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Sun Transit in Aquarius (February 13, 2022)

Sun Transit in Aquarius on February 13, 2022 will bring major transformations for all the zodiac signs. The Sun aka Ravi is the star in the centre of our solar system. It is known to be the most vital source of energy for life on earth. The Sun is the support system for all the life forms on our planet, whether it’s on the land or in the sea. It provides energy to our planet in different forms and has always been placed first in the planetary positions.

Sun Transit in Aquarius

Sun Transit in Aquarius: Timing

The Sun, lord of soul and power, is going to transit in the sign of Aquarius on 13th February 2022 at 3.12 AM in the morning. In Vedic Astrology, Sun rules the zodiac sign Leo and is considered to be debilitated in the sign of Libra and exalted in the sign of Aries. The planet signifies father, confidence and authority in the native’s life. When conjuncting with the planet Mercury of logic and intellect, it creates Budh Aditya Yoga. Sun transits through all the zodiac signs in one year, and hence it remains in one zodiac sign for around one month. This transit of the Sun in any particular sign or zodiac brings its good and bad effect on the moon sign depending on the house it stays in during that specific transit.

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This is the time to commence new long-term plan projects and ventures. A chance of achieving success in your pursuit is very strong in this transit. Success comes when the Sun transits into its sign of Aries. Sun in Aquarius is the time to lay the foundation for you to succeed. Sun transit in Aquarius provides an opportunity to back out from individual identity and comprehend every little thing that is valuable and can be felt connected to.

A favourable position of Sun in the native’s birth chart can make them courageous, helpful in reaping respect and would bless them with power and authority. Aquarius is the sign ruled by the planet Saturn, the lord of karma and discipline. Innovation and an independent approach will come to the court during this transit. Your intelligence will be good, and you will be able to use your intellect in the right direction. However, developing patience and a structured approach will help you more to pave the way for your success during this transit.

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Learn what the impact of Sun Transit in Aquarius is going to have on your respective zodiac sign:


For Aries moon sign, Sun is the lord of the fifth house and transiting in the 11th house of income, gains and desires. This time will be favourable for you, and you are most likely to diversify your horizons during this period. You can present the qualities that have been within you for a long time. Professionally you can get promoted and appreciated for your sincere effort towards your profession and business. Financially this period will help you gain good strength on the financial front, and there will be an increase in the inflow of money for you. Your financial and social status will increase tremendously.

Your investments will yield profits and you may also gain through various shares during this period. You may also add a new source of income to your portfolio. The presence of the Sun in the 11th house shows a strong indication of travel, which may be manifested in the form of pilgrimage. Due to the aspect of Sun on the fifth house, the students who are pursuing their education will come across a golden time under the influence of this transit and achieve great academic results. In your personal life, you will get mixed results. Healthwise, you will stay fit, and if you have any chronic illness, this transit may give you some relief as well.

Remedy: Keep serving your father or father figure person and maintain a respectful relationship with them. Keep pampering them with gifts from time to time, as it will help you get success in your work.


For the Taurus moon sign, the Sun is the lord of the fourth house and transiting through the 10th house of career, name and fame. This transit is going to bring favourable results in your career, and it would be quite eventful. You may also get a chance to improve in certain areas and rise and shine. You will get full authority at your workplace, and along with this, increased recognition and reputation may also be provided to you. During this period there are also chances of salary hike and promotion.

Those who are in government jobs are likely to earn commendable success. Financially, this period will bring you good investment opportunities, and your finances will be stable. Personally, this transit will help you to improve your relationship with your mother; however, it is advised to avoid any egoistic approach and be optimistic throughout. Expenses related to the household are to increase here. Healthwise, some minor health issues can trouble you. In that case, you are required to take remedial measures properly.

Remedy: Always wash hands after touching footwear as this will reduce the malefic effect of the Sun.


For the Gemini moon sign, Sun is the lord of the third house and is transiting in the ninth House of spirituality, religion and international journeys. During this transit, you have fair chances of doing good in your career, and you will be able to see good growth as well. Financially this year seems to be good as you will be able to do well in your occupation during this period. If you are employed, you may find yourself handling projects successfully.

During this period, you may feel time is not supporting you, but your determination will help you to move ahead. It is advised to avoid initiating any new task during this transit. On the personal front, there may be some differences with your father or father figure; hence avoid proving yourself to your father and be more focused on your ultimate goal in this transit. Meeting influential Guru or teachers is on the chart during this period. Healthwise, this period will be favourable for you, and you may spend the duration of the transit healthy and fit mentally and physically.

Remedy: Perform Rudra Abhishekam Puja and worship Lord Ram.


For Cancer moon sign, Sun is the lord of the second house and is transiting in the eighth house of the occult, sudden profit/loss and inheritance. This period of transit may not be that beneficial for you as you may face some financial problems during this phase, and there are also possibilities that you may lose some valuables; it is advised that you should keep up to your best and take all the necessary precautions. Financially you have to be very careful regarding your inheritance property and accounts as you might face some challenges in dealing with the issues.

The placement of the Sun in the eighth house may draw your interest towards occult science and spirituality. In profession, you may have to face some challenges and ups and downs, so be cautious. Personally, there might be a heated argument with your partner; hence try not to bring up any past arguments or events; otherwise, things might get more disturbed. During this period, the health of family members will also be a concern for you. Healthwise, due to the placement of Sun in the eighth house, there are chances of minor injury; hence avoid travelling if it’s not important.

Remedy: Avoid taking excess salt and rice in any form.


For Leo moon sign, Sun is the lord of the first house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. During this transit, you will get unfavourable results as you may find yourself stuck into legal complications, and there are chances that there might be some complications in your career and business. Your business may not be that profitable, and there are also chances that you might have a fallout with your clients or business partner.

Financially, during this period, your expenses would increase, and your growth will be delayed. This is not a very favourable time to make any use of investments and rather focus on saving and staying low-key. In personal life, there may be some ego clashes with your partner; hence be very calm and patient during this period. Social prestige will get spoiled, and you may be cheated by some of your own friends. Healthwise, it is quite a difficult time, and there may be problems related to ingestion and infection to the lower abdomen, and you may also feel very lethargic and fatigued throughout the period.

Remedy: Donate wheat, jaggery, dark coloured clothes on Sunday to make Sun in your Kundli stronger.

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For the Virgo moon sign, Sun is the lord of the 12th house and is transiting in the sixth house of debt, enemies and disease. During this transit, Sun in the sixth house will procure positive results. You will also have favours in the legal matter, and your enemies will dare not to face you during the transit. Natives who are into government jobs or are government servants will get benefits during this period and will also get name fame and recognition.

Financially, this period will strike the right balance in your income and expenditure, and you will be spending money only on necessary items, and your economic conditions will remain stable throughout. Students who were appearing or applied for admission in any university may get successful. Personally, the period will support you, and you will find the full support of your friends and family. Healthwise if you are suffering from any sickness, then you may find great relief, and your health could become better.

Remedy: Recite Gayatri mantra for pleasing Lord Sun.


For the Libra moon sign, the Sun is the lord of the 11th house and is transiting in the fifth house of love affairs, children, speculation and initiation. During this transit, you will have a favourable period as your financial condition will improve, and you will gain profit through your investments done in the past. You will have a very good opportunity in your career, and with your smartness and intellectual abilities, it will be enhanced. An increase in your salary and promotion is likely to be seen, and you will be at the best of your career during this period. People at work would support you 100 percent. By avoiding adamant behaviour, you can also have a good exchange of ideas with others.

In your personal life, there is a possibility of having conflicts with your partner, and conjugal happiness will not be great, hence be cautious. Healthwise, heart patients and those who have issues with the liver must take extra care during this period. Include a proper and healthy diet in their routine and exercise regularly to stay fit.

Remedy: Performing Surya Namaskar daily will be very beneficial for you.

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For the Scorpio moon sign, the Sun is the lord of the 10th house and is transiting in the fourth house of mother, comfort, family business, prosperity, vehicle etc. The transit will not be very favourable for the natives as you may find some domestic problems during this phase, and you won’t be able to keep a balance between your profession and personal life. There is the probability that you may have to face emotional challenges in this phase, and your social and cultural values will demand attention.

Career-wise you will face some challenges and disputes at your workplace, and you may face opposition from your colleagues or subordinates. Hence be cautious during this period. Natives who are working freelancing or working from home or are in government jobs will have a favourable period during this phase, and natives may receive long due promotions or increments. Healthwise, the position of the Sun is not very favourable, and hence you may have to suffer from problems like headache, BP, joint pain etc. and you may also feel irritated due to the mood swings. Therefore, it is advised to practise yoga and keep a healthy diet to stay fit.

Remedy: Offer water to the Shwetark tree and keep this plant as long as you can.


For the Sagittarius moon sign, the Sun is the lord of the ninth house and transiting in the third house of information, communication and short trips. During this period, your intellect will be the key to success, and you will be inclined towards earning the name, respect and money because of the creativity and various ideas that are budding within you. You will execute all your plans very effectively and efficiently, and you will sit materialistically because of the transit of the Sun in the third house. The aspect of Sun on the ninth house of fortune, luck and spirituality will enhance your luck and growth in your career, and your seniors are going to recognise your effort during this time period.

Financially it is time you will see yourself achieving monetary benefits. On a personal level, you would like to give other people some extra time and attention and will listen to their advice and suggestions. This time you can also plan for a short trip, and your warm and understanding attitude will win the heart of your family member. Healthwise, you will be fit and healthy, and you will be involved in a healthy routine throughout.

Remedy: Feeding jaggery and wheat to a Cow on a Sunday will prove beneficial for the natives.

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For the Capricorn moon sign, the Sun is the lord of the eighth house and transiting in the second house of family, wealth, speech, gems and jewellery etc. This period will give you mixed results as financially this phase won’t be very much favourable to you as your investments may not give you the desired results. There is a high possibility of disputes and misunderstandings with the immediate family over financial issues, and your inheritance share may also get delayed. You may also face some troubles with your in-laws because of that annoying and harsh speech. Your relationship with your spouse may also not stay cordial. It may deteriorate in this phase. Therefore, it is advised to be very cautious in all these matters, keep your calm and patience throughout this phase and act accordingly.

You are likely to find yourself trying a lot and put in a lot of efforts to bring positive change in your lifestyle. The chances are that you may not be satisfied with your pace on the professional front. Healthwise, maintain proper hygiene and take proper care of your dental area as you might face problems related to mouth and teeth during this time period. Also, go for an eye checkup as you may face some issues related to eyesight during this period.

Remedy: Recite Aditya Hriday Stotram every day, as it will bring positive results blessed by Lord Surya in your life.


For the Aquarius moon sign, the Sun is the lord of the seventh house and is transiting in the first house of identity, appearance and self-expression. This transit will be significant and is likely to maintain maximum benefit for the natives during this period. Professionally you will be starting fresh, leaving behind all the worries and the pressure, and you will be bestowed with courage and confidence during this period. You will be socially very active and will make a good network during this period which will help you in your career.

You will find a strong desire to accumulate wealth and higher positions within you, and you will be rewarded with your hard work and honesty during this period. In personal life, married ones will feel happy due to the warm and understanding approach of their partner for life. Financially you will remain in a healthy position, and you will meet all the expenses very comfortably. Healthwise, physically your immune system will be very strong, and you will have the power to recover from sickness very soon, if any.

Remedy: Purchase a mould of the Sun pendant made of gold and wear it around your neck on a Sunday morning.

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For Pisces moon sign, Sun is the lord of the sixth house and is transiting in the 12th house of expenditure, salvation, loss and foreign settlements. During this phase, if you have been under debt for a long time, then this time seems to be good to pay off all your debts. Financially this period will be healthy, but you might face some unplanned expenses during this period. Hence, you need to keep saving for contingencies.

Professionally you may have a hectic schedule and may be worried about meeting the deadline, which might cause you some minor stress. Because of the Sun transit in the 12th house, you will feel less energetic and lose vitality, and you may feel irritated. As a result, people around you may have to bear the consequences of your anger. It is advised to remain extra cautious with your rival even though they will not be able to outshine you, but they still can cause stress for you. Healthwise, physically you may remain fit, but your mind may be occupied with all the worries. You are likely to end up losing focus from your goals and may feel mentally stressed during this phase Hence try to inculcate meditation in your routine to keep up with your mental health.

Remedy: Offer water from the copper vessel to Lord Sun regularly.

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