Mars Transit 2022 Dates, Predictions

Predictions based on Mars Transit 2022 are offered by AstroSage’s expert and well-read astrologers and provide accurate information on transit dates, timings and yearly predictions 2022 for the natives of all zodiac signs. Find out how this impactful Mars Promise Report 2022 based on the transit of Mars for all 12 zodiac signs help them find a path to immense success and prosperity through effective remedies and suggestions. This detailed coverage is based on the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology.

Mars Transit 2022

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Mars Transit in Vedic Astrology

The planet Mars is the most masculine among all other nine planets. Mars is known as the God of farming by the Yunanis and was worshipped as the God of warfare and battles by the Romans. The planet is so important in astrology that the third month in the Georgian calendar is named after the planet. Mars has the rulership of Aries and Scorpio. The planet denotes energy and vigour. Mars is the planet that fuses you through struggles and imparts you with a warrior spirit. Mars is friendly to the Sun and Moon while not so friendly to Mercury and Ketu. When the planet Mars shifts from one zodiac sign to another, it is known as Mars Transit. It stays in one zodiac sign for one and half months and then proceeds forward to another sign. It influences the lives of natives depending on which house it is deposited in.

Mars in an auspicious house will prove very lucky to the natives and give positive results. However, it is an unfavourable house, so that the natives will go through some tough times. These problems are due to the health of the native. It may also cause severe accidents.

Mars Transit 2022 Dates

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Mars Transit 2022 Predictions Mars Transit 2022 For Aries

Being the Lord of Aries sign, Mars is likely to bring favourable outcomes in your life. You may feel more energetic and powerful, always ready to take on and finish your responsibility with great ease. As per Mars 2022 Transit Predictions, those who are planning to try something new and creative are likely to get favourable results in their endeavours. Professionally you are likely to get respect at your workplace. It would be advised to take expert advice before starting a new project or venture. People who are in love may take the initiative to please their partners. Fulfilling the promises that you have made is likely to add to your personality and family life is likely to remain average. However, some disappointments may occur if you're going to lose your temper. During this transit, you are likely to love exercising and keeping yourself fit. It is also advised to control your anger by doing meditation and other breathing exercises.

Remedy: Planting pomegranate trees outside the boundary of the home is a great remedy.

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Mars Transit 2022 For Taurus

For Taurus natives, Mars is the Lord of the 12th and seventh house. During this period, the natives will experience a lot of ups and downs in their professional life. Health might pose some challenges, so it is important to be sure to follow a balanced diet and moderately intense exercise with a proper regime. Also, remain cautious about your reputation in society. You will become very ambitious in your life, but it is advised not to let your relations with high-ranking officials deteriorate due to the arguments that could easily be avoided. While putting your 100% during this time, make a conscious effort to control your anger and display patience. Stay away from disputes and try to go for an out of court settlement if you are involved with any legal issue. In personal life, Taurus natives may get in conflict with their spouse, the difference in the family, pain from fever and blood disorder may occur.

Remedy: Feeding a monkey is another powerful way to calm Mars in the horoscope.

Mars Transit 2022 For Gemini

For Gemini natives, Mars is the lord of the sixth house and eleventh house. In this period as predicted by Mars 2022 Transit, Gemini natives will get supersonic results, but these fast results will raise their expectations. This does not mean that they will get desired results in favour of what they want. Your work, mind and expectations are not matched; it can drive the natives to frustration. This build-up of an expectation can burst onto the wrong person at the wrong time and can create a problem in personal and professional life. During this time, you need to put extra care regarding your health. Hence you are advised to go for proper health check-ups, as the star predicts a hike in health problems. The natives may suffer an increase in blood pressure; massive headaches etc. which will be the most common problem. Those who are waiting for a promotion or increment in their salary may get a better chance during this period. In personal life, there may be some ups and downs in your married life and hence patience and calmness is the ultimate key to a happy married life.

Remedy: You could consider living in a joint family to mitigate the harmful impact of a weak or malefic Mars.

Mars Transit 2022 For Cancer

For Cancer natives, Mars is the lord of the fifth house and tenth house. This transit will generally be favourable for you in respect of monetary matters as well as for your professional life, even though you should not venture into any new project or make any new big investments during this period. You should also be careful of opponents as they may try to hamper your image or try to create obstacles for you. Sources of income generation will be available but at a slow speed with obstruction. In personal life, married couples may create some misunderstanding causing discord in married life due to your aggressive attitude. This period is also a little cautious healthwise hence you are advised to drive and walk carefully on the road as you may cause an accident during this period and hence do not involve in risky ventures and stay cautious.

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily and visit Hanuman temple every Tuesday.

These predictions are based on Vedic Astrology. For a more personalized prediction, connect live with an Astrologer on call or chat

Mars Transit 2022 For Leo

For Leo natives, Mars Promise Report 2022 based on the transitory position of Mars offers a detailed insight into upcoming opportunities and challenges awaiting. Mars is the Lord of the fourth and ninth house. This period will prove to be beneficial for you as there will be new beginnings in your life. There are chances that you may meet some old friends and there can be some rework in the existing projects as well. You will be involved in strengthening your existing relationships. This is not a great time to make new decisions in your personal or work life. You are also advised to keep a check on your anger and dominance. You may have minor to major headaches and sleep disorders. You will not be in a position to take the logic or conclusions over things, and that it is better to wait for some time. Gaining money is there, and also enjoyment with friends is there. Personal life may, however, seem to be disturbed for some time. Your self-confidence and conviction to accomplish your goal will be boosted up. For a long time, if any work has been incomplete or if you were noticing some unutilised investments, you would be able to successfully complete your task, And you would be able to make use of and utilise resources. You would be enjoying a favourable time all over.

Remedy: Another remedy according to 2022 Mars Transit Predictions is to pay a visit to holy places as frequently as possible

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Mars Transit 2022 For Virgo

For Virgo natives, Mars is the Lord of the third and eighth houses. Virgo is in a dual Earth sign ruled by Mercury, which has an inimical relationship with Mars. Mercury is a neutral earth sign that relates to intellect and wisdom. The natives tend to pay attention to the little details. Since Mars represents a weapon and mercury represents concentration, a meeting of the energies in work to make the natives skilful in fields of medicine, nursing and surgery. Mars in Virgo also gives a strong drive for sex. During this transit, there may be troubles in your relations with your close ones or friends as well. Utilize your inner energy and do not let it waste it by getting into fights and arguments. You should be careful as opponents may try to create trouble for you, but on the driver's side, your hard work will be answered by luck during this tenure. Financially, there will be increased expenses, and you might have to spend your money on unnecessary things. Married couples may develop some misunderstandings causing discord in life due to the aggressive attitude. natives in a relationship may find stability during this period. Healthwise, this period is accident-prone, so be careful while walking and do not involve in any risky ventures.

Remedy: Reciting Gayatri Mantra or worshipping the Orange idol of Lord Ganesha is another effective remedy for Mars.

Mars Transit 2022 For Libra

For Libra natives, Mars is the Lord of the second and seventh house. Libra is a movable sign governed by Venus. Mars and Venus share a neutral relationship. Mars is a masculine planet while Venus is a feminine, but their energies together form a balanced personality. People born with Mars being posited in Libra are charming, generous and gracious. When Mars is in Libra, it makes the natives overly compromising, but in this case, natives tend to keep a balanced temperament. Sometimes you can be aggressive, instead of being calm and peaceful. During this transit, your relationship with colleagues and senior officials would remain moderate, and hence you should avoid any kind of argument with them and maintain a cordial relationship. You should change your plans for the change of job, and if an opportunity is waiting for you, then you should analyse it properly and make a wise decision. You should be more optimistic and energetic at the workplace. Any laziness at the workplace would go against you and your career goals. Healthwise, you may have to suffer from past or ongoing problems. The natives who were planning to get married will not get the desired result easily. You have to make sincere efforts to impress your partner.

Remedy: You should never forget to buy gifts for your female siblings on their birthdays, anniversaries, and occasions

Mars Transit 2022 For Scorpio

For Scorpio natives, Mars is the Lord of the first and sixth house. This is where Mars feels at home, but not as much as in the sign of Aries. People with Mars in Scorpio tend to be strong-minded, self-disciplined people. These need to rely on their own efforts for success and readily depend upon others. With Mars in Scorpio, such natives always remembers the wrong done to them; they never forget a betrayal. In fact, they tend to touch extremes. You can expect them to be either the most loyal friend or the worst enemy. They have quite a strong mentality and plan their moves with questions, leaving no room for repentance or forgiveness. However, they sometimes take quick decisions based on instincts, which backfires. As per Yearly predictions 2022 based on Mars Transit, you need to control your temper and aggression during this period. The success mantra during this period is being polite and humble. This period will give good results only if you have control over your speech. Irritation and a harsh approach can completely reduce the sweetness of the relationship. This period will create hurdles in your financial matters also. Some financial losses are also seen, and you may also face problems in getting a loan. Students may feel obstructed in their studies. Those who are in a job will face difficulty, and there will be slow growth. Family life also seems to be disturbed. Be careful of any injury on your face during this time.

Remedy: You should make donations to farmers, military funds, and law enforcement units.

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Mars Transit 2022 For Sagittarius

For Sagittarius natives, Mars is the Lord of the twelfth and fifth house. Sagittarius is in a dual fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. Planets Jupiter and Mars are friendly with each other, so the position of Mars in Sagittarius will turn out to be quite positive for the natives. Jupiter relates to love, fortune, and expansion, while Mars is the representative of ambition and passion. Jupiter minimises the negative energy of Mars and makes the natives mentally strong and wise. All the uncertainties are likely to be resolved easily with the support of your colleagues. As the transit period progresses, your new endeavours will achieve desired success. You are advised to keep a positive mindset for maintaining an excellent lead in your career. This may also help you manage your career more efficiently. Some decisions made by you during this period may bring encouraging results for expanding your business prospects. Your ability to have a vision and plan ahead will enhance now. It is the ideal time to prepare a long-term budget and financial plan as the planet has an influence on you. During this period, you would be more inclined towards your family and related activities. You may spoil your mood at times due to the weird behaviour of someone. However, it would be very helpful for you to channelise your thoughts and have complete clarity of what you want in a relationship. Healthwise, you may be full of energy and highly enthusiastic.

Remedy: Gifting copper-made objects to friends or any kind of pottery is also helpful.

Mars Transit 2022 For Capricorn

For Capricorn natives, Mars is the Lord of the fourth and eleventh house. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, but the lord of Capricorn Saturn and Mars share an inimical relationship. Mars is riddled with energy, and Saturn gives difficulties, so the person with mass incapable struggles to channelise their energy in the right direction. The natives tend to be harsh, inactive and aggressive in nature. During this transit, your relationship with your seniors at the workplace may continue to be average. You are advised not to shift your job during this period, and you may not get cooperation from friends and seniors. You might have to change the way of talking to people and your advice to adopt a practical mindset while dealing with professional matters. You might also have to work on your anger and impulsive reactions. Those who want to get married may have to keep patience and put a sincere effort to get the desired result. Married couples might face conflict over petty matters, which is why the favourable advice is to handle your love life with care. Healthwise, an old issue is likely to resurface during this phase; hence be cautious.

Remedy: Blood donation is one of the best remedies for Mars.

Mars Transit 2022 For Aquarius

For Aquarius natives, Mars is the lord of the third and tenth houses. Aquarius is known to be a fixed air sign and is ruled by Saturn, which again is an enemy of Mars. People with Mars in Aquarius focus more on the intellectual side of life. Their organisation is strong, and they tend to be calculative and logical in their approach. This period may not give you favourable results. Your hot temperament can be the cause of trouble in your relationship with your close ones and within your friend circle as well. Your rash and fiery approach may cause hurdles in your hard work to achieve your goals as per Mars Transit 2022 Predictions. Do not try to start any new project during this period. You should be cautious as the opponent may try to create trouble for you. Source of income will be available but at a slow pace and with obstruction. You may have a strong urge for a materialistic and worldly desire. Married couples may develop some sought of misunderstanding causing discord in married life due to the aggressive attitude. You are advised to take proper care in your health matters as there are chances to suffer from ingestion, colic pain, bile or acidity problems.

Remedy: Carrying a red handkerchief or napkin with you is also one of the simplest & great remedies offered by Mars Promise Report 2022 based on Mars transit in 2022, as it helps to ward off malefic effects of Mars instantly.

Mars Transit 2022 For Pisces

For the Pisces moon sign, Mars is the Lord of the second and ninth house. It is ruled by Jupiter, which is friendly towards Mars. People born with this placement are spiritually inclined. They like morality and good conduct and follow a pious path. These natives have a strong desire to visit and settle in foreign places. They have quite an optimistic approach, especially in love matters. In this period, you should be ready to face difficult situations at the workplace, and you have to make some difficult calls, which will also be a bit emotional or personal in the work you are in this time period. If your decisions and actions have a profound impact on the life of your subordinates or colleagues, you should not be impulsive during this time and should also take a second opinion before making any decision. Financial gains are on the card; you might receive some funds from a source that you never anticipated. Mars is a fiery and action-oriented planet by nature, and it is also known to impart the energy flow in human beings. The transit of Mars in Pisces turns out to be the best time period to complete the pending task, fighting out pending court cases. So your advice is not to squander the energy which is being imparted and utilise it for the fulfilment of your growth.

Remedy: You could also consider planting an Indian Lilac in your backyard or garden. This is one of the effective Mars Transit 2022 Remedies for Pisces

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