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Mars Transit in Sagittarius (16 January 2022)

Read detailed predictions about Mars Transit in Sagittarius taking place on 16 January 2022 and know what remedies can help you gain the blessings of Mars. Mars is a very important planet in the domain of Vedic astrology as it plays an important role in the commencement of a marriage, both in the case of girls and boys. In Vedic astrology, Manglik Dosha is very famous; therefore, the horoscope of both boys and girls are asked to finalize the proposal of marriage as the Dosha may cause hurdles, breaks, disputes, and even divorce in the married life of a person. Mars is the planet of desire, action, energy, passion, war, aggression, sex, and assertion.

Mars Transit in Sagittarius

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Mars is the ruling lord of Aries and Scorpio zodiac sign and rules first and eight houses in Kalpurush kundli. Mars represents the younger sibling in the native's birth chart. Mars represents the muscular system, left ear, face and head, bladder, nose, sense of taste, uterus, kidney, and blood circulation of the body. Native who are born under the strong influence of planet Mars will have a white complexion with the shade of red. The native will be tall and muscular, and there will be pimples on the face, eyes will be round, and the rest will be narrow, and bones will be full of red bone marrow.

Mars Transit In Sagittarius: Timing

Mars will be transiting in the sign of Sagittarius on 16 January 2022, on Sunday at 15:26 PM. Transits are said to be highly influential in nature and can affect you in a very positive or a negative manner. Hence, those interested in astrology have a keen eye on the transit of planetary positions and movements. Mars transit in Sagittarius will be the one big transit to look forward to. Mars, which is a very masculine planet, enters into the sign of Sagittarius, which is considered to be the planet of exploration, adventure, and creativity.

While Mars in Sagittarius is very powerful, it may bring out life-altering changes for you. Mars in Sagittarius bestows the native with the passion for doing their work well on time and with utmost dedication and sincerity. The native will have this sense of responsibility in both personal and professional life, no matter which moon sign you belong to. . The transit may also make the native someone rich in their perspective, as they will have trust issues on matters which do not have enough packing of facts and figures to prove their authenticity.

The transit of Mars in Sagittarius will motivate our action, and the native will find themselves involved in daily routine tasks and are likely to be bothered to finish them on time. Natives will be more inclined to do adventurous things and initiate projects or face challenges with full courage. The native will be super opinionated and unlikely to put their view, thoughts, feelings, and experiences intensely and will not hesitate to speak their mind under any circumstances. During this period, you will be spiritually inclined, and you will have a philosophical bent of mind. You will look at life from a different perspective which will be more refined and unique. You will be logical, methodological, and rational as a result of the transit of Mars in Sagittarius. Travel, especially long trips, will be highly beneficial for you during this period.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Know Yours: Moon Sign Calculator

हिंदी में पढ़ें: मंगल का धनु राशि में गोचर


Mars is the lord of the first and the eighth house and transiting in the ninth house of luck, religion, international journey, and higher studies. This period will be favorable for the natives as they may get rewarded for their sincere efforts. Your focus would be on accomplishing the task and also on trying on new things and projects. The native will be fulfilling all the responsibilities effectively and efficiently, and there are good chances of getting a promotion or a hike in the career. Businessmen will also get favorable results with their business prospects, and they will be able to run the business smoothly during this phase.

This transit may not be very favorable for your father as it helps me remain in low spirits, and that is why you have to take good care of your father‘s health. Financially, there would be a good increase in financial flow, but you may also be likely to face some unexpected expenditure. As far as relationships are concerned, the native me faces some disturbance in the domestic sphere. Healthwise, the transit period is favorable for your health and fitness, but you need to take very good care of your parents' health during this time, and you are advised to maintain a good and balanced diet in the home environment.

Remedy: Donate funds for the army, military, and farmers as per your feasibility.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of the seventh and twelfth house and is transiting in the eighth house of sudden profit/loss, inheritance, and occult. During this transit, there may be problems related to health. Minor injuries may cause your problem; hence it is advised to be careful while crossing or driving on the road and do not pick any kind of quarrel whatsoever. You should also be careful of urinary or piles problems during this phase. On the career front, the native may find some obstacles, and there may be a lack of support from the seniors and colleagues at the workplace. Hence it is advised to be calm and patient in this period because with this; you can accomplish your task successfully by taking additional responsibility.

Financially this period will be satisfactory for you as there are high chances that you may make wrong investment decisions during this phase, so it is advised to better review all the matters carefully, especially the one related to finance. Your personal life and relationships, You will give a deep thought to various aspects of your relationships and will try to improve them. In case you experience anger or frustration with your partner, try making changes in your way of expressing love, as this would help you maintain harmony in the relationship. During this phase, there are chances of conflict between feelings and practicality.

Remedy: Conduct a Sunderkand Paath on Tuesday as and when possible.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of the sixth and eleventh house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. This transit is favorable for your career perspective as you will be motivated to do your best at your workplace. Your sincere hard work will help you achieve the goals and objectives that you have planned. You will get the opportunity to showcase your skills, and you will utilize them in important presentations.

The power of Mars in Sagittarius will guide you to understand the setback of the business, and it will also help you to figure out ways for tactics to boost your sales constantly. Financially there may be some ups and downs you are in during this period; hence you have to be cautious while investing and focus more on saving during this transit. In your personal life, you may feel tense and restless because of your sensitive nature, and it would be very difficult for you to balance your personal and professional life. During this phase, you are likely to feel bad vibes and malefic energies as well, and this may affect your thought, thinking patterns, and behavior, which can complicate the situation with your partner. Healthwise, some problems can crop up. Hence you are advised to maintain a proper diet and exercise regularly during this period.

Remedy: Worship Lord Kartikeya and offer red clothes to him.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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Mars is the lord of the tenth and fifth house and is transiting in the sixth house of debt, enemies, and competition. This period will be favorable for you as you will be very bold in your actions, and you will go the extra mile to achieve good results. During this period, enemies would not dare to face you and your overall luck factor but also improve. It is advised to maintain a cool temperament during this time. Your competitive spirit will be increased, and you will compete with the external environment or any exams.

Unemployed ones will get employment soon during this period. Natives already in the job will work hard with the determination to achieve better results, and your seniors will appreciate this attitude, and you will have the upper hand over your competitors and rivals. Financially, this period will be satisfactory as you will be mainly planning for your Bright Future and would focus on saving more in taking low-risk in life. Relationship-wise, your emotional and overly sentimental nature may cause some problems in a relationship. Hence, it is advised to maintain emotional stability as it would be favorable for you during this period. Your health will remain in a very good state during this period, and you will be seen focusing on religious activities and strengthening your social circle.

Remedy: Grow a Neem plant in your home.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of the ninth and fourth house and is transiting in the fifth house of children, speculation, love and romance, and initiation. On the career front, the period will be quite favorable for the natives as those who are trying to change jobs or look for better opportunities may get success during this time period. Your creative and new ideas are likely to help you get positive results from a business perspective. The period may test your organizational and time management abilities and skills while performing business activities and implementing strategies to fulfill market needs.

Financially, this period will be rewarding, and you could get good returns on your investment, and as the transit progresses, you will do financially very well and will get exceptional gains or appreciation. In a relationship, you are advised not to involve any third person in your relationship as that can increase your conflict. Married natives may come to terms with some problems with regard to the children. If you happen to be a student, then some wrong decisions may hamper your academics, so keep yourself focused while studying during this period. If students are interested in pursuing higher education, then positive results will be witnessed. Healthwise, during this transit, you are advised to take care of your children’s health as they may have some issues, and towards the end of the transit, there are chances of some health issues to you as well; hence be cautious and take proper precautions.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and offer him red sandalwood.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

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Mars is the lord of the third and eighth house and is transiting in the fourth house of mother, luxuries, and comfort. During this period, you might not get very favorable results as you may have this agreement and quarrel with your relatives and friends circle, and during this phase, it is advised that you should keep calm as you may feel restless and may not feel at peace of mind anywhere. There are chances that your friends may cheat on you; hence you should check your aggressive behavior towards your family member so that you don’t deteriorate your relationship with them.

On the career front, the time would remain progressive for the career professional, and you may have new ideas for growth, and you will build new strategies and review your plans to begin fresh without making impulsive business decisions. Financially, this period will give you financial strength, and you will be making some very favorable financial investment decisions. Healthwise, the transit may not be favorable, and hence you are advised to take proper precautionary measures; otherwise, they may be some minor ailments; hence it would be best to involve yourself in recreational activities.

Remedy: Starting from Monday, you should feed jaggery to cows every day.

Virgo Weekly horoscope

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Mars is the ruler of the second and the seventh house and is transiting in the third house of siblings, short trip, and courage. During this phase, the natives will be very caring and passionate while handling any task, and they will be very bold enough to propose to someone they love. Excellent opportunities at the work front are likely to be received; job seekers will get the desired job these days. The native may have increased responsibility during this transit; hence you are suggested to be practical while handling tricky situations that are affecting your business and client.

Financially, this period is favorable for you, and you will get satisfactory results from your investment. In personal life, you may experience some confusing situations, and the period would require you to pay some extra attention to some issues. Your patience and calmness would act as the key reason for the success, and you will enjoy this period. You are advised to be more creative and comfortable in relationships, and it would be better if your day-to-day tasks are not affected by your irritation and mood swings. Healthwise, the period is favorable for you, and you will be of sound health, and you will feel physically very strong and fit.

Remedy: Donate pomegranate seeds in a temple on Tuesdays.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of the first and sixth house and is transiting in the second house of family, speech, and wealth accumulation. This period may not be very favorable for the native as you may feel disappointed because of the failed efforts, which may develop rivalry and jealousy with others. This period may also create obstacles in your financial matters, and some financial problems are also predicted. During this period, you may also face problems in getting a loan. It is advised that during this period, speech may become rough and abusive, and keep control of your speech.

Students may find it hard to focus on their studies, and those in jobs will face difficulty in the pace of growth. Personal life or family life also appears to be disturbed during this phase; hence try to maintain the relationship with a cool mind and solve the matter calmly and patiently. You may be inclined more towards social activity, and your desire to be socially active and be with other people would surface very strongly. Working from home or being alone would be more difficult for you during this transit. Healthwise, you may feel more relaxed and healthy during this period. A healthy body and a relaxed mind will increase your self-confidence and will prepare you for any difficult or challenging situation that you might face.

Remedy: Install a Mangal Yantra by observing all the necessary rituals and worship it regularly.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house and is transiting in the first house of self, character, and personality. During this period, there might be some changes in your personality. You will be completing your task with more confidence, because of which you will get success on the career front. You are advised to have a positive approach for continuing the progress at your workplace. This may also help you handle your career more efficiently, and some smart moves made by you during this phase may bear encouraging results for you.

Financially, this is the time to prepare long-term budgets and financial plans as you will get good financial reports. In personal life, you will be more inclined towards your family and relative activities, and you would want to spend some quality time with them. You may face some mood swings during this time due to someone’s irrational behavior. Health-wise, you may be full of energy and highly enthusiastic during this period; however, due to the high energy level, you may end up making impulsive decisions. Hence you are advised to control your fire and energy levels as this will give you mental peace.

Remedy: Donate blood whenever appropriate for you.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

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Mars is the lord of the fourth and 11th house and is transiting in the 12th house of spirituality, foreign gains, expenditure, hospitalization, and salvation. During this transit, your expenses may increase, and not only this, but the health of a particular family member also deteriorates during this time. Overall, you may have to face multiple challenges and the chances are that you may face some damage in your reputation; hence you are advised to build good relations with your peers and superior.

During this period, you may not get the full support of the people around you, which may make you feel demotivated. Financially, this period will see an increase in high expenditure and mismanagement of finances, and you may not be satisfied with the financial agreements and planning. Personally, if you enrich your standard of living, you may have the energy and intelligence to satisfy your partner, and there are chances that you may have some sharp ideas and plans to put up with all the desires in your romantic life. Healthwise, this period is favorable for you. You may have some issues related to the stomach and your part of the body; hence you are advised to take proper precautions; otherwise, it is likely to turn chronic.

Remedy: Place an elephant tusk in the bedroom.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of the third and tenth house and is transiting in the 11th house of desire, gains, and income. During this period, you will have a positive phase, and you will be able to show your performance and ability. You are likely to have cordial relationships with colleagues and senior officials. The influence of Mars in Sagittarius will encourage you to give a boost to your business method that will help you benefit gradually. During this period, you would get new business that you would have never thought of before.

Financially, the transit period is likely, to begin with, a positive side, and you would be able to make long-term investments that would be very beneficial for you, and there are chances that you may assign some profitable deals. In your personal life, you would be more inclined to make social contacts that can benefit you, and you will be busy maintaining the stage in the society by attending and taking part in various social gatherings, and your relationship with your spouse and family will be the best. Health-wise, You may remain physically fit at the beginning of the transit period. Good health will enable you to work efficiently, and during this period, you would help to be more focused or infuse your energy on things that you really want to do. It is important to build your immunity through regular workouts and a proper diet.

Remedy: Carry a red handkerchief with you as it will prove beneficial for you.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of the ninth house and second house and is transiting in the tenth house of Career, Name, and fame. This phase will be favorable for the native as during this period you will get good profits and success in your career. You will have high energy and enthusiasm to carry your plans and fresh ideas.

It is advised that you utilize this period by putting more effort into making the best of it. On the business front, you will be able to plan smart and better strategies, and this is the right time to show your skills and grow your business. Financially, luck would favor you during this period. Investment done by you during this period will be beneficial for you, and the chances are that you may earn unexpected financial gain. The liquidity of cash will be with you, and there will be smooth money flow during this period. Personally, domestic life will be satisfactory for you, and it is advised that you maintain the status and avoid unnecessary arguments and be more practical in your approach. This way you can keep happy and have a good family environment. Healthwise, you should remain stable and strong, and if you are suffering from any prolonged disease that may also come to an end, you are still advised to maintain a proper diet and exercise regularly to keep fit.

Remedy: Donate sweets in the temple on Tuesdays.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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