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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

February, 2019


Your intellect and speech are intense. You are that kind of person who works in accordance to time and circumstances. You execute your responsibilities towards the family. You are aware about your work. In addition to excellent understanding, your ability to take important decisions is commendable. The month is likely to remain favourable from the perspective of career enhancement. If you’re into a job, then you may receive the benefits of receiving a higher position.

Undoubtedly, it may take a little longer, but the conditions are expected to remain favourable for you in the second half of this month. The possibility of having a cordial relationship with relatives is good. Any effort made to acquire money and real-estate may turn to be immensely successful. The time period may be rewarding for the purchase of house, vehicle etc.

There is a possibility of getting support from the parents. If you are a politician, then the chances of getting political gains are good. You might have excellent public relations during the second half of this month and you may have to make additional efforts for maintaining good public relations. However, the benefits will also be very good. If you are a student, then the month would remain favourable in terms of education and academics.

If you are preparing for a competitive examination, then there may be some kind of disruption in the same. However, the probability of achieving success is high during the second half of the month. Situations regarding children might remain stressful during this month.

If there is any family dispute or any other kind of dispute, then the attempt to settle the same would turn to be successful during this month. Problems regarding health might crop up. During this month, there is a good possibility of an overseas travel and work related to overseas companies. You will receive economic benefits in terms of your area of work. Marital life will remain good. There is a possibility of having good relationship with your life partner.

Destiny will accompany you. Whatever work you choose you, there is a clear possibility of getting success in the same because conditions are likely to remain favourable in terms of career advancement. Mercury is transiting in Aquarius zodiac, which can be quite rewarding in terms of business. You may have to face several ups and downs related to economic gains because Dragon’s Head is communicating with Cancer zodiac, which can cause stressful situations regarding economic benefits.

Venus is transiting into Sagittarius zodiac, which is good in terms of progress of fortune. Destiny will favour you during the second half of this month. Conditions pertaining to career are likely to remain favourable. During this month, the dates viz: 11th, 12th, 20th and 21st might be stressful for you. Refrain from starting any kind of important works on these days.


The economic situation might remain stressful during this month. Any effort made for receiving economic benefits during this month is likely to prove disadvantageous. Therefore, you should work in accordance to and considering the time and circumstances. There is a necessity to take every step for benefiting economically after a detailed and organized planning because Dragon’s Head is communicating in Cancer zodiac, which can prove to be disadvantageous pertaining to economic gains.

You can achieve success due to works undertaken with a whole lot of confidence. However, with time not being favourable, there may be an increase in the number of problems. In this month, avoiding the start of any of kind of new work is preferred. If there is a need, then during the second half of this month, you can make an attempt to expand your work plans to achieve tremendous amount of success, which will also ensure that the economic conditions remain favourable.

Since fortune is supporting you to the fullest, you can expect good profits while working in accordance to the time and circumstances. You might have to face hardships and stressful situations. There is also a possibility of suffering from a financial loss. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious about financial situations. There is a need to be careful during monetary transactions and to fulfil all your responsibilities towards the area of work. Doing this would prove very beneficial for you.


During this month, there may be some or the other kind of unwanted problems related to health. There may also a clear possibility of suffering from any kind of skin-related infection or injury, etc. You may even experience a blood related problem. Under such a situation, there is a need to stay extra cautious about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

During this month, conditions related to romantic relationships are likely to remain stressful. Interpersonal stress can lead to some kind of controversy in the romantic relationship. A lack of mutual cohesion is likely to be witnessed, which can cause tension in your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Due to this, a situation of living separately might also arise. Therefore, is possible, try and make an attempt to meet your boyfriend/girlfriend less during this month. Also, reduce your conversations a bit. Refrain from discussing any important matter with him/her as well. All these situations are likely to become normal during the second half of this month. However, during the first half of the month, the possibility of interpersonal tension is high. Situations related to marital life are likely to remain favourable. In addition to receiving support from the life partner, there is also a clear possibility of receiving support from the in-laws.

There are clear indications of reaping excellent economic benefits from an overseas travel and work related to companies located abroad. If you travel abroad due to work, then you can benefit from the same during this month. You can receive support from your life partner as well. A slight mental disturbance might be caused due to family tension. Conditions will become favourable during the second half of the month.

Family & Friends

During this month, there is a high possibility of the family conditions remaining favourable. With a visible improvement in the mutual harmony among family members, there are chances for economic profits from the work perspective. A progress in the entire household can also be noticed. Due to mutual coordination among the family members, any new work is likely to bring you extensive economic benefits. Your responsibilities towards the family are commendable and you are successful in adhering to these responsibilities.

The entire family has a lot of expectations from you. Hence, you need to bear all your responsibilities. If you have a feeling of cooperation from family members, then you’re likely to receive the same during this month. In addition to a healthy relationship with the parents, you’ll also receive support from them. There might be some stress related to your parents’ health condition. In addition to this, there may be stressful situations pertaining to the children.

You will remain satisfied in terms of childbirth and your children’s education. There might be a possibility of some sort of discord in the family due to unnecessary issues. An unwanted interference of a third person might lead to problems or any kind of family dispute might also arise. Under such a situation, it is essential to be extra careful.


On every Wednesday, donate green coloured articles and feed green coloured fodder to the cow. Worship Lord Ganesha. Wear green coloured clothes and also donate green coloured cloth to a needy person. By doing all this, your health condition will remain normal during this month.

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