Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023

According to your zodiac sign, you may learn how the year 2023 will pan out for you in this Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023. With the aid of the ancient science known as Vastu Shastra, negativity can be permanently eradicated from your life. According to Vastu Shastra, your life is influenced by the shape, kind, direction, etc. of the space where you live, work, or spend the majority of your time. A vaastu defect is created when an object is positioned incorrectly and has the improper shape, which leads to issues.

Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023

We'll explain how the year 2023 is likely to impact your life according to the predictions made in the Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023. Additionally, we will provide you with detailed instructions on preventing Vastu defects so you can eliminate negativity from your life. Let's get started right now and learn the 2023 Vastu Shastra Horoscope for each zodiac sign.

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The Aries zodiac sign has a good chance of making money this year, according to the Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023. This is because Jupiter is located in its own sign in the north-west of the horoscope, which will allow you to start saving money that would have otherwise been used to treat illnesses. Saturn, the lord of the western direction, will have an impact on it this year, which is good news for you because you will be successful in making money. Your mind will be under some pressure, nevertheless, as a result of Rahu-influence Ketu's in the Brahma place. In addition to this, you can also get stomach issues. To get rid of all your problems in life, it is advisable that you pay extra attention to cleanliness in the north and north-west directions of your home or workplace.

You are susceptible to colds and coughs from a health perspective, but nothing to worry about. Your problem will be resolved by seeing a doctor. People who complained about knee and foot problems last year will feel better this year. If you have a pet, its health can deteriorate, requiring you to spend money on it and possibly jeopardizing your financial situation. Additionally, there is a chance that your pet could have an unfortunate accident, which would be upsetting.

Those who work in the business world will have a chance this year to carry out any goals they had set for their company last year. From a political perspective, this year won't be anything spectacular for you because some of your tasks may need to be put off, which will make you feel ineffective in politics.


  • In the office or house, place a picture of Lord Dhanvantari in the bedroom's north-west corner.

  • You are instructed to drink beverages from silverware.

  • On the kids' study table, place a crystal pyramid.


Taurus natives will appear to be particularly energized this year, but in order to keep that vigor, you must pay close attention to the cleanliness of your Brahmasthan i.e. the main area of your home. Career-wise, this year is looking quite promising for Taurus natives, and this is also the moment when your mental horizons will expand. However, it is suggested against performing any water-related tasks in the fire angle of your house or workplace. Keep in mind that there shouldn't be a tap or a machine since the terrible positions of the planets and constellations in the middle next year could make you feel depressed. In such a scenario, there is a chance that you would place some water goods in the fire angle, in which case you could bear the majority of the loss once it begins.

It would be best for you to consider your options three to four times before making any decisions on financial transactions. This year, girls' preferences in fashion will be more apparent. As a result, she can experience a financial crisis since she will spend all of her money on buying and fashion. Boys in Taurus are encouraged to keep their tempers under control in the middle of the year. Drinking more water will help the Moon in your horoscope, which is believed to be the significator of water, and will also help you make more thoughtful decisions. It would be best for you to keep your temper under control when dealing with someone about their property. In 2023, your connection will be stronger than it was the year before, and during this period, your coordination and understanding will also improve.

Speaking of your health, it will be better this year than it was last year. You will now be free of any chronic illnesses you were battling, such as skin conditions, piles, back ache, etc. This year will be beneficial for you if you are in a relationship and have been working together in business. Along with your business, your love can grow at this period, and you can even get married this year. If your parents put certain barriers in the way of your relationship, following the advice given to you will help to eliminate those barriers and pave the road for marriage. This year will be highly beneficial for women who operate their own beauty salons or who engage in the sales of beauty items. You'll make a tonne of money this year, and you'll intend to grow your company, which will be successful. If you own a beauty salon, this year is a good time to get interior work done so that customers will be drawn in.


  • Every Friday, place red rose leaves in water in a glass bowl facing north; however, remember that every Friday, the rose leaves must be replaced.

  • Place a fountain towards the north-west.

  • Put your wedding photo facing north to keep love alive in your marriage.

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It is advisable to set a red bulb in the south-east corner of your home or business this year since Rahu will have an influence there, according to the Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023, therefore you will gain favorable outcomes. If you have any property-related plans this year, you should proceed with caution because Ketu's influence in your northwest aspect increases the likelihood that you may be deceived. It is advised against doing this since doing so will damage your relationship with your well-wishers and the influence of Ketu will negatively impact your reputation in society. Speaking of health, you need to pay close attention to your nutrition as you can have issues with your stomach.

This year, Saturn will have a favorable influence in the southwest corner of your home or workplace, which will lead to favorable outcomes for you, particularly for those who are involved in politics. As a result, you will succeed in any journey you undertake in relation to work because luck will be by your side at every turn during this. Additionally, you'll have an excellent relationship with your father. Jupiter will be in the south this year, which portends the unexpected arrival of money. Nevertheless, you should think carefully and carefully consider your plans before investing money in the start of any new project to avoid suffering a loss in the future. Your morale is probably going to be low this year, therefore it's best to keep some patience inside yourself.

You should routinely practice Yoga, exercise, and other forms of physical activity if you're a Gemini because there is a potential that you could acquire weight owing to Rahu's influence in the southwest. In addition, natives who were anticipated to receive a raise in pay or a promotion this year may see those events postponed for a variety of reasons. You might experience some emotional ups and downs after the middle of the year, particularly in your marriage, so learn to manage your emotions and make wise choices.


  • Fix a red lamp in the south direction.

  • Keep plants in the southwest direction.

  • If the drains in your house are not kept clean, Rahu's influence will spread throughout your house.


Cancerians are advised to take extra care of their mothers this year as their health is likely to worsen, according to the Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023. There is a risk that Ketu could go through your Brahma Sthan, or the middle of the house, causing difficulties for your mother. You might need to spend a lot of money on her because of her poor health, therefore it would be best if you purchase her health insurance in advance to avoid future financial difficulties. Keep your house's main area clean because Rahu's aspect and Ketu's impact will be particularly powerful there.

People who run their own businesses are advised to wait and make a well-planned decision if they are considering starting something new this year, otherwise it could result in losses. It's likely that you'll inherit your grandparents' property this year, so it's going to be a really wonderful year for property.


  • Maintain cleanliness in the main area, or the center of the house, and avoid keeping anything heavy there.

  • Remove all the broken electrical equipment from the house.

  • Keep a bowl of whole rock salt in the bathroom.


According to the Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023, Leo zodiac sign people could suffer financial loss this year; therefore, avoid performing any type of construction or renovation work in your home's southwest corner. In terms of your career and relationship, this year is going to be excellent, but during this time, you need to keep the main area of the house tidy to ensure a successful partnership. You could experience liver-related issues this year, so it's best to avoid consuming milk or dairy products late at night. You'll probably spend the most of this year traveling, whether it's for work or to visit family. People involved in the tourism industry stand to gain enormous wealth. When it comes to marriage, this year will see some emotional ups and downs between the husband and wife, but everything will be alright. In addition, you could have symptoms from hidden diseases, so take good care of yourself.

This year will bring some relief for heart patients, although Yoga and exercise are still recommended. Avoid lifting heavy objects if you can, but if you have to, then lift them carefully because you are prone to back pain. On the other side, those born under the sign of Leo are advised against engaging in gambling or betting because doing so could result in significant losses. So you should offer water to the Sun regularly.


  • At the main area of the house, do not undertake any sort of excavation or renovation.

  • Place 1 kg of barley in the southwest corner after tying it in a red cloth.

  • Place a bamboo plant to the east of the house.


Your earnings will be strong this year, but building money will be quite challenging for you, predicts the Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023. Owners of their own businesses will begin new projects at this time, but despite your best efforts, you won't be able to save any money; instead, it will be used to fund these projects. You will however continue to make money all year long. You should take caution while lifting heavy objects this year since you could experience back pain or disc issues. When it comes to romantic relationships, this year will be average for you because you will encounter obstacles on your path to finding one. As a result, the atmosphere in your house might deteriorate and you could experience stress. Your family members might reprimand you in this case, which would cause you to argue with them. It is advisable that you avoid discussing your marriage with your family during the second part of the year, even though some of the problems will start to get resolved. You can do this next year.

Business people born under this sign will advance much, and those who work in the fashion or design industries will enjoy great success because this year will bring fresh ideas to your thoughts that you will implement in your profession. In addition, you will focus on maintaining your fitness, which will improve your health and make you appear more attractive than before. The girls who haven't been in a relationship up until now will start taking care of themselves, which will establish their relationship. Travel-wise, this year will be normal; you won't be traveling more or less than usual during this period because, according to the movements of the planets and constellations, you'll be more focused on your house.


  • Wearing a colorful ring on your right middle finger will significantly help you in losing weight.

  • Keep peacock feathers in your house temple.

  • Burn five cloves along with camphor every Saturday evening.

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This year, those born under the sign of Libra could experience financial loss, so they should be very careful with their spending. People who were overspending without saving money, such as through speculating, luxury, etc., might experience financial difficulties this year. As a result, you might experience mental stress. Additionally, there is a chance that your debt will grow. For those who are employed, this year will be favorable because you will receive job opportunities. But even if you get promoted at your current work, you won't quit this one. The movement of the planets and constellations indicates that past investments will provide a reward this year, so those who put their money according to the appropriate investment strategy are likely to make enormous profits. You should get rid of any broken electrical gadgets from your house.

This year, married natives will have to deal with disagreements with their partners, but by the middle of the year, your relationship will improve as Jupiter will change its planetary motion to go in the opposite direction. In 2023, entrepreneurs should refrain from partnerships. For individuals involved in the social networking and media industries, this year is going to be fantastic. However, you are warned that lying about anything can damage your reputation. As a result, avoid lying as the movement of the planets and constellations indicate that you will exaggerate your accomplishments at work, harming your reputation. You will have a lot of support from your mother, but you should watch out for your father's health as it could deteriorate and cost a lot of money to treat him this year.

Remedy :

  • Put a crystal tortoise at the northeast corner of your house.

  • Keep two knots of turmeric in your locker at home or at work.

  • In the direction of the house's south side, plant flowers with red petals.


The year 2023 will be favorable for natives of the Scorpio zodiac, according to the Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023, as you are more likely to produce gains during this time. However, it is essential that you spend the money wisely and without wasting any, as failing to do so could result in small illnesses causing you to experience discomfort. Those who work in real estate dealing will this time see the fruits of their labor, unlike the previous year when your efforts went unrewarded. You would want to stay a little empty this year, which could make your emotional pain worse. In addition to this, your immunity might also be compromised, so watch what you eat carefully if you don't want to end up in the hospital.

Businessmen will change their businesses significantly this year, or they could even change careers. Speaking of marriage, this year may bring about some ups and downs in your partnership. However, it is clear from the placement of the planets and constellations that you will manage your relationship extremely tactfully. This year, your social life will be satisfactory, which will help you maintain a positive social reputation and a tranquil state of mind. Unmarried people could receive marriage proposals in 2023, but few of you will accept marriage. On the other hand, some individuals could decline to get married in order to advance professionally. In addition, childless women may get the wonderful news of a pregnancy, which can uplift the mood in the family.

Remedy :

  • You must place a lead coin filled with water inside a crystal bowl facing north of your house. You can also fill 5 rupee coins.

  • Place a crystal bowl with a crystal tortoise inside it to the north-west of the house.

  • Keep four turmeric knots in the locker of your house.

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The position of the planets and constellations indicate that Saturn's blessings will be on you this year, according to the Vastu Shastra Horoscope 2023, therefore Sagittarius people will feel more confident. There are many opportunities for those who were looking for work up until this point to find employment in the north. Because there is a chance of miscarriage, those who are considering doing future planning this year could experience failure at the start of the year. As a result, you can experience emotional distress. The persons involved in music, dancing, and artistic activities have a great chance of succeeding this year. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are susceptible to stomach-related illnesses, therefore it is advisable to watch what you eat and limit yourself to home-cooked meals to prevent issues like indigestion and gas.

It is advised that you maintain no red-colored items facing west in your home. When it comes to your love life, 2023 will start out a touch on the average side, but by the middle of the year, things will start to go well for you, which will lead to success in your romantic relationships and the possibility of marriage. It is essential that you maintain a perfect moral character because anything less could cause major issues in your romantic connection. In addition, avoid betting because doing so could result in significant losses.


  • Do not hang any red items on the house's west wall.

  • The east wall of the home or place of business should have a wooden Sun at a height of 7 feet.

  • On the east wall of your house, hang a picture of Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhan mountain.


The Capricorn zodiac sign will have a very successful year this year, whether it is in business, a romantic relationship, or a career, predicts the Vastu Shastra 2023 Horoscope. Your chances of making money in 2023 are excellent. This year, you can receive an amount of money that is too much for you to handle. Even if there is always an opportunity for advancement for employees, it is still recommended that you stick with the current employer because there is a chance for advancement there.

You'll have a successful year in terms of your career this year. Those who have invested money in the stock market up to this point may receive money in the form of profits from the market this year. On the strength of your self-assurance, there is a chance that you will succeed this year in whatever you undertake and advance in your profession. In terms of romantic relationships, this year will turn out to be wonderful for you. If you have feelings for someone, you will undoubtedly end up with them as your partner this year. Additionally, your romantic relationship will flourish this year since you will shower your significant other with numerous wonderful presents throughout 2023, strengthening your bond. Those interested in astrology will also benefit from this year. People born under the sign of Capricorn who have children will find happiness in them. Parents will receive gifts from their children from time to time.

Remedy :

  • Place a statue or image of Nandi facing the west in your house.

  • Put a photo of drummers facing south-west on the wall of your house.

  • Place three deer statues to the west of the house.


The year 2023 is likely to be fantastic for Aquarius natives. You will experience a lot of love from your mother during this time. She will also help you at every turn. Speaking of the economic climate, you can see the possibility for property profit in addition to monetary benefit. Selling your old property will bring you money, which will make your family more loving and joyful. You are advised to keep the North-East direction of your house clean because you won't have the confidence needed to make significant decisions.

Despite the fact that you have a decent chance of making money in 2023, the planets and constellations that should be favoring you won't be able to do so because of little errors like leaving the northeast corner dirty. Because your weight may increase this year compared to last, you must also maintain your fitness. In addition, you must stay away from spicy foods to prevent ulcer complaints. It is advisable that you take a bath while adding boiled neem leaf water to the bath water, as you might also suffer from skin conditions. In terms of your career, you will work extremely hard this year, and as a result, others will provide you with fresh employment prospects. Your promotion in the middle of the year has a good chance of happening.

Remedy :

  • Keep a spice jar with nine sections in the kitchen.

  • Keep the fish aquarium facing the south-east side of the house.

  • Place a crystal pyramid on the children's study table.


The Pisces sign will have a great year this year. You'll have plenty of energy and be able to complete any task successfully. Speaking of finances, there is a potential that in 2023 you will attract money, which will enable you to make several times as much money as you put in now. Money and property both have a good chance of being profitable. This year, teachers will have new opportunities. Law students will succeed this year, and their chances of landing a job are excellent. When it comes to romantic relationships, you will notice that they have a certain sweetness to them, which can lead to a marriage. Your marital life will also be lovely. Mutual understanding and coordination with the spouse will improve.

If you want to maintain good health, watch what you eat and drink this year. For example, stay away from fried foods. This year will also be favorable for your mother's health. Heart patients are encouraged to take good care of themselves and take their medications on time, as problems could worsen otherwise. You need to maintain your house's west direction clean, and if your home's toilet is in the west direction, try to change its location. This will allow you to easily receive your stuck funds. This year will be successful for students preparing for engineering. Additionally, the students who have chosen to major in fashion design will perform exceptionally well. This year, married people will have positive relationships with their in-laws, which will allow you to benefit financially from them. The in-laws' side will show their affection and blessings in abundance to women born under this sign, and they will all value your efficiency. There's a chance that married women will receive jewelry or other gifts from their spouses this year, which will make you happy.


  • Take a bath after boiling thick cardamom and adding it into the water.

  • Take a curd bath on Friday, and also give the crystal turtle a curd bath.

  • It's suggested that you avoid chasing lizards away from your house.

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