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Mercury Transit in Scorpio - October 26, 2018

Mercury is well known as the planet of intellect, wisdom, speech, business and travelling. It is considered as an auspicious planet in Vedic Astrology. It rules two Zodiac signs, namely Gemini and Virgo. A person favoured by Mercury generally have effective communication, good reasoning ability, proficient in the area of Mathematics, Statistics, Business, etc.

Mercury Transit in Scorpio

The duration of Mercury transit is about 14 days and it will transit in Scorpio on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 08:55 PM in the evening. It will remain in this sign till 10:00 AM in the morning on Tuesday, January 01, 2019. Its presence in a Scorpion’s life determines their logical and reasoning ability, and influences their thought processes and expressions. It rotates around possibilities, their opinions and capabilities to perform things.

As the transit will influence all 12 Zodiac signs, therefore, let’s see how it will impact the life of each native.

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Planet Mercury will move into your 8th House. During this transit period, you may experience gains in your wealth. Seeking loan from bank or from miscellaneous sources is predicted. An inclination towards spirituality may increase in you, and you may also take interest in Mantras and Occult Sciences. Health issues to siblings is likely, and you may also face impediments in your undertakings. To refrain yourself from health issues, you need to take proper care of yourself. The onset of this transit may also bring about unplanned and unintentional journeys. Moreover, your spouse may receive some gains.

Remedy: Donate green vegetables on Wednesdays.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 7th House from your Moon sign. During this transit period, you would be inclined towards making your domestic life peaceful and harmonious. Moreover, good conversations would add essence and gist in your family and love life. Plans for love marriage are also in your cards but, hindrances might come your way regarding the same. In order to seek better opportunities and prospects, you might look for a job change. This transit of Mercury would enhance your intellect, and your spouse may also achieve something big. Children would also feel comfortable in this duration. However, keep a check on your expenses as expenditures might upswing a bit.

Remedy: Light a Camphor lamp and worship Lord Hari Vishnu.


Planet Mercury will move into your 6th House from your Moon sign. In this transit period, your health may decline, so take proper care of yourself. Debates and disputes would be the nucleus of your attention as you would be involved in them. Though a lot of hindrances might occur at work but, your sincerity and hard work would pay for you. Meeting your maternal relatives is presaged. Your expenses might surge. Although, you would face troubles through your opponents but, in the end you would supercede them all.

Remedy: Donate Jaggery on Tuesday.

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Planet Mercury will move in the 5th House from your Moon sign. A sense of high determination would persist in you during this transit period. You will have good communication skills and a boost in your intellect is presaged. An inclination towards your hobbies and the urge to develop them is foreseen. Studying in abroad is predicted and health issues to children are also likely. There might be some misunderstandings and compatibility issues in your love life but, in the end everything would be in full swings. Increase in the status of your spouse is prophesied. Apart from this, a new or a novice relationship might kick off.

Remedy: Donate green clothes to Mausi, Bua or Aunt.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 4th House from your Moon sign. This transit would bring happiness and prosperity in your domestic life. You might spend money over household activities or in making your family members happy. Misunderstandings and tiffs between you and your family members is also presaged. Buying a new house is likely and moreover, you might receive gains through property. This transit period would prove to be enjoyable and entertaining for your mother. To achieve your expectations and goals, you would excel at workplace.

Remedy: Take blessings from transgenders.


Planet Mercury will move into your 3rd House. During this transit period, you would witness a boost in your passion, anger, determination and communication skills. You might look for a change in job. You would be supportive towards your siblings and friends. However, some issues would still be there. Making new friends and meeting new people is predicted, and social status of your spouse might also get elevated. Apart from this, short distance journeys are likely.

Remedy: Wear ten faced Rudraksha around your neck.

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Planet Mercury will transit in the 2nd House from your Moon sign. In this transit period, you would be sweet with your words and your speech would also impress others. Moreover, you might gain through your impressive speech. Gains from foreign land is also presaged along with several monetary gains. Look after your spouse as health issues might bother them. Sincerity and hard work would lead you to success in your career. Refrain yourself from getting into arguments. An effective oversight on financial matters is required in order to control your expenses.

Remedy: Worship Lord Buddha and offer green fodder to cows.


Planet Mercury will move into your own sign in the First House. During this transit period, you would focus on increasing your income sources. There would be an elevation in your status and multiple gains are presaged. Attending social gatherings is foreseen and some arguments with brothers or friends is predicted. This transit period might also cause mental distress to you, so you need to be calm and composed in your disposition. However, a long awaited wish of yours might get fulfilled. Dominating over your opponents is the other side of the coin. Peace and bliss in your marital life is also marked by this Mercury transit. You would enjoy working at your workplace. But, you might face some health issues related to skin, blood, etc.

Remedy: Donate Camphor on Tuesday at Shri Vishnu Temple.


Planet Mercury will move in the 12th House from your Moon sign. You would experience high expenditures and probably, you might go abroad for business or professional purpose. These expeditions to abroad would be fruitful for you. During this transit period, several disputes and arguments are probable. An elevation or rise in your career is presaged, and at the same time, your opponents may try to overpower you. Do not avoid your health issues as they may transform into severe complications.

Remedy: Donate Green Cardamom on Wednesday.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 11th House from your Moon sign. In this transit period, your potential efforts would result in your success. A feeling of accomplishing something would surround you as far as your undertakings are concerned. Though hurdles would come your way but, still you would emerge out with gains in wealth. A lot of benefits would be procured by you through rental properties. But, irrespective of all the things, your luck would support you and you would come across many opportunities for growth. You would experience a sense of improvement in your love life, and there would be an increase in your friends and social circle. Furthermore, you would be successful in all disputes related matters and you would also dominate your opponents.

Remedy: Wear Vidhara Mool either on your arm or your neck.


Planet Mercury will transit into your 10th House. In this transit period, you would apply your intellect at work, which would fetch you fruitful results. This period would also mark your recognition and mindwork. A harmonious domestic life is presaged. Sudden ups and downs in your career is predicted, and your spouse would enjoy all the comforts. At work, you might implement your intellect. Sudden unplanned travel related to work is foreseen, and children might face some minor health issues.

Remedy: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.


Planet Mercury will move in the 9th House from your Moon sign. In this transit period, you might earn gains and respect through your spouse. Benefits through business partnerships and an enhancement in social status is presaged. Probable chances of receiving a prize is also predicted. You may develop an interest in writing and may also plan for your higher education. Long journeys related to business or education is on the cards, and health issues to mother is also foreseen.

Remedy: Feed green fodder and Jaggery to cows.

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