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Monthly Libra Horoscope

February, 2019


You people are found to be quiet mature in your demeanour. Along with taking over any given tasks with utmost responsibility, you even try to maintain the balance and equilibrium in your life as well as at your workplace. You try to foresee the time and situation and then look forward to work. Therefore, there is a good possibility for you to achieve success in the areas of your work. There are even chances for you to gain name, fame, pride and higher position at the social as well as at the economical level. You are the ones who constantly try to maintain the harmony and try to keep the conditions favorable for the family members in the family. This duration can prove to be good for you in terms of procuring wealth from investing in real estate related businesses. In this month, your relationships with your relatives can be more cordial and your involvement in the family can also increase. If you are a working professional then there are good possibilities for you to attain a good post and position along with the acquisition of wealth through real estate. Along with the courage and strength, there is also a good possibility for you to get good success in the field of your working areas. If you are a businessperson, then there can be opportunities of growth and progress seen in your business. As the planet Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio, this movement can prove to be good for you in terms of aspiring for a post and position. There are chances of buying a vehicle or purchasing a house, etc. You can also get the opportunity to gain materialistic pleasures and luxuries. If you are a politician then there are also good signs for you to get benefits at the political front. These situations may get even stronger in the latter half of the year. To create political penetration, you may have to prepare your political land. For that, you may have to face all kinds of problematic as well as stressful situations. The enemy's side will be at its weak position. Therefore, you can succeed in your work. You can also achieve good amount of success by trying to put little efforts. You can get the support from your parents and your relationship with your parents can grow mellow. Conditions can be favorable from your children’s side. However, you may have to face some problems in the family. You can see some or more stressful conditions related to your health. In this month, your outstation travel can be good. Your married life could be in a stressful situation. You can observe there are fewer chances for you to get the support from your partner or spouse. In the second half of this month, there can be opportunities for sudden gains related to money. Your fortune can favor you a lot since Mercury is transiting into Aquarius, which is known to be good for fortune. The conditions can be unfavorable for work in terms of business. You can see difficulties in your work and business. In such situations, it may be good for you to be aware towards your work and business. Because of which it is possible for you to gain benefits that can be obtained according to time. The conditions can be favorable from the point of view of economic benefits. You can get good opportunities for achieving economic benefits in the second half of this month. The dates 1,2,14,15,20,21 of this month will not be good for you. At this time, you may have to face problems related to mental unrest and stress situations. Therefore, you have to be alert in every kind of work areas and you should also avoid doing any kind of important tasks in these days.


Economic conditions can be tense in the first half of this month. Your attempts for economic benefits may fail. Therefore, you should stop any plans of expanding work area for economic benefits. Try to work according to time. Be cautious regarding financial transactions and show awareness in works of any kind. Try to perform any work with complete responsibility due to transit of Sun in Capricorn, which can be financially stressful till the first half of the month. There are chances of increase in money expenses. However, conditions may get favorable after 15th January. You can see an increase in your economic profits and your areas of work may also increase. If you want to expand any work plans then you can do it after 15th January. Because of which you can gain economic benefits. If you want to make some kind of economic investments then, you could do it in the second half. It can yield you good results. Your fortune will favor you and you can see good amount progress in the work areas. Due to which your economic condition will be strong. In the second half of the month, some pending tasks can be carried out successfully. Indulging in new relations can increase the growth of working areas. There is also a possibility for you to receive support from your relatives. You can get the support of your friends. With their help, you can see advancements in your business. That will give you economic benefits.


There can be chances for some urine related disorders and some kind of diseases related to water to occur. You may face cold, flu, cough, fever etc, like problems. There can arise some kind of discomfort in the lower parts of the waist. In such situations, it would be good for you to visit the doctor accordingly.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There is a possibility of having a good relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you love someone, you can also get an opportunity to express it. It would be good for you to express your love, according to the time. If you are planning to travel somewhere along with your lover this month, then it can be successful. If you try to have any kind of discussion related to work then it can also be successful. Therefore, you should try to maintain a mutual understanding with your partner. Due to which you could be mentally happy. It will be good for you to have each other’s support and the feeling of cooperation towards each other. In this month, conditions could be opposite of your married life. Relationships with spouse will not be very good. Problems can arise due to conflicts between each other. There may also be possibilities of staying apart from each other. You may face many problems because of not receiving any support from your spouse. As Mars is transiting in Aries, it is not good for married life. Due to stressful conditions with life partner, there can be adverse effects on outside travel and work areas.

Family & Friends

In the initial period of this month, the situations in the family can totally be reverse. There may be a possibility, which could likely cause conflicts due to the deteriorating mutual harmony in the family. A dispute can also arise about some kind of wealth related to real estate. Because of some household related work, you might even likely have a verbal fight in the house. You have to try to maintain a warm relationship with everyone. The second half of the month can be favorable and you may likely get help from each other from work point of view. With the improving mutual harmony, the development of the home family can be paved. The status of the home family can strengthen. The conditions with your parents will be in normal state. Concerns can arise related to the health of your parents. Therefore, you have to be aware of the health of your parents. Conditions may be favorable from the children’s side. You can be satisfied with the learning, education and career of your children. There are also chances for the parents to rejoice as they might be blessed with children. Your wish to gain support from your children can also be fulfilled. In the latter half of the month, there is a possibility for some auspicious works to take place in the home family. Any kind of good works can be taken forward. The level of your curiosity can also increase about any work. You also have the possibility of getting family support from the point of view of your work.


Fasting and worshiping on Fridays and donating white items on Friday can be good for you. Even the ingredients for decoration can be donated in the temple. The feeling of providing service and cooperation to the older women can be good for you.

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