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Sun Transit in Aquarius and its Impacts on Zodiac Signs! (13 February, 2020)

The soul of this Universe, who breeds life and energy to all living organisms, the planet Sun is entering the zodiac sign Aquarius on Thursday, 13 February at 2:53 PM in the afternoon. Aquarius happens to be the second zodiac sign which comes under the governance of the Sun, first being Capricorn. Aquarius is determined by the fire element and in this manner it will be hosting the royal planet sun, which is the primary representative of the fire element. Let us now have a look at the transit predictions for all the twelve zodiac signs.

Sun Transit In Aquarius

हिंदी में पढ़े: सूर्य का कुम्भ राशि में गोचर

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For your zodiac sign, Surya or the Sun is the ruling Lord of the fifth house and in its transit duration, it will be entering the eleventh house of your zodiac sign. Being stated in this house, it will completely aspect the fifth house and make it strong. Under the influence of this transit the inflow of your income increased tremendously. Many doors to profits will get unlocked. The corporation of government and administration will be provided to you at your workplace. Senior officials will remain satisfied with your work, which will also guarantee the inflow of many comforts. If you are into business, then prospects will get created for you to avail profits. As compared to your enemies, you will remain in a strengthened position, which is why you will not encounter any problems put forward by them. Those students who are pursuing their education will come across a golden time under the influence of this transit. Great academic results will come into the forefront. If you are married, then your children will touch great heights of success. Meanwhile, those who are in a love relationship may experience bittersweet moments. Hence, in this manner this transit will prove to be somewhat favourable for the natives registered under the Aries zodiac sign.

Remedy : You should recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra every day, which is dedicated to the Surya Dev.


For your zodiac sign, Surya Dev happens to the ruling Lord of your fourth house and during its transit duration, it will move to enter your tenth house. During this transit, it will occupy your tenth house with great directional strength. Hence, it will be more effective and great professional success will come into the forefront. Under the Influence of this planetary movement, you will also get unprecedented authority at your workplace. Hence, your authority and influence can increase considerably. Along with recognition and reputation being increased, you may also be provided a chance to lead a bunch of your colleagues. Not only this, a salary hike or promotion is also on the cards. Those who are enrolled in a government job are likely to make a commendable amount of profits. Apart from this, the transit of this royal planet is indicating the support of your administration, because of which you may avail a government quarter or a vehicle. Also, your domestic life will remain quite smooth and your family members will be really proud of your achievements. The blessings of your parents will be certainly obtained. And with the guidance of your father, you can initiate a new project or business venture. From the point of view of business, this transit duration will prove to be quite beneficial. You will remain in an exalted state and take steps towards prosperity because of this transit coming into being.

Remedy : You should purchase or mould a Sun pendant made of gold and wear it around your neck on Sunday.


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini, this transit will take place in your ninth house.The same planet is also the ruling lord of your third house. Under the influence of this transit, you will become eligible to remain at the receiving end of greater recognition and effect. Your position in society will improve and your stature will increase. Money and riches will come to you in abundance and your confidence will increase on account of your success with regards to various fields of life. Prospects of attaining unprecedented profits will get created in the government sector. Meanwhile, natives whose Kundli or birth charts host some favourable Dashas or periods will become eligible to get enrolled in a government job. However, on a slightly negative note, your father's health may remain in low spirits. He may also have to face some other challenges. Your active participation will be seen in society functions and activities. The support of fatherly figures will prove to be a boon for you. You may remain somewhat worried about your siblings and try as much as you can for their success. Overseas journeys will prove to be favourable for you.

Remedy : Offer water from a copper vessel to Surya Narayan regularly.

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For Cancerians, the planet Sun is the ruling lord of your second house. During its transitory motion and its stay in Aquarius, it will be seen moving through your eighth house. This particular house represents the unexpected events which are yet to take place in your life. Now, when the royal planet’s presence is witnessed in this house, you will remain at the receiving end of mixed outcomes. On one hand there will be chances of you getting access to a certain ancestral property, while on the other your father's health may deteriorate. So take the necessary measures to make his health stable. If you have gotten involved in any unlawful activity in this duration, then you may have to pay the price for it. Chances are that you may end up behind bars. Apart from this, an old secret may come out of the closet, which can have a negative impact upon your image. Some natives may also be granted economic profit from their in-laws. At the same time, some others may start a new project or business venture along with members of their in-laws. Life partner’s health may also remain in low spirits. Along with taking care of his/ her health, you should also take care of yours. It would not be a good time to invest in business, which is why you should postpone any such idea which has been taking house in your mind.

Remedy : You should feed jaggery and wheat to Gaumata(cow) on Sunday.


Since Surya Dev is the ruling lord of your zodiac sign, its transit will have special impacts in store for you. So, during its stay in Aquarius, the royal planet will move through your seventh house. This transit will be primarily impacting your health, personality, your conjugal life and some other occurrences of your life. Your health will improve gradually and as compared to before, you will remain in a very stable state physically. If you have been suffering from any chronic illness, then it will come to an end in this duration. On the other hand, some problems may grace your conjugal life. You will offer quite a dedicated behaviour towards your life partner. But, some ego and temper issues may befall your spouse, which can have a negative impact on your marital life. Meanwhile, those who are into business will encounter some favourable results. It is because of this transit that optimum profits will be obtained in trade ventures. When it comes to your societal stature, it will also increase rigorously.

Remedy : You should wear Manik Gemstone of the best quality in a copper ring on your ring finger on Sunday.


For the zodiac sign Virgo, Surya Dev or the planet Sun is the ruling Lord of your twelfth house. And during its planetary movement, it will be seen moving into your sixth house. Usually, the transit of the Sun in the sixth house procures positive outcomes. If we talk in detail about this transit impact on your zodiac sign, then it can be stated that you will acquire success in various legal matters and outsmart your rivals successfully. There will be the right amount of balance in your expenditures as you will be seen spending money on extremely necessary items only. Consequently, your economic condition will remain in a stable state. Remember not to get involved in any activity which has been outlawed by the court as you may have to face dangerous repercussions. When it comes to your health, you should maintain certain precautions. Seasonal fever may keep bothering you. Some of you may also get opportunities to undertake foreign Journeys. Those who are making preparations for competitive exams are likely to remain at the receiving end of prosperous results. Keep up the good work and give your best to achieve success in abundance.

Remedy : You should worship Maa Chandi and offer red flowers to her.


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Libra, the Sun is the ruling Lord of their eleventh house, which is why it graces them with benefits. During its transit duration the planet’s presence will be witnessed in the fifth house of Libra and it will aspect the eleventh house with all its might from the fifth house only. Consequently, your economic front will improve and you will be eligible to acquire multi folded benefits. You may also avail many kinds of profit from your administration. And , those who are working in the government sector will come across a very auspicious time. However, some of you may receive an unexpected transfer order, but it will ultimately prove to be favourable for you. When it comes to your love life, this transit does not have many positive results in store for you. A trivial matter can cause a fight between you and your partner. In this duration, you will get the necessary strength to make decisions on account of your intelligence and they will prove to be prosperous for you.

Remedy : You should give an offering to your father on Sunday to earn specialized benefits.


The governance of the tenth house of Scorpio natives is attributed to the Sun. The tenth house is also known as the house of one’s profession or Karma, which is why this transit will have specialized effects in store. During its transitory motion, the planet Sun will move into your fourth house and keep aspecting your tenth house with all its might. But, being placed in this house, it will be devoid of any directional strength. Some domestic problems might befall you during this time. Also, an egoistic trait may get placed in your behaviour, which is why you will thrive continuously to prove yourself better than others. As a result, the environment of your family may get polluted and an argument may also take place with your mother for the same. Hence, you should keep a tab on your behaviour. Also, you will remain completely focused at work which will beget you some positive outcomes. Your respect and reputation will also increase and your colleagues will have a very high opinion of you. There are also chances of you availing a government quarter or vehicle during this time, if favourable Doshas are undergoing in your birth chart in the current duration.

Remedy : You should wear a golden Sun pendant around a gold chain or red thread on a Sunday morning.


For your sign, Surya Dev is the friend of your zodiac Lord, Jupiter. This is the reason why Surya Dev will leave a special impact upon your life. During its transit duration, the royal planet will be seen moving into your third house. Usually, the Sun's presence in the third house begets many prosperous results. Under the influence of the transit, you will come into contact with many influential people of the society. You will also acquire the support of luck, which will not only increase your fortunes, but also bring an increment to your societal stature. In this transit duration, you may also get the opportunity to embark upon a religious journey, which will increase your mental strength and peace. You would also prefer to manage your tasks single handedly which will increase your work efficiency. Also, there are chances of you making profits in the government sector. This period will prove to be quite profitable in terms of journeys taken in this period as they will make contributions towards your ability and influence in the society.

Remedy : You should wear a Manikya gemstone of excellent quality or worship the surya yantra after installing it at your house.


During its transit into the zodiac sign Aquarius, the royal planet will move through your second house. Usually, Suryadev happens to be the ruling Lord of your eighth house. Now, under the influence of this transit, many health problems may crop up, specifically you may suffer from high fever or any bile related diseases. Hence, take special care of your health in this time period. Also, due to some sudden economic gains, you will remain elated. Consequently, many profitable results will come into the forefront. Some natives will also make gains on account of their in laws, and acquire economic assistance for them, which will prove to be quite beneficial. Money which has been on hold for government reasons may also follow back into your hands. Apart from this, you may also lay your hands on a particular subsidy, which will strengthen your economic condition all of a sudden. Some heated arguments can take place between the family members, which is why you should remain careful. Try to keep a tab on your behaviour as well as your speech.

Remedy : You should worship Lord Ganesha regularly and if possible, try to recite the Ganpati Atharavshirsha.


The royal planet Sun is the ruling Lord of seventh house. During its transit duration, it will remain posited in your own sign, which means in your first house, which is why you will remain under the optimum effect of this planetary movement. Under the influence of this transit, many changes to take place in your behaviour. On one hand, your self confidence will increase when you will accomplish your task with great efficiency, while on the other an egoistic trait may get placed in your behaviour. Consequently, most of your relationship with fall apart. The negative impact of this transit may also be seen on your marital life as an increase on your temper will bring an increment to the amount of debates and arguments in your relationship, which is why you should remain a bit careful. Speaking about the fate of business persons, the Sun’s transit will prove to be quite beneficial. If you happen to adhere to partnership in business, then your partner will pay extra importance to your opinion, which will contribute to the flourishing of your trade venture. Also in this duration, your societal stature will get strengthened. But, health may remain in low spirits, which is why you should take care of your well being.

Remedy : You should donate flour or jaggery on Sunday.


For the zodiac sign Pisces, Jupiter happens to be its ruling lot and it maintains a friendly relationship with Surya or the sun. During its transit duration, the royal planet will move into your twelfth house. The twelfth house is also known as the house of expenditure and losses. Hence, when the royal planet transits into this house, your expenses may increase to a great extent. Since this house is also taken into account to calculate one’s foreign connections and prospects, some natives of this sign may also be successful in visiting a foreign country in this transit duration. But it will only take place for those natives, who have made prior attempts for the same in the past. Remain extremely careful of your rivals even though they will not be able to outshine you, but they can definitely generate stress for you. The attempts made for your professional life will be graced with success. Those who are into business should take initiatives to establish their trade ventures in other states and neighbouring countries. Some natives may also undertake a loan so as to repair another one. If we talk about legal battle or proceedings, you may have to use up a lot of your economic resources to settle the scores. Any if you wish to sue someone, then it is recommended to wait for a little while before moving on with this plan.

Remedy : Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead everyday and worship Surya Dev.

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