Mercury Transit 2022 Dates & Remedies

Mercury Transit 2022 offers detailed life predictions for the New Year 2022 and is curated on the elements of Vedic Astrology. In this Mercury Promise Report 2022 covering the influence of transitory motion of Mercury on all the zodiac signs, you get details about Mercury transit dates, yearly predictions and effective remedies to ward off the malefic impact. On this note, give this article a read and find out what’s in store.

Mercury Transit 2022

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हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे: बुध गोचर 2022

Mercury Transit in Vedic Astrology

Mercury is a young and energetic planet, it is the fastest moving planet of the celestial cabinet. Mercury rules over communication and is also worshipped as the messenger of Gods in Roman Mythology. It is very popularly known as the Karak planet of intelligence. Therefore, a strong Mercury in a native’s chart gives strong brainpower to the natives. In addition, it also provides a younger-looking appearance and flawless skin. The influence of this planet provides good condensing power and communication skills to an individual.

Mercury is a conditional benefic planet which implies that it provides good results when it is under influence of benefic planets and will give negative results when in conjunction or aspect with the malefic planet. The Independent effect of Mercury makes a native mischievous and witty. It also makes a person flirtatious with naughty looks. They often love to talk and hence are chatterboxes.

Mercury holds the lordship of two signs of the zodiac namely Gemini and Virgo. Both these signs are logic-driven however they have some of their individuals attributes i.e. Gemini is more outgoing than the Virgos. Whereas Virgos are more sincere than Geminis. They both together hold all the qualities of Mercury. However, Mercury is exalted in its sign of Virgo which is an analytical sign and it debilitates in the sign of water Pisces, which is ruled by the planet of wisdom Jupiter.

Mercury Transit 2022 Dates

Let us know the Mercury transit 2022 dates and their influence on each zodiac sign.

From Sign To Sign Date Day

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Mercury Transit 2022 Predictions

Mercury Transit 2022: Aries

Aries is a fiery sign ruled by the hot-headed planet Mars. Mercury in this sign of Mars is quite active and dynamic. It brings the kick start in the life of the natives and those who plan to start things, quickly jump into the subjects. Those who had been sitting on things previously will start acting on them without giving it a second thought. This placement of Mercury brings swiftness in the lives of the natives especially their speech. The natives belonging to the fiery since i.e. Aries, Leo and Saggitarius will witness some aggressiveness in their speech. Those who belong to water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will witness some erratic changes in their moods and wavering speech with a confused mindset. The earthy sign people Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will pull up their socks and leave their laid back attitude behind. The air sign native Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will be in their dreamland and keep making innovative plans. Those who are into the designing industry, the creative section of the working and media industry will witness an upliftment in their career due to this transit of Mercury.

The transit of Mercury 2022 in the Aries zodiac sign will be a favourable one for Cancer, Libra and Leo natives.

Remedy: Donate green lentils at a temple on Wednesdays.

Mercury Transit 2022: Taurus

Taurus is a grounded sign ruled by the delicate planet Venus. The transit of Mercury in its friendly sign is auspicious. This transit brings clarity of ideas and thoughts in the mind of the natives. Their foresightedness will improve and they will be able to make better decisions be it at the professional front or the personal front. The students will make their futuristic goals and will be determined to achieve them. This particular period will make the natives pragmatic and they will think twice before making any final statement. This will also bring a balanced and humble approach to the attitude of individuals. Your adulthood will be the centre of attraction and people will approach you for some sincere advice. It will be a good period for those working in real estate, the marketing industry, law firms and the judiciary. Those who are into their own business will also witness some increase in the number of clients due to improvement in the strategies of client handling.

This transit of Mercury in Taurus will bring fruitful results for Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn natives

Remedy: Offer Dhurva to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays.

Mercury Transit 2022: Gemini

Gemini is the most notorious sign of the zodiac ruled by Mercury itself. This transit of Mercury generally brings liveliness in native’s life. They become amiable and like going around and initiating talking to different people. This also makes one a day dreamer and whimsical. This also brings a bit of adventure in people’s life as they will like exploring new things and monotonous things will not be their cup of tea. Such predictions covered in Mercury Promise Report 2022 help Gemini natives attain a sense of positivity and find the right path ahead in life. You will like adding new colors to your life by doing multiple things, also keeping yourself busy with your hobbies and interests. The crushes and blushes will increase and you may also get into dating them during this period. You will be the centre of attraction with your chirpy voice and lively personality. There will be special attraction towards the opposite sex during this transit period. It will also bring financial abundance to the lives of the natives. Those who are working in the telecom industry, Journalism and media will have a favourable period. Also the authors and writers will have a great time.

Remedy: Keep a green aventurine crystal tree at your workplace or locker for auspicious results.

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Mercury Transit 2022: Cancer

Cancer is the water sign ruled by the planet Moon. Mercury in this sensitive sign of the zodiac aggravates the feelings and emotions of the natives. The quiet and shy people will be a bit extroverted and will start expressing themselves. Those who are already amiable will become chatterboxes during this period. You will be more emotional than practical during this period. You will like spending time with family and friends, therefore will plan frequent get togethers and short trips. You will be over emotional and will expect people around you to listen to you and understand you. You will be somewhat attention seeker and expect people to understand your erratic mood swings and behaviour. You will also be a bit rebellious during this time period. Those who are into acting, theatre, dramatics will have a favourable period. Also those who are into trading business or working as writers will have a good time. The students will also have a better concentration during this period.

Remedy: Donate green clothes to needy young girls on Wednesday.

Mercury Transit 2022: Leo

Leo is ruled by the king of the celestial cabinet the Sun. It is a fiery sign and Mercury in this sign is quite strong as it is approaching towards its exaltation sign. The transit of Mercury will bring a spark in the natives’ lives. Their inspirations will be more strong and their determination to achieve things will be certain. The ambitions will soar sky high and they will do anything to everything to prove their metal. There will be harshness in the speech but one will be direct and straightforward. This commanding attitude may not be well appreciated by the dear ones and people surrounding you.You will be more concentrated towards your work life and will have the spark to set standards or accomplish something real big. Those who are into their own business will have an auspicious period as you will take charge of everything in your hand and will initiate some new things. Those who are into government services will also have an upper hand during this period. Besides this journalist,hosts and orators will have a favourable period due to the command in their speech. The transit is favourable for Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Remedy: Offer two boondi ladoos to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays.

Mercury Transit 2022: Virgo

Virgo is the analytical sign of Mercury and the planet exalts in this sign. Mercury is well placed and balanced in this sign.The transit of the planet in this sign will bring better decision making power as you will be able to weigh things correctly. This also adds on to the intelligence and enhancement of analytical skills. Your communication skills will improvise and you will have an outstanding power to convince people around you. In terms of financial prospects also this will be an auspicious transit. You will be able to get back your stuck up money, also there are bright possibilities of earning more than one source. If planning to make any short term investments then this period will truly support. You will be able to bring a balance in your personal as well as professional life. Those who are into sales and marketing business will have a favourable period. The natives practising Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary and Litigation will also have an overwhelming time period. This transit will bring good results for the natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Remedy: Wear a good quality emerald in the little finger of your right hand.

Mercury Transit 2022: Libra

Libra is a sign of balance ruled by the sophisticated planet Venus. The transit of mercury in its friendly sign is beneficial. It will bring skill and art in the lives of the natives. You will be soft in your speech and will impress people around you with your gentle articulation. The creative side of you will be active and you will plan some imaginative things. You will also pursue your hobby and may try to earn some money out of the same. Your interests in knowing literature and music will enhance and you will try to gain more knowledge on these subjects. You may spend more on your comforts and practising your hobbies during this period. You will be amiable and will like to socialise more often during this period. You will be good at strengthening your relationship, be it professional or personal. This attribute will bring a little popularity for you in your community. This transit will be favourable for those who are into the creative industry as you will get new ideas, which will be beneficial for completing your tasks. This transit will be favourable for Tauru, Virgo and Gemini zodiac signs.

Remedy: Chant “Om Bum Budhaya Namah” 108 times in a day.

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Mercury Transit 2022: Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign of deep secrets and this water sign is ruled by the planet Mars. The transit of Mercury in this sign will make the natives passionate and they will have an inclination towards love and sex. This is a favourable transit for the students or learners as their inquisitiveness about knowing things and getting into the minute details of their subjects will be strong. They will spend most of their time quenching their quest for more knowledge and understanding of subjects. This transit will make you more aware and observant about the things going around you. This attentiveness will protect you from your enemies and people you are planting things against you be it at the personal or the professional front. Those who own their business will have a good time as you will be able to keep your new strategies secret and this will help you in improving your dealings and hiding things from your competitors. This transit will be favourable for the natives belonging to the zodiac sign Cancer , Leo and Pisces.

Remedy: Chant ‘ Om Bum Budhaya Namah’ 108 times in the morning.

Mercury Transit 2022: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign of idealism and optimism. This fiery sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The transit of planet Mercury in this sign generally brings conflicting thoughts. The intelligence of Mercury is countered with the wisdom of Jupiter during this period. This implies that on one hand you will try to evaluate things logically and on the other hand you will try to look through the things with an experienced and mature approach. This thinking pattern of following innovations or traditions will bring loads of confusion to you in your professional as well as personal life. However, both ways you will be a proggresibe thinker and will aim at achieving your dreams during this period. You will have a command and will dictate terms at your workplace. This will be a boon for those who are into high profile jobs or into the government sector. This transit period will be uplifting for the students as their queries and confusions will lead to spending more time with their studies and solving all the doubts. This transit will be favourable for Aries, Leo and Aquarius, as mentioned in Mercury Promise Report 2022 formed on the basis of transitory movement and placement of Mercury in one’s kundli throughout 2022.

Remedy: Recite Durga Chalisa especially on Wednesdays.

Mercury Transit 2022: Capricorn

Capricorn is the hardworking sign ruled by the planet Saturn. The natives belonging to this sign are humble and believe in the deeds you do so shall you reap. Mercury’s transit in this sign brings a little impulsiveness in the natives. However, they will be quick in their analysing skills as well. Their mind will work quickly and they will not take much time in making decisions during this period. They will believe in making honest and fair deals and this attitude will be truly appreciated by their clients at the professional front. They may face some conflicts at the personal front with their idealistic communications however, they will be determined and will stick to their words. You will be focused and will follow the steps which lead to fulfilling your desires. You will be more practical and mature during this transit period. Those who are into litigation, accountancy and administration will have a favourable period. Also those who are appearing for competitive examinations will gain strength in their understanding skills. This transit will be favourable for Virgo, Cancer and Taurus.

Remedy: Donate green leafy vegetables to Brahamin or at the temple.

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Mercury Transit 2022: Aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, this analytical, airy sign is ruled by the planet Saturn. Mercury in this sign of independence brings power and command in the life of the natives. They will be hyperactive and will mint their thoughts like a machine. They will be swift in acting upon things after analysing in spur of moment. During this period you will be highly ambitious and will aim to achieve everything in the blink of an eye. You will have no control on your emotions or on your words, due to this you might land up hurting your dear ones. You will be more responsible and will fight for the rights of the people surrounding you. You will feel that you are fair and just in your dealings with the people and their circumstances. This attitude of yours may bring a sense of arrogance in your behaviour, also you will talk a lot about yourself. However, you will be able to influence people around you with your strong convincing power.This transit period will be good for media professionals, actors and marketing professionals. It will be auspicious for the natives belonging to the zodiac signs Capricorn, Libra and Scorpio

Remedy: Observe fasting on Wednesdays.

Mercury Transit 2022: Pisces

Pisces is the sign of duality and this water sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The transit of Mercury in this sign will bring creativity and new dimensions to your thoughts. You will plan some innovative things and new start ups. You will be highly optimistic and will be a good advisor. You will be a bit emotional and sensitive during this period, due to which you may get hurt easily. You will rely on people in your surrounding and will trust them to the core. The singles can enter into a relationship during this period and those who are in a relationship may take their bond to a next level. Your foresightedness will be good and you will help your dear one with your intuitive abilities. You will have an emotional bent and this may not help you at the professional front, since you will not be able to think practically. You should avoid making any important decisions during this period as you will be weak in strength. Also you may face problems and explain yourself or express your emotions during this period. This transit is not very auspicious as Mercury is in a debilitating position and loses its strength completely. This transit is comparatively better for Aries and Scorpio natives.

Remedy: Chant Mercury Beej Mantra everyday.

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