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Mars Transit in Capricorn and its Impacts(22 March, 2020)

The fiery planet Mars will move out from Sagittarius and enter its exalted sign Capricorn on Sunday, 22 March at 13:44 in the noon. Since Capricorn happens to be the exalted sign of Mars, the planet will remain in a strengthened state in this particular sign. Mars is determined by the fire element and at the same time the zodiac sign it is entering is governed by the earth element. Hence, its influence is all set to do wonders for natives belonging to all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us now find out the detailed aftereffects of this planetary movement by going through this transit horoscope for all the 12 signs.

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Mars Transit in Capiricorn


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Aries, the planet Mars is the ruling kord of your ascendant as well as eighth bhava. During the transitory movement, this fiery planet will enter your tenth house. It has been believed that Mars attains a Digbal strength when it remains placed in the tenth house, which is why it emerges out as a powerful planet then. The added cherry on the top being that Capricorn is its exalted sign, because of which you will remain under the complete influence of this cosmic activity. On the professional front, you will acquire tremendous results. A promotion is on the cards and it is also quite likely that you may also receive a salary hike. You should safeguard yourself from getting involved in any kind of controversy or conflicts. Other than this, Mars’ transit has favourable results in store for you. Family members be happy with your progress. You will also acknowledge the responsibilities towards your family and carry them out with utmost sincerity. There are also chances of you are availing sudden benefits. Health will remain in a stable state. If you have been suffering from any chronic illness, then it will come to an end and very soon. However your father's health may remain in low spirits. Hence, take good care of him. This transit will also not be quite favourable for your love life. Cracks can get formed in your relationship and there are also chances of it falling apart. So, some cautiousness will be required on your part to keep your relationship free from all kinds of discrepancies.

Remedy: You should wear a three faced Rudraksha on a red coloured thread on Tuesday.


The twelfth and seventh houses of Taureans come under the lordship of Mars. During its stay in Capricorn zodiac sign, the fiery planet will enter your ninth house. This planetary movement will bestow instant effects upon your life. Consequently, the inflow of your income will increase and prospects will also get created to undertake long distance journeys. There are also chances of you setting foot on a foreign land. You can also expect a good amount of profits with regards to your business. Your stature in society will increase. However, the health of your parents can decline. Meanwhile, you can lay your hands upon a major achievement on account of your life partner, which will also improve your societal image. Due to lessened expenditures, your economic condition will improve. This transit duration is somewhat unfavourable for your younger siblings as they may encounter some problems. Domestic life will be under the positive influence of this transit. You can either purchase a new property or renovate an existing one. Those natives who stay in a foreign country and away from their family members can return to them in this time period. You may also cross paths with your friends and spend some memorable moments with them.

Remedy: You should donate blood on Tuesday.


For Gemini natives, Mars happens to be the ruling lord of your sixth and twelfth houses. During its stay in its exalted sign Capricorn, the fiery planet will move through your eighth house. This position acquired by Mars cannot be considered much favourable, which is why, you are recommended to remain specifically careful. Since Mars is residing in its exalted zodiac sign, its effects will be quite powerful in nature. Consequently, your health may decline and you may fall prey to some kind of an accident for injury. Blood disorders, skin diseases and anal diseases may also befall you. Apart from this, some natives may also avail profits in a secretive and unexpected manner. Prospects will get created for you to gain access to ancestral property and make tremendous profits in an accidental manner. However, you may get into conflicts with your in laws. A certain family member from your in-laws side may also fall prey to an illness. This time is very appropriate for you to repay a loan taken in the past. Rivals may keep troubling you in this duration, so you should remain careful of them. For your professional front, this transit will prove to be very useful and beneficial at the same time.

Remedy : You should donate pomegranates on Tuesday.

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For your zodiac sign, the fiery Mars happens to be a Yogakarak planet as it rules over your tenth and fifth houses. Now, this particular planet is transiting into your seventh house and it will bring forth some crucial changes to your life. Consequently, you will remain at the receiving end of a tremendous amount of profits. You will witness your trade ventures flourishing. You will also outshine your competitors and your business will gain momentum. As a result, it will expand only to add more profits to your basket. Apart from this, you may also be able to lay your hands on a tremendous amount of monetary resources. But, this transit will not be quite favourable for your marital life. This planetary movement may have a negative impact on your relationship. Unnecessary and trivial matters may cause fights between the two of you. Try to observe patience and do your best to make things work. In this transit duration, your children will make great progress. Those who are in a love relationship will get an opportunity to tie the Knot with their respective partners. If you adhere to partnership in business, then maintain decent and amicable relations with your partner. You may also get involved in arguments and fights with someone. Try to keep a tab on your behaviour/temper as your hot-headed nature may induce mental stress.

Remedy : You should install a Mangal Yantra and worship it regularly.


For your zodiac sign too, Mars happens to be a Yogakaraka planet as it rules over your center and trine houses, which are the fourth and ninth houses respectively. During its stay in Capricorn zodiac sign primarily, the red planet will move through your sixth house. Usually Mars garners positive results when it gets placed in the sixth house and now since it is majorly occupying its exalted sign, the influences will increase to a great extent. you will after sign your enemies if there is an ongoing legal proceeding then it's world mixed offered in your favour consequently many prophets in there are chances of acquiring a promotion taking great steps on the professional level you will work very intelligent Li the benefits of your heart work increase expenses to client however your hot hundred nature may come into the forefront which is why it is recommended to keep a tab on your anger what's new in this transit duration you are advised to drive your vehicle very carefully as there are chances of you falling prey to an accident your father will also achieve many milestones on the professional level this transit will prove to be very well official for your children and they will be seen making gradual progress if you have been preparing for any competitive exam then there are also chances of acquiring success in that.

Remedy :You should recite the Mantra associated with Mars - "oṃ aṃ aṃgārakāya namaḥ" / "ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः" regularly.


For Virgo natives, Mars is the ruling lord of your third and eighth houses. Now during its transit in Capricorn zodiac sign, the red planet will move through your fifth house. Under the influence of this transit, you will acquire unlimited profits and your income levels may also increase surprisingly. There are also chances of you availing great benefits from the Share market and activities like betting, lottery and many others. If you are associated with the field of construction, then this transit has many favourable results in store for you. Those who are married will witness their children coming into terms with uneasy situations, because of this planetary movement. Consequently, their health may also decline. During this particular time, you will acquire success on account of your own efforts. Some regular tiffs may take place between friends but you will be successful in making some new ones. A particular relative or neighbour may also come forward to help you. In the field of education and academics, you will acquire great profits and benefits. Expenses will be under control, because of which your financial condition will remain stable. However, it is recommended to remain somewhat careful when you undertake journeys as you may experience some physical discomforts. During this transition period, your love life may face some blows and a separation like situation may get created. Try to include calmness and patience in your behaviour and do not stretch the debates as it may have a negative impact on your relationship..

Remedy : You should donate flour and jaggery on Tuesday.


For Librans, the red planet is the ruling lord of second and third houses and during its transitory movement, Mars will enter your fourth house. Under the influence of the transit, some problems main crop up on the domestic front. If your life partner happens to be a working professional, then he/she may be promoted to a designated post. Along with the promotion, his/her authority and influence will also increase and he or she would be able to climb the ladder of professional success. At the same time, your mother's health may remain in low spirits. Hence, it is recommended to take good care of her. Also, in this transit duration you will purchase a new property or renovate an existing one. Along with this, there are also chances of availing benefits in property related matters and their sale or purchase. From the point of view of your marital life, this period will prove to be somewhat sensitive. Your life partner will remain over occupied at work. At the same time, some heated arguments may also take place between the two of you. In order to let peace and serenity flow into your marital life, you should observe patience for a while. This transit will prove to be beneficial for your own professional life and you will be seen making great progress on account of your own efforts. Those who are involved in business ventures will also make a great amount of profits.

Remedy : You should offer jaggery and flour to Gau Mata(holy cow).


No matter which zodiac sign the planet is entering, its transitory movement affects your life in a profound manner because it is the ruling lord of your sign. Additionally, it also rules over your sixth house. Now during its stay in Capricorn primarily, this planet will move to your third house. The transit of Mars in third house is usually considered favourable as it brings forth positive outcomes. If we talk about the major influences of this particular transit, then it will bring an increment to your courageous and mighteous abilities. Your decision making abilities will become more radiant and you will work with an optimistic attitude, thereby acquiring success ultimately. If you are associated with any business venture, then some new strategies may be planned during this while, which will prove to be very useful. If you are a working professional, then you will be seen working extremely hard. Also, you will obtain the support of your coworkers. If you are a sports person, then positive results will come into the forefront and you may also lay your hands on an achievement. It is recommended to behave amicably and decently with your friends to avoid the occurrence of any kind of controversies and conflicts. You should pay some attention towards your siblings as their health may remain in low spirits. You will also be busy undertaking a multiple number of journeys in this transit duration of Mars.

Remedy : You should present some gifts to your younger siblings.


For the ninth sign of the zodiac circle, the planet Mars happens to be the ruling lord of your fifth and twelfth houses and during its transit duration, the red planet’s presence will be seen in your second house. Consequently, you will remain at the receiving end of many impactful results. Subsequently, some amount of sensitivity prevailing over your domestic front. Some property related other disputes can take place between the members of the household. You should also refrain from speaking ill about anyone and behave in a decent manner as it may bring cracks in your relationships with various people. Children will be the reason for your happiness. They will also create paths for you to lay your hands on monetary benefits. Those who work in foreign based organisations and Multinational companies will acquire a tremendous amount of rewards, which are economic in nature. Students will do well in their academics. Those who are pursuing their studies in fields like Management and Engineering will be under the special endowment of this Mars transit. Love life will be full of ups and downs. You will be affectionate towards your partner, but he/she may remain in a state of worry and uneasiness. It is quite possible that your family members may not approve of his/her behaviour. In such a situation, you should come forward to resolve the mild differences setting in between both parties.

Remedy : "oṃ krāṃ krīṃ krauṃ saḥ bhaumāya namaḥ"/"ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः"

The Beej Mantra associated with Mars given above should be chanted to remain at the receiving end of the planet’s specialized benediction.


For this particular zodiac sign, the planet Mars is the ruling lord of your fourth and eleventh houses. Now, the red planet will primarily transit in your sign, which means that it will enter your first house. Because of this, you will remain under the optimum influence of this transit. Because of this particular transit, some changes will be seen in your behaviour. It is quite possible that your hotheaded nature may come into the forefront. Hence, it is recommended to remain calm and patient all throughout this while. This Mantra should be implemented in each and every aspect of your life. Conjugal life can be stressful and there are quite a few chances of clashes taking place between you and your life partner, as your anger may get out of control and you may speak to your partner in a rude manner. With regards to your business, this transit will prove to be ordinary and you will acquire a partial amount of success. This is the time when you will be able to purchase a new property and also carry out the necessary construction works required for it. Some natives of this sign may also switch places. You will spend most of your income on yourself. Expenses will be on the rise, but you will bring some positive changes to your personality. Health may remain in low spirits , which is why you are recommended to take good care of your well being.

Remedy : Plant a Pomegranate tree near the vicinity of a temple or in a park.


For the second last sign of the zodiac circle, Aquarius, the planet Mars is the ruling lord of its third and tenth houses. Now, during its transit in the tenth sign primarily, it will move through your twelfth house. Since Mars is the lord of your tenth house, some changes may grace your professional life in this time period. You may also be gifted a transfer order. Meanwhile, some natives of this sign may have to undertake long distance journeys to fulfill work requirements. Expenses will be on the rise and health may also remain inflicted with several problems. Hence, you are being warned to take care of your well being, along with your work. A younger member of your family may get an opportunity to visit a foreign country in this time period. Meanwhile, you will be successful in outshining your enemies. On the other hand, some problems may be seen surrounding your domestic life. Life partner may come into terms with stressful situations. You may suffer from eye disorders or insomnia. Naturally, some health related expenditures are on the cards. Natives who reside in a foreign country will get a good opportunity to purchase a particular property. Your siblings may also take a grand leap on their professional front. Business ventures with foreign connections will pave the way for profits.

Remedy : You should voluntarily donate blood on Tuesday and help your younger brothers as much as possible.


Mars is the ruling lord of the second and tenth houses of Pisceans, who are registered under the last sign of the zodiac circle. It's presence will be seen in your eleventh house, during its stay in the Capricorn zodiac sign primarily. Coincidentally, Mars is also the governing Lord of your luck and fortunes, which is why this transit will prove to be quite crucial for your sign. When the red planet enters your eleventh house, most of your tasks will gain momentum. The ones which have been on hold will also get accomplished. You will prevail over your enemies and they will not be able to outsmart you easily. This transit will prove to be beneficial in terms of legal matters and court proceedings. Family members may come forward to make investments in your projects and also provide you with some sort of economic assistance. During this while, your finances will be quite stable and your societal status will also increase. You will also take the necessary steps to increase your social boundaries. Some hurdles may come into the forefront with regards to academic matters. As a result, your concentration may also break into pieces. You should try to maintain decent and amicable relations with your senior officials. A minor clash may also pave the way for regrettable impacts on your professional life. During this time, your children may also be inflicted with multiple health problems, which is why you are advised to take proper care of them. However, your father will remain at the receiving end of prosperous results because of this transit. Also, his successful career will take him places.

Remedy : You should install a Mangal Yantra at your house and worship it regularly.

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