Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024

AstroSage brings forth this comprehensive and detailed article on Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024. You can use this calendar to find out which planets will start moving in a retrograde motion and when this year, as well as when and which zodiac sign they will enter, become retrograde, and restart moving forward completing their zodiacal journey. We'll also tell you what kind of effects any planet can bring about when it's in retrograde motion. This is our way of making astrology easy to understand for our readers.

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Through this calendar, you can also find out which sign a planet is in when it is going retrograde, when it is coming back from retrograde, and when it is occuring. All of this information is crucial since it can be used to forecast someone's future if one is aware of how planets affect people's lives. Check out AstroSage's Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024 for all the details on the planets in retrograde motion in 2024. 

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: वक्री ग्रह 2024 कैलेंडर

In Vedic astrology, it is thought that these Navagrahas have a positive influence on a person's life and that the planets respond to the acts that person takes. In these Navagrahas, the Sun God is regarded as the parent and factor of the soul, whilst the Moon is regarded as the mother. Actually, there are two natural energies here. Mars is the planet associated with brothers and power, whereas Mercury is the planet associated with reason and intellect. Dev Guru Brihaspati/Jupiter is the planet associated with wisdom & wealth, Venus is the planet associated with beauty, luxury, and love, and Shani Dev is thought to be the planet associated with service. In this way, it can be argued that all of the Navagrahas have an impact on everyone's life in one way or another because of their unique natures and unique placements in the horoscope. 


Retrograde Movement Begins 

Retrograde Movement Ends

From Zodiac Sign

To Zodiac Sign


09th October at 12:33

04th Feb (2025)




29th June at 23:49

15th November




07th December at 04:56

24th Feb (2025)




Venus has no retrograde Motion in 2024




2nd April, 2024 at 03:18

25th April, 2024



05th August, 2024 at 09:44

29th August, 2024



26th November, 2024 at 07:39

16th December, 2024



Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024: What Is Retrogression?

Vedic astrology recognises nine planets in total, but only seven of them, excluding Rahu and Ketu, are regarded as the major planets since they move or transit in a ‘Direct’ motion while Rahu and Ketu are positioned as shadow planets. Out of these seven planets, the Sun and the Moon never move in a retrograde motion, They always move in a direct motion, while Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde. The point to note here is that the planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn—occasionally change from their direct or forward moving state to a retrograde state and back again, impacting life and events in people’s lives in many different ways that we will read about in this article as we move forward. 

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We all know that all of the planets follow elliptical orbital paths around the Sun, therefore when the planets and their motion in relation to the Earth are analyzed, it is discovered that under certain circumstances, the planets also move away from the Earth. In the field of astrology, the retrograde state is considered very important because in its retrograde system, a planet increases its ability to give its fruit and it becomes even more powerful. Some astrological experts consider the retrograde form of any planet as the effect of any debt brought in the present life from the previous birth and according to the position of the retrograde planet, its results are narrated.

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024: Jupiter Retrograde & Its Impacts

In this article on Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024, we will talk about Jupiter which can also be referred to as Brihaspati or the Dev Guru, it is believed that he is the planets' Guru. Known as the largest planet in the solar system, Dev Guru Brihaspat is believed to be an expansionist planet, meaning it multiplies and expands everything, whether good or bad. The name of Dev Guru Brihaspati is highly revered in Vedic astrology, and it is the first among the planets considered to be lucky. It is regarded as a factor of development, wisdom, health, wealth, spiritual success, education, children, and good fortune in life. The only way a person can experience the joy of children and have access to food grains is through Jupiter's favor. 

They start to exhibit satvik tendencies. The person assists others by being nice and kind thanks to the favor of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter’s blessings help a person advance and receive higher education, legal and financial education, international travel, and successful large-scale company. Jupiter rules over two zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. In Cancer, it exalts whereas in Capricorn, it debilitates. It endows the native with strong focus, discipline, honesty, and devotion to God. It encourages natives to follow rituals and show obedience.

When Jupiter is badly placed in a horoscope, he/she displays unhappiness before beginning any task, which could delay important tasks and some significant opportunities in life. On the other hand, a person's horoscope might take them to the pinnacle of spirituality if Jupiter is in a favorable position and retrograde. Such a person can also become a storyteller or a spiritual teacher. Retrograde Jupiter is typically known to provide favorable outcomes and boost a variety of comforts in a person's life. 

As per Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024, Jupiter retrograde will push you to put in a lot of effort in your line of work, you can gain a lot of confidence that you can establish a name for yourself, which boosts your self-confidence. You can also overcome all obstacles. Students have the chance to sharpen their focus, and those who work in sales or marketing can speed up the process by being more determined than them. Retrograde Jupiter will be quite beautiful for a few individuals in 2024. Be careful and refrain from committing even a small crime if Jupiter is in an unfavorable position in your horoscope; otherwise, the government may penalize you. 

Remedy: Recite the Vishnu Sahasranama and respect your elders and the Gurus. 

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024: Saturn Retrograde & Its Impacts

In the list of Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024 is Saturn. In Vedic astrology, Shani Dev is ranked as one of the most significant planets. He is also referred to as the magistrate and the provider of the fruits of action. It provides a person with outcomes based on his behaviors; those with excellent acts have favorable outcomes, and those with negative actions quickly receive unfavorable outcomes. They make decisions fairly and without bias.

Shani Dev is said to be the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius in Vedic astrology. In Libra, it is seen to be in an exalted state, but in Aries, it is thought to be in a debilitated state. In addition to posing obstacles in the person's life, Shani's Sadesati, Dhaiyya, and Panauti as well as Kantak Shani are in a very crucial position since they also tighten the test and turn the person into gold.

Saturn is a just planet that emphasizes the value of self-discipline. Shani Dev bestows particular rewards on those who live a disciplined life. Shani Dev is dependable and has a calm demeanor. The traits of loyalty and honesty are bestowed onto the native, and those under the influence of Saturn are diligent workers.

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It is generally not regarded as advantageous for Shani Dev to be retrograde because it slows down the effects it might produce. Since they are thought to be slow-moving, they produce results at the end of their Dasha-Antardasha, and if they go retrograde, they cause delays in other tasks, making it necessary for the person to work more diligently. When Saturn is retrograde it enables optimism, and such a person never loses courage or stops attempting to advance no matter how challenging the circumstances may be. 

As per Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024, when Saturn becomes retrograde, there will be both fortunate and unfortunate consequences on many people, if we are talking about Shani retrograde 2024. Due to Saturn's retrograde motion, some people will experience delays with vital chores as well as troubles at work, while others who are influenced by retrograde Saturn in an auspicious position will work hard to succeed in their careers. Retrograde Shani encourages the native to enjoy life, and the native is very kind to those who work for him and beneath him. If Saturn is in an unfavorable sign, success will only come after a lot of effort has been put into the work. The individual should not be intimidated at all in this circumstance, and with Saturn retrograde, he should think about stepping up his efforts.

Remedy:Recite Neel Shani Stotra of Lord Shani Dev. Feed construction workers. 

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024: Mars Retrograde & Its Impacts

Mars is regarded as the planets' leader. It is a highly strong planet that is also referred to as fiery. Mars is regarded unfavorably for a successful marriage if it is placed in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house in a person's horoscope. The English name for Mars is Mars. It is a very active planet that gives the natives life energy. Mars holds a prominent position in the horoscope. Mars makes a person highly powerful if it appears in the third, sixth, tenth, or eleventh house of the horoscope. It rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio, and when it is in Capricorn or Cancer, it is thought to be in an exalted or debilitated condition. Since Mars is a vast energy reserve, it supplies all of the energy needed by its inhabitants to carry out their daily activities. Mars is present in our bodies as blood, which keeps us alive. If Mars is in a favorable position, it gives the individual the correct wealth and all the vitality they need to enjoy their lives. The person is never late for anything. While when Mars is in an unfavorable position, it makes the individual scared, he is unable to express his views, and many forms of blood-borne ailments afflict him, there is no shortage of leadership potential in him.

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024 indicates that the native becomes angry due to Mars' unfavorable horoscope placement. The native becomes angry due to Mars' unfavorable horoscope placement. Such a person begins meddling in the business and disputes of others without cause and joins the conflict. The likelihood of mental mania, abnormal blood pressure, blood-related issues, boils, and any form of damage, accident, or surgery increases when Mars is in an unfavorable position. 

Mars's retrograde motion swiftly impacts the native. The outcome is apparent quite quickly, and retrograde Mars causes one to become involved in pointless disputes. In the Dasha of Mars, there is a chance that the person may sustain a serious injury or accident in addition to having to face the court and the police in some unfavorable circumstances. The person experiences extremely fortunate outcomes in the Dasha of Mars if retrograde Mars is in a favorable position in the horoscope.

People's lives will be impacted by Mars retrograde in 2024 as well. Those whose horoscopes have Mars as the ruler of auspicious houses and where it is placed in connection to the auspicious planets will not experience troubles as a result of Mars' retrograde motion; rather, it will pave the way for advancement in their lives. In spite of having inauspicious houses and being in a relationship with inauspicious planets in an inauspicious house, the person will be able to express himself in front of the crowd and may even be known as a skilled leader. Mars will turn retrograde in 2024, which will result in both physical and mental problems. can cause impatience and hostility.

Remedy: Offer bananas to young and poor children. Visit Hanuman temple to ward off any negative effects of retrograde Mars

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Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024: Venus Retrograde & Its Impacts

Now is the turn of planet Venus in the Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024 list. Venus is often touted as the brightest star in the solar system. The morning star and the evening star are other names for it. In astrology, Venus is the planet of pleasure, luxury, happiness, love, and close connections. Venus is also known as the goddess of love in English. Venus is a female-dominant planet that represents a native's wife in his horoscope. Venus is regarded as being in its exalted condition in Pisces and in its debilitated state in Virgo. Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra. It is the significator of love affairs, marital bliss, beauty, romance, and all creature comforts. Not only that, but it also encourages creativity and gives the person access to some art. Venus is a planet that brings happiness and banishes problems. 

Venus is regarded as the planet of glitz and style. If a person desires pleasure and conveniences in his life, he should worship the planet Venus, which is on one hand known as the demon Guru Shukracharya and on the other as a form of the goddess Mahalakshmi in mythology. If you want to succeed, you should take refuge in the planet Venus. If Venus is in a strong position in your horoscope, this means that you have everything you need. However, if Venus is in an unfavorable position, you will have to deal with problems in all of the areas where Venus is the ruling planet. . Due to this, infertility issues may also arise, and since men's sperm count is also affected, having a child may be difficult as a result.

Venus retrograde is a common occurrence, however in the year 2024, Venus will not become retrograde even once throughout the year. Hence, there would be no predictions on Venus retrograde, 2024. However, Venus will continue to transit from one zodiac to another as always. 

Remedy: Offer 5 red flowers to Maa Lakshmi on every Friday and visit a Shiva Temple.

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Retrograde Planets Calendar 2024: Mercury Retrograde & Its Impacts

Mercury has been referred to as an auspicious planet in Vedic astrology, but it has also been given the status of a prince in the assembly of planets. These are the components of communication, and speaking is a component of them as well. It produces outcomes in accordance with the planets with which it is associated, thus when unfavorable planets are present in the horoscope, unfavorable results will ensue, and vice versa, for planets associated with fortunate planets. Mercury moves quite quickly as well and is frequently observed alongside the Sun. 

Since they are usually in a fixed position as a result, Mercury is seen to have great power while it is retrograde and in Vedic astrology. Because it affects more than just a person's ability to speak and communicate, Mercury retrograde is a significant occurrence. but can also alter both his behavior and his capacity for thought. Mercury is seen as a messenger as well. A person can succeed in the field of transportation if Mercury is in a favorable position because it is also a factor in travel and transportation. 

Aside from this, the planet Mercury's effectiveness in communication work shows to be quite strong. If Mercury is not in a favorable position in your horoscope, you should refrain from making any significant decisions while Mercury is in retrograde as this could impair your capacity for thought and understanding and result in a poor choice. You might run across problems. You are more likely to get skin conditions if Mercury is not in a favorable position or is retrograde.

The native's ability to reason and make decisions will advance under the influence of retrograde Mercury in 2024. Even the toughest problems are readily overcome by such individuals. The house in which the planet Mercury is situated and the houses to which it is related can cause a reduction and scattering of the fruits related to them as well as delay in the work. However, if Mercury is retrograde in one's horoscope and is situated in a weak state and is suffering, that is, under the influence of unfavorable or inauspicious planets, then the work will be delayed. Such individuals should be very cautious when speaking with their superiors in their line of employment.

Remedy: Feed soaked green grams to birds or a cow and wear the root of Vidhara on your hand on a wednesday to overcome any inauspicious impacts of retrograde Mercury.

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