Solar Eclipse 2023

Through this magnificent article AstroSage, with its brilliance, brings you a compiled compendium about the Solar Eclipse 2023. This article has specially been prepared by keeping in mind all the hustle one faces when one wants to get the complete and accurate information related to the Solar Eclipse 2023. One doesn’t need to roam, as they will get all the crucial information related to Solar Eclipse 2023, right here! AstroSage will inform you about the date, time, duration, and places in which these Solar Eclipses will be occurring. Not only this, but we will also inform you about the lesser-known facts and remedies you can follow during these eclipses. This article has been prepared by our well-learned astrologer Dr. Mragaank. The curiosity doesn’t stop just here, as you know that there are different types of Solar Eclipses and you will know about them all through this systematized information. There are certain effects that such eclipses have on our lives, and you must be wondering what they are. So, to gain this superb knowledge, read the article carefully and don’t miss any vital points!

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Before moving ahead, let’s first understand what a Solar eclipse is, why, and how it occurs. A Solar Eclipse is a brilliantly occuring natural phenomenon, that takes place due to certain alignments of planetary movements. As we all know that all our planets take orbital movements of the planet Sun (due to its gravity and the force of the magnetic field!). The Moon revolves around the Earth and they both, along with other planets, move around the father planet, the Sun. A Solar Eclipse happens due to the orbital movements of three planets and they are the Sun, Earth, and the Moon. When the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, it obscures the view of the Earth, and it can be totally or partially; the light of the Sun does not reach the surface of the Earth for some time due to the shadow of the Moon. When this happens we term this event as a Solar Eclipse. The events of Eclipses have been known to be predicted thousands of years ago as well by intellectuals and academicians! But with time the study became more accurate and easier to understand.

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Solar Eclipse 2023: A Subject Of Curiosity

In the Hindu religion, a Solar Eclipse has been given special significance, in not just astrological terms but in religious terms as well. The important event of a Solar Eclipse affects every living being on Earth and for some time animals, insects, birds, plants and other living organisms change their behavior. The changes are especially seen before the totality; but once the event takes place, everything falls into a place of dormancy. This happens as their natural and internal clock gets disturbed, after the event everything falls back into its place, but the element of surprise can definitely be seen globally! The event of a Solar Eclipse is quite bewitching and extremely attractive, people around the world can be seen doing their best to catch a glimpse of it, either in person or through a photograph.

However, it is very important to note that no one should ever watch a Solar Eclipse with their naked eyes as this causes irreversible damage to the retina of the eye and as a consequence, one could get permanent blindness. This happens as the Sun’s photosphere (outer surface) emits radiation and they are both visible and invisible. As tempting as it is, one should not look at the Sun during the duration of the eclipse, and there are some special equipment and gears by which one can see and capture this incredible sight but this window, in which one can see the Sun and capture the scene, is only available for a few seconds during the totality.

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If we talk about Solar Eclipse in terms of religion, then it is not considered an auspicious event. During the eclipse, the Sun gets afflicted as the effects of Rahu get upon it and the Sun gets afflicted. The environment and the whole atmosphere get shrouded in darkness even during the day. The laws of nature and living beings see an eerie instability during such a time, as we discussed above; the animals, and plants all behave unnaturally as their cycle also gets affected. The activities all around the globe halt during these natural events. The Sun is considered to be a form of a person’s soul. He is the benefactor of lifeforce and will power of the world, and exudes hope, achievements, fatherly conduct and personality, state, king, politics, etc. Those Zodiac signs and Nakshatras, under which the natives were born during this event are significantly affected, and so are those countries in which it takes place. The effects of a Solar Eclipse are both negative and positive. These mixed effects fall on all zodiac signs, and the natives who are born under these signs also receive prosperity and progress in their respective lives.

Solar Eclipse 2023: Types Of Solar Eclipse

The topic of Solar Eclipse has always charmed and bewildered people all around the world. This celestial occurrence takes place in four different types, and they are total eclipse, annular eclipse, partial eclipse, and hybrid eclipse. Let's discuss these types in detail, so you can comprehend them better!

Total Solar Eclipse

A total eclipse is said to happen when, due to certain orbital movements, the Moon comes in between the Sun and Earth. The Moon because of this alignment completely conceals the radiant light of the Sun, and for a specific period of time, the sunlight does not reach the Earth’s surface. Due to the shadow of the Moon, the darkness is observed during this time. This event is called a total Solar Eclipse.

Partial Solar Eclipse

A partial Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon, during its orbital movement, is not able to completely obscure the light of the Sun. A little surface of the Sun gets covered by the Moon as the Sun, and the Moon, are aligned at different distances from Earth. When this happens it is known as a partial Solar Eclipse.

Annular Solar Eclipse

An annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are straightly aligned. Due to these orbital movements, the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth, but as the size of the Moon is small, when it covers the Sun, an outer ring that appears to be very bright forms due to that. This event is known as the Annular Solar Eclipse.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

A hybrid Solar Eclipse appears to be a mixed eclipse as it goes from an annular Solar Eclipse to a total Solar Eclipse and then gradually changes back to an annular Solar Eclipse. This type of eclipse is rarely formed, and only 5% of all Solar Eclipses are hybrid Solar Eclipses. The last hybrid Solar Eclipse happened in 2013!

These Solar Eclipses Will Take Place In 2023

There are a total of 2 Solar Eclipses that will occur in the year 2023 and in the below-mentioned table you will easily get all the accurate details regarding them.

First Solar Eclipse 2023 - Annular Solar Eclipse
Tithi Day Beginning Time Ending Time Places Of View
Vaisakha Month Krishna Paksh Amavasya Thursday 20th April, 2023 07:05 am (midnight) 12:29 pm Cambodia, China, America, Micronesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Japan, Samoa, Solomon, Baruni, Singapore, Thailand, Antarctica, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, South Indian Ocean, South Pacific Sea, Timor, New Zealand. (Not visible in India)

Note: In the above-mentioned table, the time of Solar Eclipse 2023 is according to the Indian Standard Time. This Solar Eclipse would not be visible on the Indian subcontinent, so its Sutak period and religious significance would not be considered valid.

The first annular Solar Eclipse of the year 2023, will occur on 20th April 2023, on Thursday. This Solar Eclipse 2023 will occur under Ashwini Nakshatra and in the zodiac sign of the Ram, that is Aries. The exalted zodiac sign of the Sun is Aries and the Ashwini Nakshatra comes under the influence of Rahu. This Eclipse will have a significant effect as on that same day, the planet Saturn will be watching the Sun with its third vision from its own zodiac sign.

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Second Solar Eclipse 2023 - Annular Solar Eclipse
Tithi Day Beginning Time Ending Time Places Of View
Ashwini Month Krishna Paksh Amavasya Saturday/ Sunday 14th/15th October, 2023 08:34 pm 02:25 am (midnight) Mexico, Barbados, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, British Virgin Islands, Aruba, Antigua, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Jamaica, Haiti, Guatemala, Guyana, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela, America, Barbados, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Belize, Dominica, Greenland, and Suriname. Not visible in India.

Note: The time of Solar Eclipse 2023 is listed in the table above according to Indian Standard Time. India would not have the ability to see the second annular Solar Eclipse of 2023. Therefore, its religious significance and the Sutak period would be obsolete. This Eclipse occurs on Saturday, October 14, 2023, in the Virgo zodiac sign under the Chitra Nakshatra.

Solar Eclipse 2023: Sutak Period

As we all know that there comes a period before an eclipse when doing auspicious work is prohibited. That period is known as the Sutak period and is considered as a time when temperance is observed regarding few activities. Any work which is achieved during this period has a high chance of facing a hiatus and the negative effects also increase. So, it said that any positive work must be halted during this specific period. The Sutak period of a Solar Eclipse starts 12 hours prior (4 Peher).

Both the above-mentioned solar eclipses would not be visible in India, so, its Sutak period therefore would not be observed. The places in which the eclipse is visible (or can be seen) only those places are liable to observe the Sutak period as the effects of the eclipse will be there. The places in which these solar eclipses will be seen will observe its Sutak period as it will start 12 hours prior to the start of an eclipse. The Sutak period ends with the conclusion of the eclipse.

Important Points To Keep In Mind During The Eclipse

We all now understand that a solar eclipse has both beneficial and bad impacts, and there are strategies to mitigate their negative effects. During a Solar Eclipse, there are a few things that one must constantly keep in mind. Below, we've included some of these crucial ideas. By bearing these things in mind, one can also benefit from the progressive impacts of the Solar Eclipse 2023.

  • If Solar Eclipse 2023 is going to be in your zodiac sign, or if anyhow your zodiac sign is one of them, which is bound to get its inauspicious effects, then make sure that you don’t see the eclipse in any form and stay away.

  • If you are someone who is sick or expecting and know that this solar eclipse is going to affect your zodiac sign negatively, then you must stay away from the Solar Eclipse 2023 as much as you can.

  • Worship all Gods and Goddesses during the eclipse, especially Lord Sun and Lord Shiva. Keep your hands off any holy sculptures and offer the Gods and Goddesses your undivided love and devotion through your worship. By doing this you will receive immense blessings.

  • During a Solar Eclipse you can acquire auspicious effects and blessings by reciting this Mantra: oṃ ādityāya vidamahe divākarāya dhīmahi tanno : sūrya: pracodayāta

  • The most suitable time for practicing any Mantra is said to be during a Solar Eclipse. If you want to do that, then do it on the Solar Eclipse 2023.

  • Avoid gossip of any kind and refrain from uttering unfavorable things about anybody or anything during a Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2023: Things One Must Not Do

There are certain things that a person must not indulge in during a Solar Eclipse. During the Sutak period (period of temperance) one must prohibit themselves from such tasks. For your safety and security, AstroSage has brought some of these to light!

  • During a Solar Eclipse, auspicious works like marriage, housewarming, Mundan rites, etc. must not be performed.

  • During the Sutak period, one must not eat or cook food. Abstinence must be shown regarding any copulation activities.

  • One should not enter any temple during the Sutak period and touching a holy sculpture is prohibited as well.

  • In the period of a Solar Eclipse, avoid sleeping as much as you can. Stay indoors, and if it's possible for you do not venture outside.

  • During the Sutak period, avoid using the washroom for bowel activities as much as you can.

  • In the Sutak period, avoid wearing any new clothes, doing oil massages, cutting of hair, and shaving.

Solar Eclipse 2023: Things One Can Indulge In

During the Sutak period of the Solar Eclipse in 2023, certain tasks are permissible. Some of these have been brought to your attention by us so that you can fully enjoy their positive effects.

  • During the Sutak period recitation of any Mantra will give you immense blessings and positivity.

  • In the Sutak period you can make a resolution and then can make special donations accordingly.

  • After the end of the Sutak period, take a bath immediately and after this engage yourself in doing worship.

  • During the Sutak period of a Solar Eclipse, you should recite any Mantra related to the Lord Sun.

  • As soon as the Sutak period ends one should sprinkle Gangajal all over the house, and should also purify the idols of the deities.

  • Before the Sutak period, Tulsi or Kusha leaves should be kept in water and in foods like milk, curd, Ghee, pickles, Marmalade, etc.

  • In the period of temperance, one can practice praying, Yoga, meditation, and worshiping.

Solar Eclipse 2023: Expecting Women

As is well known, pregnancy is a key time for women, so the eclipse season has special significance for them. They and their offspring both feel the effects of a Solar Eclipse. Therefore, all pregnant women must use the utmost caution. Be careful to refrain from doing these things during the Solar Eclipse.

  • During the Solar Eclipse refrain from doing any physical activity which might put pressure on your body or harm your physical body in any sort of way.

  • Stay indoors from the start of the Sutak period till the end of the Eclipse, and worship your deity. You can also read a religious book or recite any Mantra during this time.

  • Avoid sewing, cutting, peeling, doing embroidery, and engaging in any sort of household chores during the eclipse period.

  • If it is possible, avoid eating anything from the start of the Sutak period to the end of the eclipse. If you feel hungry in between, then eat that item that already has Tulsi or Kusha leaves in it.

  • In that period, pregnant women must stay away from any sharp tools like scissors, knives, needles, etc.

  • When the eclipse ends, take a bath and then you can cook fresh food and eat that.

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We appreciate you visiting AstroSage and wish you success with the solar eclipse of 2023!

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