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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

April, 2019


You might develop the habit of overthinking and pondering over things. This will affect you adversely and will hamper your decision making skills. You should avoid this if you do not want to affect your health negatively. It will be better for you to act accordingly to the situation and circumstances. Learn to adapt so that you can adjust when the situation calls for it. You will have courage and valour. You will try to complete your tasks in time but you should remember that haste will affect the quality of your work and you might have to face consequences due to the same. You will perform your work in a meticulous manner and will be praised for the same. You should be serious about your work and should learn to manage your time well. Plan a layout for your work before actually doing it. This will help you to do it in a better way with less chances of loss. You might be worried about your financial status during this month. You will not be satisfied with your earnings and will yearn for more. You should manage your expenses. By doing this, you will be able to save money. For career, the month seems to favourable and rewarding. You are likely to get a promotion or will enjoy some perks at your workplace. The transit of Mars in Taurus will be beneficial for your business. Luck will favour you all the way round. You should work hard to lay your hands on what you want. Stay away from conflicts and quarrels as they will not only waste your time but will also tarnish your reputation. Married life will be tough to deal with. You should try to adhere to the vows of your marriage and do not let it fall apart. Journeys might be tiring and will lead to fatigue. Avoid setting your foot on unnecessary journeys. Your enemies will try to overpower you. Hence, you should not let your guard down. If you get entangled in a conflict, make your way out of it before it gets out of hand. You will be happy with the life of your children. If you are in love, you will spend quality time with your partner. Students will ace any test that they take if they prepare well for it. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations must leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving their best shot. You will gain hold of a land or a vehicle under your name during this month. Your relationship with your father might get spoiled during the latter half of the month. You should remember that your father is elder to you and you should never disrespect him. The health of your parents might also deteriorate. Hence, you should take care of them and make sure that they eat well. Those who are involved in politics should be careful during this month as their opponents are likely to win the favour of the public. Also, there are chances of defamation, which you need to be careful of. There might be a delay in getting the desired results at your work front. The transit of Mercury and Venus in the Zodiac Sign Aquarius will create adverse conditions for you in the field of your career. You might be able to gain your ancestral property. The 1st, 2nd, 11th, 12th and 22nd of this month are unfavorable for you. Thus, you should avoid beginning anything new on these dates. Do not attend important meetings on the given dates, unless necessary.


The planetary positions predict that you might have to struggle hard during this month to have the financial status that you hanker for. You will have to try hard to retrieve your money from someone who had borrowed it from you. This might frustrate you but you should try your best to get back your money. You are strongly advised to avoid lending your money to anyone during the month of April. Money matters might give rise to mental tensions and anxiety. Making a small investment will be a good idea. Think well before making any high budget investment or taking a risky decision. If you perform a job, you should abstain from making any kind of investment, especially in the real estate sector. The transit of the planet Venus in the Zodiac Sign Aquarius might make the situations tough for you. If you are not careful, you might have to suffer losses that would not be easy to recover. Maintain cordial relationship with your seniors and colleagues at your workplace. Do not get entangled in arguments as it will ruin your image and affect your performance as well.


It is predicted that you might have to face health issues related to your digestive tract during this month. You should be careful about what you eat as it will directly affect your health. Stay away from consuming oily and spicy foods. Your pelvic area will be more susceptible to problems. There might be a pain in your joints or you might also face some problems related to your legs.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You will have an average love life during the span of this month. You might be too busy in your professional life that your partner might feel neglected at times. This might create problems between the two of you. Therefore, you are advised to maintain a fine balance between your personal life and your professional life. You will get many chances to bare your soul to your partner. You should stay loyal and committed to your partner. If you are in love with someone and want to convey your feelings to them, you should wait and confirm if the feelings are mutual or not. If your love is not one-sided, you might take a step ahead and propose your loved one. Aborting the thought of going on trips and journeys with your partner during this month will be better for you. The natives who are married will have a mixed period in their married life. There might be some problems which will lead to tussles between you and your spouse. However, you will have the support and cooperation from your spouse, which will keep you motivated. Your relationship with your in-laws might get spoiled due to your rude behaviour with them or with your spouse. You will be tensed because of problems in your married life, which will affect other spheres of your life as well. Thus, you are advised to be mature enough to sweep petty things under the carpet in order to enjoy a good married life.

Family & Friends

Stressful conditions will prevail at your home during the span of this month. There are chances of quarrels and arguments related to ancestral property. A lack of understanding will disrupt the harmony of the home. Trying to keep the family members together will be a tough job to so but you should give it your best shot. You should refrain from taking sides in an argument as it will drag you in the argument as well. Treat your family members with respect and care. Serve the elderly members of the family and obtain their blessings. Be affectionate towards your parents and take care of their health. In case they face a health issue, do not delay in consulting a medical professional. Do not trust any outsider who wants to create rifts in your family. Help your siblings when they need you. Your children will perform well and will make you a proud parent. They will be the light of your life that will bring a smile to your face. Love, support and cooperation from your family members will boost your confidence level, which will help you to perform better in other walks of life as well.


Worship Lord Shiva in order to appease him and obtain his blessings. Observing fasts and donating white colored objects on Mondays will be beneficial for you. Offer milk infused water and Bilva leaves (Belpatra) to Lord Shiva. This will eliminate your problems and will lead you to success.

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