is also a good idea to improve yourself as a partner and a person.

Finances & Health: Tarot Reading 2024 foretells that your financial goals will be met this year without a lot of hassles and you will be able to make good money, whether you’re a regular office goer or a business owner. New financial opportunities will open up for you. As far as your health is concerned, you must stay away from indulging in heavy and fried foods to maintain your health throughout as indigestion and other stomach related issues may bother you this year. Maintain a proper exercise regime and stay hydrated. 

Education: Pisces, owing to their nature, can dive deep into any subject and are quite patient. Therefore, Pisces students who are studying for competitive exams, working in research, or seeking a PhD in classical literature and history, this year are likely to be excellent. Natives will delve deeply into their studies if they are interested in astrology, occult science, or mythological research.

Profession: Career-wise, 2024 seems to be a stronger year for Pisces than it was in 2023. You can be overworked or frequently traveling for work. If you are a Pisces native and have been waiting for a promotion for a while, this year will bring you more power, more prospects for advancement, and the support of your superiors. However, you need to watch out for your arrogant attitude because it can easily upset people and cause issues for you.

Lucky Color: Gold or Orange

Lucky Crystal: Red Jasper

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