Solar Eclipse 2024

To provide entire information about the occurrence of Solar Eclipse 2024, we created this special article exclusively for you by AstroSage, in which you will get complete information about all the Solar Eclipse occurring in the year 2024. You will also know when date, which day, and what hour the Solar Eclipse will occur in 2024. Along with this, you will be able to figure out how many solar eclipses will be visible in 2024, where they will be visible in the world, whether they will be total or partial solar eclipses, when the Sutak period of solar eclipse will occur, and the day of the solar eclipse. What religious and spiritual significance will it have? You will also learn what influence a Solar Eclipse can have from an astrological standpoint. In this article, written by the well-known astrologer of AstroSage,Dr. Mragaank, you will also learn about other essential aspects of the solar eclipse. If you are interested in learning more about the Solar Eclipse 2024 and want to receive all of the information you need in one place and at the same time, then read this article from beginning to end.

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A solar eclipse is a unique astronomical phenomenon that occurs in the sky. These occur as a result of the Sun, Earth, and Moon's positions in the sky. As we all know, our Earth constantly revolves around the Sun while also rotating on its axis and the Earth's satellite Moon continues to revolve around the Earth. Many times, as a result of their movements, unusual scenarios begin to emerge in the sky. Sunlight illuminates the Earth and the Moon. Many times, such a circumstance occurs when the Moon, Earth, and Sun form a straight line, and the Sun's light does not fall directly on the Earth because the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and the Sun's light does not fall directly on the Earth. It falls on the Moon, and the Moon's shadow blocks the sunlight on Earth for some time. When the Sun becomes entirely or partially visible from Earth, a situation similar to darkness occurs throughout the day. This is known as a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align. The Sun appears black when viewed from Earth during a solar eclipse because the Moon's shadow is visible on the Sun.

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Solar Eclipse 2024 - A Special Astronomical Occurrence

The solar eclipse of 2024 is a unique astronomical occurrence. It has received high regard in Hindu religion. Although it is an astronomical event, it also has astrological, spiritual, and religious significance. Because the Sun is regarded as the soul's component in Vedic astrology, any solar eclipse has an impact on all living beings on Earth. You've probably seen that during a solar eclipse, the animals and birds on Earth start behaving abnormally for a while, and some become astonished. Nature takes on a new vibe as a result of this tragedy. When it comes to solar eclipses, when they occur in the sky, they provide a fantastic sight and are quite attractive. This is why people from all over the world attempt to observe and photograph the Solar Eclipse 2024.

However, we recommend that you never see the solar eclipse with your naked eyes because it can be damaging to your eyes and potentially result in eyesight loss. If you want to observe the solar eclipse with your own eyes, you can utilize safety equipment and filters, and by doing so, you can not only watch the solar eclipse 2024, but also capture pictures and record a video of it.

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When it comes to the religious meaning of Solar Eclipse 2024, the event is not considered auspicious because it occurs at the time when Rahu's influence begins to increase on the Sun planet, which is known as the world's soul. And the sun is altered, making the situation appear to be night even during the day. Birds return to their nests as a result of their curiosity. Nature experiences a peculiar calm and unusual tranquility during this time, and nature and its different norms begin to suffer as a result. Sun has been described as a direct deity whose energy nourishes the entire world. According to astrology, the Sun represents a person's soul, parent, will power, achievements, hopes, king, politics, and governance. The Sun is afflicted during a solar eclipse, and the effect is most felt by those born under that zodiac sign and constellation, as well as the countries associated with it. However, it should never be considered that the influence of a solar eclipse is always negative; instead, it can be auspicious for some people at this time. You will learn more about how the Solar Eclipse 2024 will affect you later in this post.

Types Of Solar Eclipse

When a solar eclipse occurs in nature, it always piques our interest because it is widely reported in the media, and everyone wants to know what the next solar eclipse will be. What form will it take before us? There are many different types of solar eclipses, thus in this article we will go over each one. Please read this article from beginning to end so that you have a thorough understanding of the Solar Eclipse 2024. Let us now know the various types of solar eclipses:

Full Solar Eclipse - Khagras Solar Eclipse

We already understand how a solar eclipse happens. Let us now define a total solar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth at such a great distance that the Sun's light entirely illuminates the Earth for a period of time. Prevents it from going, and the full Moon's shadow falls on the Earth, making it practically dark, and the Sun becomes completely visible. This is known as a total solar eclipse. In other terms, Khagras solar eclipse. It is believed to have the greatest impact.

Partial Solar Eclipse- Khandgras Solar Eclipse

Apart from a total Solar Eclipse, a situation like this can arise when the distance between the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth is so great that the Moon is unable to totally prevent the Sun's light from reaching the Earth, and therefore the Moon's eclipse occurs. Only a small shadow falls on the ground, and when seen from the earth, the sun is not completely black or invisible, but some of it is visible. This phenomenon is known as a partial solar eclipse. In other terms, this part is also known as a solar eclipse.

Annular Solar Eclipse - Valyakar Solar Eclipse

Aside from total and partial solar eclipses, another type of Solar Eclipse is visible. When the Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around the Earth, they come to a point where, when viewed from the Earth, the Moon appears in the middle of the Sun, i.e., the Moon's shadow falls on the Earth in such a way that the Sun appears black in the middle and bright from all sides. It appears to be a ring or bracelet. This situation is called the Kankanakriti Solar Eclipse 2024. The distance between them becomes the main reason for this. In other words, this solar eclipse is also called annular solar eclipse. Its special thing is that this condition lasts only for a short period of time.

The above three forms of solar eclipses are the most common, however some rare ones do occur. Aside from the three forms of solar eclipse described above, a fourth type of solar eclipse, known as a hybrid solar eclipse, is occasionally observed. In other words, a hybrid solar eclipse occurs just 5% of the time out of all Solar Eclipse 2024. This form of Solar Eclipse looks as an annular solar eclipse at first, then gradually becomes a total solar eclipse, and then gradually returns to the annular shape. This is known as a hybrid solar eclipse, and it is rarely visible.

Number Of Solar Eclipses In 2024

We've learned a lot about solar eclipses thus far, including what they are, how they appear, and how many different sorts there are. Let us now discuss how many total solar eclipses will occur in 2024 and how they will occur. When, what day, what hour, and where will they be visible? When it comes to solar eclipses in 2024, there will be two of them. The first will be the Khagras solar eclipse, which is a total Solar Eclipse, and the second will be the Kankanakriti solar eclipse, which is an annular solar eclipse. Let us now learn more about them:

First Solar Eclipse 2024 - Khagras Solar Eclipse
Date Day And Date

Solar Eclipse Beginning Time

(According To IST)

Solar Eclipse Ending Time Visibility In Areas

Chaitra month Krishna Paksha

Amavasya Tithi


8 April 2024

From 21:12

Till 26:22

(9 April 2024 till 02:22

Western Europe Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic Mexico, North America (except Alaska), Canada, Central America, northern parts of South America, northwest England, Ireland

(Not visible in India)

Note: When it comes to Eclipse 2024, the time of Solar Eclipse 2024 shown in the above table is in Indian Standard Time. This will be the first total solar eclipse of the year 2024, but because it will not be seen in India, it will have no religious significance, nor will its Sutak time be considered effective. Everyone can carry on with their daily activities in this manner.

The first Solar Eclipse of 2-24 will begin at 21:12 pm on Monday, April 8, 2024 and will run until 02:22 am on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. This will be a total solar eclipse, also known as the Khagras solar eclipse. It will manifest under the influence of Pisces and Revati Nakshatra. Devguru Jupiter's zodiac sign is Pisces, which is a Sun-friendly sign. The Moon, Venus, and Rahu will be in conjunction with the Sun on this day. Saturn and Mars will be in the twelfth house from the Moon, while Mercury and Jupiter will be in the second. This solar eclipse in 2024 will be extremely powerful for persons born in Revati Nakshatra and Pisces, as well as the nations associated with them.

Full Solar Eclipse 2024 (Khagras Solar Eclipse) Impact

The first Solar Eclipse of 2024 is Khagras. Because of the impact of this solar eclipse, which will occur on Monday, the new moon day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month, international leaders will receive harsh criticism for their actions. People will continuously criticize his working techniques and accuse him. An atmosphere of unrest can be created in the country as a result of some furious politicians. Those who are exceedingly arrogant will be perceived as willing to go to any length, which may create the atmosphere of disturbance on the global stage. Some claims may also be directed against a specific female politician. She could be the victim of malevolent intent. The current officials in authority will have difficulty dealing with the conditions. Because to the effect of this eclipse, numerous sorts of Ayurvedic medications, Unani remedies, gold, commercial commodities, and herbal substances would become more expensive. Aside from that, individuals who keep urad, moong, oil, ghee, sesame, opium, and other black-colored things on hand would profit. Scholars and soldiers may face hardship. The number of financial crimes will rise, as will bank fraud and economic crime. As a result, rainfall may be reduced, and food supplies in some areas may be destroyed, resulting in a famine-like situation and the problem of hunger. Farmers may experience difficulties as a result of the Solar Eclipse 2024, as will the production of marine products.

According to astrology, those born under the sign of Aries may encounter financial difficulties. Taurus people will benefit financially, and your ideas will succeed. Geminis must endeavor to fortify themselves against health issues and difficulties. persons born under the sign of Cancer will experience mental tension, but persons born under the sign of Leo will experience a variety of benefits, which will result in happiness. Virgo zodiac folks may experience greater marital conflict, as well as business ups and downs. Physical issues can bother persons born under the sign of Libra. People born under the sign of Scorpio should use caution at work because they may be overheard and insulted by others. Sagittarius persons will have opportunities for success in their work. Capricorns will be pleased to get many forms of benefits, but Aquarians may experience financial difficulties. Pisces should be careful of mental and physical issues.

Second Solar Eclipse 2024 - Kanknakranti Solar Eclipse
Date Day And Date

Solar Eclipse Beginning Time.

According To IST

Solar Eclipse Ending Time. Visibility In Areas
Ashwin month Krishna Paksha Amavasya


2 October, 2024

From 21:13 After Midnight till 27:17 (3 October till 03:17)

Northern parts of South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, Arctic, Chile, Peru, Honolulu, Antarctica, Argentina, Uruguay, Buenos Aires, Bekaa Island, French Polynesia Ocean, South part of North America Fiji, New Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru

(Not visible in India)

Note: When it comes to the eclipse in 2024, the times listed in the table above are in Indian Standard Time. This solar eclipse will not be visible in India, thus there will be no religious effects or Sutak time, and everyone can go about their business as usual.

The Kankanakriti Solar Eclipse 2024 will be the second Solar Eclipse of the year 2024. It will begin at 21:13 PM on Wednesday, October 2, 2024 and conclude at 3:17 AM on Thursday, October 3, 2024. This Solar Eclipse will occur in the constellations of Virgo and Hasta. The Moon, Mercury, and Ketu will be in conjunction with the Sun on this day. They will be able to see Jupiter and Mars in their entirety. Venus will be in the second house from the Sun, and Saturn will be retrograde in the sixth house. This Solar Eclipse will be especially beneficial to persons and countries born under the Hasta Nakshatra and Virgo zodiac signs.

Kanknakranti Solar Eclipse 2024 Impact

The second Solar Eclipse of 2024 will occur on Wednesday, October 2, 2024, on the Amavasya day of Krishna Paksha in the Ashwin month. Crops may suffer as a result of the eclipse's impact. The rice crop, in particular, may suffer. However, because of Jupiter's aspect on the eclipse, some positive outcomes are also possible. There will be efficiency in the world, as well as a prosperous position. Even if excessive rain causes agricultural produce losses, grain prices may fall. Stocks of gold, betel nut, majeed, jowar, millet, clove, opium, cotton, gram, and red colored clothes will profit. Cotton, ghee, oil, gram, rice, brass, gold, rice, moong, and other commodities will be bullish. Furthermore, due to the effect of the solar eclipse, its condition will be especially beneficial for those who undertake any wood or furniture work, such as furniture makers or traders, doctors, and craftsmen. Anti-social elements, particularly smugglers and thieves, may become more prevalent in society. Governments, administrations, and people in various places may suffer as a result of injustice. It's possible that a pandemic will break out. Aside from that, high-ranking rulers may confront extremely tough conditions due to factors such as power struggles between countries and the horrors of war.

When it comes to the impact of the Kankanakriti Solar Eclipse 2024 on different zodiac signs, those born under the sign of Aries may encounter health issues, while those born under the sign of Taurus may have to compromise their self-esteem. People born under the sign of Gemini will be more likely to succeed in their endeavors, while those born under the sign of Cancer will reap a variety of rewards. People born under the sign of Leo may face financial losses. Physical issues and injuries are common among Virgos. People born under the sign of Libra may experience loss in a variety of situations. Scorpios will prosper financially, and their income will increase. People born under the sign of Sagittarius may endure difficulties. Capricorns will experience mental difficulties, whilst Aquarians will experience a variety of joys. Pisceans will endure problems in their personal lives, as well as business ups and downs.

Solar Eclipse 2024 Sutak Kaal

We've learnt a lot about Solar Eclipse so far, but let's talk about one more crucial aspect: the Sutak time of this eclipse. Sutak is the period when no auspicious work should be done. The Sutak phase for the solar eclipse begins four hours before the eclipse, or twelve hours before the eclipse begins, and ends with the eclipse's Moksha period, or the end of the eclipse. It only comes to an end. It is important to note that no auspicious work should be done from the Sutak time till the end of the eclipse because doing so destroys the auspiciousness of the work. However, where the solar eclipse is not visible, no Sutak time of the solar eclipse is valid, and residents can go about their business as usual.

Points To Be Noted During Solar Eclipse 2024

Now we will tell you about a few distinctive features that must be taken particular care of during the Solar Eclipse period, and if you pay attention to all of these things and follow them, you will be secure from the unfavorable effects of the Solar Eclipse 2024. You can defend yourself against. Along with this, you can benefit from performing certain particular activities during the solar eclipse, so let us know what special things you should be aware of:

  • First and foremost, keep in mind that if the Solar Eclipse occurs in your birth constellation or zodiac sign, you may experience primarily negative impacts from the Solar Eclipse. In such a case, you should not attempt to watch the solar eclipse and instead keep a safe distance from it.
  • Worship Lord Shiva, Lord Surya Dev Ji, or any other God with all your heart, especially during the Sutak time of Solar Eclipse 2024 and the period of solar eclipse. You are welcome to sing his mantra or perform his bhajan. You should, however, avoid touching the idols. Mental bhajan is the best option.
  • Even if you are pregnant or suffering from an illness, you should avoid observing the solar eclipse.
  • During the Solar Eclipse, you can chant this special Sun God mantra, which will have wonderful favorable effects: "oṃ ādityāya vidamahe divākarāya dhīmahi tanno: sūrya: pracodayāt।"
  • During the Solar Eclipse, avoid criticizing others and becoming angry.
  • If you are a seeker or want to prove any Mantra, you can achieve success quickly by continuously reciting that mantra during the Solar Eclipse. reciting any mantra throughout the eclipse period yields thousands of times the results. Is.

Solar Eclipse 2024 - Special Advice For Pregnant Women

Because the effect of a Solar Eclipse 2024 can be extremely harmful to pregnant women, we've put together a list of things pregnant women should be aware of from the start of the Sutak phase of the solar eclipse until the end of the Sutak period, i.e. after the Solar Eclipse. It should be retained until the very end since it is thought that the solar eclipse has a specific influence on pregnant women, and the effect can even be seen on the child in their womb:

  • If you are pregnant, you should take extra precautions to protect yourself and your unborn child. Do not do anything that could put you or your future kid in danger of getting sick.
  • From the Sutak period of the solar eclipse to the end of the solar eclipse, you should avoid stitching, cutting, weaving, and other similar activities.
  • During the Sutak time, you should avoid leaving the house and stay indoors. If your health suddenly deteriorates and you need to see a doctor, you can do so while covering your head.
  • During the Sutak period, it is best to reflect on God and study good religious literature. Your youngster will learn positive values as a result of this.
  • During the Sutak period, you can also repeat any mantra of any God or Goddess in which you have a strong belief.
  • You should avoid consuming food as much as possible during the Sutak time, but if you are hungry and need to eat, use something in which you have kept Tulsi leaves or Kusha before the Sutak period.
  • During the Sutak period, keep a safe distance from needles, forks, knives, swords, and other weapons, and do not touch or use them.
  • During the Sutak time, you should cover your head with a palla and apply ocher to your head as well as your stomach.
  • You should bathe and purify yourself immediately after the completion of the Sutak time, and then cook and consume fresh food.

Solar Eclipse 2024 Don'ts During Sutak Kaal

  • We have learned everything there is to know about the Solar Eclipse 2024; now let us learn what we should not do during the Sutak period of the Solar Eclipse:
  • Sutak is considered an impure period, hence no auspicious work, such as marriage, Munda, or housewarming, should be performed at this time.
  • During the Sutak time of the Solar Eclipse 2024, do not cook or consume food. If you are a youngster, an elderly person, or a sick person, you may eat food during the Sutak period if you have a special need. Even so, it is best to avoid eating during the eclipse.
  • During the Sutak time of the solar eclipse, one should not sleep and, if possible, avoid activities such as defecation.
  • During the Sutak time of the solar eclipse, avoid any type of physical interaction.
  • During the Sutak time, avoid going into any temples or touching any idols.
  • From the Sutak period of the solar eclipse to the Moksha period of the eclipse, do not trim your hair, shave, cut your nails, or wear new clothes. Aside from that, avoid oil massages.

Solar Eclipse 2024 Do's During Sutak Kaal

The aforementioned tasks should not be completed during the eclipse's Sutak period. Apart from these, there are several things that you should complete, especially during the Sutak time of the Solar Eclipse. You can achieve special auspicious benefits by doing so. Let us know what specific tasks you should complete during the Sutak time of the Solar Eclipse:

  • You should do hymns, kirtan, and God meditation from the Sutak phase of the solar eclipse till the solar eclipse's salvation.
  • During the Sutak period, you might chant the mantra of your favorite deity, your family deity, or any deity or planet.
  • You can make a resolution for any charity during the eclipse's Sutak time, and you should make that donation first once the eclipse ends.
  • During the Sutak period of the solar eclipse, you can perform yoga or meditate.
  • As soon as the eclipse is over, take a bath and sprinkle Ganga water around the house. You can even bathe in a holy river if you wish.
  • When you are clean after bathing, etc., immediately after the Sutak time of the solar eclipse, purify the idols with Ganga water and worship them.
  • Before the Sutak period of solar eclipse begins, mix Tulsi leaves or Kusha into various liquids and foods such as milk, curd, ghee, pickles, and so on.

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