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Mercury Transit in Gemini - June 10, 2018

As per Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the significator of wisdom, speech, business and communication. Natives favoured by this planet are generally intelligent and logical. They are skillful conversationalists and experts of Mathematics as well. Mercury is considered benefic by nature and rules Gemini and Virgo. It is in exalted position in Virgo, but is debilitated in Pisces. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati Nakshatra are also associated with Mercury. It is also considered the significator of Information, Communication and Research.

Mercury will transit in Gemini on June 10, 2018 at 07:39 AM and will remain there till 06:13 PM of June 25, 2018. As this transit will influence all 12 Zodiac, so take a look at below astrological predictions about how it will influence the life of the people of each zodiac sign.

Know the effects of Mercury transit in Gemini

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With this transit, Mercury will move into the third house from your Moon Sign, which would increase your valour and determination. You would find yourself inclined towards performing virtuous deeds. Your siblings would luxuriate in comforts, and enjoy a good health. An improvement in your communication skills is indicated. If you are involved in marketing, writing or media as your profession, it would be a progressive period for you. Your father would experience a rise in his career, but his health might decline a bit. Name and fame might be bestowed upon your spouse. You may receive good news through communication channels.

REMEDY: Donate fresh fruits on Wednesday.


As Mercury transits from your own sign to Gemini, it moves into the second house from your Moon Sign. You would be able to accumulate wealth. Students would come through with flying colours in examinations. Your taste buds would be refreshed with tasty and delicious foods. Think before you speak as your words might hurt your loved ones. The health of your spouse might degrade. You might receive benefits from property rentals. Your children would have a pleasant and comfortable time.

REMEDY: Wear good quality Emerald in your little finger on Wednesday.


With this transit, Mercury will move into your own Moon Sign, which would polish your personality, and make it more attractive. Your recognition in society as well as your social prestige would increase. You marital life would be happy and blessed. Your health would improve, and you would enjoy happiness and domestic peace. You might give fruitful piece of advice to others. You would find yourself interested in social gatherings and your communication skills would improve for your betterment.

REMEDY:Chant the Mantra “Om Bum Budhaya Namah”.

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As Mercury transits from Taurus to Gemini, it moves into the twelfth house from your Moon Sign, and as a result, you might face health issues. Change in your residential place is likely. You may plan to go abroad or to a distant place. Gains through foreign connections are indicated. Your expenses might exceed your income. Legal matters and disputes might further add to your expenses. Professional journeys would be fruitful. Your siblings would perform well in their career.

REMEDY: Offer pure ghee in Shri Vishnu Temple.


Mercury will move into the eleventh house from your Moon Sign, as it transits from Taurus to Gemini. Your income might increase, and you would find various opportunities knocking on your door. A long awaited wish might be fulfilled. Your social circle would improve. Applying your intellect would lead you to gains. You might develop a curiosity to know and learn new things. It would be a good period for students, but ups and downs in love matters are likely. You would establish new connections, and your social status would increase. You may need to think twice before speaking, so as to avoid landing in problems.

Remedy: Worship God Sun everyday.


As the planet Mercury transits into Gemini, it will move into the tenth house from your Moon Sign. During this period, you would focus on your work and become a workaholic. This will lead to your good performance at workplace. You would stand out because of your wise decisions, and would be favoured by your seniors. You may find yourself entangled in a busy schedule, and as a result you would not be able to give much time to your domestic life. It is recommended that you sort out the problems related to your domestic life by using your brain, instead of acting on impulse. Foreign connections would help you, and you may plan to go abroad. Pay attention to your words as harshness in speech could create issues at work.

REMEDY: Wear best quality Emerald in your little finger on Wednesday.

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As Mercury transits from Taurus to Gemini, it will move into the ninth house from your Moon Sign. Your luck would support you by all means, and as a result, high gains are likely. Your social status would improve and you would earn name and fame. Any journey you go on would prove to be fruitful for you. Long journeys or foreign trips are on cards. It would be a good period for your siblings, but your relationship with your father might be affected. The valour of your spouse is likely to increase. You would hone your communication skills and might develop a keen interest in writing. You may plan to go abroad for expanding your business or for education.

REMEDY: Chant Mantra “Om Bram Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah.


With the transit, Mercury will move into the eighth house from your Moon Sign. You might have an inclination for hidden knowledge and occult studies. Some sudden gains are expected, although a few wealth losses are likely. Your spouse’s speech might be bitter and harsh. You might suffer from health issues like skin problems, allergies, rashes, etc. If you are in business, try to be aware of your surroundings and the deals that are taking place. You need to pay attention to your father’s health, and take necessary actions as and when required.

REMEDY:Donate Moong dal (Sabut) in cowshed on Wednesday.


Mercury will move into the seventh house from your Moon Sign. Your communication skills would improve, but you need to take care of your words when conversing with your spouse. Elevation in professional status accompanied by a promotion or increment is likely. Your public image would be good, if you keep a check on your words. Your spouse would enjoy a good health. It would be a good period for your career. Your spouse would have a bitter and harsh speech, and would try to dominate you.

REMEDY: Feed jaggery to cows.

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Mercury will move into the sixth house from your Moon Sign, and consecutively you might have increased chances of winning legal cases. You would gain an upper hand over your enemies. You would get success in debates, and your performance at workplace would improve. You would succeed by means of your hard work, and as a result, you would experience immense satisfaction. The health of your spouse might be affected. Your expenses might also increase. Your spouse may get a chance to go abroad. Pay attention to your health, failing which chronic diseases might develop.

REMEDY:Light a Diya with Pure Ghee and recite Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra everyday.


Mercury will move into the fifth house from your Moon Sign, which would lead to an increase in your intellectual level. It would be a good period for your education. You would have your heart set on learning new things and gaining knowledge. Your income would increase. Your mind would generate new ideas quickly, and these ideas would help you to move ahead in a positive direction. You would develop interest in scriptures, writing, astrology, etc. Your children would enjoy a healthy life. Those who are interested in part time job might receive good news.

REMEDY: Serve cows and feed them green vegetables.


As Mercury transits from Taurus to Gemini, it will move into the fourth house from your Moon Sign. Harmony would prevail in your domestic life, and you would be able to give ample time to your personal life. You might think about buying a new house or a vehicle. Applying your intellect would help you in taking right decisions at work, which would eventually increase your potential at workplace. Your spouse would also get recognition in their workplace. Your marital life would be blessed with happiness. You might also experience a sense of happiness because of your business partnership. Health of your mother would improve, and she would enjoy comforts and joy.

REMEDY: Worship green colour idol of Lord Ganesha and offer Durva to him.

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AstroSage sincerely hopes that the predictions provided above would unveil the possible events that the transit of Mercury in Gemini may bring in your life.

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