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Mercury Transit in Virgo (26 August 2021)- Timing and importance

The juvenile planet Mercury is the price of a celestial cabinet. Also, considered as the messenger of Gods in Roman mythology, is the karaka of communication and intelligence.

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Mercury Transit in Virgo

A conditional benefit is highly influential and bestows exceptional articulation and reasoning abilities when placed well in a chart. It brings out the wit and humour in an individual and blesses with younger-looking looks. The transit of Mercury is of vital importance in astrology since it holds the complete communication process, which affects day to day life of a native personally as well as professionally. Mercury will be transiting in its exaltation sign during this transit period. This movement from the fiery sign Leo to the dual sign of earth Virgo will be a beneficial one. The transit of Mercury will happen in the sign of Virgo on 26 August 2021 at 11.08 am and will remain in this sign till 22 September, 7.52 pm when it will move into the sign of Libra ruled by Venus.

Unveiling the influence of the transit on all the zodiac signs-

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury Transit on your life.


Mercury being the third and sixth house lord for Aries natives will be transiting through their sixth house in their own sign. You will be efficient in organising everything during this period, be it in your personal life or professional life. You will have the insight to look into the minute details of everything you do, this will give finesse and perfection to all your endeavours. Those who are into the mechanical industry or work as the craftsman will have a favourable time. Also, those who are employed in the accountancy or management industry will have an overwhelming period, you will be able to maintain a good ambience at your workplace and people will appreciate you for your work. You will be on your toes in performing your duties and will be active and alert during this period. However, you may face issues in completing your projects on time due to high perfection level. This will get on your nerves. This may make you impulsive and deteriorate your health. You will be very conscious about your health and even the minor aches due to tiredness will bring a lot of botheration. You are advised to relax your mind and body by following some calming exercises, meditation techniques and chanting.

Remedy- Donate green lentils on Wednesdays.


Mercury is a benefic planet for Taurus natives and holds the lordship of the second and fifth house. It will be transiting from its fifth house of education, love and children. Your communication skills will be very good during this period, this will help you in convincing people and earning their favours and appreciation. You will have a loving time with your family and will be humorous and witty with the family members. The students will have a favourable period, they will be analytical in their studies and will focus on each subject with full concentration. This will help them understand things better and score well in their examinations. The author, writers and creative directors will have an auspicious time, your mind will be full of innovative ideas and you will be tactful in implementing them for the best of your interests. This will help you bring success in your stories and will attract the attention of people towards your extraordinary works. Those who are planning to convert their hobby into their professional should work out during this period, as you will be successful in fulfilling your desires pertaining to the same. You will be proud parents, as your children will do good in their studies and extracurricular activities.

Remedy- Worship Lord Vishnu and seek his blessings.


Mercury-ruled Gemini will have an auspicious period with this transit in its exaltation sign. Mercury will be in the fourth house of domestic comforts, mother, happiness and property during this time. You will have a good ambience at your home during this time, you may have frequent get-togethers or go out for dinners or relaxing drives with the family members. You will be very caring and possessive for your family and will go to any extent to keep everyone happy. If planning to invest in property, then time is perfect as you will be able to make a very good deal with your persuasion and convincing power. Those who are into family business will have a favourable period, you will be good in your marketing techniques which will attract potential customers, this will bring expansion in your business. Your relationship with your mother will be good, she will encourage and support you in your endeavours. The employed natives will share a good reputation with their seniors and bosses, which will help them in their work. The employees who work from home will also have a good period, you will receive appreciation in cash and kinds for your smart and intellectual working.

Remedy- Plant and nurture a basil tree. Also, offer prayers and light a ghee lamp in front of the basil every evening.

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Mercury, the lord of the third and twelfth house will be positioned in its own sign in the third house during this period. You will be exuberant in energy and will actively participate in anything and everything around you. You will share a good bond with your younger siblings and may go out on short trips with them. You will also be popular amongst your friends, they will look forward to spending fun time with you and pepping up their spirits. Your articulation will be good and it will allure people around you, they will look up to you for good advice and guidance. Those who are into telecom, journalism, transportation and the media industry will flourish during this period due to their communication skills. You will be fair in your dealing on the professional front and will try to bring some justice and fair deals in your personal life. Also, you will be generous in helping and supporting your friends and acquaintances during this period. You will actively participate in sports and will also try to keep yourself fit by following a vigorous exercising routine or gyming. The students who are pursuing mass communication or writing their own books or thesis will have a favourable period.

Remedy- Chant ‘Om Bum Budhaya Namah’ 108 times a day

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Mercury presides over the second and eleventh house of Leo and is a key planet of wealth for Leos. It will be transiting in the second house. This time will be auspicious in terms of economic life, you will have a period of abundance in finances. The employed natives will have a good chance of getting increment or high incentives during this period. The business owners will also see a flourishing period and prosperity, you will earn good profits which will enhance your earnings and financial status. There are good possibilities of earning from more than one source during this period. The time is potent if you are planning to make any long term investments, as you will get good benefits from the same. Also, you will get a handsome amount from your past investments and workmanship. You will be friendly and will make some good associations during this period, which will help you in uplifting your professional life and financial status. You will be mischievous and witty with your family members, they will enjoy this side of yours and will feel delighted in your presence. You will be good in your verbal skills and will people's hearts with your words and expressions.

Remedy- Recite Vishnu Sahasranamam every day.


Mercury, the lord of rising sign and the tenth house will be in the lagna itself during this period. You will be flourishing in your endeavours, all your hard work and efforts will be paid well in the form of success and accomplishments. You will win over every situation during this period with your intellectual abilities and persuasive powers. You will be charismatic with youthful energy and will be the charm of every party you attend during this time. You will be particular on the professional front and will implement new innovative ideas for the expansion of your business. Those who are employed will also have a favourable period and your good work will add stars to your profile, which will bring growth in your career. Those who are in the teaching and writing profession will do great, as you will have a strong command in your respective subjects and delivery skills will be outstanding. This will influence people around you and they will look forward to hearing and learning more from you. You will be over-friendly and outspoken during this period, also you will be judging people critically during this time. This attitude of yours may not be appreciated and adapted well by your dear ones.

Remedy- . Wear a good quality emerald crafted in gold or silver in your right-hand little finger to gain commending results of planet Mercury.

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Mercury is a friendly planet for the Libra zodiac owners and owns the lordship of its ninth and twelfth house. It will be placed in the twelfth house of expenditure and travels during this period. This time will be auspicious for those who are into travel and tourism, as you will get good customers, which will bring expansion in your work. The business owners will be travelling quite a lot for their work during this time, their travel plans will bring fruitful results. Those who are into multinational companies or have business pertaining to overseas clients will be fortunate. Your luck will shine on you and you will be able to make good clients and will do productive deals. The students who have desires to go overseas for higher studies can pursue during this period since the time is potent you fulfil your wishes. You may make some long term investments during this period. You will have an inclination in making charities and donations, you will spend a lot in doing the same. Also, you may go on a pilgrimage or make a long journey to different places for attaining peace. You may face concerns pertaining to the health of your father and would require good medical aid for them.

Remedy- Read Bhagavad Gita for gaining the auspicious results of Mercury.


Mercury owns the eighth and eleventh house of Scorpio and will be positioned in the eleventh house. You will earn from multiple sources and your income will increase. You will also get favours in the cash and kinds from your friends and relatives. You will be good at diversifying your income and making good investments during this period. You will be good with your friends and will get good support from them. They will be reliable and you will have mutual benefits from them. Those who are into marketing, sales and public dealings will have a favourable time, as you will approach the right customers which will help you in increasing the sales. Those who are into customer services will also have a good time, as you will have command of your skills and will be able to solve clients’ problems and disputes in the spur of minutes. Also, you will gain customer satisfaction, which will bring you good business and incentives. You may earn money from your past or forgotten investment. You will also earn from gambling and speculative activities during this period however, we will not recommend you to get into the same. Since money earned from such sources doesn't last for long.

Remedy- Keep a green carnelian in the east direction of your room.


Mercury owns the lordship of the seventh and tenth house of the dual sign Sagittarius and will be placed in its tenth house. Your enthusiasm will be high and you will work with a passion to achieve things in your life. You will be confident and commanding in your professional life. You will achieve success on the work front and will get recognition for the same. Your reputation at the workplace will improve and you will receive favours from your superiors. You are advised to grasp all the opportunities to gain auspicious results, also working on past endeavours will bring accomplishments during this period. You may also get promoted and get a higher position at your workplace. The freshers who are in search of jobs will get good opportunities and will find a suitable profile for themselves. If planning to make a switch in your job, then the time is potent as you will find better profiles with higher perks during this period. Your married life will be blissful and your spouse will support you in whatever you will do. Your spouse will also achieve success in their endeavours during this period. Overall this transit will strengthen your professional life massively.

Remedy- Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Durva on Wednesdays.

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Mercury owns the sixth and ninth house of Capricorn and will be transiting from the ninth house. You may travel a lot during this period and these trips will bring beneficial results. There will be auspicious works at your home, which will bring merriment in your life. You may have some disputes with your seniors during this period. You are advised to be cautious in your communication at the workplace in order to avoid bitterness and conflicts. Also, you need to be careful and keep yourself away from office politics, since your enemies will be too strong and will not leave any attempt to spoil your image. You will be fortunate to resolve most of your problems of personal and professional life as your luck will favour you. If stuck up in any kind of cases pertaining to property or land will have good chances of getting resolved. You will have a keen interest in reading and gaining knowledge about religious subjects and scriptures. You may also look up to learning things from a spiritual being or guru. You will find the right direction in your life and will follow the correct path. You will spend money on spiritual activities and will also make donations at religious places.

Remedy- Read and listen to the stories of Lord Vishnu and his avatars.


Mercury presides over the fifth and eight houses of Aquarius and will be transiting in the eighth house. This time will be favourable for the students pursuing PhD, philosophers and researchers. They will be focused on their subjects and will have an inclination in gaining more knowledge, they will gain excellence in their stream with this approach towards their studies. You may gain a handsome amount of money or ancestral property during this period. Those who are into the agriculture and mining industry will also witness substantial growth in their career. Those who are into astrology and occult sciences will gain recognition and will be able to attract more clients, this will bring success in their professional life. Those who are into romantic relationships will have a good time, your feelings will be intense towards your dear one, love and warmth in your relationship will increase. Those who are single also have good probabilities of finding a loved one during this period. You are advised to take good care of your health as you will be prone to some nerves and muscle issues. You may also witness frequent body aches and headache. You are advised to follow yoga or meditation to keep your mind and body relaxed during this period.

Remedy- Donate green leafy vegetables to the needy girls on Wednesday.


Mercury owns the fourth and seventh house of Pisces and will be positioned in the seventh house in this transit period. This will be a favourable period for married natives, your spouse will be extra caring and supportive during this time. The understanding in your bond will grow and you will respect each other’s interest. Your spouse will be fortunate and will gain good achievements in their professional life. Altogether your marriage life will be blissful. You will also get concerns and support from your family during this period and they will help you in achieving your goals at the work front. Those who are into partnership business will have an auspicious period, you will have a better understanding with your partner. This will help you in implementing your intellectual and creative ideas for the expansion and growth of the business. Those who are into accountancy or management profiles will have a favourable time since your analytical abilities will be too good and you will be able to calculate and sort out everything quickly. The students will excel in their academics with their focused studies and concentrative efforts. You will be good at socialising with people, this will help you in building goodwill in your society.

Remedy- Recite Durga Chalisa every day.

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