Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022 : Dates, Impacts & Remedies

Retrograde planet calendar 2022 is a special presentation of AstroSage, which will guide you through your way as to which planet will start its retrograde motion in the year 2022, on which date and in which zodiac sign and in which date and zodiac their retrograde motion will end and it will be on it’s direct path once again. Full fledged and complete information has been shared because in the realm of astrology, the retrograde and direct movement of planets is considered very important. Along with this, we will also tell you what kind of results any planet is capable of yielding in a retrograde state. Through this calendar, you can also know when a planet is retrograde, then in which sign it is occurring and when it is coming back from retrograde, then in which sign it is at that time. All of this information is very important because on the basis of this, knowing the effect of planets on the life of any person, his/her future can be predicted. For all the information about the retrograde planets in the year 2022, you can take a look at the AstroSage's retrograde planet 2022 calendar here.

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Vedic astrology provides information about the past, present tense, future period of any person with the combination of planets, zodiac and constellations, so the position of a planet is also very important because any planet has its specific nature in the life of the person. Due to this, the same type of factors increases in the life of the person and it starts appearing in the life of the person, as Mars is a symbol of courage, then if Mars is strong in the horoscope of a person, he will be courageous while Mars Being weak will be timid. In Vedic astrology, the Navagrahas i.e. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are mainly considered to give influence in the life of any person. Seven planets are the main planets in Vedic astrology and there are two shadow planets i.e. Rahu and Ketu are called shadow planets.

According to the principles of Vedic astrology, it is believed that these Navagrahas affect the life of a person in an auspicious way and whatever kind of actions the person performs, these planets according to his deeds. In these Navagrahas, Sun God is considered as the factor of soul and father, while Moon is considered to be of mother. These are actually two natural energies. The planet Mars is the significator of brothers and might, while the planet Mercury is the lord of intelligence and logic. Dev Guru Brihaspati/ Jupiter is the significator of knowledge and the planet Venus is the factor of enjoyment, luxury and love and Shani Dev is considered to be the factor of service. In this way it can be said that all these Navagrahas, due to their own nature and their special position in the horoscope, definitely affect the life of every person in some way or the other. Many types of motions of planets have been considered, one of which is the main, retrograde motion. We will tell you through the retrograde planet 2022 calendar that in the year 2022, on which day, on which date and at what time and in which zodiac sign, different planets are going to be retrograde and when they will return to their path state.

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Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022 : Date and Timings

Planet Retrograde Movement Begins Retrograde Movement Ends From Zodiac Sign To Zodiac Sign
Mercury Friday 14 January 2022 Friday 4 February 2022 Capricorn Capricorn
Mercury Tuesday 10 May 2022 Friday 3 June 2022 Taurus Taurus
Mercury Saturday 10 September 2022
Sunday 2 October 2022 Virgo Virgo
Jupiter Friday 29 July 2022 Thursday 24 November 2022 Pisces Pisces
Venus Sunday 19 December 2021 Saturday 29 January 2022 Capricorn Sagittarius
Saturn Sunday 5 June 2022 Sunday 23 October 2022 Aquarius Capricorn
Mars Sunday 30 October 2022 Friday 13 January 2023 Gemini Taurus

Through the above-given calendar, you have now come to know that which planet will start retrograde in the year 2022 and when it will come from retrograde state to path, but from this we also know that these retrograde planets How will it affect your life, so let us know what will be the effect of this retrograde motion of the planets on human life.

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Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022 : Know What are Retrograde Planets

In Vedic astrology, mainly nine planets have been recognized, but except for two shadow planets Rahu, Ketu, the other seven planets are considered as the main planets because they are directly seated while Rahu and Ketu are situated as shadow planets. Huh. That is, from a mathematical point of view, there is an intersection point. Rahu and Ketu are always in retrograde state whereas Sun and Moon are never in retrograde state. Apart from these, the other five planets i.e. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn from time to time come from their path state to retrograde state and then from retrograde state to path state and affect life in many forms.

Let us now know what is meant by the retrograde of any planet. Curve means crooked. We all know that all the planets revolve around the Sun in their orbital path (which is an elliptical path), so when the planets and their motion relative to the Earth are studied, then in some special conditions the planets also move from the Earth. Very near and in some special circumstances become very far. In a similar situation, when a planet reaches its closest point relative to the Earth and the Sun, then when viewed from the Earth, it appears as if it has started moving in the opposite direction, that is, it has started moving in reverse. This reverse movement is called retrograde motion in the language of astrology. Whereas the reality is different because no planet ever moves in the opposite direction. He follows his own circumambulation path.

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In the field of astrology, the retrograde state is considered very important because in its retrograde system, a planet increases its ability to give its fruit and it gets effort force, due to which it can move towards other normal moving planets. becomes more influential in the horoscope than Apart from this, some astrological experts consider the retrograde form of any planet as the effect of any debt brought in the present life from the previous birth and according to the position of the retrograde planet, its results are narrated.

Many times we think that when a planet does not move in reverse, then why do we call it a retrograde planet and why does it happen? As explained above, the motion of the planets is in a fixed orbit, but when the fast moving planet overtakes the slow moving planet in the orbit, the slow moving planet appears to be moving in reverse, so we only get the impression is that it is going retrograde, just like if you are going faster in one direction in a train and your speed is more while another train is going in the same direction as before, but with less speed than you So, when you both see the vehicles together, you feel like being in the fast car that the slow one is going backwards whereas in reality this is not the case. This condition itself is called curvature.

Under astrology, all the five planets i.e. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn do not give the same result in retrograde state, but if any planet is inauspicious, it also gives very good results and if it is inauspicious planet, it also gives very good results and in its retrograde state. Their ability to give results increases even more, so when the results of these retrograde planets are said, first of all it is necessary to see that the planet about which we are studying retrograde motion is that planet. It is good or bad or medium for the horoscope. He is the owner of which houses and with which parts he is making relations and where he is situated. It is very important to see all this because it shows how it can affect the native in his dasha and transit in good or inauspicious i.e. positive or negative. So let us now know that according to the above mentioned retrograde planet 2022 calendar, when the planets are in retrograde state, what kind of results they can provide to you and along with that we will also tell you which remedy is related to that planet. Doing this will be beneficial for you, due to which the inauspicious effects of the retrograde planet will decrease and the auspicious effects will increase.

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022 : Mercury Retrograde & Its Impacts

In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury has been described as an auspicious planet, but it has been given the title of a prince in the assembly of planets. These are the factors of communication and speech is also related to them. It gives results according to its association, that is, if inauspicious planets are together in the horoscope, then there will be inauspicious results and with auspicious planets, then there are planets that give auspicious results. The movement of Mercury is also very fast and it is often seen along with the Sun. For this reason, most of the time they remain in a set state, but this is the reason why Mercury is considered to be very influential in retrograde state and in Vedic astrology, Mercury retrograde is an important event because it not only affects the speech and communication of the person. but also has the ability to change his behavior and his reasoning ability.

Due to the fast motion of the planet Mercury, it comes in retrograde state about three to four times in a year while other planets are retrograde only once. In the horoscope for which they are auspicious, they get very auspicious results in their retrograde state, and a person with such a Mercury, on the strength of his communication and eloquence, completes even his most difficult tasks on time, but whose horoscope If I am in an inauspicious position, the path becomes very difficult for him. He also faces problem in conveying his heart to his heart and in his field of work he also has to face problem in conveying his point of view to his superiors. Sometimes their condition worsens due to wrong communication.

It is really important to know when the planet Mercury will be retrograde because like every year in the year 2022 also the planet Mercury will be retrograde and according to the above table, this year the planet Mercury will come in retrograde state three times. Knowing their exact position and date, you should carry out your works because everything we speak comes under Mercury. Our reasoning ability, our intelligence, our behavior and our ability to think and understand. Everything is determined by the planet Mercury. Computer related work also comes under Mercury and it is also a factor of advocacy. The planet Mercury has an important contribution in most of the speaking works, so when the planet Mercury is retrograde, all the people related to these people, all those who do the work of the mind, especially get the effect of Mercury retrograde.

The planet Mercury takes about 88 days to complete one revolution in its orbit and is one of the fastest moving planets in the solar system. Whenever we get any document prepared for any work, then every such formal contract, business work, commerce work, making a will, etc. everything comes under the control of planet Mercury. If the planet Mercury is not in a benefic position in the horoscope and is in retrograde position, then the person has to do the same contract again and again and due to one reason or the other it keeps decreasing or because of the same contract, he/she has to face problems. Might have to do it too.

The planet Mercury is also considered a messenger. It is also the factor of travel and transport, so a person can be successful in transport work if Mercury is in a good position. Apart from this, the effective ability of the planet Mercury proves to be very effective in all the work of communication. If the planet Mercury is not in a good position in your horoscope, then you should avoid taking any big decision when the planet Mercury is in retrograde as it can affect your thinking and understanding power and lead to any wrong decision. You can get into trouble. If the planet Mercury is not in a good position, then in its retrograde state, you are likely to get skin diseases. Apart from this, mental problems and other problems like flu and cold can also afflict you. Sleep problems can also bother you due to mental instability.

In the retrograde phase of Mercury, some problems arise through the communication channels of the person. There is also some communication, which is not really right but goes wrong, this person does not do it intentionally but all this happens due to the influence of retrograde Mercury. There is an increase of impulsiveness in the person and many times in life a state of confusion arises. The people affected by the planet Mercury are environmental lovers, but if Mercury is in a retrograde position, then the person becomes against the environment and tries to create instability in the environment. If you want to expand your business or work on a new project, then you should stop for some time and stay away from Mercury. One should wait for the path from retrograde. Although all these things are normal for the retrograde position of Mercury. Especially by studying the horoscope, the results of retrograde Mercury should be told.

If Mercury is making a relationship with other inauspicious planets in the horoscope in retrograde state, then the person starts getting inauspicious results and negativity starts dominating the person's way of talking and behavior. His handwriting also starts deteriorating and he does not like to read and write, whereas if this retrograde Mercury comes in contact with auspicious planets, then the person gets success very quickly due to his efficiency and quick response. His communication and communication style also works wonderfully, due to which the person suddenly starts getting progress. Thus, it can be said that if the position of Mercury retrograde in the year 2022 is auspicious in the horoscope, then the person will get good money and grains. His business will expand and he will move ahead in life with his efficiency.

With the effect of retrograde Mercury 2022, the reasoning power of the native will develop and his decision making ability will increase. Such people will easily solve the most difficult challenges. People with retrograde Mercury can do such things which will be difficult for others, but if Mercury is retrograde in one's horoscope and is situated in a weak state and is suffering, that is, under the influence of unfavorable or inauspicious planets, then The house in which the planet Mercury is situated and the houses to which it is related can result in reduction and scattering of the fruits related to them and can also bring delay in the work. Such people should speak very carefully to their superiors in their field of work. They may have an argument in this regard, it may also affect their work.

Remedy: Feed whole moong with your hands to Gaumata on Wednesday and wear the root of Vidhara on Wednesday to remove the inauspicious effects of retrograde Mercury.

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022 : Venus Retrograde & Its Impacts

Venus is considered the brightest planet in the solar system. It is also known as the morning star or the evening star. In English the planet Venus is known as Venus, which is the goddess of love and in the horoscope, Venus is the planet of enjoyment, luxury, happiness, love and intimate relationships. The planet Venus is a female dominant planet and in the horoscope of any native it represents his wife. The planet Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra and is considered to be in its exalted state in Pisces and in its debilitated state in Virgo. Venus is also the karaka of sexual diseases and also represents the genitals.

After Mercury, Venus is considered to be the fastest planet to revolve around the Sun and it takes about 23 days to move from one sign to another in terms of time cycle. After Mercury, Venus is considered to be the closest planet to the Sun. It is the karaka planet of marital happiness, beauty, romance, material happiness, love affairs and all comforts. Not only this, it definitely provides some art to the person and the person becomes creative. The planet Venus brings happiness in life and drives away troubles. The relation of planet Venus is very important in enhancing the relationship between man and woman. The people affected by the planet Venus are attracted. Anyone gets attracted to them easily because they have amazing attraction power inside them. They can make anyone their own and get their point of view, so where there is a problem, such a person proves to be most useful for reconciliation. Infatuation towards any kind of beauty is provided by the planet Venus.

At present, Venus is also considered the planet of glamor and fashion. While on the one hand, the planet Venus is also recognized as the demon Guru Shukracharya, on the other hand, in mythology, the planet Venus is also considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Mahalakshmi, so if a person wants happiness and facilities in his life. If you want to achieve, then he should take shelter of the planet Venus and in whose horoscope Venus is in a strong position, he does not lack any of the above things, whereas if the planet Venus is present in an inauspicious position, then the person should get all those Problems have to be faced in matters, which come under the lordship of Venus. Due to this, there can also be a problem of infertility and it is also a factor of sperm in men, due to which there are also obstacles in getting a child.

Due to the deteriorating planet of Venus, there is a lack of love in the life of the person and the mutual relationship between men and women weakens. He lacks comfort and lacks interest in life. Such a person has to repent in love or does not get love at all. Thus Venus is an extremely important planet. It can give happiness to whomever it wants and problems to whomever it wants. In such a situation, the retrograde of Venus becomes even more important because the effect of retrograde Venus can show huge effects in the life of the native. Where the exalted planet Venus, if it is in retrograde, increases the intimate relationship of the person and the person gets attracted towards extramarital relations, whereas Venus present in the debilitated sign in the retrograde state brings happiness to the person. Deprives him of facilities, he has to bear the loss of money and also problems in love life.

Due to the inauspiciousness of retrograde Venus, the native has to face tension in family relations. Life partners are not made. Even in bad conditions, sexual diseases can also occur and the problems of the person's personal life increase. On the other hand, if the retrograde Venus is in an auspicious state, then a new love relationship can start in the life of the native. Someone can knock on the life of the native, who is very beautiful and the person tries hard to enhance his personality and pays attention to grooming and decorating himself. Bringing branded clothes, buying branded things and gadgets becomes her main hobby and her personality also gets enhanced. In this way, retrograde Venus will affect the lives of people in 2022 as well, in whose horoscope Venus is in good and auspicious state, being the lord of auspicious houses, is in good relationship with the auspicious planets, they will get a lot of amenities and there will be no need for anything in life. There will be no shortage and will provide all kinds of amenities in the year 2022. The native can also change his hairstyle and focus on grooming himself well. On the other hand, in whose horoscope the retrograde Venus will be making a relationship with inauspicious planets and will be the owner of inauspicious houses, then the inauspicious results related to those houses will increase and the person may have to face problems in personal life.

Remedy: Offer red hibiscus flowers to the mother's temple on Friday. Along with this, recite Sri Sukta and take blessings of girls between 1 year to 10 years by touching their feet.

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022 : Mars Retrograde & Its Impacts

Mars has the status of the commander of the planets. It is a very powerful planet and is also considered a fiery planet. If the position of Mars in the horoscope is in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house, then it makes the person Manglik, which is not considered favorable for married life. Mars is called Mars in English. It is a very energetic planet, which provides life energy to the native.

Mars occupies a very important place in the horoscope. If Mars is present in the third, sixth, tenth or eleventh house of the horoscope, it makes the person very powerful. It is the lord of Aries and Scorpio and is considered to be in exalted position in Capricorn and it is considered to be in debilitated position when it is in Cancer. The planet Mars is the storehouse of energy and the energy required by the native to perform all the actions in his life is provided to him by the planet Mars.

It is also known as the Red Planet and bestows courage and might. Mars keeps us alive in the form of blood in our body. If Mars is in a beneficial position, it provides the person with proper wealth and all the necessary energy to live life. The person never lags behind anyone. There is no dearth of leadership ability in him, whereas when Mars is in an inauspicious position, it makes the person fearful, he is not able to speak his mind and many types of blood-borne diseases trouble him.

The inauspicious position of Mars in the horoscope makes the native irritable. Such a person starts interfering in the affairs and quarrels of others without any reason and becomes a participant in the quarrel. If the position of Mars is inauspicious, then the person increases the chances of mental mania and irregular blood pressure and blood related problems, boils and any kind of injury, accident or surgery. If Mars is in a beneficial position in the native's horoscope, then he does not face any problem as he is able to face every challenge boldly and overcomes his opponents. Such a person also works in good positions in the field of work.

When Mars is retrograde, it affects the native very quickly. Its result is visible very soon and retrograde Mars makes a person entangled in unnecessary quarrels. The person may have to face the court and the police and if there is a more inauspicious situation, then there is a possibility of serious injury, accident to the person in the dasha of Mars. If retrograde Mars is in benefic position in the horoscope, then the person gets very auspicious results in the dasha of Mars.

Mars retrograde will affect the lives of people in 2022 as well. In whose horoscope Mars is the lord of auspicious houses and is situated in auspicious houses in relation to the auspicious planets, retrograde Mars will not give problems to them and will open the way for progress in their life. The person will be able to express himself in front of the people and can also be known as a skilled leader, while being the owner of inauspicious houses, making a relationship with inauspicious planets in inauspicious house, retrograde Mars in 2022 will cause mental depression along with physical problems. Can provide anger and irritability.

Remedy: Planting a pomegranate tree on Tuesday is very auspicious and offering bananas to Hanuman ji also reduces the inauspicious effect of retrograde Mars.

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022 : Jupiter Retrograde & Its Impacts

The planet Jupiter can also be called as Dev Guru. He is considered to be the God Guru of the planets. Dev Guru Brihaspati is famous as the largest planet in the solar system. It is an expansionist planet and whatever it provides, it expands, that is, increases it. In Vedic astrology, the name of Dev Guru Brihaspati is taken with great respect and the name of Dev Guru Brihaspati comes first among the most auspicious planets. It is considered to be the factor of growth, knowledge, healing, prosperity, spiritual success, education, children and good luck in life. It is only by the grace of Jupiter that the person gets the happiness of children and they also provide food grains. They develop the sattvik tendency in the native and try to steer him on the right path.

Due to the grace of the planet Jupiter, the person helps others by being full of kindness and benevolence. By the grace of Jupiter, higher education, education related to law and finance, foreign trips and large scale business flourish and the person gets progress. Dev Guru Jupiter is the lord of the fire element Sagittarius and the water element Pisces. It is considered to be situated in its exalted position in Cancer while it becomes debilitated in Capricorn. It bestows the native with good concentration, discipline and honesty and loyalty to God. It promotes obedience and rituals in the native.

The status of being the guru of the gods is also given to the god Guru Brihaspati. Just as the planet Venus is Shukracharya and is the guru of the demons, similarly Dev Guru Brihaspati is considered to be the guru of the gods. It gives fame to the native. Inculcate morality in him. A person has good children, devotion to God and faith in religion and success in the field of education is the result of Jupiter's grace.

If Dev Guru Brihaspati is sitting in inauspicious places, being the lord of inauspicious place in the horoscope, then the person gets surrounded by laziness and shows laziness before doing any work, which may delay his important works and some big opportunities of life. can get out of hand. Such a person can be pessimistic and very quickly becomes a person who feels exhausted. There is also frequent change in the nature of the person and problems arise in his married life. Either he does not get married or he breaks up due to the matter of relationship again and again.

If Jupiter is in a good position and retrograde in the horoscope of a person, then it can elevate the person to the top of spirituality. Such a person can also become a storyteller or a spiritual teacher, while in the opposite position, a person can be a hypocrite in the name of religion and play with the sentiments of the people. Generally, retrograde Jupiter is known to give auspicious results and increases many types of comforts in a person's life.

Jupiter retrograde in 2022 can bring many auspicious or inauspicious results in your life. You can get so much confidence that you can make a name for yourself by working hard in your field of work and this strengthens your self-power. You can also make the impossible possible. This gives students an opportunity to increase concentration and those who do sales or marketing work can help them to complete their work quickly through their determination power. In the year 2022, retrograde Jupiter is going to be very amazing. If Jupiter is in an inauspicious state in your horoscope, then be careful and avoid doing any kind of wrongdoing, otherwise you can also get the punishment of the government, whereas people with retrograde Jupiter in an auspicious position will get great success in life.

Remedy: Respect your teachers to remove the effects of retrograde Jupiter. touch their feet in front of their idol or

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022 : Saturn Retrograde & Its Impacts

The name of Shani Dev is taken at the top of the most important planets of Vedic astrology. He is also called the giver of the fruits of action and the magistrate. It gives results to the person according to his deeds, whose actions are good, good results to him and those whose actions are bad, it does not take any time to provide bad results to him. They are not biased but give their decisions fairly. These are slow moving planets and transit from one zodiac to another in about two and a half years, hence they are also called Shanaashchar because of their gradual movement.

In Vedic astrology, Shani Dev is called the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. It is considered to be in the exalted state in Libra, while it is in the debilitated state in Aries. In astrology, they are called cruel planets and they are called dry and cold planets, whereas in reality they are not cruel but they are the planets that introduce the truth and give fruits to the person according to his auspicious and inauspicious deeds.

Shani's Sadesati, Dhaiyya and Panauti and Kantak Shani are in a very important position because they also provide problems in the life of the person and make him gold by tightening the test.

Saturn is a just planet and gives importance to discipline in life. Those who lead a disciplined life, they get special blessings from Shani Dev. These are the karaka planets of service, so Shani Dev has a major role in doing jobs. When a person's job is considered, then the role of Shani Dev becomes very important. It represents the servant, so the people living in the house or working under you are under the influence of Shani Dev. These are also the factors of the people. If a person has done any such act for which to be punished, then Shani dasha gives proper results at the time of transit in Mahadasha. Shani Dev is of a calm nature who is reliable. They bestow the quality of loyalty and honesty in the native and the people affected by Saturn are hardworking.

The specialty of Shani is that it always supports those who work hard, so one should never panic. Shani Dev gives good results to such students, who work hard to get an education. If the person is in an auspicious position in his horoscope, then he gives the power to make him a king from rank. If it is inauspicious position, then the person has to face many types of problems and even after hard work in life, there is a lack of good results. It also gives lethargy to the person so that he accepts his shortcomings and renounces his laziness and works hard, only then Shani Dev gives him the proper results. For success in politics, it is absolutely necessary to have the grace of Shani Dev.

Generally, it is not considered good for Shani Dev to be retrograde and it slows down its ability to give results. They are considered to be slow moving planets, so they give results in the last time of their dasha antardasha and if they become retrograde, they delay in other works, so the person has to work harder but Saturn is retrograde. Makes the person optimistic and no matter how difficult the situation may be, such a person does not lose courage and is always trying to move forward. The position of retrograde Saturn gives the result of his actions to the native.

If we talk about Shani retrograde 2022, then in the year 2022 also when Shani Dev will be retrograde, it will have both auspicious and inauspicious effects on many people. Some people will have to face delays in important tasks due to the retrograde motion of Saturn and also problems in jobs, whereas the people affected by retrograde Saturn in auspicious position will work hard to get success in their work.

Retrograde Shani inspires the native to live life and the native takes great care of the people working under him and below him. If Saturn is inauspicious state, then the person gets success only after putting a lot of effort in the work. In such a situation, the person should not be afraid at all and in the position of retrograde Saturn, the person should consider increasing his efforts.

Remedy: When Shani is in retrograde state, the person should recite Neel Shani Stotra of Lord Shani Dev which has been composed by Maharaj Dasaratha. Along with this, donating shadow on every Saturday would be good.

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