Annaprashan Muhurat 2025

annāśanānyātṛgarbhe malāśāli śaddhayati

That is, the child's birth defects are eliminated as a result of consuming contaminated food while still inside the mother.

Annaprashan Muhurat 2025: Know About The Auspicious Times Of Annaprashan 2025

In Sanatan Dharma, there are sixteen rites related to the birth of a child. Annaprashan Sanskar, at number seven, is among them. The child really depends only on his mother's milk from the time of birth for the next six months. When the baby eats for the first time after that, it is done using a traditional procedure known as Annaprashan Sanskar.

This special Annaprashan Muhurat 2025 article will tell you about all the auspicious dates that fall in 2025. You can carry out the Annaprashan Sanskar ceremony in such a case, or if someone new is born into your house during this period.

हिंदी में पढ़ें: अन्नप्राशन मुहूर्त 2025

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Annaprashan Muhurat 2025: Know Significance Rituals

Let us understand the significance of Annaprashan Sanskar before we learn about Annaprashan Muhurat 2025. In reality, the Bhagwat Geeta says that food nurtures a person's mind, intellect, sharpness, and soul in addition to his or her body. Food is either the source of life or the life itself for living things. In addition, the scriptures say that eating only pure food raises the body's elemental attributes and purifies the mind and body of the individual. For this reason, in Sanatan Dharma, Annaprashan Sanskar is regarded as extremely significant. Children are introduced to pure, satvik, and nutritious food through Annaprashan Sanskar, which has a favorable impact on their thoughts and emotions.

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When To Do Annaprashan Sanskar?

Now, the question is, when to do Annaprashan Sanskar? For this, knowledgeable astrologers may also provide you with information regarding Annaprashan Muhurat 2025. It is best to perform Annaprashan Sanskar, however, when the baby is six or seven months old, according to the scriptures, as this is when they usually have teeth by then and can begin to digest light food.

Annaprashan Sanskar Right Method

Only when performed correctly can any ceremony, worship, or fast yield results. Let's discuss the most accurate and correct method of Annaprashan Sanskar in this case. To do this, the child's parents should worship their favorite deity during Annaprashan Muhurat 2025.

  • Serve them rice kheer after that, and then use a spoon to serve the children the same kheer in a silver bowl.
  • Actually, rice Kheer is included in the Annaprashan ritual because it is believed to be the food of gods and is also referred to as God's most favorite offering.
  • It is particularly favorable to recite this Mantra when doing Annaprashan Sanskar in front of children. "O child, may this barley and rice prove to be a strong and affirming part for you," is the meaning of this Mantra. Because God is different, these two substances also destroy sins in addition to disease.maṃtra: śivau te stāṃ vrīhiyavāvabalāsāvadomadhau । etau yakṣmaṃ vi vādhete etau muñcato aṃhasaḥ॥

Annaprashan Sanskar Rules

To begin eating is the meaning of the Sanskrit term "annaprashan." The child is allowed to consume grains, rice, and other foods after Annaprashan Sanskar, along with both cow's and mother's milk. Regarding time, the scriptures state that Annaprashan for children is performed in even months; that is, at 6, 8, 10, or 12 months of age, Annaprashan Sanskar can be carried out.

On the other hand, girls' Annaprashan is performed during odd months; that is, when the girl child is five, seven, nine, or eleven months old. The calculation of Annaprashan Muhurat 2025 is equally important. Completing auspicious work during an auspicious period brings benefits to an individual's life.

Many locations also undertake a particularly special ritual following the Annaprashan Sanskar. In front of children are a pen, book, gold items, food, and an earthen pot. It's stated that a child's decision from these will always have an effect on his life. If a child selects gold, for instance, it indicates that he will be extremely wealthy. If the child selects a pen, it indicates that he will learn quickly. He will live a wealthy and prosperous life if he selects soil, and a life filled with knowledge if he selects books.

Important Material For Annaprashan Muhurat

A silver bowl, silver spoon, Tulsi Dal, Ganga water, and products for Yagya Puja and deity worship are among the items that are specifically needed in order to complete the Annaprashan Sanskar correctly and without any difficulties or issues.

Aside from this, keep in mind that the vessel used for the child's Annaprashan must be pure; else, the ritual would not be considered auspicious. Particularly, silver bowls and spoons are used for Annaprashan because silver is observed as a sign of purity. As a result, only silver vessels are utilized for Annaprashan Sanskar, and the vessel must first be purified.

Make a Swastika with sandalwood or roli on a silver bowl, then place flowers and Akshat on it to purify the vessel. Chant this Mantra and offer prayers to the Gods and Goddesses to bestow divinity on these vessels.

oṃ hiraṇmayena pātreṇa, satyasyāpihitaṃ mukhama |

tatvaṃ pūṣannapāvṛṇu, satyadharmāya dṛṣṭaye ||

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Annaprashan Muhurat 2025

Now that we have knowledge of all that is significant with Annaprashan, let's start and learn about Annaprashan Muhurat 2025.

Annaprashan Muhurat For January 2025
Date Time
1 January 2025




2 January 2025




6 January 2025



8 January 2025 16:18-18:33
13 January 2025 20:33-22:51
15 January 2025 07:46-12:20
30 January 2025 17:06-22:34
31 January 2025




Annaprashan Muhurat For February 2025
Date Time
7 February 2025




10 February 2025



17 February 2025



26 February 2025 08:10-13:05
Annaprashan Muhurat For March 2025
Date Time
3 March 2025 21:54-24:10
6 March 2025 07:38-12:34
24 March 2025



27 March 2025



31 March 2025



Annaprashan Muhurat For April 2025
Date Time
2 April 2025 13:02-19:56
10 April 2025



14 April 2025



25 April 2025 16:10-22:39
30 April 2025



Annaprashan Muhurat For May 2025
Date Time
1 May 2025 13:29-15:46
9 May 2025 19:50-22:09
14 May 2025 07:03-12:38
19 May 2025 19:11-23:34
28 May 2025



Annaprashan Muhurat For June 2025
Date Time
5 June 2025



16 June 2025 08:08-17:21
20 June 2025 12:29-19:24
23 June 2025 16:53-22:39
26 June 2025



27 June 2025




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Annaprashan Muhurat For July 2025
Date Time
2 July 2025 07:05-13:59
4 July 2025 18:29-22:15
17 July 2025 10:43-17:38
31 July 2025



Annaprashan Muhurat For August 2025
Date Time
4 August 2025 09:33-11:49
11 August 2025 06:48-13:41
13 August 2025



20 August 2025 15:24-22:03
21 August 2025 08:26-15:20
25 August 2025




27 August 2025



28 August 2025



Annaprashan Muhurat For September 2025
Date Time
5 September 2025




24 September 2025




Annaprashan Muhurat For October 2025
Date Time
1 October 2025 20:53-22:48
2 October 2025




8 October 2025



10 October 2025 20:17-22:13
22 October 2025 21:26-23:40
24 October 2025




29 October 2025 08:30-10:49
31 October 2025



Annaprashan Muhurat For November 2025
Date Time
3 November 2025




7 November 2025



17 November 2025



27 November 2025



Annaprashan Muhurat For December 2025
4 December 2025 20:51-23:12
8 December 2025 18:21-22:56
17 December 2025 17:46-22:21
22 December 2025




24 December 2025



25 December 2025



29 December 2025



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Annaprashan Sanskar And Shastra

Geeta says that food is considered the foundation of life for all living things. Meals shape the mentality of a person. Food not only nourishes the body but also the intellect, brilliance, and spirit of a person. Scriptures state that eating improves a person's body's goodness and cleanliness.

As per the Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamah was allegedly preaching to the Pandavas while lying on the arrow bed, causing Draupadi to laugh. Bhishma Pitamah found Draupadi's actions to be highly surprising. He questioned, "Why are you laughing, Draupadi?" Then Draupadi gently informed him that your knowledge contains the secret of religion. Grandfather, you are imparting so much wisdom to us. At the Kauravas meeting, when my clothes were being taken away, I remembered this. You were all there, giving those unjust individuals strength by keeping quiet as I screamed and begged for justice. At that moment, why did religious people like you remain silent? I laughed as I thought, "Why didn't you explain it to Duryodhana?"

After then, Bhishma Pitamah became serious and said, "Daughter, I used to eat Duryodhana's meals back then." That is what formed my blood. By consuming the food that Duryodhana offered, I was experiencing the same effects on my mind and intellect as his nature did. However, when Arjun's arrows removed the blood from the food that caused my sin from my body, my emotions became pure, which is why I am now better understanding religion and only acting in accordance with it.

Conclusion: One of the most significant rituals you have to do for your child is Annaprashan Sanskar. This adds strength, character, and goodness to your child. Completing the Annaprashan Sanskar with all of its rites is crucial for this. You can now connect with knowledgeable astrologers and acquire information about Pooja if you choose to have it performed for this purpose.

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We hope that our exclusive post was beneficial to you and that you learned the necessary information from it. In that case, remember to forward this post to your friends, family, and other acquaintances. Thank you very much for staying with AstroSage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:1 What happens during the Annaprashan ceremony?

Answer: During this ceremony, the child receives solid food for the first time, other than milk.

Question:2 Can Annaprashan be performed in 2025?

Answer: Yes, there are various fortunate dates for the Annaprashan ritual in 2025.

Question:3 When should a child have their Annaprashan ceremony?

Answer: Annaprashan is done for boys at 6, 8, 10, or 12 months of age, and for girls at 5, 7, 9, or 11 months of age.

Question:4 Is there an auspicious time for the Annaprashan ceremony in July 2025?

Answer: Yes, there are four auspicious dates for Annaprashan in July 2025.

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