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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius (5 June, 2022)

According to Vedic Astrology, the planetary movement of Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is taking place on June 5, 2022. Out of all the planets, Shani Dev is considered to be the slowest-moving justice-loving planet, which is also the provider of Karma. This planet affects the work and business of the person the most. Shani Dev stays in a zodiac for about two and a half years and only after this, the planet transits into another sign. Saturn is a very important planet for all astrologers and for this reason, while studying the horoscope of a person, astrologers especially look at the position of Shani in the horoscope.

Saturn Retrograde

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In the domain of astrology, the Sun has been given the title of the king of the planets, then the son of the Sun, Saturn, acquires the position of a servant in the assembly of planets. This planet, playing the role of the chief magistrate for the natives, gives both good and bad results to the person according to his deeds. Apart from this, when the planet Saturn becomes retrograde in any zodiac, then its effort force increases and due to this, Saturn is able to give its fruits more elaborately in every zodiac sign. Also, due to being a slow-moving planet, when Saturn is retrograde, then there is a possibility of slowdown in work, due to which more hard work is demanded from the person.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: Timings and Date

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will take place on June 5, 2022, Sunday at 4:14 AM. It has been seen that the results of retrograde Saturn are different for each zodiac sign. During this period, the result of retrograde Saturn will be inauspicious for a person when the effect of Saturn’s Mahadasha in the horoscope is also weak, then Saturn retrograde can prove to be inauspicious. In such a situation, let us now know in detail the astrological effect of Saturn retrograde in Aquarius on all the zodiac signs.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: शनि कुंभ राशि में वक्री (5 जून 2022)

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For the natives of the Aries of zodiac sign, Shani Dev is the lord of the tenth and eleventh house. The tenth house of the horoscope represents job, business and karma. Whereas the eleventh house represents income, profit and success. Now the retrograde motion of Saturn in the eleventh house on June 5, will offer auspicious results to the Aries natives during this period.

This retrograde motion of Saturn will give strength to your career and due to this, those people who are looking for a job or are thinking of changing their job, this time will also be good for them. Time will also be favorable for business people at the workplace. Because they will get good opportunities in this period.

From the financial point of view, there will be full chances of good growth in your income at this time. However, while doing its retrograde, Saturn will also look at your fifth house. Due to which there will be a possibility of some differences between the loving natives. If you are willing to go abroad or want to settle abroad then you may face some problems at this time.

But talking about the students, those who were looking to go abroad for education, they will have to deal with many obstacles in their work and efforts at this time. Along with this, Shani Dev will work to give new opportunities to the students associated with the IT and engineering sector.

Remedy: To get the auspicious results of the planet Saturn, offer mustard oil to a black dog on a regular basis.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


For the natives of the Taurus zodiac sign, Saturn is the lord of the ninth and tenth houses. In the domain of Vedic astrology, the ninth house is considered to be the significator of luck and the tenth house is considered to be of career. In such a situation, due to the retrograde of Shani Dev in the tenth house in Aquarius, the people of Taurus will get some good news related to their career. This period is going to be especially good for those people who are thinking of changing jobs.

Apart from this, due to Shani Dev being the lord of your destiny, you will also get full support of your luck. With this, you will be able to earn success in your life. At this time, married people may have some differences with their partner due to some reason. On the other hand, if you are involved in the business of partnership, then you are advised to be a little careful. Because during this period, you are seeing the possibility of loss in business.

However, Saturn will be in the fourth house of your comfort. Therefore, this move of Shani can bring some reduction in your comforts. There will be a possibility of any dispute related to property for many natives. Also, in your financial life, you will need to control your expenses during this period. In such a situation, use your money according to a right budget plan from the beginning, otherwise there is a possibility that you will spend a large part of your money on some important things even if you do not want to.

Remedy: Take mustard oil in a bowl and see your reflection in it and then donate that oil to the temple or the poor.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For the natives of Gemini zodiac sign, Shani Dev is the ruling lord of your eighth and ninth house. In the domain of Vedic astrology, the eighth house represents some major change, longevity, while the ninth house is related to luck and fame. In such a situation, now Shani Dev will be retrograde in your ninth house i.e. fortune. As a result of this, you will get the support of luck.

But despite this, you will need to be more careful about your health from the beginning. Especially those people who were struggling with some of their past problems, their problems may increase further. Because there is a high possibility that some disease may trouble you suddenly, so if necessary, immediately seek the advice of a good doctor.

Apart from this, Shani Dev, doing his retrograde in your ninth house, will see the third house of your courage, younger siblings, mental balance, short distance travel etc. Therefore, at this time due to some differences arising between you and your younger siblings, your mind may become somewhat disturbed. During this time, you should avoid all kinds of travel, whether it is related to work or personal life. Because you are likely to suffer loss due to travel now. At the same time, students will have to increase their efforts related to education by showing their courage.

Remedy: Wear an iron ring in your finger to get favorable results from Shani Dev.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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For the people of Cancer zodiac, Saturn is the ruling lord of your seventh and eighth house. In the domain of Vedic astrology, the seventh house is associated with life partner and partnership, while the eighth house is related to some major change and longevity. In such a situation, now Shani Dev will be retrograde in your eighth house. Saturn retrograde in the eighth house can give some old diseases to many people and this will increase your problem further. Therefore, you are advised not to ignore even the smallest problem while taking care of your health from the very beginning.

Apart from this, many such Yogas are also being formed such that you may suddenly become a victim of an accident. In such a situation, especially while driving or walking on the road, be very careful. However, time is going to be a little better for personal life. Especially if you are married, you will get better results than usual at this time. Along with this, the retrograde position of Saturn in the eighth house will also create the possibility of destroying the enemies and opponents of Cancer.

At the same time, those people who were willing to go abroad, due to the blessings of Shani Dev at this time, are more likely to get some good news due to success in their endeavors.

Remedy: Donate black colored things especially on Saturdays.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For those who are registered under the Leo zodiac sign, Shani Dev is the lord of your sixth and seventh house. In the domain of astrology, where the sixth house is related to the conflict, enemies and diseases of the person, the seventh house is related to the life partner and partnership. In such a situation, on June 5, Saturn will be retrograde in your seventh house while retrograde in Aquarius. As a result of this, there will most likely be some problem in your married life. There are high chances that Shani Dev can create differences or any misunderstanding between you and your spouse.

Apart from this, you will also need to defend yourself by taking special care towards your enemies and opponents at this time. But those who are willing to go abroad, Shani Dev is going to support them with luck.

Now talking about the students, those who are preparing for competitive exams will need to work harder than before due to this retrograde phase of Shani Dev. Along with this, it is also showing the possibility of many career-related benefits to the people of retrograde Saturn. Those who are into business will also be successful in getting sudden money in their business at this time by the grace of Shani Dev. But despite this, you are also strongly advised to avoid lending your money to anyone especially at this time.

Remedy: Light a lamp of mustard oil under the Peepal tree regularly.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For Virgo natives, Saturn is the lord of the fifth and sixth house for your zodiac sign. According to Vedic astrology, the fifth house is related to education and children while the sixth house gives information about conflict, enemy and disease. In such a situation, Shani Dev will retrograde in your sixth house i.e. enemy and disease. Therefore, during this period, any old disease of the Virgo zodiac can trouble them again.

However, if we talk about the positive aspects, then during the retrograde state of Saturn, the Virgo natives will attain good benefits through share market and speculations. Besides this, in terms of career, Virgo natives will enjoy a favorable time at the workplace during Saturn retrograde.

Apart from this, while Saturn retrograde is in Aquarius, you will see your eighth house (age, danger, accident), twelfth house (expense, loss, salvation) and third house (courage, younger siblings, mental balance). As a result of which this retrograde will also create the possibility of giving many problems related to economic life to the natives. Also, you will not be able to get the support of your younger siblings. There will also be a possibility of some kind of accident with many natives.

From the point of view of health, Shani Dev can also give you some diseases related to the chest or stomach. Due to this, you will suffer from problems like indigestion, gas, acidity etc. That's why you are advised to eat only home cooked food this year, while avoiding outside food.

Also, whatever projects you were working on from the past, you will also feel hindered during this period. Therefore, keeping some patience and restraint on the field, wait for a favorable period.

During Saturn retrograde, the Cancer natives will get the opportunity to obtain money through inheritance. Overall, this motion of Saturn will bring both good and bad outcomes for the Cancer natives.

Remedy: Offer vermilion to Hanuman Ji on every Saturday.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For Libra natives, the planet Saturn is the lord of the fourth and fifth house of your zodiac. According to astrology, the fourth house represents the mother, vehicle and happiness in life while the fifth house is related to education and children. Shani is also your yoga karaka planet which has a very important effect in your life.

On June 5 this year, Shani Dev will be retrograde in your fifth house i.e. education and love. Due to this, the mind of the students of Libra zodiac may deviate from their studies at this time. In terms of love and relationships, Shani Dev can also create a situation of differences among the people who are in love. As a result of which an argument is possible between you and your lover over some small matter.

Apart from this, Shani Dev while doing his retrograde in Aquarius can also bring problems in your relations with brothers and sisters in family life during this period. Due to this, the atmosphere of unrest in the family will give you stress. In such a situation, to maintain your family happiness, you will need to strike the right balance between work and household life. Also, the effect of Shani Dev in your zodiac is going to affect the health of your mother. Therefore, taking proper care of them will also be important for you at this time.

Remedy: Feed laddoos to monkeys and black dogs on Saturdays.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


Saturn is the lord of the third and fourth houses of your zodiac. According to astrology, the third house of the horoscope is related to effort, communication and siblings, while the fourth house represents mother, vehicle and happiness. In such a situation, on June 5 this year, Saturn will be retrograde in your fourth house. Therefore, during this retrograde, your relationship with your mother may deteriorate a bit. Any old dispute related to any land or property may increase again in the family. As a result of this, Shani Dev will make you most likely to give many problems related to family and your family at this time.

But time is going to be better in terms of career. Chances are high that by the grace of Shani Dev, you will get some good news related to your field of work. Even if you are a trader, this period is bringing favorable results for you. Because at this time you will suddenly get some good profit from your hard work in business.

However, married people will have to face hardships. Some disputes are possible, especially with your spouse regarding children. But in spite of all disputes and differences, both of you are going to be successful in removing all the problems coming between you, taking full care of each other's feelings. For this, you will be seen starting yourself and spending good time with each other.

Remedy: Worship your Kuldevi or Kuldevta to get success in life.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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For the people of Sagittarius, Shani Dev is the lord of the second and third houses in their zodiac. According to astrology, the second house is related to money, family and language while the third house represents brother-sister, effort and communication. In such a situation, at this time Saturn will be retrograde in your third house. Therefore, through this retrograde, you will see full support of your brothers and sisters.

But despite this, Shani Dev can also cause some problems in your family at this time. Due to this, lack of peace in your family will give you trouble. Apart from this, due to the retrograde of Shani Dev in Aquarius, the aspect of Shani Dev will also fall on your destiny. As a result of this, the natives of Sagittarius will also be seen getting the support of luck at this time.

Especially those students who are preparing for government jobs, this period will make them favorable. Also, by the grace of Shani Dev, you will earn success in your career as well.

Remedy: Serve your parents for happiness and prosperity in family life.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For the natives of Capricorn, Shani Dev is the ruling lord of your zodiac sign as well as the ruling lord of your second house. In the realm of astrology, we find out the character, personality and longevity of a person from the house of Lagna. Whereas wealth, family and language are known from the second house. Now on June 5, Shani Dev will be retrograde in the second house of your family i.s. family. Your family life will be affected the most by this.

This position of Saturn in your house Arguments in the family will lead to the situation. During this there is also a fear that there will be a lack of brotherhood among the members of the house and they will be seen standing opposite each other.

But Shani Dev is going to give favorable results to the people belonging to foreign countries. Apart from this, Shani Dev will completely see your eighth house during this retrograde in your second house. As a result, your comfort will increase. Along with this, you will also get relief from your health related problems to a great extent.

However, in love affairs, Shani Dev may create some dispute or misunderstanding between the lovers by taking the test of the natives. But if you truly love your partner, then you will be victorious in this test by removing every misunderstanding and respecting each other. During this time, many lovers can also plan to introduce the beloved to their family members.

Remedy: It will be appropriate for you to recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa on every Saturday.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Shani Dev, the giver of karma, is the ruling lord of your first house as well as your twelfth house. According to astrology, the ascendant house reveals the character, personality and longevity of a person while the twelfth house is believed to be related to loss, expenses, hospitality and amenities. Now, Shani Dev will be retrograde in your own zodiac sign i.e. your ascendant sign. For this reason, Shani Dev will form Yogas to create many mental problems.

Although you will look somewhat restless mentally, despite this, you are going to be able to remove yourself from this adverse situation with your understanding. Also, this retrograde phase of Shani Dev will also affect your married life and as a result, you will need the right support of your life partner in your life. In family life too, this time will give you the support of younger siblings.

Apart from this, Shani Dev, being in your first house at this time, is also going to see your career. Due to this, you will be able to get auspicious opportunities related to your career while making progress in your field of work. On the other hand, talking about the students, those students who were waiting for the results of the examination will also get good marks in their examination.

Remedy: Donate grains equal to your weight in any hermitage/Ashram.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Shani Dev is the lord of the eleventh and twelfth house for your zodiac. According to astrology, where the eleventh house is related to income, we know the loss from the twelfth house. Now this planet Saturn will be retrograde in your expenditure house i.e. twelfth house and hence your expenses will increase during this period. Rising expenses will affect your financial life the most and this may cause you some money-related problems.

Apart from this, the sight of Saturn on your disease house is advising you to be careful about your health. Therefore, if you have any health-related problems during this time, then without delay, consult a good doctor immediately.

Also, the most impact of Shani Dev's vision will be on the business people. Because at this time they may feel a lack of money for investment and due to this they will also plan to take any loan or loan with more interest. However, repaying this loan in future will also become a cause of trouble for you. Also, keep an eye on the enemies as well, otherwise they can harm you while conspiring against you.

Overall, during this retrograde, you are most advised to keep your money while trying to control your extravagance. On the other hand, married people will also need to work patiently to maintain peace at home.

Remedy: Reciting Siddha Kunjika Stotra daily will be especially favorable for you.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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