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Sun Transit In Gemini (15 June 2023)

Sun Transit In Gemini will take place on 15th June 2023 at 6:07 pm as the father planet Sun will leave Venus-ruled Taurus and will transit into the Mercury-ruled Gemini. In the zodiac sign of Gemini, the father planet Sun will stay for a month and then will transit into the zodiac sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon on 16th July 2023 at 4:59 am. So, the speed of the Sun God’s chariot will continue to have a significant impact on all spheres of our lives. Sun is the ruling lord of Leo, and is the King planet of our Solar system. In the zodiac sign of Aries, Sun is in its exalted state and in the zodiac sign of Libra it comes into debilitated state. Father planet Sun shares cordial relationships with the Moon, Mars. and Jupiter and is neutral with Mercury. The Sun is the planet which gives life to human beings and all living creatures on this Earth through its rays. The rays of the Sun give life to all plants and also provide all humans with good immunity.

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The rays of the Sun provide our bodies with Vitamin D, our bodies are able to absorb this major vitamin from the energy of the sunlight. If there is no sunlight then, imagining life on our planet Earth would be hard. The Sun is considered the benefactor of health and it makes our bones stronger. Apart from this, he is also considered a God, and Surya Raj in the birth chart shows the flawless effects of receiving its blessings. If you want to work in a big position or want to get a job in the government, then the position of the Sun in the horoscope must be seen. Father planet Sun is the karaka planet of father, government job, and government grace. Sun transit in Gemini states that a person inhabits the qualities as that of a king when they have the blessings of Sun. If the position of Sun is bad in the horoscope then that person becomes arrogant and on the other hand, a strong Sun in a horoscope signifies good leadership qualities.

Mercury is the ruling lord of Gemini, and the zodiac sign of Gemini has a dual nature and its element is air and the Sun is the cardinal planet of fire element. So, in this way, when the fiery planet Sun will transit into the zodiac sign of the air element, then the effects of hot winds will increase and due to that the summer will commence and change in the atmosphere will be seen. Sun transit in Gemini will affect all the zodiac signs in different areas of life and when Sun comes in the zodiac sign of Mercury it is at its end of the journey of Uttarayan. From Capricorn to Gemini, the Sun is Uttarayan and from Cancer to Sagittarius it becomes Dakshinayan. The transit of the Sun in the zodiac sign of Mercury is very important as Mercury is known to grant intelligence and it is considered favorable for Sun to enter the third zodiac sign of Kaalchakra because transit of the Sun usually takes place in third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses. So, let’s discover what effects Sun transit in Gemini will have on your zodiac sign!

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact of Sun transit in Gemini on your life.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें: सूर्य का मिथुन राशि में गोचर (15 जून 2023)


For the natives of Aries, Sun is the ruling lord of their fifth house. Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your third house. With this Sun’s transit you will travel, and you will also do several short distance travels. Your courage and bravery will increase and you will get good cooperation from the admiration and government. With Sun transit in Gemini, you will get support from them and you will also meet good people. Your leadership abilities and administrative abilities will definitely see an increase. On the financial side, this time will be prosperous and fulfilling. However, you will have to work on your relationships with your siblings in order to maintain balance. Your siblings will listen to you and will understand what you will say while giving them the required importance.

You must try to remove mutual arguments and if you are a player then this time of Sun transit in Gemini will prove to be quite progressive for you. You will participate in new competitions and will get a chance to showcase your talents. Through the systems of communication you will attain benefits. It will be beneficial for you to use tools of communication like social media in order to spread your messages and this will also benefit you in your business. With Sun transit in Gemini you will get good support from your colleagues and it will benefit you.

Remedy: Everyday, recite Shri Aditya Hriday Stotra.


For the natives of Taurus, the father planet Sun rules their fourth house and Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your second house. This transit of the Sun will be favorable for you although in moderate terms. However, with this transit you will have to be very careful regarding your speech and your conversations as bitterness might increase as the effect of Sun’s transition in your second house. People around you might be affected as your ego might rise during this period. They will wonder why you talk in this way.

In familial relationships Sun transit in Gemini might affect you negatively, but during this period your family’s reputation will rise. You will be able to make good use of the resources which are available to you. Someone from your family will bag a government job, or you will receive financial gains from the government. You can purchase a property during this time or a property which you were trying to sell for sometime will be sold out. You will get good profits from that during Sun transit in Gemini and this transit will also be beneficial for your mother.

Remedy: It will be beneficial for you to offer water to the Sun everyday.


Sun transit in Gemini will take place in your first house from the Moon sign i.e the father planet Sun will transit in your first zodiac sign. The Sun is the ruling lord of your third house, and as a result of Sun transit in Gemini your aggressiveness and ego might rise, so you will have to keep both of these things under control. If you are unable to do so then your work might get spoiled. You might get aggressive without any reason and due to this you might prove yourself to be worthier than everyone else. This attitude might disappoint your loved ones.

For your progress you will put your strengths and efforts in it. You will benefit from this which is a good thing, but you might develop a habit of doing things alone which is not good. With Sun transit in Gemini you will attain benefits in your workplace only by being a member of the team. If you simply consider yourself then your situation might change and as a result you might face problems with your colleagues. Profits will be there for you in your business with this transit. However, to attain profits you will have to wait for some time. In marital lives, Gemini natives will have to leave their ego behind and with that, all will be fine.

Remedy: During the transit of Sun you should daily recite Surya Ashtak.

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For the natives of Cancer, Sun is the ruling lord of their second house and Sun transit in Gemini will happen in their twelfth house. With the effects of this transit you will travel overseas. If you have been waiting for a long time to travel overseas then during this period you will be able to take your long-awaited trip and will be able to go abroad. During the period your expenses might rise and you will have to be careful regarding your expenses. You must see that you are spending your expenses judiciously as this will be beneficial for you.

During this period you should invest carefully in the share market, however investing in some areas may give you benefits. You being aware toward health-related issues will certainly save you from facing problems. During the time of Sun transit in Gemini you might suffer from high fever, headache, and burning sensation of eyes. You should avoid making any big decisions and betrayal of your people might bother you. So you mustn’t trust anyone without thinking about it first. Those Cancer natives who are working for overseas companies or are working in abroad countries will receive benefits during this time and their sources for financial gains will open up.

Remedy: You should plant a red-flower plant in your home and give it water daily.


For Leo natives, the Sun is the ruling lord and their major planet. Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your eleventh house. In many areas this transit of Sun will prove to be favorable for you and the transit of Sun in the eleventh house is considered to be beneficial in itself. You will gradually attain success, and the work which will be of your liking, will give you admiration, popularity, and it will keep you ahead of others. Your ambitions will be fulfilled as well. During this period you will attain benefits, and will get to meet respectable and influential individuals of society. Your mutual relations will improve as well and your love relationships might go through variations.

If you give more importance to your loved one instead of giving importance to yourself then your love life will be harmonious and flourishing. Single natives will come across someone special in their lives. Notable people will like your friendship and your social circle will expand. Socially, progress will be there for your family during this time. During Sun transit in Gemini you will try to earn more and you will be successful in those endeavors as well. In academics, Leo natives will receive notable achievements.

Remedy: Ruby stone of best quality should be worn by you on your ring finger before 8:00 am on a Sunday.

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For the natives of Virgo, the Sun is the ruling lord of their twelfth house, and Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your tenth house. This transit will provide you favorable outcomes. With its effect you will receive success in your workplace. The Sun being present in your tenth house will take your career to greater heights. If you are a working native, then you will come across a good and an elevated position, and could also receive an award as well. Your business will make good progress as well. Your foreign business will increase, and through foreign contacts you will attain benefits in your career. Y

ou will also travel overseas regarding your work. Workload will be there for you during this time which will be there for your own benefit. With Sun transit in Gemini your familial lives might come across little neglect, and you should work from time to time to remove those. You might be given new tasks and with new responsibilities you will get the chance to move ahead. You will be recognized as a good leader, and your efficiency will rise. You will make new friends, and they will also help you. However, you should avoid becoming a victim of overconfidence. If you are able to do that then this transit will bring you favorable results.

Remedy: You should feed Jaggery to the cow.


The father planet Sun is the ruling lord of the eleventh house for Libra natives and Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your ninth house i.e the house of destiny. With this transit, your relationship with your father might deteriorate and his health might get affected as well. During Sun transit in Gemini, you must take care of your father’s health. You will receive respect in society but shouldn’t take this as an addiction, because when there is an addiction, we face certain loss as well, due to that. So, try to complete your work smoothly. You must also not expect anything from anybody.

During this period, you will make long-distance journeys, however, you must stay aware and alert as you might suffer from physical and mental health-related issues. By doing pilgrimage you will get success, and by meditating on God you will attain mental peace. Working Libra natives could receive orders of job transfer. In your work, you might face some delay. Your interpersonal relations with family, friends, and relatives will gradually improve amongst variations. You will have to work a little harder in order to achieve success in your life, and will have to struggle but you will attain success. This period will push you forward despite coming across challenges.

Remedy: You must do Surya Namaskar everyday.


The Sun is the ruling lord of your tenth house, Scorpio natives and Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your eighth house. The transit of the Sun in the tenth house cannot be said to be favorable, so you must stay very careful during this period. You might come across problems as your secrets might get revealed during this time. If you have done some work in the past which might have caused some kind of loss to the government then during this time, you might come across a notice or a tax demand from the government. With this Sun transit in Gemini you will have to be careful as someone from your workplace might make a plan against you.

Your name might get included in immoral deeds and due to that your mental peace could get disrupted. However, you will be able to get out of this situation later but at present you might come across mental distress and might face vilification. So, you must be careful during this time. In order to earn you mustn't choose the wrong way, and should always earn from the right means, even if the income is lesser. This will provide you mental peace. With this Sun transit in Gemini, your familial relationships might come across gloomy outcomes and you must try to maintain peace and harmony in the family. Health must be given precedence, and avoid consuming flavored food as due to that your stomach might get upset. Fever, stomach and throat issues might disturb you during this period. You must do Yoga and meditation, and worship God as well.

Remedy: It will be beneficial for you to recite Shri Ramraksha Stotra everyday.

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For the natives of Sagittarius, Sun is the ruling lord of their ninth house and Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your seventh house. Sun transit in Gemini might affect your relationship with your life partner. If you and your partner stay away from engaging in ego then your relationship will be harmonious and peaceful, or else the situation of arguments and tension might arise between you and your partner. However, your business and your leadership skills will both be on the rise.

You will be able to get work from people, and you will be able to steer your business ahead with progress. Your business obstacles will be removed as you will get a chance to work with notable people. During business trips you should take care and should not get unnecessarily involved with anyone. With this Sun transit in Gemini, you will attain benefits through your life partner.

Remedy: You should give water to the Tulsi plant everyday except Sunday.


For the natives of Capricorn, the Sun is the ruling lord of their eighth house. Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your sixth house. You will gain financial profits and debt relief. You will be able to get rid of your old debts during this time, and will be debt free. As a result you will be relieved. This Sun transit in Gemini will make your position strong in your job, but you must avoid fighting with anybody during this period, as this fight might get prolonged. You must take care of your health.

Your immune system will be strengthened and it will help you fight off diseases but you might come across health-related issues in this period. During this time, avoid taking any debts. Arguments might erupt from the maternal uncle’s side. You will get to travel overseas, and your expenses might rise during this period. In the workplace your work will get acknowledged and with senior officers your relations will develop for the better. If you are going through tough times in your life, then this period will make you stronger and will provide you with the will in order to get out of your current conditions.

Remedy: On Sunday you should feed Jaggery to a Bull.


Sun is the ruling lord of the seventh house for the natives of Aquarius. Sun transit in Gemini will happen in your fifth house. This transit period will be favorable to start a novel work. Love relationships will be harmonious and pleasant. If you are a married Aquarius native then intimacy and love will increase between you and your partner. Apart from this, if you are in a love relationship then during this time of Sun transit in Gemini, you will give your proposal for marriage to them. You will get the opportunity to know and understand one another.

For students this transit period will bring favorable outcomes and your interest in your studies will increase. With this, you will also get the opportunity to study further. However, in your life you should avoid any stereotypes or conventions. If you are married and have a child then during this Sun transit in Gemini, period you should take care of their health. This period might make them irritated. Your business will rise and progress and you will also attain financial benefits. You might come across abdominal diseases due to your upset stomach, so, you must stay alert for that.

Remedy: On Sunday you should donate Jaggery, wheat, and copper.


Sun transit in Gemini will happen in the fourth house for the natives of Pisces. The Sun is the ruling lord of your sixth house. Sun transit in Gemini cannot be said to be much favorable for you as with this your familial life might come under tension. Your mother’s health problems might come to the forefront during this period of Sun transit in Gemini, so taking care of her health will be a must for you. Any of your property might come under dispute and due to that the atmosphere of your family might further degrade. You must be attentive in knowing each and everything about the property before buying it, as it might be disputed. However If any case is pending against you in the court then it will come in your favor and you will benefit from it.

You will be determined regarding your work area and through your resolution you will achieve progress in your area of work. During this period of Sun transit in Gemini, you might have mental stress on you. This will be noticeable in your workplace and you will move towards the improvements of your work, and you will get positive outcomes. In order to remove mental stress you should take proper sleep and take help of meditation and Yoga. These practices will give you good success. You should remain normal in your family and avoid the competition of proving yourself more worthy in the family. As a result you will be loved by everyone.

Remedy: You should recite Shri Surya Chalisa.

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