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Sun Transit in Scorpio(16 November 2020)


Sun, which is considered the king of the celestial sphere, is going to move from its debilitated sign Libra into its friendly sign Scorpio. This transit is going to happen on 16th November 2020, at 06:40 AM. It will remain in this sign till 15th December 2020, and enter Sagittarius at 21:19 IST.

The Sun in a good position bestows one with leadership qualities, aristocracy, name and fame. It is also considered a life force, soul in vedic astrology and influences the government and administration. Now, as this fiery planet is transiting through the Scorpio sign that denotes martial energy. So, let’s see what effects it brings on the 12 zodiac signs.

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Sun Transit in Scorpio


Aries natives will host the Sun in their eighth house of transformation, changes and research. This position of Sun will not bring auspicious results for the Aries natives. They may face some hardships during this duration. The Sun which is sometimes considered a cruel planet, is directly aspecting the second house which represents savings, accumulated wealth and family.This indicates that you may face some crunches regarding wealth and income, so, keeping a balance between your savings and expenditures is of paramount importance during this time frame. Also, you can be a little harsh in terms of speech which can result in creating some disturbances in the family environment. This transit also shows some problems with the father, so, try and maintain proper decorum while speaking with him.

The professionals of this sign may face themselves getting embroiled into controversy or gossip, which can be a source of worry and mental tension. But, it is advised to stay calm and patient during this time, as this may help you to pass this troubling phase with ease. Also, avoid indulging in any confrontations with your seniors and higher management.

This movement of Sun also indicates that Aries natives might face some difficulties with the Government agencies. So, it is suggested to file your pending taxes on time, if any and try and do not do anything that is against or in violation of government policies.

Parents might feel a little worried regarding the health and well being of their children. Students might face some difficulty in concentration on their studies which might affect their academic performance.

Inculcate, meditation, yoga and stay from junk, fried and spicy food during this duration. Otherwise, you may face some issues regarding the abdomen or lower abdomen region of your body.

Remedy- Doing Surya Namaskar daily during sunrise will bring auspicious benefits.


The Sun will transit in the seventh house of Spouse,Business partnerships and vocation for Taurus natives. As, the Sun is directly aspecting the first house of your personality which can sometimes make you authoritative and dominating in your behavior. This can create some problems with your spouse and loved ones. So, try to be polite to your partner and give them necessary space, It will help you to clear the air in relationships. The individuals of this sign, owning business in the form of partnerships may face some misunderstandings and difference of opinion with their business partner. So, be clear in terms of communication with your partner which will help you to resolve the issue with them. Professionals of this might face some humiliation at their workspace either from their seniors or colleagues. So, it is best not to indulge in a war of words with them, rather stay cool and calm and leave the space immediately. This will help you to deal with the matter peacefully later on, when the time approaches for you. Journeys, if not essential, should be avoided as they may result in wastage of your precious time and money. As the bilious in temperament, it indicates that you may face some problems regarding your abdomen region during this time frame. So, try and have plenty of water during this duration, stay away from eating food with too much salt and spice. Also, try and indulge yourself in any physical activity that involves a lot of sweating. This will bring positive results for your health and wellbeing.

Remedy- Offer Water to the Sun during Sun rise.


Gemini natives will see moving to their sixth house of competitions, challenges, and enemies. This position of the Sun will bring auspicious results for them. This movement of the Sun will help them to get some benefits in the health matters, as you will get relief from the disease or illness that may have been bothering you for a long time. Gemini natives will be at the peak of their will power and strength, which will help them to overcome any obstacles, challenges that they may face during this time frame with ease. Also, this Sun transit will bestow you with high competitive energy which will help you to gain an edge over your enemies. Professionals of this sign looking for job change may come across many opportunities in their desired fields. The individuals persisting with the same organisation will see their work getting acknowledged and appreciated by seniors. However, it is advised to stay away from taking any kind of loans or indulging in any kind of conflicts. Rather, it is a very auspicious time if you want to indulge in any savings or want to invest your money in some ventures. Students of this sign preparing for government or competitive exams, might see their dreams come true during this time frame.

Remedy- Recite “Aditya Hriday” Stotra daily during sunrise.

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Cancer natives will host the Sun in their fifth house which represents offsprings, intellect, love and romance. This position of the Sun will bring mixed results for the individuals who belong to this sign of crab. The Sun transiting in your fifth house can make you easily annoyed, temperamental and angry at even small things which can create problems in the relationships. This position of the Sun will make you sentimental and you will easily take things to heart, which can create differences between you and your beloved. So, it is advised to take things easy and have open and clear communication with your partner. This will help you in taking the relationship in the desired direction. However, spending some quality time with your children will help you in establishing connection with your inner self and bring your intuition and creativity to the forefront, which are your main strengths.

Professionals of this sign may face some unwanted delays in their workspace which might cause some undue stress and worries for them. So, instead of undertaking any new task during this time frame, try and look into the structure and planning of your tasks again and notice the flaws that have caused the delays. This will help you to get better results of your endeavors when the right time approaches.

The increased aggression and stress may result in you having some health issues.So, it is a good time to connect with your hobbies and interests, which may have been pending for a long time. This may help to increase your positivity and confidence, resulting in improvement in your health and wellbeing.

Though, it will be an auspicious time for students, as this position of the Sun will help them in terms of improved concentration and focus. This will help them achieve good grades in their academics.

Remedy- Donate copper on sundays.


The Sun transiting in the fourth house that represents the Mother, comforts, home and Luxuries will make the Leo natives divert all their energies and focus on their home and family. You may be inclined to do something to your home either in the form of renovation or decorating to jazz it up. This is also a very good duration to deal in the matters related to sale and purchase of property, real estate which have been pending for long. This is also an auspicious period to spend some quality time with your family. Having family outings and get- togethers at home will help in strengthening the bond within the family. Some individuals belonging to this sign can also be inclined to purchase a new vehicle. However, Mother’s health may remain weak during this time, which can become a cause and worry for some Leo natives.

Professionally, this period will produce positive results in terms of profession. Leo natives working in government sectors are likely to gain increment or promotion in this time frame. For others, it is a good time for planning long term projects. But, as the fourth house stands for comforts and securities, which indicates that sometimes you may be inclined to give priority to security and safety in your business or profession. This may make you confined to your comfort zone and stop you from taking bold decisions in your workplace.Because of this, sometimes you may not be able to achieve the results as per your potential.

However, the spouse of the leo natives will get good success, achievement and progress in their professional arena. This is also going to reflect on the family environment, leading to happiness and contentment.

Remedy- Wearing the Ruby stone 5-6cts. In your ring finger on Sunday will increase the benefits of the Sun.


Dear Virgo natives, you will see the Sun positioned in your third house of efforts, valor, courage and siblings. This transit of the Sun will see you bold, courageous in your efforts. You will not shy away from making out of the box decisions in your workplace. This will keep you in high stead among your higher management and colleagues. Some of the virgo natives can also achieve higher positions of authority in this time frame. According to the bhavat bhavam theory of Astrology, the third house is also the second from the second house of accumulated wealth and savings. This indicates that the individuals will come across many opportunities to multiply their wealth in this time duration. This is also an auspicious period to spend some quality time with your siblings. Also, you are likely to get good support from them during this transition of the Sun in your third house. Journeys undertaken during this period will prove to be successful and bring in gains and profit. This is a very time period that will see fulfilment of your desires and ambitions. Business persons will also find their operations run smoothly during this time frame. Also, they may also get some new proposals and agreements which may help in expansion and growth in their business. Some good news through the internet or other means of communication like mail etc. Also, students will utilise the time properly that will help them perform well in academics.

Remedy- Recite Vishnu Sahastranaam stotra daily during Sunrise

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Librans will see the Sun transit in their second house which represents the accumulated wealth, savings, family and speech. As the Sun is considered a dry planet in Vedic astrology, so, this position of the Sun may make it difficult for you to express your feelings or emotions to your loved ones. Because of this you may come out as straightforward in approach, and many people including your family members will not be able to understand you. So, the suggestion to the Libra natives would be to be more expressive while displaying their emotions to their loved ones. As the Sun represents the eleventh house of success for librans and is transiting in the second house, this indicates that the flow of money income would be good, but there would be some difficulties in sustaining it, so, proper management regarding inflow and outflow of Money will be very important during this transit. On the health part, eyes and teeth are the areas where you can face problems. So, maintain proper hygiene around your mouth area and try not to put too much strain on your eyes.

Remedy- Donate Jaggery on Sunday.


Dear Scorpio, you will see the Sun transiting in your ascendant in your house of personality and self. As Sun which is the lord of your tenth house of profession and career and is positioned in your first house of self. Scorpio natives will be career oriented, driven to be number one during this time, which may see them pushing themselves aggressively to complete their pending tasks. This may hold you in high stead among higher management and result in receiving accolades and appreciation from them. It will also be an auspicious period to start something new , as this position of the Sun will enhance your focus, concentration and vision. You will feel confident, bold and independent in your decision making. However, trying to be number one can sometimes make you too dominating and authoritative in approach, which can create some problems in your workplace, especially with your subordinates.

Personally, this position of the Sun will make you aggressive, annoyed in your behaviour, which can create some ups and downs in the relationships. So, it is advised to stay cool and calm in approach during this time duration.

This position of the Sun can also make you go into unwanted trips which can create some problems related to health. So, try and avoid undertaking any journeys in this time period. Also, inculcating yoga, meditation and any kind of physical activity in your daily routine will help you achieve positive results in terms of health.

Remedy- Taking the blessings of father, father figure before going to any important work will bring auspicious results.


The sagittarius natives will see the Sun position in their twelfth house which is the house of expenditures, foreign travels and gains from abroad. During this time some old issues or traumas can come up that you need to deal and move on from. So, this period is a good period to spend some time alone with yourself alone as it will help you to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. In this period your compassionate side will also come into forefront as you will be more inclined to help those who want to help themselves.

Professionally, you may face some difficult situations in your workplace. You may encounter some unnecessary hurdles and obstacles while achieving your targets and ambitions during this duration. This might create undue pressure and you might feel stagnant in terms of career growth.

On the financial front, situations will be tight, as the promotion or increment that you were waiting for, may get delayed. If you own your business, you might come across decline in income and profits. On the other hand, expenditures will be on the rise in this time frame. Also, indulge in any new venture or investment after properly weighing in pros and cons of every situation. Otherwise, you are going to incur losses in the bargain. Beware of blindly trusting anyone during this period, because they will not come out as faithful as you might think them to be.

It is not an auspicious time for love and romance, as there may be a lot of misunderstandings in relationships. So, try to strike open and transparent communication with your beloved, which will help ease things out in this duration.

In matters of health, abdomen and eyes are the areas of main concern. So, try to keep your diet in check and also avoid putting in too much strain in your eyes.

Remedy- Do Surya Namaskar daily during the Sun rise.

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Capricorn natives will host the Sun in their eleventh house of success, profits and status. This indicates that it will be a very auspicious time for the individuals born in this earth sign. This transit is likely to provide unexpected profits and success that you always longed for. The individuals in professional fields will receive praise, recognition and acknowledgement for their efforts in their workplace. Some unexpected benefits will be there from the government or senior authorities. Those of you who own business will see unprecedented rise in their profits and incomes. This is also a very good time to invest money in real estate, property and lands.

Personally, it is a very good time that may see you entering into new relationships which may convert into a strong bond in the future. For married couples, it is a very fruitful period to spend some quality time with each other, which may help in further strengthening the relationship.

Relationships with father and father like figures are likely to improve, also this period is indicating sufficient gains and support from them. However, some ego hassles and clashes can be there with your elder siblings, if any.

In terms of health, this period will provide you with the necessary energy and vitality to fight against any illnesses or diseases, thus, resulting in an improved state of health.

Overall, an auspicious transit for Capricorn, that has the ability to provide them with desired results.

Remedy- Taking blessings from your father or father figures before leaving for any important work will help you provide beneficial results.


The Sun positioned in the tenth house of career and profession is likely to provide many benefits to the natives born under this air sign. Professionals of this sign, looking for new jobs are likely to find them in their desired fields of job. Those of you in your present job might come across many opportunities that will see you rise to higher positions of authority within the organization. Your colleagues and subordinates will support you in your tasks and endeavors, that is likely to increase your productivity and efficiency in your workplace. Your status is likely to improve, you are likely to establish contacts with big and influential people in this duration, which will yield results and profits in the long run. You will be able to gain the necessary skills and experience during this time frame, which will provide the necessary push to your career. However, sometimes this position of the Sun can make you a bit aggressive and authoritarian in your attitude, which can create some conflicts in the workplace. So, be humble and down to earth in this duration, which will help you receive better results from this transit.

Business men of this sign feeling stuck from some time, might get some help to complete their pending tasks during this time frame. Also, travels and voyages undertaken in this period are likely to yield profits and success.

Personally, a good time for relationships and family. Your relationships with your father are likely to improve. In personal relationships,you will receive good support from your beloved and spouse, that will provide you with happiness and contentment. Friends and peers will also provide you with the necessary support during this period.

Healthwise, this period will see you energetic and full of passion and vigor. However, indulging in any kind of physical activity will help you to channelise energy in a better direction.This will provide a necessary boost to your health.

Remedy- Recite the “ Ram Raksha Stotra” daily during the sunrise.


Pisces natives will host the Sun in their ninth house which represents the spirituality, long journeys, higher education and fortune. Sun in this position will provide you with the benefits on both the fronts, personal and professional. The students of this sign will see their efforts and hardwork provide desired results, especially the students preparing for the government or competitive exams. This Movement of the Sun in your ninth house will see your father achieving great success and progress in his professional life. Also, you are likely to get great support from him during this time duration.

As the Sun is the lord of the sixth house of enemies, disputes and competition for the pisces and is transiting in the ninth house of fortune. This indicates that you will be able to dominate your enemies and competition during this transit. Also, any legal disputes pending in the court of law, are likely to go in your favor. The sixth house, also denotes professional success, so professionals born under the sign of fish are likely to benefit in this time period. You will be hardworking and sacrificing to accomplish your goals. You will be recognised and praised in your workplace for the work that you have done. For businessmen, especially those involved in government projects or contracts are likely to see themselves getting new projects and tasks.

You are likely to experience strong bonding in relationships with your partner. An auspicious period that will see you undertaking spiritual journeys and pilgrimages. Overall, a very auspicious period for you, which will be full of results and provide positive results, just be wise in your decision making and do not let your ego call the shots.

Remedy- Recite “ Surya Ashtakam” daily during the Sun rise.

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