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Mars Transit in Sagittarius and its Impact (8 Feb, 2020)

Discover Details About Mars Transit in Sagittarius and its Impact on your Life!

Mars, which provides energy and vitality to all living organisms, is entering the zodiac sign Sagittarius on Saturday, 8 February at 2:45 AM in the morning. Sagittarius happens to be the ruling lord of Jupiter, which maintains a friendly relationship with Mars. It is also determined by the fire element. Hence, a fire determined sign will enter the zodiac sign of another fire determined sign. So, now let us have a look at the impacts which will be engineered by the Mars Transit in Sagittarius and what's special in store for all zodiac signs.

Mars transit in Sagittarius

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Along with being the ruling Lord of your ascendant house, the planet Mars also governs your eighth house. In its transit duration, this fiery planet will enter your ninth house. Under the influence of this planetary movement, mixed outcomes will come into the forefront. On one hand many of your projects will be blessed with success because of your self confidence and economic profits will also grace you. However, this transit may prove to be somewhat unfavourable for your father. His health may remain in low spirits, which is why you will have to take special care of him. When it comes to your fortune, there will be situations of ups and downs. Consequently, some of your tasks may be on hold and you will have to push your edges to a great extent in order to fulfill them. Some natives in this transit duration may also get opportunities to undertake foreign or long distance journeys. However, it is a prerequisite to keep yourself prepared. So, carry the necessary documents with you before undertaking any such journeys so as to avoid difficulties. Your efforts will gain momentum which is why you will be seen working very diligently. Some tensions may come into the surface on the domestic sphere. Specifically, the poor health of your parents will be the primary reason for your stress. The guidance of an experienced person will prove to be very useful for you. You should avoid falling prey to any kind of pressure in this transit duration.

Remedy : You should install a Mangal Yantra by duly observing all the necessary rituals and worship it regularly.


For Taureans, Mars is the ruling Lord of seventh and twelfth house and in this transit duration, the red planet will be entering your eighth house. In this manner, the impact of this transit will not prove to be quite favourable for your health. It is recommended to take special care of your well being. Medical emergencies like high or irregular blood pressure, injuries, accidents or a sudden operation may come into the surface this time, which is why you are advised to take adequate care of yourself. Remain extremely careful while driving a vehicle. There are also chances of you incurring economic losses. However, some natives registered under this sign may earn monetary rewards through unexpected ways. Prospects of some unnecessary journeys will also get created. You should avoid undertaking them as they will pave the way for mental as well as physical difficulties. Expenses may increase all of a sudden. Some natives who are married will also have to refrain themselves from getting involved in fights and arguments with their in laws. This transit may also prove to be somewhat unfavourable for your life partner's health conditions.

Remedy : Worship Radha and Krishna together and offer red flowers to them.


The transit of Mars will take place in your seventh house. The same planet also happens to be the ruling Lord of your sixth and eleventh houses. Under the influence of the planet’s transit, your business ventures will flourish. You will start working upon many new projects which will try to make your future secure and better. There are chances of the inflow of your income increasing. On the other hand, job professionals will come across a favourable time. Prospects will also get created to acquire a promotion. On the contrary, Mars’ transit in Sagittarius will prove to be unfavourable for your conjugal life. Since the seventh house happens to the house of marriage and the impact of Mars will bring a change in your life partner's behaviour. Fierceful qualities will develop in his or her personality, which will leave a negative impact upon your marital life. You are advised to remain patient all this while. Your professional life will be in a better place under the influence of this transit. If we talk about your health, then some problems can crop up. Refrain from undertaking any loans in this duration. Avoid doing things in a haste as it may beget negative circumstances. Expenses may take place with regards to your life partner.

Remedy : Donate Pomegranate seeds at a Temple on Tuesdays.


For Cancerians, Mars happens to be the ruling lord of your tenth and fifth houses and it plays the role of a Yogakaraka, when it comes to these houses. While its transit movement into Sagittarius, the red planet will be seen moving into the sixth house of Cancer natives. Consequently, you will be able to repay an old loan of yours. And, you will breathe a fresh air of relief. There will be some minor escalation in your expenses, which will be quite necessary in nature. As a result, you will not feel burdened. You will prevail over your enemies and they will not dare to flinch an eye before you. Professional life will be mind blowing and some of its decisions will be made in your favour. Success will also be acquired in legal matters. If you are making preparations for any Competitive exam and its results are yet to be announced, then success will definitely be yours. After numerous attempts, prospects for success will get created for you. If you talk about your love life, then this period will be quite crucial for you. You will make the most of your romantic life. Your father will be graced with respect at his professional front and he may also bag a promotion offer. Some unnecessary trips may also take place. Health will remain in a better state. Do not get involved in fights. Last but not the least, you will be seen focusing on religious activities. And your societal image will get strengthened.

Remedy : You should worship Lord Shankar regularly and offer him flour.

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For your zodiac sign, the transit of Mars will take place in your fifth house. This particular planet is Yogakaraka one, being the ruler of your ninth and trine houses. Moving on, the transit of the fiery planet will prove to be quite favourable for you. Some changes take place at your professional front. Those who have been trying for a job switch may get some amount of success. The new job opportunity will prove to be very beneficial. If you are into business, then your trade will flourish in a significant manner. Married natives may come into terms with some problems with regards to their children, as their health may go through a sensitive phase. If you happen to be a student, then some hasty decisions with regards to your academics may prove to be dangerous. So keep yourself focused while studying, as some of you may also encounter hindrances in it. Mixed outcomes will be received when it comes to your love life. Your relations with your beloved will improve but some occasional tiffs may occur, on account of certain things. If you are pursuing your higher education, then positive results will be witnessed. You have to avoid the interference of third person when it comes to your love life as your relationship may fall apart otherwise. You will definitely acquire the support of luck, because of which many of your tasks which have been in a footing will gain momentum. Monetary resources which have been on hold may also come back to your hands.

Remedy : You should worship Dev Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter and wear a Pookraj gemstone of excellent quality.


For the natives belonging to the zodiac sign Virgo, Mars happens to be the ruling lord of your third and eighth houses. During its transit in Sagittarius primarily, it will move through your fourth house. Under the influence of this transit, the situations in your household will change and there will be a lessened harmony prevailing between the family members. Health of your parents may remain in low spirits, which may induce some amount of mental stress, but the uplifted state of your professional life will keep you elated. You will complete the tasks assigned to you honestly and meet deadlines with great ease, which will prove your efficiency. Relations with senior officials will improve. All of a sudden, you may also be granted access to ancestral property. Under the influence of this transit, some problems may grace your conjugal life. It would be better if you try to solve the problems mutually and maintain a peaceful attitude all this while. If your life partner is a working professional, then he.she may receive a special recognition at the workplace. Efforts made for your business and its flourishment will bear fruits of success.

Remedy : You should donate blood selflessly on a Tuesday.


For Librans, the red planet is the ruling lord of second and third houses. Known as a ‘Marak’ planet, Mars will move through your third third house. Usually, the transit of Mars in the third house generates auspicious results. Let's see how this one turns out. Due to the transit of Mars in this particular house, there will be an increase in your courage and might. Consequently, there will be a tendency in you to accept and face challenges with great ace and acquire success in them ultimately. You will climb the ladder of success on account of your personal efforts. As a result, your respect and reputation will increase and professional success will also grace you. The trips taken by you in this duration will be reminisced for a very long time. However, your siblings may have to face some health problems under the influence of this transit. When it comes to your enemies, you will prevail over them successfully and perform better than them at the workplace. Also, the behaviour of your colleagues may be somewhat welcoming, because of which numerous problems may come into the forefront. While undertaking a particular trip your economic resources may get used up. You will get an ample amount of time to make your professional life thrive. You will be of great help to your friends as well as siblings. If necessary, you will also provide them with economic assistance. Those who are associated with the fields of marketing and Management may encounter a commendable amount of success.

Remedy : Starting from Monday, you should start feeding Jaggery(gud) to Gaumata everyday.


Along with being the governing planet of your lagna house, Mangal or Mars also rules over your sixth house and during its transit duration, it will move into your second house. There will be a noticeable change in your speech because of the occurrence of this transit. Some negative words on your part may put a strain on your relationship with other people. Your family members’ respect for you may decline and they may turn against you. So, try as much as you can to avoid the occurrence of such situations. However, this transit will prove to be beneficial for your economic front. You will get success in debates and financially benefit from them. You will carry out your duties towards the people of your family and provide financial help to them. Due to the effect of this transit, some problems may arise in your love life and a fight can take place with your beloved. During this time, you should try to maintain a better relationship with the people in your in-laws. Also, it is recommended to drive your vehicle carefully and take the necessary and precautionary health measures.

Remedy : You should offer four bananas to Lord Hanuman on a Tuesday.


For your zodiac sign, Mars is the ruling lord of your fifth and twelfth houses. During this particular transitory movement, its presence will be primarily seen in your first house. Hence, you will remain under the optimum effect of this transit because of Mars moving into your ascendant house. Under the influence of this transit, there will be some changes in your personality. You will accomplish your tasks with more confidence, because of which unlimited success will grace you. But be careful as you may also fall prey to overconfidence. Bitterness and hot headedness may be a part of your personality during this while. This can have a negative impact on your professional as well as marital life. Continuous fights may take place between you and your life partner. This transit of Mars may also bring down stress for your domestic sphere. However, some selective ones will be granted access to property during this time. It would be better if you do not get into any kind of disputes with anyone unnecessarily. Good behavior for your in-laws will be a necessity for you. You will take proper advantage of your education and acquire success in many of your projects on account of it. People associated with the field of engineering and property can benefit greatly from this transit.

Remedy : For specialized benefits, you should worship Lord Vishnu and offer him red sandalwood.


For your zodiac sign, Mars is the ruling lord of your fourth and eleventh house. It also poses threats for certain natives of this zodiac sign. In its transit duration, it will be moving through your house of expenses, which is the twelfth house. Under the influence of this transit, your expenses may increase rapidly. Not only this, the health of a particular family member may also deteriorate which may use up a commendable amount of your economic resources. Because of this particular position of Mars, your siblings may also have to encounter some problems during which they want your unconditional support. However, you will emerge victorious in legal matters and proceedings, but they will also procure a necessary amount of finances. Moving on, let talk about your conjugal life which will face blows because of this transit. The tensions between the both of you may increase, which is why it is advised to to remain far away from getting involved in debates and arguments with your spouse. Some natives may get opportunities to visit a foreign country. However, it is not a great time to undertake journeys as physical discomforts and unnecessary expenses will keep bothering you, while you are away on the tour. Your mother may also get special benefits during this transit duration.

Remedy : You should worship Lord Ganesha and offer him sweets(Motichoor ke ladoo).


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Capricorn, the red planet Mars is the ruling Lord of your third and eleventh houses. During its stay in Sagittarius zodiac sign, Mars will move through your eleventh house. The concerned planet is also the ruling Lord of the house of “Karma” or profession and its transit has some crucial results in store for you. The presence of Mars in the eleventh house is considered to be very efficient and you will beget professional success in the necessary tasks. Good relations will get established with the government and the state, which will improve your connections and also provide you with a greater amount of economic benefits. Societal reputation will increase. Consequently, you will meet and greet many influential members of the society, who will pave the way for success for you. You will be praised at your workplace and can get counted among the special ones. Your work and authority may also increase and you will remain at the receiving end of prosperity. However, your love life may face some problems. Due to the conflicting ideas and thoughts, you and your beloved may get involved in clashes. Hence, you need to think carefully before taking any step. You will also be able to prevail over your enemies and outsmart them successfully. Those who are into business will achieve good benefits because of this transit and also acquire a successful amount of economic resources, on account of their personal efforts. Siblings will also stand by you through thick and thin.

Remedy : You should worship Lord Kartikeya and offer red clothes to him.


Talking about the last sign of the zodiac circle, for whom Mars is the ruling Lord of their ninth and second houses. During its transit into Sagittarius, the concerned planet will move through your tenth house. Consequently, you will remain at the receiving end of unprecedented profits. Some natives of this sign may also be gifted a job transfer. The new place will keep you energized and positive. Also, paths for profit will get created for you. Salary hike or promotion is on the cards. Your authority will increase, which will strengthen your position at the workplace. However, you have to safeguard yourself from falling prey to overconfidence and a certain controversy on the professional front. Try to separate your personal life from your professional life as much as you can. For love life too, this time period will not prove to be very favourable. Your partner may find it difficult to express his or her emotions in front of you. Health will remain stable and strengthened. A chronic illness may also come to an end. Due to the aid of luck, you will acquire multi folded success in many arenas of life.

Remedy : You should organize the Sunderkand Paath on Tuesday.

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