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Mercury Transit in Taurus (25 April, 2022)

Mercury transit in Taurus (25 April 2022) sheds light on the lives of natives during the transforming transition of Mercury in the zodiac sign Taurus. Find out how these predictions unveil what’s in store for these natives and what remedies will help them eradicate the malefic effects of Mercury and gain its blessings.

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In Vedic astrology, the planet mercury is considered as the messenger of God, and it is the Lord of Gemini and Virgo signs. Mercury is also the closest planet to the sun. Besides this, Mercury is called budh in Indian tradition. Mercury represents intelligence, bit and humour in person, and it is considered a beneficial planet in some situations. Natives with strong Mercury are blessed with sharp thinking abilities, but they may also manifest anxiety and indecisiveness.

Mercury rules the planet of communication, and it symbolises areas related to trade, accounts, banking, networking and commerce. A strong Mercury gives success in the above-mentioned fields. Mercury is also responsible for controlling the work related to telephone, telegraph, email, courier, and other posts.

Mercury transit in Taurus

Mercury Transit in Taurus: Timing

The transit of Mercury in the sign of Taurus will take place on 25th April 2022 Monday at 00:05. The transit of Mercury in Taurus makes a person good at maths and will be able to make fast decisions. It also makes the native very polite and gives a luxurious life. Mercury with this transit will provide mostly good results, and the creativity in the artistic side will get enhanced. The memory of the native will also be very sharp, and it is a good time to accumulate wealth through creativity and art. Native Who is involved in the field of writing, creativity; designing will get most of the period.

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Learn what the impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus is going to have on your respective zodiac sign:


For Aries' moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth house and is transiting in the second house of wealth, speech and family. During this transit, you will be very sweet in your speech, and you will be spending your time wisely. Native was involved in music and counselling work will do well during this period. Financially the transit may be challenging for you as you won’t be able to save much money during this period, and you should also be very careful while signing any document without reading them thoroughly and it is advised to analyse the situation before making any big investment. In your personal life, if you are in a relationship, then you need to take some time out for your partner and build your relationship stable and strong. Do not control your partner, as this will affect your relationship with them. You will have a very good time with your family, and you will enjoy this period with your friends, family and relatives. Healthwise, you will feel physically fit and energetic during this period. It is advised that you can take up some activity to keep yourself fit and healthy. Apart from this, you may face some issues related to ENT and you are also advised to go for regular checkups and take care of your dental health.

Remedy: Grow and nurture the basil plant for witnessing the auspicious results of Mercury.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


For the Taurus moon sign, Mercury is the ruler of the Second and fifth house and is transiting in the first house of character, self and personality. During this period, the native will have a harmonious time with their family, and the native will also enjoy and live a blissful life with his/her spouse. During this transit, your spouse will support you fully as Mercury will have a beneficial aspect on the seventh house. Financially, this period is very good if you want to construct a new house or put your money into the renovation of your house. There will be an increase in name, fame and respect in society, and there will be a success in your relationship. This is also considered as a very good time period for students to focus on their studies. For working professionals, people who indulge in a job will do very well, and you will be inclined towards exploring new opportunities which might elevate your career. Natives who are in business and who belong in trading will get profit during this time. Healthwise, during this period, you will feel fit and healthy. It is advised to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet to stay fit.

Remedy: Offering sweets to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday will prove favourable for you.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For the Gemini moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the third and fourth house and is transiting in the 12th house of expenditure, losses, foreign gains and spirituality. This period will be a rollercoaster ride for you as, during this period, you might have to see many ups and downs in your professional life. Natives who are in business are instructed to work very thoughtfully, and at this time, you will be worried hence you are advised not to start any new work. Working professionals may have to face a lot of opposition at their workplace, and they might be mentally stressed during this period. Financially this is not a very good time to invest in any scheme and also during this time your expenses will be high. It is advised to stay in reality and control your expenses as much as possible. In personal life, it is advised to control your unnecessary anger and aggression in order to maintain peace and harmony in your relationships. Some natives may also have a chance to travel abroad during this period. Students will gain good marks in their examinations during this period. Apart from this, you are advised to take good care of your health as you may undergo some minor ailments related to your skin and eyes.

Remedy: Wear green emerald in the index finger to get favourable results

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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For cancer, the moon sign mercury is the lord of the 12th and third house and is transiting in the 11th house of income, desire and gain. This period will bring favourable results to the negative, and it will be a period of fulfilment of wishes and desires. The native will see a significant increase in their income, and there are chances that they may get high or increment if they are in a job during this time. Financially, the investment will bring about success; hence they are advised to invest in short-term as well as long-term gain during this period. In personal life, the native will be socially very active, and you are in for a very good social interaction during this transit. You will have a great time with your friends, and helpful insight from seniors will help you a lot. You will have a blissful time with your family, and you will be spending some quality time with your spouse. Healthwise, this period will be fruitful for you, and you will feel physically fit and healthy, but still, it is advised to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly or practise yoga/meditation if possible.

Remedy: Chant “Om Budhaya Namaha” 108 times daily

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For Leo moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the 11th and second house and is transiting through the 10th house of profession and career. During this period professionally, this period will be very favourable for you, and you will be inclined towards proving yourself at the workplace, which will also be beneficial for you as you will earn name and fame during this period. Your creativity and other skills will get upgraded, and you will be able to fulfil your task efficiently and effectively. Financially it is a good time to invest money in property as Mercury has a beneficial aspect on the fourth house. In your personal life, you will be filled with positive thoughts, which will increase the domestic peace at your house. Your married life will also show some positive results, and you will maintain good harmony with the spouse. It is advised to maintain speech, especially in public places. Students during this period will see your favourable time as well. Healthwise, there are no major afflictions on your health. You are still advised to stay grounded in this period and take care of your health and not be careless.

Remedy: Donate green lentils in temple on Wednesday

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For the Virgo moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the first and 10th house and is transiting in the ninth house of religion, luck and international journeys. During this transit, Your professional life will be very good, and you will receive new opportunities on new job offers during this period. Still, it is advised to put in all your hard work and stay consistent in your work and not get overconfident. Natives who are involved in the field of acting in entertainment will see a favourable output during this period. At this time, you will maintain a good relationship with higher officials, which will bring progress to your work. This is also a very good time for the students who wish to study abroad. Financially, your expenses will be a little higher during this period, but then at the same time there are also chances that you may get a hike in the salary, but still, you are advised to focus on saving for future needs. In your personal life, give respect to your parents and maintain good relationships with your siblings and do not allow aggression or impulsiveness to overpower you as it may spoil your relationship with your family. Healthwise, during this period, you may face some minor health issues, and hence you are advised to take precautionary measures so that you don’t have to be stressed about it in the future.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Vishnu every day

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For libra moon sign, Mercury is the lord of 12th and 9th is transiting in the eighth house Of occult, sudden loss/gain an inheritance. During this period, there are chances that natives may have lots of misunderstandings in the relationship but do not worry that the dispute will resolve immediately. But still, it is advised not to get into arguments with elders. There is also a possibility of getting a dispute over ancestral property. Professionally in association with Foreign sources will come up with good gains. Good time to receive a visa if you are planning to travel to foreign countries. On the contrary, this period may have some problems related to support of your luck as your luck may not favour you so much, so you have to put in extra hard work at your workplace or in your business. Natives who are in the field of import and export, media and communication, publication etc., will get good outcomes in this period. Financially in this period, you may have some loss in terms of money and finance; however, there could also be times when you may have unexpected financial gains. Healthwise, you are advised not to take any stress and practice yoga and meditation regularly.

Remedy: Chant Mercury beej mantra 108 times daily

Libra Weekly Horoscope


For the Scorpio moon sign, Mercury is the lord of 8th and 11th is transiting in the seventh house of relationship, spouse and partnership. During this transit Business, people who work in partnership will see a favourable time during this period and will see an increase in respect and fame during this period. For these natives, profits and gains are likely to come. You are advised to stay grounded and be polite, so people don't get an excuse to drag you down. This is also a favourable period to start a new venture or a project as you will have a chance to come in touch with some new traders. In personal life, the period is going to be a little tough for married life as you and your spouse may have some ego clashes during this transit, and hence you are advised to resolve your personal matters without involving any third party. Natives who are single will come across good matches, and there are chances that they may come into a committed relationship. The health of your spouse also needs some attention in this transit. Financially this is a good period for you as you will be earning profit/sudden gains through multiple sources. Healthwise, you will be fit and fine during this period still you are advised to exercise regularly and stay fit.

Remedy: Observe fast on Wednesdays.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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For the Sagittarius moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the seventh and 10th house and is transiting in the sixth house of daily wages, competition, enemies and diseases. During this period, the natives in business Or in a job will perform very well and will gain benefits as well as receive support and the chance of getting a promotion is also on the chart. Financially, during this transit, those who are willing to expand their business should take some time to plan properly as a huge investment would be required and taking any decision in a hurry can lead to huge losses. Relationship wise, everything will be very smooth, and the native will enjoy a very good period. Students will see some problems related to concentrating on their studies, and they have to make an extra effort to put their focus on their studies. Healthwise, your spouse may suffer some health problems, so it is advised to pay attention to your spouse‘s health.

Remedy: Feeding parrots is also the best way to worship planet Mercury.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For the Capricorn moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth house and is transiting in the fifth house of love, romance and children. During this transit professionally, the native will have a successful period, and they will be more creative in completing their project. It will be a good time for the students as they will be able to solve their problems very easily and will be able to focus on their studies properly. Natives who are interested in gambling and speculative activity via lottery and betting may invest some money during this period as there are chances that we may get some profit out of it. Traders will also get profit during this period. In personal life, some couples will have a chance to get married this time and need your advice not to fall into unnecessary disputes as we can separate you from your loved ones. Healthwise, you will be fit and healthy, but it is still advised that you should not indulge in any kind of physical activity and strain yourself and better would be if you practise meditation and yoga, which will be good for your mental as well as for your physical health.

Remedy: Offering green vegetables and grass to cows lowers the impact of weak mercury in the chart.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


For Aquarius' moon sign, Mercury is the lord of fifth and 8th is transiting in the fourth house of comfort, luxury, home and mother. During this period, the natives may feel some ups and downs in their life as it will be difficult for the native to focus on their work and native who are in business their work will be completed after putting in a lot of hard work and going through struggles. In personal life, good vibes and love will prevail between husband and wife and those who want to go for a love marriage. This is the right time to get married. This period is also good for your in-laws, and you will also gain happiness from them. Mostly your attention will be on improving your personal life during this period. Sudden events might take place within your phone or personal front. On the health front, you are advised to be cautious while diving as during this transit, minor injuries can be foreseen, and you may also face some issues related to cold and cough during this period.

Remedy: To lessen the negative effect of mercury, make sure to keep a good oral hygiene.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


For Pisces moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the fourth and seventh house and is transiting in the third house of courage, travel and siblings. During this transit, the native will feel very courageous, and his calculation will be very good during this period. During this period, the native will see improvement in their communication skills as well. Financially, you will see a favourable period and hence you are advised to invest in long-term schemes as it will give you profit. Journeys taken during this period are going to bring you gains and profit. In personal life, husband and wife should spend some time with each other to improve mutual relations. The relationship with your mother and father will improve during this period. Though many times you may feel stressed, with your endurance power, you will be able to tackle any of the adverse situations well in this period. It is advised to avoid any argument in your married life else there might be increased fight. Healthwise, this period will prove favourable for you, but still, it is advised to take precautions and get a full body checkup if needed.

Remedy: Avoid meat, egg and alcohol to make mercury in your favour.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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