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Monthly Libra Horoscope

April, 2019


During this month, in addition to a clear possibility of achieving success in works undertaken with self-confidence, there is also a strong possibility of attaining honor and a higher position at workplace. You should undertake a task with stability and seriousness, which will help you in achieving success. Venus is communicating in the Aquarius zodiac, which is creating a possibility of achieving a higher position due to strength and courage.

Relationships with relatives might get worse. There is a possibility of any kind of stress due to some or the other reason because Mars is communicating in Taurus zodiac, which ensures a possibility of attaining money and real-estate in addition of having normal relationships with the relatives. Any kind of effort made in this field may be successful but may consume some time. If you do a job, then there may be a delay in the attainment of a higher position or honor. If you are an entrepreneur and are engaged in business activities, then there is a possibility of receiving extensive opportunities that lead to extensive advancement. You might receive support from favoured friends. There is a strong chance of obtaining a vehicle, house etc. You may also have good relations with parents. However, the conditions related to the health of your parents might remain unfavorable. You can get good opportunities to receive political benefits. If you are a politician then your political hold might remain strong during this month. You might also get the support of the people. There is a possibility of getting support from the party in addition to receiving the people's support because of Saturn transit into Sagittarius zodiac, which is good in terms of political gains. Conditions regarding romantic relations and offspring are likely to remain favorable. Therefore, try to do any work with complete faith so that you can achieve success according to time. The enemy side might be under a similar situation. Therefore, if there is any legal or family dispute in any way, then you may go ahead with putting in efforts to eliminate the same via mutual compatibility. Such efforts would prove to be successful. Any kind of health related problems might arise. Conditions related to an overseas travel are likely to remain favorable. If you are trying to go on an abroad trip, then you are likely to succeed in the same. However, conditions regarding marriage are likely to be stressful. You may have to face opposition from your spouse. Destiny will favor you because Mercury is communicating in Aquarius zodiac, which will ensure that destiny accompanies you during the hardships and stressful situations. Financial conditions are likely to remain strong.

You may have to travel unnecessarily, which may result into physical problems and expenditure of money. In this month, the dates viz: 9th, 10th, 19th, 20th and 28th, 29th may be unfavorable for you. On these days, refrain from completing any important tasks and initiating any auspicious works. By indulging in any kind of new project, you may invite some or the other kind of problems that would affect you negatively.


There is a possibility of any kind of dispute regarding economic benefits during this month. There might be disputes related to economic benefits with your close relatives. So, maintaining a good distance from your relatives in business matters will prove to be fruitful because Sun is communicating in Pisces zodiac, which might lead to disputes related to financial matters. If you are planning to invest in something, then you should consider it completely and refrain from investing right now. If you do a job, then you may choose to invest in any financial sector in the second half of the month.

If you do business then you may have to face a stressful situation in case you choose to invest in business or plan to start a brand new business as a whole. Doing the same would also expose you to a large number of financial problems that would have a direct or sometimes, also an indirect effect on your personal as well as professional life. Therefore, you should plan an investment after considering time and situations. It is important for you to be careful during financial transactions. Otherwise you may have to face some minor or major problems.


In this month, you may have to face a specific kind of injury or a blood-related disorder or any kind of ailment related to eating habits. Irrespective of whether you use a vehicle or are employed in a place where you are quite prone to injuries, it is very important for you to be extra careful.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, a majority of situations related to love relationship are likely to be favorable. If you love someone and want to make them realize your love, then you can get the opportunity in the second half of this month. You may take advantage of this opportunity but sharing unnecessary things or disputes due to small issues might prove to be harmful for you. Therefore, try to maintain a warm relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Try to talk with regard to your preferences. Do not say anything that might cause a problem to your partner and due to which there is tension between you and your partner. Your attempts to maintain mutual harmony will allow you to achieve brilliant success. In this month, the situation is likely to be unfavorable in terms of marital life. You may have to face problems in getting the support of your spouse. There might be some sort of argument or dispute with your partner, which may cause issues with an overseas travel and domestic activities. This will also have a negative effect on outside activities. Therefore, maintaining a warm relationship with your partner will prove to be tremendously beneficial. Your life partner means a lot to you and hence you should put in every possible effort to woo your life partner so that he or she stays contented with your kind and humble behavior. All your efforts to please your spouse would prove to be successful in the month of April 2019.

Family & Friends

In this month, family situations are likely to be normal. Some unnecessary disputes might arise. There may be any kind of arguments. Problems related to any property or related to money or any other kind may arise because Dragon’s Tail along with Saturn is communicating in Sagittarius zodiac, which may lead to stressful situations within the family.

Due to the absence of mutual synergy in the family, there might be arguments between the family members, which may result in an imbalance of the entire family. You may have to spend time with the family, amid a lot of mental unrest and stress. Therefore, you should try and maintain harmony with other members in the family, which will result into a well-balanced family. Also, support from the family will enable you to succeed in the area of work. Some good works might also be completed during this month. You may receive support from parents in addition to enjoying a good relation with them. Conditions are likely to be favorable on the child side. You may be contented regarding attainment of an offspring, receiving support from children, the education of children etc. Your efforts to improve family conditions will prove to be successful.


It may be best for you to observe a fast and offer prayers on every Friday. You should also donate white-colored goods on every Friday. Apart from this, it may be better to provide services and support to an orphanage and help some needy people.

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